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Chris. Chris. Chris. Extend your hand to our flag. And repeat after me. I pledge allegiance.
To the United States of America. To have. And nobody. Stand. One nation under God. Yeah. On. Thank you so much. Joseph. Joseph McDonnell of Wakefield. Was a veteran. And now retired from the state police and the saying of the national anthem. We all participate.
At. Live. Now. He. And. He. Now. The story. Yes. Here.
I am here. Yeah OK here. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Now oh. Oh Oh Oh-Oh quha. Ah. I'd also like to make note that he was accompanied by Joe De Rossi on accordion. Dr. Prescott Robinson.
Who is pastor of the First Congregational Church of Wakefield. Which you can see right there. Will now offer. Invocation. Let us unite our hearts and in the spirit of prayer. Let us pray. Above all sectional shibboleths selfish interests. May there be lifted up at the very beginning of this rally on Wakefield on the shores of Lake Powell knowing the fervent prayer which unites all of us from sea to shining sea. Bless America. May the watching and listening to this very day be inspired by a party that hears that those who speak positively for
America lift our living nation to the. We lift up our spirit by placing. Placing love on the altar of each page has brought us countless millions of men and women to this shining hour. Use him as courageous crusader for all that people everywhere do the spirit of fighting in distant Vietnam home especially with our prayer and our pledge of support
in our thinking and our and our doing. Help us to keep step in the ranks of those who love mercy and with the God in the same name. They already have with us today. I mean well-qualified. Vietnam commander just in Vietnam. The last two times. VICE. President Johnson commander every one of us.
Exactly. Thank you. All. Patriots that I hear assembled I feel common. First I would like to say this. I recently returned from Russia and Poland just a few days ago while I was there in the past in the past in Russia interpreted for me by the people in our State Department for all types of stories. Two hundred and then did a three hundred thousand demonstrators and watched that were quelled by a division of the eighty second. Now any of you have read the About can pass and you can believe the
American press. No the figure was close at 50000 and there wasn't one division of the eighty second they have on in Washington D.C. but I'd like to point the difference between what is happening here today and what happened in Washington D.C. just a few shot weeks ago. That demonstration in Washington D.C. took approximately six months to organize. It took some of the people on higher levels. And. Levels of the fringe element to organize it throughout the United States. This display that you have here on this comment will not be published today in a Moscow price. All the iron curtain countries passed and you can bet on that much last purposely will be given to a sentient and
gender by the love of country and patriotism. Other young. Foreigners can surely Park west of our. Car. You're not going to get the publicity you probably should get because you're gonna be sensational to try to get publicity. I want to say that as part of weight and the souls of the many communities are you. X took that much too bad. That we cannot get. A picture of what is happening today. If there's a doctor in a house is needed there. Yes we got a boat.
That this picture that I see before me cannot be presented to each and every individual in this country that I asked for postures of one type or another. Does any pause that we need in this country right now. To help win this thing in South Vietnam. Pozen they're responsible. The saddest part of Monk's body of our people. I'm. I'm supposed to tell you why we're here and I probably will try to do so on as few words as possible. But I've been remiss in my remarks if I didn't point out to all of the walls I can hear my voice to all of y'all that may get a chance to say this on television or in the papers that all of our young people are not tearing up their draft cards. All of our young people are not tearing up the flag. All of our people are not supporting
Vietnam. And waving of the same flag and I would say there's only young people that are before me more eloquently than I or anybody else more articulate than I will ever be. I'll say there's nothing wrong with the youth of our country and I don't believe a lot before me far. Ah. Ah. Why are we here. I wish that some of you could up Dan in places like London and Russia that I just came from. I wish that some of you could have seen the country that is going to surpass us relatively based on what we have and based
on what they have. They may do it in 100 years of we stuff still but I don't think they will. Were. We in Vietnam in accordance with my open mindedness of one reason and one reason only. And I don't think we should forget it. 10000 miles away and I say we should get involved in a country 10000 miles away. Deference is a relative thing today that 10000 miles of Vietnam a shot of just the day that I was to Europe in the 40s. Vietnam was not selected by how much a man might a song and the Russian leaders accidentally it was selected on purpose because of its remoteness. Should we lose in Vietnam we will lose the southern end
of our security bases surrounding Red China. A few years ago all of that land mass of China and 700 800 million people in China. We're finally a nation that is no longer solves nothing would be easier than for us to leave and leave the Vietnamese way the Thais leave the Indonesians leave the Koreans. All of the people. But they're not the life on the line for the masses of communism but that isn't the American way of doing things. We're in Vietnam for one reason and one reason only as far as I am concerned. Because I present his present before I am and I've. Made
a commitment to the south and southeast Asia. While we don't walk out of South East Asia the name of the United States its promises will be worked out. In the community of nations throughout the world. You ask about I want to tell you the young man the finest fighting nation around Atlanta travel the world. They are they got faster stronger and smarter than they are. Was they are better soldiers and better diplomats than some of those we have in striped pants was.
A young man a young man we have there in addition to carrying out their responsibilities to our government of the United States. I spend much of their time much of their energy much of their money and hands the American image and sound violent. I am proud very proud to have even shoulders with many of them in South Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We. We in this country a country that communism will never understand. You. Must realize that in this democracy you would have. I have the right. Asset base and this is something the communists must not understand because he doesn't have any rights. Yes and he cannot understand why
some differ from our policy and some approve of the policy of South Vietnam. Now no one in his right mind South Vietnam and militarily and I'm talking about those that are running the war and those are fighting a war. None of them will agree with the theory that US then advanced by all that dissent that they are not assisting all G-man they certainly are. Because so long as we have an element and in many cases a law breaking element and a fringe element that gets published slowly and sensationalism and oppressed by their dissent they are assisting as far as I am concerned men and those forces fighting them. Thank you. We have a Veterans of Foreign Wars United strange what do you want your paw. First of all Julia Child of the
euro and all those assembled they are that far I am. Saying that every single American citizen. That has stood idly by while the French German and happen already have loudly proclaimed that they represent you and I. And we should get out of Vietnam. Just lovely Perth claim that we support the policy of the government of the United States in South Vietnam who are. Again we're in South Vietnam. One reason only and this is my opinion because communism is there. Now we may question why we're in South Vietnam but I assure you there's no question in my mind no
question the nonaligned of the Chinese Communist China and there's no question in my mind that the Soviets and why they're here now they're in South Vietnam so that they can take over the world if they can get us out of there. Their way will be clear in Southeast Asia. I agree with the little gal here that says there's not a chance and I certainly hope. You are. And I did state such damage than an imperialist power in recent years and we're not there for any material gain were there to try to stand communist or. Wherever it is. It's regrettable truly regrettable that there are so many different factions in this great land of ours. I honestly believe this when the people in this country are
counted each and every one. They will not be found wanting. I still firmly believe that that same resolve exists in the table today that I just did in nineteen hundred and sixty three. One person can prove. This is as far as you know it was. And and I'm a firm believer I'm a firm believer in France not the United States. Lyndon Johnson under estimates on the estimates sort of vulture another of this great country to the task that takes this country. And I wish he were here today and I know that he will hear about it. For myself and others that know yeah other tremendous job that has been done here by Juan up to us to our country was the
owner of my one of the use of our country and we have hundreds of thousands like. And the hope of our country is going to rest. And I you know. I want to thank him very much for allowing me to come here today. I want to thank him very much for allowing me as commander in chief of the captains of. To witness just. Great display a patriot. I only wish to God that i could happen of a single country throughout the United States. Paul Douglas. God bless you. Up of the oath of. Thanks. We.
Hold. Time again. Thank you. Thank you very much Paul Christopher. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to salute those American men and women who fight for the ideals which we all cherish.
Half a world away. One Hundred and Ninety one years ago on a village green not far from this village green men Justin to establish a nation took arms that liberty might land and the freedom might forage. Today in saving the jungles half a world away there are signs of this risk life that these precepts may not die. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is the noble and majestic ideal. Of the American Adventure an ideal for which thousands have died as
an ideal to which millions throughout the world aspire. Your heart is clear exposition of the reasons for our involvement in Vietnam it will serve little purpose for me to elaborate upon it. We are there there to defend the ideals that we Americans cherish. There we will be until the just and honorable peace which America strives is attained. Five hundred thousand American man live in daily danger. The peace that peace may be achieved. Some of them chose to go to Vietnam others did not. But every single one of them must. Must have our unyielding support. There is division in our land. Division over objectives division over involvement solves the vast
majority of Americans troubled and frustrated. As all Americans quietly support the national decision. Others are equally troubled equally frustrated by constrained as has been observed in the south from that decision. Some have done so peacefully honorably country actually and this is their right. Well this is a principal element of the American formula and they deserve the respect of all Americans. Yet there are others still a small and dirty fraction of our people who know no water and who know little truncheons who deny America and reject its values. But these we could have little patience and no respect for these are those. Who wrote our national character.
This was only. Honorable and conscientious to say it is essential to the American fabric as it is this magnificent demonstration of devotion to the highest ideals of the American democracy. It is for the right of the Vietnamese to decide. From a structure which would otherwise be imposed upon them by force of arms that we fight in Vietnam. There is of course the danger that those we have. May misinterpret the manifestation of American strength as an evidence of American weakness. Yet your voices. The tens of thousands of. Voices that are here on this common today will be heard in the noise and the message will be clear. America is for peace a peace with honor. That will preserve the freedom of those in Vietnam who reject totalitarianism and who
aspire to freedom. We should continue to search for that peace and for the roads that lead to that peace but while we continue the search which will stand fast for those who fight to achieve. We are a strong people and just a great people yet humble. But America is great not because of our gross national product. But because of our gross national character. America is great because America is good. And the goodness that we see here today. Charge by charge by the leadership of Paul Christopher. Has I can picture you all. Of the wonders and the glories of the American dream. Thank you. God. Thank you. For.
Offering a prayer. For the. Rabbi of the Temple Emanuel of Wakefield. Rabbi. Almighty God Father of all has created man and has endowed him with power to rise above his selfish interest in extraordinary moments of great calamities that from time to time befall mankind. We find with moral courage and divine inspiration which help our children. No one has been planted in the humanity of the qualities of love and understanding of courage and wisdom.
No one has the destined to be the instrument in shaping human history. God has taught us to do justice to love mercy and to walk humbly with the Dow has also taught us not to stand idly by the blood of our fellow man when his lively is in danger without hastening to his rescue. Guided by the teachings old guard commitment has been made by the leaders of this country to protect adults who need us for our help and to lead them from a spiritual and physical slavery to a meaning cool and harmonious life. Oh God our Father in these times of distress we come deportee prayer and involved our blessings upon our country and the government of this republic. And I'm the president of these United
States with wisdom and fortitude. They may lead our people in righteousness in accordance with I will give Dion only to those who occupy positions of responsibility. So that all our endeavors may be just and honorable. Although dialogue that they may administer all the failures in justice and equity of ultimate peace and security for freedom and happiness. For all dying children everywhere. We bring before the our humble supplications about how all those who expose their lives to fields of battle. Who have gone forth to arest the reckless way of all the bloodshed on distant shores. We asked our blessing upon our beloved sons and brothers husbands and friends who have dedicated themselves to the preservation or
security of those who have lost and are in need of our help. Shield them from every danger. Be with them in their hour of trial and conflict bless them with courage and faith to lead them to victory. These are men drawn from the ways of peace from our land which is dedicated to peace not for the lost of conquest. You fight to end then you fight then you fight to liberate and to protect freedom to let justice arise among children. Expand over there protecting your hair and keep them in armor and decency as they please themselves wholeheartedly in the service of our country. We praise you for a goal to have in performance of their duty
to doubt all or support their band of illness that they may rise with greater faith be. Have compassion the Lord on our heroic dad who have valiantly made the Supremes. May they rest souls found in the board of life and may all of us in this land probably be an influence for good throughout the world. Uniting men in peace and freedom and helping to fulfill division. Lead nations shall not lift up sword against nation shall man learn war anymore. Who needs no introduction.
Thank. You Rosemary. To you. Thank you very much. First of all. I'm going to get a gratitude. To this
young man only 90. Who have perhaps had a bigger inspirationally American. In recent months in recent years. We're very proud of you Paul and particularly proud. Because you were born in the town which I claim is my birthplace. War. Of. Course when all the other distinguished guests who are here today. We are here. Because we are Americans. Was. We are here today. Because we love our country. And we are here today. Because of other Americans. Who love their country. And dying in Vietnam. The end. We are here. To warn our American servicemen in Vietnam. And the car which they are fighting and
dying the great cause of liberty in the world. It is not our purpose here. To deal with the future policy of the United States and Vietnam. Nor discuss the present conduct of the war in Vietnam. Certainly we all want to see peace in Vietnam. But peace. With on our. Show em. Any. Differences of opinion exist in this country about Vietnam. Strongly expressed differences. And we all respect the right of the center of free speech in America. But when dissent. Isn't a spirit of forgetting one's loyalty and duty and responsibility to America. Then we are looking at something disturbing. And frightening. I mean of course all of the BE in Whitefield today. This is the kind of rally. We should have more often. Or are
this is the kind of support we should be extending to our boys in Cam Ranh Bay in Saigon in play Cole in the Mekong Delta. And in the DMZ a. Young Paul Christopher here and his message inviting me to come to Wakefield today. And asked that I comment on the why's of the. Hall and all of my fellow citizens I'm a state governor. And my day to day work does not involve decisions relating to national events and international affairs. But I like you and like the thousands of honest Americans here in Wakefield they know very well how deep in our hearts that the United States has a tradition of care and concern. We are not a nation of warmongers. We are not imperialists. We are not aggressors. We are not hateful. We are Americans and the word south means we are dedicated to freedom and justice and liberty for all.
Was awkward. I will never degrade the young Americans who battle to preserve freedom for they defend the future of the world. I will dissent but not dissent. From the day to day conduct of war in such a manner as to both the morale of any enemy troops who are shooting at Americans. The whys of Vietnam the reasons for this nation's involvement are simple clear. And admirable. We are fighting in defense of free man. We are fighting to make men free. Freedom is an invisible thing and that which threatens or takes the freedom of others imperiled our freedom as well. It will do us no good to be free if the rest of the world lives in chains. Therefore we must never falter never fail in meeting our obligations to those who fight in freedom's cause
for the cause of freedom is the cause of every American. I am. Eh. I am convinced of the absolute necessity for free man to remain free. This has been America's task. For the past 200 years. Let us continue to carry that torch of our forefathers. Let our nation continue to be strong to be proud to be free. I should like to put in a place for them in the town where I was born. You're just a maybe considered old fashioned by some but it should never be out of fashion. Why else. We can't stand a revival of patriotism in this country. Let us make hatred just fashionable again. Young men and women
especially should be made aware yes keenly aware. That they are American birth and heritage. The place of America in the world. The grandeur of America. Are not something to be taken for granted. We need not all be in agreement to be patriotic. Patriotism is an attitude that goes beyond temporary conditions or the actions of any particular administration in Washington. Patriotism is not deep down love of America. As a country that is ours to honor always the land of liberty. Our hope for the future. The world has. This is still the America of the revolution of seventeen hundred seventy six. There's just still the American of the Declaration of Independence. This is still the America of Washington and Jefferson and this is the
American legacy. We must keep alive. And pass on. I say with you today. God bless America and I say when you work. And the same with you. God. Bless our service man. Thank you. I hope. I hope that you will join me. And all the millions of Americans. Who I'm sure are doing the same. Pray that we can bring about. That but you all. Thank you.
Thank. You. Distinguished guests with us today. This is national George commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Mr. Samuel Samuels is the Samuel L.. Reverend clergy. Distinguished city state and federal officials. Medal of Honor winner.
Commander in Chief yourself Sherif. American song. It is indeed a thrilling sight to see this magnificent outpouring. Of patriotic American citizens. Who are here to show the entire world. That we are citizens of the United States of America. Stand together. United in the cause of freedom. United in our. Resolve. That no one can shake us from our noble purpose. To preserve democracy in its truest sense united behind our fighting men in Vietnam. This rally was. By the
patriotism of a nine year old boy who was proud of our country. And for everything for which it stands. The rally in Washington was organized by communists. And. The proof of that. We. Had no great off. It had no fun and it was propelled in an astonishingly period of time. It came as the result of a spontaneous. Love of affection. For our country. By honest. God fearing Americans. Like you and I
may have had. Dad Yes we discussed a small minority on warst did have. A small group of misguided entirely. Confused. What the government allows them to do by going to school. To a. Because we wanted.
Our soldiers and our sailors and marines. Respect their. Fight. To a vicious aggression of the commoners. Your. Presence here is clear evidence. That the people of this country secure the attention which a small protest this is getting. For. Us and for me. To focus their public.
Thanks. Thank. The majority of the American. That send. This message. And one of the. Top. Picture this when I go to Vietnam and the seven. Thapar Bess. Thank you.
I'm going to get this message across. And I'm going to let them know. Thanks. You know. That. In this confrontation. Thanks to the. Nose. Because of a misguided notion that our efforts. To keep up a 100 percent. Then. They will be our president. That is why. These
rallies can. You know. I was supposed to. I have. Sighed that this is a foreign crowd. And. That it will be a great. To have. And I know that wherever they may be having this can't be there. Will be there and let my voice be heard. In the clean living. Beyond us. They all. Have.
Their phone. I want to show him the appreciation. Of America. For her. You. Have shown the way you have. No Mind. You. Know you're wrong. He had. A simple. Thank. You all. I want to. Thank
our all. Thanks thanks thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
Thanks. Thanks. To. Everyone here. God Almighty Father. We are gathered together in thy sight to give public witness to our support. Of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States who are fighting so bravely and generously and far off. Yet now here in these days of confusion. We implore you to grant us greater
courage and understanding. Help them and us to realize that our objective in Vietnam. Is not simply to win a war or. To conduct negotiations or even to contain communism. Nor is it our objective to halt revolution and other land with. Hell. Our goal will continue to be to protect and ensure the right. Of the South Vietnam peace people to govern themselves. To determine the nature of their son's sartain and to select their leaders free from external control and internal violence. But we are so we can learn sure of ourselves. We joined the psalmist and saying show us all more your way. And lead us on a level past because of our adversaries. Give us not up to the wishes of our phone. For false witnesses have risen up against us. And such as breathe out
violence. We believe that we shall see the party of the Lord in the land of the living. We pray that our peace the work of justice may be with us all soon. With the help of God amen. Thank you. Thank you Monsignor. Now. As I know you all like to speak and we don't have time. We've got three high school students. We're going to get shot. And very much to the point. Speeches I hope they represent the views of all of us here. Allen Kelly. Was. Want to dignitaries fellow students veterans ladies and gentlemen. By burning the draft out of participating in anti-Vietnam demonstrations. Showing. Just respect you know support. From many in Vietnam.
Americans. Thousands of miles away fighting for freedom. Many young Americans are actively demonstrating against the efforts of. The anti-Vietnam falsity of hippies and other dissenters. Must have an effect on men and in Vietnam. To their homeland for support. Mr. DAY we headlined the American papers. Such as. America face storm Pentagon. Students. Draft. These over publicized actions have a decidedly demoralizing effect on the soldier in Vietnam. Demonstrations act as an encouragement to the enemy. When the North Vietnamese. There was much dissension between American people and their leaders. They view this as just unity of the country. A country that is striving to achieve. It's not you know it's a weak country. Every draft. And. Every person who participated in anti-Vietnam demonstrations not only are a disgrace to
our country but they created tremendous wealth for the enemy. We have made a stand. We have acted upon it. This country is that many men and I think we should support them the best we know how. This demonstration today is the finest way. We should all be proud for the act of writing. Was a. Hadleigh. I know you already have been here we introduced this guest. Because she's a very beautiful young lady. From Wakefield High School. In the Kaufman. Of a bad. American. I shouldn't have to tell you were going on today. And there are 18 year old me I shouldn't have to tell you that this war is dirty business. I mean no men wants
to die. I shouldn't have to tell you these 18 year old men are fighting for us. We were living in a nation of peace and comfort. I shouldn't have to tell you that they are fighting for our human rights. Simple right is gathering rights which are taken for granted. But could be lies. I don't have to tell you that these 18 year old men. Are our men. There are Americans who don't want to die. They want to live to see their country remain free. They want to return home. Home with the people know that they fought for them. Fought for our American freedom. Is our husbands are our sons. We are Americans. We shouldn't have old men fighting in Vietnam.
We. Are an action should prove it. Let them know what I mean. Thank you. Thank you. I just received your police estimate. That there's approximately 25000 people here. Thank you. Now high school. But I take it all give full attention and listen to it. All form. Our own beliefs and ideas from this gentleman's words. David McCarthy. Distinguished guests Americans. I'm a senior high school. I'm also president of society. These are labels which
identify me as labels as opposed to do. However. There are labels being used today in connection with our attitudes on Vietnam policy which completely mis represent many of us. There are those of us. Students and adults alike. Who abhor war and pray for peace. We are called dollies. There are those of us. Students and adults alike. Who deplore the burning of draft cards. And who are proud to support our fighting men. We are called hawks. These particular labels have no meaning for us. They separate and segregate our true attitudes. Doves and hawks have made no significant contribution to our country's history or destiny. How can we identify with either. How ironic. That in these. Trying times the real symbol of America. The lone eagle. Has been forgotten. Yet. If there must be a label to identify us in these
times the name of the eagle is the one with the most honor. It is the eagle who has the courage to fly alone. Who has no need to hide with the flock. It is the Eagle who is alone responsible for his destiny. Who flies into battle clutching his weapon and one claw. But holding fast to the olive branch in the other. Hoping for peace. Ready for peace offering peace. We have read of the Puritans our founding fathers who went to church with the Bible in one hand. And a musket in the other. They never cease to pray for peace. But we're ready to defend it with arms if need be. And there was need. This kind. This is a country. With a proud legacy of patriotism. Which is our inheritance at birth. It is also the country which allows its patriots the right to dissent to disagree. To dispute. Does that also include the right to be disloyal. There are hundreds of us here today. Who within the next year or two will be called to arms.
What do we do. Do we serve our country when and where we are needed. Or do we burn our draft cards. Making a mockery of our responsibilities as Americans. Do we respect our freedom enough. To defend the freedom of others or do we burn our draft cards. Thus destroying the American dream forever. What do we say to our younger brothers. Some of them still small children. Who look to us to set the stage of our nation's future. Do we tell them we've burned our draft cards. Do we leave them a Legacy of Ashes testimony of our dead patriotism. We must answer these questions to ourselves to our country and to the world and our answers must be the result of serious thought and deep soul searching. Our answers today can strengthen the morale of our fighting men. Can tighten the loose bonds. Of pride among Americans everywhere. And must for ever. Give meaning to the memory of those. Who have already joined the
ranks of our heroic dead. If the answers are in a label what are we there and. Are we dogs whose blind obsession with peace at any price. May cost us honor. Dignity. And even freedom itself. Are we hawks. Whose passion for battle is all consuming. Leaving in its wake. Nothing but complete devastation. Or is now the time of the ego. The American ego. Defender of home and country her sponsible and ready with weapons. When necessary. But always. Always clutching tightly. The olive branch of peace. The words of a great American are appropriate here. These are the times that try men's souls. The summer. Soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of his country. But he that stands it now. Deserves the love. And thanks of men and women. This was written in 1776 by Thomas Paine one of the lonely goals
of the American Revolution. Thank you. Thank you thank you. I'd like to. Make a note. That there's nothing going on over there except a poor gentleman who was taken to the hospital. And I know must be cold. But it's a lot colder up here and nobody's leaving. So. Tension for just a little while longer. We've got with us a very distinguished gentleman a World War Two heroes. He's one of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Charles McGill very Thank you. It's an honor for me to come in today. I want to thank the president. And the youth of America. For this great turnout. I just want to get the record straight. I don't like war. I don't think there's one
person in this audience I like. But I was happen to like my freedom. I had. A great experience in World War and I can tell you war is hell. But we got no right. When we send men to Vietnam and demonstrate back here. That breaks down their morale. The morale of the fighting man. And Vietnam is very important. We can't let can we spread all over Asia. And we can't let communist. Divide. And conquer. Comeliness. Let us take a what then. Don't like me don't like just make any mistake. Don't be led by the Communist Party. That's in United States.
I want to thank you very much. This is America. And this is America at its greatest and this is democracy at its greatest. And has no place in this nation. Man. What Bernie's birth. Draft. Are burning American flags. I thank you very much. Thank you. We've got a gentleman here today. Who is more qualified to speak about. The ignorance of a draft card burning than anyone. Perhaps in the whole state. His name is Mr. John Carr. Director of the Selective Service System for the Commonwealth. Of. Distinguished guests. Ladies and gentlemen. I have just about the last speaker. I don't know how much good news that is to you in the audience
but I know too. Well good morning senior who is freezing up here and a few others it's very good news. This has been for me a very thrilling occasion. Christopher had a. Great dream. And I'm sure that when he had the dream he did not realize that it would come true in the fashion that it has today. He has done a wonderful job. For all of us who have been. Sick to our stomachs watching the pictures of some of the demonstrators on other occasions including. Boston's common ever son of a couple of weeks ago and. The Pentagon business last week. Now. I would like you to know. That you are in the overwhelming. Majority in this country.
I'd like you to know that right here in Massachusetts. We have 900 40000 registrants. In selective service. Out of that NJ group. In the past two years. We have had to prosecute one draft card burning another delinquencies. Fewer than 30 people. That makes that percentage of. Cooks on that side as the national coming out of the Jewish war that's referred to that percentage is less than one hundredth of one percent. Ladies and gentlemen you're here today. Many of you will be draft cardholders very shortly and some of you are now. You are a very strong majority of this country and I'm sure that when this rally is over today we're not going to get any congratulatory telegrams from the multi million or any other communist group.
Thank you very much. Ah. How given one. Of those. Hole. Leave you. Were. Coming. To the end.
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This segment contains audio of a rally in support of the Vietnam War occurring in the Common District in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Organized by a local high school senior, Paul Christopher Jr., the rally occurred in response to the October 16th draft card protest in Boston, where over 280 men burned their draft cards. The rally drew between 25,000 and 50,000 people and featured speakers Joseph Scerra, the national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, congressman Frank Bradford Morse, Rabbi Goldstein, and Massachusetts governor John A. Volpe. Condemning the "radicalism" and "lack of patriotism" of anti-war protesters, the speakers call for more public demonstrations in support of the Vietnam War with Scerra proclaiming, "It's time that every single American citizen that has stood idly by, while the fringe element and that minority have loudly proclaimed that they represent you and I and that we should get out of Vietnam, should loudly proclaim that they support the policy of the government of the United States in south Vietnam."
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Producing Organization: WGBH Educational Foundation
Production Unit: Radio
Speaker: Scerra, Joesph
Speaker: Morse, F. Bradford, 1921-1994
Speaker: Volpe, John
AAPB Contributor Holdings
Identifier: 67-3026-00-00-002 (WGBH Item ID)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Generation: Master
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