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What happens when artists take control of television. Say CBO invited six artists to collaborate with television technicians in a search for new ways to use the tools of television as an electronic art form. Each artist has experimented with sophisticated technology in his own work mechanical and electronic devices optic machines kinetics and multimedia. They all see in television an immediate way of reaching a vast audience and creating a museum for millions here. They use the medium as their medium. Although Tambellini born Syracuse New York 1930 mixed media
pioneer and co-founder of New York's black gate theater. His work explores the philosophy and social concept of blackness. He uses 1000 slides 16 films TV monitors and 30 children in his piece titled Black.
It. Just. Hit us. That. The Middle. East. Is. Just it. Go and. Make. The best. Of the Iowa. Thanks. Thanks. The end. Laugh. The way.
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Thomas tad Locke born Washington D.C. 1941 member of the intermedia Project at New York University's School of the arts padlock created designed and built an electronic optic machine whose video input here is a broadcast of a comedy spy series music. The Beatles title aka Tron. Used me to meet. Song choose me read
to you soon. Thank. You.
Alan Caprio born Atlanta City New Jersey 1927 founder of the happening in his tele happening here. He uses four locations in Massachusetts five cameras 27 television monitors and people trying to get in touch. Title. Hello. I mean it just it was just doing that like that you know that I know. That and I mean. You see everybody. I am like so this is what. You are. Everybody was
using it in their. Own.
Talking to my son Peter I see I see where. I meet you. I see. Mike Mike Mike Mike. When I got there the Great was going to take you take your finger out of your mouth take it might come remotely to see it live.
I mean I don't know what I'm feeling. I see you. Hear me. Say oh my god I'm your man you know you dance right now I think you're going to be OK. I like the identity and the dark it was like oh my my my my beauty with things or you know because I see it on your I mean. Your yard because I mean you know Suzanne. It was my Uncle Mo m o. O o o o o o o o.
James C. Wright born in Jackson Mississippi 1936 technical supervisor at the Columbia Princeton electronic music center here SEE Wright uses two dancers video tape delay positive and negative color and music by blue and a rattle in his cup Riccio. A.
Auto painter born Westphalia Germany in 1928 exhibited first smoke paintings programmed like sculptures and hot air balloon demonstrations Pina uses eight hundred feet of polyethylene tubing 22 tanks of helium searchlights and 195 pound girl in his electronic like ballet.
Tests. To each side.
Sir. Nom June Paik born in Seoul Korea in 1932. Composer of electronic music an experimenter in mixed media use tools magnets and junk television sets his images three hippies a dancing model and national political figures titled electronic opera number one. This is participation TV.
Please follow instruction. Open your eyes.
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New Television Workshop
The Medium Is the Medium
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