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it's b we're going to hear from two oregon scores of extensive to seven the famous amaze mean more details about his straight talk and his iowa politician of understanding this as a livable wages well in a first this issue that the gardeners is manifestly tool for getting around america loses i think that's all lesson way the restrooms as locals and people live or not i didn't believe that was i think of i think that it is true that all america has moved in certain directions and that invented that is the direction that forces you two local square into the eyes of a whole
series of eschatological considerations that one wouldn't have an unusual suicide such as the protection of your cells your life but i finally over your peas and reagan is simplistic and this and this are looking into risk of eschatological well are i suppose both you say that he is because he doesn't drop of romanov was allowable he mentions the necessity for law and order are not so sure they want or what is not as this point is we need more law and order and we especially needed when it is not only the society's hoodlums a law defying the narrative side of normal levels which philosophers and also some of those people who almost up a signal the moment when martin luther king says i'm going to lead america and to have the mutinous waves
beginning next spring and then people get back and say fundamental things about the size of a loan or become more active male why should have been out on raids on what usually say is that people bring this up in an ideal situation of it was speaking on such truism so as to make them through the eyes of europe that is right now for me the ravens are a big big fight to elevate well the cons of the changes the whole youth culture apart from that event serious writers i read an article today on the plane coming over the side that they are in the top right of modern composers of the law the exports suddenly feels that something you want to know but i find something that i forced myself
the legislature to doing business nothing in washington for georgia if i listen to now on an audience of about eighty eight or nine minutes there and you're i do admire them and i grant fear that talent what don't want to know why i'm not and he's asked about is is they the effect of all of the beatles' doesn't mean that those who look to the beatles was a philosophical inspiration see i'm always going to really in places to consult a ruse and beetle in order to get the adrenaline spiritual experiences rather than n n n n in the circumstances seemed to proceed on the assumption that it can't be found in western christian experience very well maybe there's another one another a lot of those are young football league had chosen all over one of us about jos
bubble economy and sixties and sixty five the family like his father and then he admired his brother the there wasn't anything for the tournament to prove his company well i once saw as mr duvall what he thought about franklin delano roosevelt isn't it was a long pause the other major american couldn't you another idea i think the newest candidate reads experience wrong way and that his prescriptions for america on wheels option of we won't have it which is one reason why few attempts by shirley temple going to last and she lost significantly to a dove that marine to write that down to things not not going no other reason it hasn't is because the uneven at a more left wing
community which a box on her site and from cisco when asked to endorse the war or not interested in the same election of our laws as a result of war a number of very complicated factors which i think you will find will get to disentangle next season their intention is to run in the republican primary when only republicans can vote she will almost certainly win that primary which means that the income and the man who beat her we'll be out of politics in a couple of years then she'll be up against them about what happens in what should be a reflection of the consumer will come much robin and i know there's been a lot of scientific and medical progress comes buzzing about the sun and maybe this is an obvious question that is self traditions do you think that this kind of progress maine doesn't have to be brave new world this added incentive to
finesse it for a different conclusion that because i'm not not when enough are thinking has gone on a based on the servitude of our mortality and artistry one should lower than one can do to save people who were struck down a prematurely but almost inevitably you discover an expertise which gets put to the uses of or a kind of a geriatric swift is absolutely and thinking no no i don't think so i don't deny that penicillin has been used sometimes to keep all ninety eight year old people daughter lived our lives for another year or even ninety eight year old people who aren't it's a completely off completely out of their wits so that i do think that i'm a little concerned with a prolongation of life
is a reflection of a lack of emotional maturity and it's one that if i don't know where they're younger and love bunning fight on the chill people racing from what you think of those great well largely because everyone could view it as it is as a master for me as a mask for movie it was the height of one of the of the arts i don't think that it was out there to suggest this was a tell all these this was a permissible for mosquitoes and i haven't and robbing banks and i think i think it's both and doug self conscious giving misleading to suggest a sweeping stand with some critics of the few films that really shown what the american the true american deaths is the violence
the deaths of the moment that sentiment and tortured at the center of it it isn't far think it's true that the americans to be a violent country but i think the fact of all the continuous government in america what is that ours is the fearless government in the world that under the circumstances a high tribute to walk capacity of political protest in a more compassionate world by society in which people often feel violently and go to pursue their own guns the fact is that it was struck down by bullets and the fact is as a matter of fact did not want you know there are a few of the murders dating that we're twenty three years ago this does and this doesn't and i was the moment though there is a crisis it more important what does need to be a crisis of don't you think in the end the mind of a pen who who directed it and at the bridges to there was a kind of symbolic you a reference
to the vietnam war and the kind of history will find it's true that they were more like bring the national convention the hat i think people as aggression i think ideally with active imaginations and it owes far have difficulty with political rorschach tests and that even you can see this and translated into american aggressiveness in north vietnam or another people look out into the storm bonnie and clyde i think that your imagination as for talk about that but i don't think that it has succeeded in in shooting in a meaning to bonnie and clyde which what's the millennium one sign of a direct reference to vietnam of my position recently that the picture points up are poisonous an issue like hardness towards was inflicted upon us by the constant daily news bulletins vietnam a number of television shows about this film started off a very fluid typical hollywood wyman moved into some progress in terrifying part of a last minute modification welcome to the fact that you say it was terrifying
is to me the key observation as long as the terrified you're terrified me and the terrified the typical view on the then one must considered marlin some risk and fear about the vietnam war that it is an exercise in the highest kind of idea of those and that say the american people who are prepared to undertake those sacrifices and a half of a century other situations stamina will move but i left a lot of stores that because what if what if they wish their list of tacoma wash of the dumbest of people in britain marked the michael x's movement was shipped well because of huge he is a clear and present danger as you know in the american constitution is to find the requirements of law and lord take precedence over certain kinds of individual freedom can shout fire in about a movie it was a famous politician going on now wilson says a wraparound gave a speech in cambridge maryland and within twelve hours cambridge maryland a package they didn't
exist and so there is a very concrete case to suggest wow that's the kind of thought that about tom stokely carmichael engage an unnamed as the lives of innocent people and the uncertain times until they learn how to confine themselves to the very broad moments of the freedom of speech the wrong don't believe that having your mom doesn't like to think that and i you know it's a surreal he was a blanket will immediately buck or whatever perhaps a huge like problem size can you understand the city's whoa oh sure sure yeah i think it's a confidence that yes i think that the black ark understood as the organization of the legal community in your preps for justice and press for opportunity it does is it is most most desirable and if it by patrick moynihan reconsider carmichael a dangerous while blog another less believing that one of the principal their
elections and the negro communities that failure to take park and to assert themselves are both economically and as a pitcher really vivid picture of a pariah the system a group of people in boston the split of the church here what you think coming to the right saw any answer to it and i think it's it's up to them about what brought her in part it's kind of thing that all roscoe was doing in mexico and i think that david suggests the obvious people obviously want to win as a proletarian option of the reasons that a distance which we can afford the type i can't help thinking that the spectrum well we must we must look at why big ticket because there's not a lot of emotional single mindedness by the list of people who in a riot situation automatically assume that the rioters our auto correct and the policeman incorrect eyes as
advantages even great big sophisticated people like john kenneth galbraith university same when you automatically refuses to cross a picket line now this is without evening for him to find out a lot on the bases of dispute that is kind of possessing child asians a produces that kind of on a quote autumn as narcos is simply a whole lot of politics in the form of a law it was a drug use itself acting career and rumble as the midst of london have a picture of the front of the surface of the answers or what i joined to discuss whistling i would usually germans as emotion she does she does by about that about the players and we're just come back from the world that we're in and under this front of mary current set anonymous that that there are no russians i won the russians and left of us a crutch and into things about religion is just natural
evolution gone well as of this is of the shifting the russians it's a it's a it's a psychological truism that which is they are as attractive and under the circumstances they would be nothing out the rival in any area ok and a highly be administered as i thought of the novel breathing is not intrinsically wrong on elected its influence their eyes and i think it stood to find women with their social issues that they have to face it as an acrobatic if you listen to people talk about the juvenile and bob johnson humphrey good thing that they wanted for the first episode i think that after having said that he was going to create it but decided to think the cost of a course why one
well in the first free vote short one is appetite to watch that it's a paper at a great society is something that you can create yourself a minute to myself studying our teachers and our spiritual laws on that have nothing whatever to do with our bodies and in washington dc there was a terrible act of political humorist even conceive of the notion of his administration first this report orchard to tell her she says it was an orchard well there are i would administer law which is a little below says that it is illegal to burn now you may not be aware of the law people who burn their draft cards i end up having burned facsimiles of them so that they become terribly horrific of in front of the camera but when they appear
before a grand jury this week and pull out the vaginal birth bunch of that is still intact on abuses that courageous the deeds on a courageous if the consequences are sure i had my the person who burns his draft card and then rip is to jail himself as the indignity of all of our tenure in jail that old model of people who trade up on heroism without in fact they're facing the consequences of that and this this i think is what mostly goes on the only been set up with these figures forty dollars owed three hundred and sixteen detectable a very graphic clothes in spite of the holocaust in this post using that was usual route no you're wrong and now here i think in america you'll read several of his time and one of which is that as a republican he
doesn't like it i want your objections republican will because he isn't out of that chicken it because of a peacock vice versa that has to be that the political terminology in the chaotic situations got to be communicable the fact that that was it the hard left in new york city voted for lindsey now on they won't deny this in fact much of his campaign literature a proclaimed him as the most liberal candidates were running and camping that she was correct but if it is correct and surely would agree is paradoxical to put a system to have and opposes uncovered you not about that is worth the nation and artisans over his conduct is a fundamental right in public forums so i think i think how to be successful in the end in the dominating medium and he's here with an inventor without full of the parliament a
gentle soul didn't seem to go tumbling down over the public and the government went on the new appointment and christmas shopping was a critique to preserve your first to think people really care about governmental decisions of this nature in the sons went through well i think they care when the consequences of the fed's for instance i think that inevitably english care of when there is an invasion a layover when when it becomes obvious to them that there were just listening to it right now then of course what they want do is rush for salary increases on the north make up and when they find out that this is impossible and i think you hire a deeply paladino don't think of economics is having an abstract dismal science which x number of people worry about over there that was as that you know no roads of your life than mine victim
i guess more more people or doing different to the second are assessed a reason mr johnson has made it plain the americas both answers and onto the island and this office is the verge of christians that was that was briefly as a cabin doing of a country was just over simplistic a sign of life threatening rip the country of what would become his country and because of his country the official business if there's possible another which isn't it works better pieces that because i do like because i really don't know well the reason why is because of the marketplace makes add the divisions in behalf of the individual much more shrewdly that a single intelligence and i don't know from sleep or i read the white bread but i know that on the marketplace system your preferences and be recorded an ibm machine that is much too complex for a man about to create and under the circumstances to the extent that i think that your own wishes
to be respected in the free marketplace is your and my job in the subject or i won't comment on that would be an un was quoting from one of your articles that you say that but the government shouldn't have a big hand in spending and organization that the division can do it but how how can envision and survive society lessing was a government really was another thing you said was that the big the big piece of hatred and socialist of the things that the thing i really disliked is that a woman is like a moment alone in the mix and the reason i would along with a satanic is because it bought the site is not survive but we still most years was the expectation but if a woman is a woman alone minimum of movement working at the sub for him a still strikes me as one of the scope of what lies and wrong if there are alternatives in another situation with donald trump if we only bruised by
them will be exploited general motors in a nationalized industry doesn't need necessarily only have to make one party may make ten emanuel of moshe dayan lead the israelis to an incredible victory and divided the world is will he also pushed america probably for the film even today and colored glassware conference vigorously to cause extreme extreme to start this thing that it's so it's a good sign that we are people in america wiring that goes pretty sure these extreme events and i think i think what it is is a tremendous tribute to an active national will that israel wouldn't exist today except for the fact that it will it's on existence and was willing to pay that was all of its resources to that end both domestically and internationally not all americans are think quite naturally of mine a country as rich against those odds of those private and levees that they view
the expensive for the patient and give them to show his involvement because it seems to be a natural come out of the major annual list of the town and they didn't cover very so i don't think this chauvinist having diana said i insist on one of hundreds of it because from it i'm in a position to protect israel now i think that if if the surrounding hostile herders were too were to withdraw their claims to the illegitimacy of visual then we would have a case against iran we have supposedly would press against the case will go to the obama over this is there a professor in the big high priest of that honesty but he recently not martin says not on drugs anymore for someone did you ever think of do you talk to find us and the attitudes of a rough go of the last case of escapism amid other numbers and this is the
equivalent of a whisky and others or of the bill isn't but taking lsd trip when one wonders into that the rose of a frightening sign of history can you what can you really cool interesting well i think he finds it the city safe if we had if we had to accept his own version of what happened to him on alice b he has a vital vital evidence in liberating find the goats mind expands exemplifies engravings were like phones engravings enemies and has great poems and they were horrifying and tortures and because it isn't becoming justice <unk> well if he if you if you accept the proposition and that anything that was and find relief in a must be sections of the new division of a few sites to heroin and ultimately diane from families of that analysis this also is
understandable as he is neither there's a clear case of diminished intellectual vitality in this madness and one must have the edges of other evidence i would agree is a case is diminished and what about another proposal because until june but it's not his nightmare has the supreme court and not so much on your hands full in what i'm saying is that we must and sort of thing to really look at our times all the opposing counties crushed in the ways of the isis was awful question women were little not commit suicide and inspections some as a worthy of loans given it is is an escapism of ernest hemingway whether those others who believe that when asked to come to terms of the world a better at its own music without records with the reality the most difficult cases opposed to the question of vietnam a couple of apartments the whole million things and if you have another thing or more and doesn't get such a conflict
do think this country becoming very cynical and it's not cynical very top of that and this because it isn't that part of the american temple to do things slowly and we we ought to extrude it out of vietnam war and especially tied because we don't completely understand i don't know why it has to be peace on monday and that was it we are tired and we see not the time or not to be a phenomenon not to be on believing about the essential strategic calculations the closest to go to vietnam and still is you say that we're you know we're economists to me because if i think that the slowness of song that isn't this just a sign of a bit of the wrongness of thing mainly because ok a war is being fought america can support you and so for the first time maybe even a
really jump on that but i'm suggesting for the first time as a kind of collective consciousness the house was nice not maybe this is due to the front of the loss was so hard so terrific and so world grabbing sound was a holocaust we caught up and maybe you know maybe this is why people tired of the most original windows because the town's letter that anyone ever liked a killing people i don't however are saying no no no no at a body of whom i would give a name no and like i think they think it matters like killing jews but i can't think of a very warm and retrieve of what has been reviewing the gas build and to save his eyes are on a situation and lecturing of people bought we renounce what could be the creeping harris to pacifism namely that nothing is worth of all as much as is needed protected by four it's this i think are the american people going
to announce an outbreak that nobody imagined succeed make any headway long to be fastest to get well i agree with that vote on guns women fifties it only employs people have protested put as fun as it i don't know i don't know i assume it must be the motivation wouldn't sell for ten dollars of build huge really think the people should be put in jail for ten years for sniffing oh no i don't no i don't so anything in twenty fourteen you can get to execute a hand in connecticut for saddam but i don't have a big waste of time discussing whether this is is this kind of i don't know it but it was gone to jail for ten years for smoking hot mineral being herded nominal just much bigger than they do the point is that they're not a scientifically unanswered questions about
bonds a number of cultural it can answer questions about the parts not isn't our vice is a certain thing to be said for coach identifies own biases and sticking to them and the religious shows someone obsessed with an informant of the unknown level of all of the doors right through the ice at the grade level but swift another woman borrows figures obsessed with this business of playing without borders with pushing it to an extreme singer wouldn't do us a section and facility why isn't someone is establish was published and to me well i think i think it's so it's it's it's a vital literature and i think that tom it does suggest that the kind of despair that automatically happens when people lose their spiritual roots and it is a
search for sensation a as a as a substitute o'sullivan narcotics ups too forum philosophy the kind of thing that sufficed with socrates was out actually we go into a trance into which he was not induced by a little robot drones of ice that was amusing to do simply by reflection it is something that we can be missed in college was interesting too romantic vision lexus to drive to among those poems and so the many jazz musicians of all these these these are temporary stimulus but this this is not a writer this is a way of life is this is a marky decide to have sex so this is an analog of a complete perversion of our audience to date eisenhower and what to do to be treated it could be the next vice president
to the nixon could be the republican nominee and it said it would you be pleased if that the country's in for because i like him and because i think he would make a good judgment and because i think that he has a more and i think he knows a great deal about america and that is committed to the wellbeing of america as you know a great deal of other words i think probably more than any president we've had the central ft pam anderson a fair amount to the nearest of that there's interest was that it would behoove of years why do you suppose wilson new mothers did not were you know single foreign language yet have a travel across the atlantic are also was a possibility but i think on mixing his who a lot of people
the stand right here and lecture for ten weeks got savers on the internal politics in the history and the culture of different countries in the world you've greatly social and intellectual of those people are just innocent for the seven cities of focused on britain and it would go to this mostly an activist of masturbation these intellectuals who don't like him because of the harvard accent the captain enough about middletown in transitional limits of the buying those communities or from forming a government it and he simply didn't have a an ivy league education and for that reason people that sound sniffy about louis iffy about him if he was on the left of them were fine and charming without harry truman phone maybe the appreciation of nixon as ss is is not something which in my judgment does any good morning ritual to his director's <unk> much attraction is that this is not his accent and that you support of
those who built and reagan though that the extreme right wing has a bit of a bait and intellectuals are but surprisingly well i would call in and i wouldn't call it red interest rates across the defining it in the time that he thinks about it and he thinks it will complete complex wanted in it but it was never really that they never go ahead go ahead i find it easy to categorize <unk> known by saying i find it difficult for mom who writes in such such a complex complex images ins and pass references and so on among president debt to context is you do fall into context of motivation political motivation behind difficult our view to support reagan in the water in such a whole lot of you know reservations about barry goldwater's ability to distinguish between subtle different know i think up i think that a big and important question of the important question is what are the resolutions for instance if you are very stupid but nevertheless you
believed in the right of white people on the group you were jewish people to use this i would say this is much more important that you can see this ripe than that you should consider can see that right now i can see that when the bright side and don't care about the process of the governing that is so complex that it can't be done successfully by anybody that is to say the number of bills that passed every year that doesn't have to administer assembly would or as verbs you just simply couldn't do it but that causes everyone that is why when they come out there because of the venue one of the film's real children because then you're saying reagan and the war to get that demo complex nobody how to compose can rule but then that image is good enough that they can do it because i thought all right on the same cell and i just finished saying i consider nixon be very bright man that me and i consider rating to be an
extremely right now i don't doubt for a minute that reagan could have been a full professor of what of law at harvard university if such had been his training what ikea very much about what is the values not have a hierarchy that is a day of wrenched out of existence and for you to suggest that unless you wrenched that exists in the first having mastered lead that thought is a snobbish and these terribly un troops off some really was a history of the world have not been that is was us much less run by business which a lot of nastiness his house if confronted with and none of these reasons i ever forget the us and russian flags i think i'm asking this is an engine of this is an outside a good thing that the spirit of uncle sam whatever is fading that america really doesn't believe in yourself as much as he used to yes the history or his son about one when the sat well i'm sad because i think that the ideals of
america was fonzie our heroes of a republican the history of the world i think it's happening in part because of a restlessness that traces to the excesses of russians in the excesses of liberalism so long as libel suggest the reason suggested that it could bring happiness to be individual and people tended to look to government agencies for those narcotics cops do for a search for happiness and contentment with your true found in a religion there's two shoes no potions knows who is i think is why it ceases to be as idealistically magnetic as a lot of women who are without ever getting into a church relatively lighter in your condition as you're leaving it in the recent editions of american way of life and so on but show me throughout my life is an ancient traditional world is a rebellious wedlock is a
liberal what those fires and c they're always in america started families the plan is to get away from traditions from the russian traditions and sometimes a sense that you in swirling away from what you would call liberal confusion diffusion of ideas hence the going to the apocalyptic brink this kind of thing sometimes i feel that you the tradition's been too much to do or how many did the navy doing too much of our no i'd like some conditions on a lot of the dishes i had nothing but my reason to use indiscriminate in between the two that was when he told automatic been born and that was my country cause liberalism and saying they're different in those years and can you imagine the people who framed the ninth and tenth and then under the constitution the united states deciding to washington dc the right to prescribe juvenile delinquency programs of boston massachusetts the edges of
in that hubris and government and switch over stevens that he warned that as you're no doubt aware but talk about the genesis of this country i was on a certain anti traditional in the sense of a defined those traditions that you mobilize people that made them for employees subject class i as people we're even in england would love and wisdom of our society and that body a concentric lot what what we have now are in the united states is it seems to me are much closer to the kind of the attitude to due to the pending against which the founders of this country road that ending that the conservatives outdoor for diesel all over weaning the kind of traditional isn't that can be opposed by someone who has a vision which side of the river make
his best not bound by professor michael hook shot of the london school of one of them and school economics who says the trouble with a winning nominee is that its uses passion and politics and other such greek style of restrictions last winter it's been fb
is but it's been it's been it's been is by it's b you began
to cry he's been disbarred it's bad as a democratic candidate for president only you the pick
it's been as a democratic candidate
for the office of president of the united states i make lee's solemn pledge is i will end of the viet nam war in seventy two hours and upon being elected i will immediately without any hesitation employing the proper safeguards will draw the american army ron was your soviet man i will nominate dr amato or thirty billion dollars in foreign aid yearly without any cost to the american taxpayer and the profit from this program will pay off the national debt in ten years i will resolve a racial problem we live satisfaction along america i will eliminate legal prostitution and the federal courts all
lawyers conduct at the exam fees will be a rigidly controlled i will absolutely am alum question a lemonade organized crime in thirty days i will eliminate political prostitution in congress retired american couples will receive three hundred dollar minimum monthly pensions without any cost til the american taxpayer federal taxes will be cut in half by eliminating fraudulent tax benefits or the chosen feel i will eliminate inflation and reorganize the anti air banking system i will arrest and bring to trial all conspirators and now in high government position or participated in the assassination while john f
kennedy i will restore the constitution and the free enterprise system to look people all the united states i will organize a three year for reserve so that this nation could absolutely so why any atomic war i will completely reorganized and read and retrain the ground forces all the american army making them one thousand percent more efficient so that an honorable miserable showing as has been shown in viet nam well you know that happened again i will eliminate communist infiltration in our government and then the rocket program and every american family and though my program will be a wealth led well paul and wealth
riots sit ins margins why there was such a successful would you believe sit ups would you believe alliance and so the people on the right are active religion is such a sharp i think it's both let's grab headlines last year with riots sit ins marches sit ups and sit downs and lyons there's a name from the right that you might be interested in one actor jay foley jr
hadn't checked or sharpen technicolor enterprises for humor just as a singles single biggest contributor to conservative causes in this country george wickham rockwell self styled fewer of the american nazi party assassinated chairman elemental rivers of the house armed services committee who defended the bridgers when they were first attacked appeared on the form of guards manning bridge council member alan salt one of the old time us begins with back in action this time at liberty lobby in washington dc old time movie actor walter brennan appeared on a birch society radio show attacking the war on poverty the biggest relatively new name during nineteen sixty seven with reverend that alliance catholic priest on leave from guns are bad and guess who gave him the money to get started average a fairly junior and don't believe everything you read about what happened in nineteen sixty seven several national stories indicated the birch society was falling apart it's not number one last summer's new england rally for family and country was a success
number two the birds the saudi stepped up its drive to win in vietnam or get out last petitions got six hundred seventy five thousand names to congressmen in washington third the birch society set up fronts like tax truth about civil turmoil which had been very successful tactical errors that the civil rights movement it's common is thick and it sponsoring a big campaign to support your local police the bridges most recent campaign against the war and poverty little known facts about the right more rearmament acquired the decommissioned force local property from the city of new rochelle new york and protestant ministers on the right did pretty well lecture also reverend billy james hart is dedicated a new half million dollar cathedral headquarters of his christian crusade in tulsa oklahoma then he announced the purchase of the adjoining land price and fifty five thousand dollars reverend artist as world winning it around the country will be in boston jen you're is twenty nine and seven thirty pm supper at the start if you'd like to go reverend cw burkle who ran afoul of the zoning law in his
bible institute in mesa arizona announced he would build a new structure appealed for forty thousand dollars if the past is any indication he'll get a reverend ka mcintyre for just another hotel for half a million and his cape may new jersey real estate complex mcentire as the twentieth century reformation hour and christian begin programs mr wessel right one of the year
i want to nominate for a woman of the year eartha kitt and for man of the year dr benjamin spock because both refused to play the game the game is be courteous law abiding obedient memories your voice even in the midst of hypocrisy the game is be willing to die us into songs to die whenever the number one below the nation says so and whether the cause is just and chest eartha kitt refused to play she spoke of mine she said the government is stretching young men from their families to fight in a war that no one has been able to explain or justify an idiot how can we justify giant call for america bombarding every day the presence of a small asian country to force
them to accept a corrupt and cruel government which they themselves are unwilling to fight for what was a kids' spoke out lady bird johnson was crying a little i think it was good that she was moved back she will move lbj she is a charming gracious woman who loves beauty but i think she's been sheltered from the ugliness of them is true at house and lbj he loves his children's grandchildren but i wonder how much he loves the children and grandchildren of vietnam build the ice on film a little north korean lee boyd was a lying whimpering crying while doctors removed from his body one by one the pellets from an anti personnel bomb had been dropped by american planes and every day we drop such bombs on north and south vietnam bombs designed not for steel bridges but for human flesh how can we justify this only by lying to ourselves or by having the leaders lied to us and i have the beach a lied to us july thirtieth nineteen
sixty five when he said he had any indication the other side was willing to negotiate when he knew of three distinct offers one in the summer of sixty four one to four sixty four when the beginning of nineteen sixty five he's lied to us about the recent elections in south vietnam which will rig with american connivance to make sure that the military men one an anti war candidates would like to have an end as a result of this today all the world people are looking at us with shameless heart they see our action is not basically different from hunger action suppress from the russian action and suppressing of the iranian revolution because the enemy is a hiring a revolution and we are suppressing it and rushes in the excuses to lay said well they were fighting another system they said or fighting for the national security fanaticism enters into that we
become a fanatic about would come in it and this is part of the game it's the games that nations have played all through history people killing one another every ten or twenty years because the men in power tell us of that catholics aloha means the jews of the communist about to take over the world and i think the game will go on the children and our grandchildren will suffer from it unless we do like eartha kitt and break through the hypocritical silence until we do like dr spock and say it is right to refuse to fight an unjust war i don't want to play that game our country was founded on a basic democratic principle which is far more sacred and the selective service act or the book table matters of principle that many of us have forgotten but jefferson put into the declaration of independence and this is the government of laws and not sacred but they've set up a certain and it's life liberty the pursuit of happiness but when they destroy these ends we have a right to disobey and so i will say to everyone who can hear
me if your conscience tells you that is wrong to cross the sea to make war on the people of vietnam if you refuse to fight in this war i support you i had my ear as i admire mr kitt as i admired dr benjamin spock and also the people refuse to play the game of silence he's right
What's Happening Mr. Silver
William F. Buckley, Jr.
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