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email us when you first read it your typical processors past were you surprised shocked i'm shocked when i read it to next said day and then felt you know it's a long time ago but felt great admiration for people who are willing to stand up you know not too many
people from any stripe how willing they're to stand up and subject themselves to repression actually never mind them hundreds of cops live here i wouldn't say they never set up but i don't know of instances myself to record but this was without question an extraordinary event and recognized as such at the time i think she'll do you feel davis was very gentle with it well you don't know that at any time that some major turning point and you look back to have some historical perspective but that it was important i have no doubt that most people were
involved so it is an important event we had been difficult for a public official to march or were they just blindly jump into the great abyss no i it would've been difficult for anyone in public office so i'm sure there was some who did but and i don't remember because it would be used against you in your next election so you didn't have people rushing to just that regular office i was out in a break in his early years the following year a break in my language lawyer and a
politician winston marshall nineteen seventy one is iran gay gay rights or worse still were not supported by even a large minority and therefore you might be taking on a primary election it is politicians' wallets the
shock is it was during the lindsey yes it is a guy that everybody and he's an honest man was a question about that about though that was not his area where he was going to stand up and funk there were complaints from people who object good fat wrongful behavior of some guys who would have sex on the street and throw condoms on stoops and the village has allowed people with children and they objected to that they're coming out of a distinction walking a case of condoms and there's a legitimate objection no sooner march
right right what will happen i have no way of telling eleven and everybody would in retrospect expected him to take some lead he did not for more visit our sunday routine fact is subsequently but not related to that solo incident to the cops or the year's subject of an enormous crackdown where they had to so many cops were more than well that to give amnesty to some other way to win and the police department great recession
very familiar with the police department or a pig stop again no one more night raid on a friday night in june nineteen sixty nine and my sense from interviewing other people were there including one policeman's it was really surprised to encounter a lot of resistance but what would it take for a police force or not be able to overpower some indians don't understand or the police did not lose that battle right of people to her jail the shock was that though he's there protested orally and physically and ford back when the battle was ultimately won by those protester is because of
public opinion but physically the cops no question about that i'm trying to say what you are looking for companionship and i thought and they did find it in the village and the lemon i mean do you agree or your comments on you know she's like unintelligible because it's a social free resources particularly by the press police and i wouldn't say they were particularly impressive in new york city there were oppressive wrapped the united states and we said that the cops were on the take
no ok it's because the piano
American Experience
Stonewall Uprising
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Interview with Edward Koch, 2 of 2
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In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969 police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. Such raids were not unusual in the late 1960s, an era when homosexual sex was illegal in every state but Illinois. That night, however, the street erupted into violent protests and street demonstrations that lasted for the next six days. The Stonewall riots, as they came to be known, marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement in the United States and around the world.
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This footage consists of an interview with Edward Koch, Mayor of New York City from 1978-1989.
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