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the piece jimmy fallon yeah they're the civil case is the catalyst that are on one of the things that kicked off the civil rights movement i'd emmett till case they lot to advance the civil rights movement the votes there are disgusted at what happened in that situation and they are an awful lot of people realize that in order to advance the race they themselves set to get involved and do something and the it was true the situation where everybody in the country seemed to know what had happened and more people did get involved
so that these guys were trying to add one and one while eisenhower do with the whole thing well it is true what is that didn't get involved in a two k's because they claimed it was a statement criminal cases use statements as far as it was concerned it was confined to the state has worked to churchill ronald say that that it crosses state lines that undoing of the things that government use that he would use as a pretext to get into a case and stories who was concerned they
did it was in some way but the low pay the photo published in the jet imposing might well what was the effect of jet magazine publishing photos of it the frozen land semi is saying says to show a lot of people will you read about kidnap and avoid been slain in that song as they will when you see those pitches of his mutilated face and no one when he must've gone through when they were torturing him and beaten him
it has shocked a lot of people and angered people and i like this one time in his shoe and cases really worth millions of dollars in the making everybody understand what a horrible say that when they actually try out really goes out for speaking for the unknown recipient raising lots of people enjoy your voice the membership spice so you know the effect of all of mainly speaking on the end of a lacy he had that have to be this whole incident helped along but we will join this organization
tools moses for years of the naacp many more people flocked to john dolan is asian more people actually gave financial support and rallies all over the country's turn people out and that it was just a magnificent reaction to cover only saying that taking place in this country now also there's that medicine actually working i mean that a lot of people knew how serious the situation was and the continent we've been battling for using used to roam a saint but i don't think it hit people so dramatically and such a
physical and emotional way as when they sell those pits use and realized that that could be me that could be much hour and i could be in a burst so they've made a mistake who could be blamed for something one way or the other and nothing happens in this country when they kind of thing happens with people in the deep south and the people are just energized and ready to do something great piece oh oh he was opposing the city's reputation before the trial it
was in nineteen fifty three fifty four fifty five was mississippi's reputation like monk by people even before the tumor and trial mississippi was known as the worst state in the union has was like people were concerned that it relates to a lot of people did some of the meanest newspapers in the country to take a loan saxons papers ceo of daily news london clare legend than they had some of the natives spoke with both issues including people in the senate and people in the congress the mississippi had the reputation of being updated their place for the people inundated for
use those bonuses because most other players because you were so close you mean the mississippi use of players who are you've got along with the people who weren't no the white citizens there are you went someplace else you want and risk and mississippi and they show lasted till case they kill of demos within a service station but they're my mom's friends came were ordered to explode guess
changes bun you get into some code problem then again when owen goes beyond candid and killed locals know there was it shortly after the till trial so mississippi had a reputation for doing that sort of thing and everybody knew it why women it's kind of a special place in this culture of the south this quarter of mississippi's coast of the delta area that had knew about why women for black man whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa a non jew y white men had decided to to white women were the queens of years
and something that blind people or to good black males to not to loop it taught to and certainly not a proposition and it had been that way since les return and i think it was something in the psyche because that's all a situation and to a certain extent it was very danger zone and we have seen they're not all in mississippi situation no leering case wasn't there so they looked at a white woman from seven feet away and they get along to have to walk eventually criticism and
leave you weren't caught him off with about a couple years at the time that he served in jail but they will on a pedestal don't lose don't target and it was a serious and a dangerous situation whoa whoa whoa you as a black man those who came and commentary with them was supposed to show proper different but generally speaking on the zoo's someone you work for and some solos those who accepted relationship with you didn't eat in the eyes to them at all and
that that was a reality i was enforced by the people and just refuse to me and this is again so so what was the reaction was kind of it was the cultural norm what we supposed to do oh when when do you know like your time with a white woman what was one thousand and cut i know that there has been my first hero that i lived till case first came up after he had been kidnapped and was on radio
those small store in memphis papers are and knowing that it would probably turn into quite a story and been in the area i went down and do it we nominate do with babies get some background pictures and that's author an asset pitches of the place where the incident took place and i went out to mose wright's bomb and telltale sets and visit him and the country was some of his work is that they're i went over the green movement told to serve george smith again who have done interesting and he and his deputies have the careers of the year and at that time
even then you know you saw a city about what had gone on you to be an industry choosing pitches of buildings and dies and they come out and stare at to mobile their wide eyes to say the nsa to me a church or to do anything to me is i just love doing a bonanza pitches and talk to a few people in there michigan's rickles and it was a few years ago is his home tom lanagan he and one of his digital i found fascinating was that you that they're still in the same condition that began june first becomes law other immediately
so what had happened to kidnap and one night i went down to money to get some pitches and talk to some people circuit says around the low one street there that was the main street as those were the event to play showcases store and new train station there is now stationed just a stop all plays with a good good morning train and i have as someone about getting out to the fall and get instructions on and one out to mose wright's plays and actually when i got there they were in the field picking cotton voter did that they took good to steal a native says the way it was one they took
him out and broadway took him away from the house and dead set to talk to mosul right and a few of the people around there and find out who it maybe arrests in the case of an ode to talk to show george smith tone in the situation where just being there so insistent that this is now be more than just the raw milk to a or i guess because so so when people were scared to death you try to talk to people and they found out what you wanted to talk about a lot of talent they want to relate to tierney when moses led to the active they wanted didn't go and when i found out
American Experience
The Murder of Emmett Till
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Interview with Moses Newson, journalist
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Moses Newson (continued) interview about Emmett Till, an African-American teenager who was lynched in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman.
Race and Ethnicity
Law Enforcement and Crime
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