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Yes yes .
New Holland meaning hall where come to my dining room here. Yes for famous Chinese ducks. This. Yes pay kinfolk this. This Shanghai book and this is Cantonese back and this is Tom King book and the pecan tack is the famous way cooking in picking that Chinese name way say a color yeah. Yeah. Means that and this. Back. Name way sais. Shanghai duck and that's the famous way cooked this way back in Shanghai area and Chinese name is home so sometimes they say Rick cook duck and this is canto nice book.
And wakes say oh yeah. I hear it yes way say to nice name and English name way say talking back. That's the famous away cooked at that in Trenton and that's all there from the famous. That of course we have a many different doc this address this fool is famous and also will cook in different a pod of China and they are very famous to almost everybody in the whole ward. If interested in Chinese cooking and this she is the pride and it's US is a roast in the oven to nice all the costs and this is also in the oven and the duck is simmered and they're
all different and now I want to show you a to nice met. And this is a Chinese map . And China is a really big place. And Lisa lots a lot of people of course people have to eat and they have to cook. But China is a big and also all the transportation is a very very poor. So many people especially in the old days they stay at their own home Tom and they never go out . Almost like they born live and die in the same house. And that is also made it hard to ship out the food engravings and also hard to bring in and say you know stay available to cook and also for a
little they way what they like in their place handed Naam from generation to generation and they cook their way to like. That's why that their grandmother had been cooking in China we don't have written recipes with just to follow what we have been told and what we have been seeing. So that's how Chen have somany different at this. You can see here we have a so many different provinces almost about 30 or so each provinces have their own famous fish and they flaunt own way of cooking it's a bit different from other places always and they also use the different spices different weightings do it their way they like it. And here we have the floor.
That's how they come over that they're from the School of Cooking. Here we have a four very famous off the major cooking of school and where known to all sides of China that yes pay King here Doc place just before schools where they are just picking Shanghai Ken Tong and chunking taking this to capital. Now in retrospect Also it's up. Yes the mall is a dome lift. And I was a bond they are too. And before the palace was there and all of the good scenes have to ship to a certain way hard to ship. They have to do it anyway. To the queen and the king. So they also have lots of good shifts. Good news. That's why way say picking cooking also
wastes a mend their cooking and they use a lot. If friend Messrs. And the lots of different things to cook. And here is Shanghai Shanghai. Just like in New York. To this country and actually eat away also cooking more like in these provinces. Permanence I see and over there they lie to you. So I saw lots o soy sauce in the at the ish and also home cooking. They like to use lots of sugar in soy sauce. THIS IS SUCH AN like that. And here yes Kent home that's in the parents and the Kent home is the more west than lived. Almost only can tone they use coconuts and the Papel
in there at this age and they like to eat lots and they have a lot of different a way to cook and almost anything delicious and they see good for the health they all like to cook them and eat them . And hair. Yes true and thus much more interior of China and try and cooking and become where known scenes after the second war war and have a lot to offer. High among cans and a some time the weather fairly hot so that people like to have spicy food and eat a lot of hot pepper and that they're also made of a famous pickled vegetables . And that time when they were fighting Chen not fighting with Japan. That's all the Chinese government in Tryon and their famous city is king. So if away say trained cane
just means train. And so that's stay for famous schools of cooking and to Alcide of China of course we have a menu the old vaguely good and of it is delicious but sometimes that will make it simple. Closer to picking the way say that is a pick in cooking culture to Shanghai and we say Shanghai. And this box also from the different the floor prices from the floor at the different schools. So that's why I want to show you and this. Yes says Tryon. That and she found so yeah that's when you snip from his trance. And this. Yes from Kent home and you'll catch all other theists coming back in the Chinese restaurant in this country. Also you can buy raid they made
in 10 yeas grocery still. And then here it is Shanghai and thus from Shanghai area and dace is from picking up a king that is so famous. Almost all worth the whole war. And the reason people are even more wants to know about the pic in the book or what they have been eating picking before and I want to show you how the pickin buck per pair. They are rated different and very special and they are also good and the baby delicious especially their skin and the pecan back there almost only served at a restaurant and that their special restaurant. They only serve pecan Thek nothing else. And this yes. I duck I God from the song and this is a Long
Island Duck Ector a Long Island duck already in the way. Yes to from him. And they released the duck and the different a re they for the pic can talk. They also pay lots of attentions how to take care out there and how to prepare them and how to cook steam and of course if I get a duck from Peking as a much bigger than this but impossible so I will show this Long Island duck to do it that way. What they do in PE King to pay pay at their peak that they Spack have to be a whole that. And because the later you always see why. And they had to have it . And that's a one day care that have to be cut and this is Long Island duck and when to duck. Young babies back and have faded pretty yellow
feather. And when they grow up a bigger and they feathers turn to white. And defeat and Bill Wells in orange yellow and faded Billy Purdy the AF wings and feed the shot or the other kind of back and their shoulder wider and the body longer and they have a food Brit's of chest brushed and that have a lot of meat and if you sis special and the horns they and they're really stiff back and they also pay lots attentions and they feed them for us third the amount of water and food and at regular time. And the whole let them eat by them surf when they are about little more than two months old pup pretty
tall and Hofmann's all and then they were going to force feed them if they don't want to eat. They say you have to eat and a half their way than they like to eat themself. And they fold. Feet is kind of like these guys made from. Hall mirrors. And that Rauf also skiing off a holy and a lot of the different who leans and they form waste water mixed together and holding them this size and then they put in and let them eat. So I bought two weeks later. So there that have been so lazy and they getting so fat and so pick. But they also cannot eat them surf. So they'll have to count pretty force feeding the ducks just like the French force feeding geese for the geese live where this same thing they one have a better at that and the other
won't want to have a Betty based network. When after about three and no more than three and a half months about the time that duck rich video big and the very effect because it's not a moving wrong. Not a lot the two will run too much and not allow them to swing too much either. So they. They they are destiny to do nothing so they can be unfair. And the big. And Rich bought them pumps or even more soul they upgraded meat also very tender and about that time they are ready to cook by the when they ship did back to the restaurant to cook. Also they pay lots of attention . And I have a map or draw something here. They put them in they include the joke page because I was in pain. I saw this my own eyes. I did
this just by my memory. My drawing is very poor but just the idea like you see. Like the book in the Tate and they ship them into virtually in their own hate they sway so that back when not to step on each other. So there when not at them it they scream and sawdust is what kind of duck they're paying attention for Bree and the breed and the race. Also they also pay lots of attention in special preparation for the duck before cook and that first they don't want their skin crisp because they can duck good about the crispy skin . So they have to have to have had. Only have a litter cut the bottom of the. Neck. And they had
to remove the feather so they removed their feather but did being in boiling water just a little bit to be LOL. So they will. Not damage their skin and then they wanted this king getting stretched a little bit and also separate from that meat then they pump the air to their back so they scream puffed up so I want to do it too to show you how to do that how to pump air into it at that and not let it go to over the air and in the restaurant in China and they do lock something back so they use a special . The. Pump to those that. Put them. There . And now I. Have a pump so I use a bicycle pump for it. Put this sort of this whole thing into that.
So I had to hold in this and the hands and pumps . Better put it you can see that that's getting bigger and bigger. See it . Just like a pump a flow lock. The fact is is that interesting . This away so it didn't skin is come off. So you can see they have to. Separate. From the meat. So not this time they can't get the air out . Doesn't matter because they're skiing already separate from the meat . It's just all the air . Actually you should not touch it. They want beef where they fessing. So now
we have to remove the inside remove the inside to have a cut and there to. And from this litter hall take out all the inside. And empathy the cavity. If you cannot reach it. So you put it here to get it out . I have one it's already removed. So I want you see it. Yeah. This I've been removed all the inside from this whole. So now let's go to inside the cavity so we rinse it water . So where is the water through this hole . From it all inside. So there water's come out the front bottoms so they all been thing like this of the old me is a while longer
. And I also get a clean so that inside the cavity skin and only have a litter co opening from here. So they stay time and if they have to do lots of other works tool how to make them look so good how to make thin skin and crisp and also how to take care of the meat. Nice. So this is a really lot so for the work. Now we go through the second seems by the way come to the whole have been pompous air so hard and now we have to chop off their wings and also chop off the feet thanks to first. Right. And this we here. At . Oh and also the feed that they feed and the
wing is also at that case. 2 Chainz and this that oath Tremont almost like but the one that they are holding up and locks fact and locking so they have a piece stick. Like this one and cut like a bee the other in this point. So this way they will rest. They still be on the back bone and the top will be stick. Brace bones they put in. So here. Like this. I'm sorry you know I get it all pumped and overseas and that's really how to use lots of strength to pump that back. And they spin straight up
and they say looks nice. And yes he popped up. So now they have to take care more about this again. So they were going to get the skin. A hot water ring rings. They go into a rinse. Yes yes I water boiling water and not too hot and they holding this back over. This bowl and scoop up are the top three schools. Now you can see this . That skin right there way shrink from it up there just a little bit. And even not let it that touches the boiling water. Then they would be not even so after this they stretch their wings make them lucks batter and there would be dried . So they use a stick point.
And those arrested. And taste way. So it also lets you know that I had to use make sure the S to the. So that stick should have been not very point. Otherwise they'd just go through their skin easily and so thus the wing stretched up so looks like this. So they all can can stretch out . After this they also going to half way and that's a real that is sewage water mains. So with water rings it's just put a sugar waste boiling water and the water should be not too sweet. If a toast wait when did duck cook there will be
easily burned and burn the skin not so cold. Locking and not so good eating so they dassent rains wasting sweet. Water. Maybe wastes a sugar water and they weigh us. I do it before your supporting water so this is already there a tool say to hisn because the crispy skin have to get the skin dry and they can be crisp. When they high up the deck they use can hawk like this isn't this isn't. That hot. Something like that can happen in the moment so it can become push away it may be from the neck here . Just. One last one. The Hawk will be sure they will not come out of it .
So this next one up here so they will not come off. So that's still way they we're going to hang up and then let them dry the skin and the soap in picking and the weather is of a cold and the dry so they just put in a special room with the scoring and that he does have about a half day a whole day so that that skiing would be dry and I have when is here already dried. I want to show you. So this one we have up here. This one is being dry as you can see the skin so firm so nice. So they were going to have up in the special brake and tool cook kind of like roast. But they won the
skiing crisp inside. Also cooked by the meat have to be baby juicy. So what they do is they use boring water pool all work so don't have to pluck the bottom from here. So one lot. And. That's where the bottom has to be plucked so they watch and not come up. So a few up about up to here. So this way they were cooked about half our tool one hour less than one hour that will be ready cooked so when you'll go to their special restaurant to eat. So then sometimes they show you all the different attacks dried ham off they're letting you choose which one you would like to have . So they have a special person to take out the cooking so their skin will be not burned and the need will be juicy tender nice and I shall kill the ass and the way to prepare.
Also I want to talk about God something authentic way to serve . Let's go back to that Daniel now here. And. This taken that show the serve. I still asked to cook should the be very hot. Otherwise they will not taste good but this pic and that means stay there long so already the skin shrink. Not nice looking but anyway I want to talk about the holiday since they're going to serve when they serve the Peking duck their first to serve their scheme and that they serve the skin to your cable first. So when have you used to skin on a table so your egg pancake based Mandarin pancake sauce into like this. And have a piece back and some sauce and some guns and have something. And they're older than to eat. Also if they can use second time they will show you
if you're the meat. Sometimes it together and you'll have some meat left in the time that the bones they won the pick up and the cook being spouse waste that meat for you. Also nice to roll up in the pancakes to eat and also use the 5 duck fat to cook. They made a famous a dish and the bones of that back to make a soup with tennis kept. So that's means whole duck can serve as a whole thing there. So is a raid in the eyes a special way to race that duck and specially a pretty special way. Prepare it and also a special way to eat. So that's why the pic in the book is so unique and interesting is the radiant nice fish. Our people Coast picking. They just have to be taken back and taken back by it's served at a
restaurant from if that restaurant to serve that that been to your home . But most likely they go to the restaurant to eat. Soul you'll never cook at home it costs 10 nice home . Not all of it and the impossible to cook bacon and in this country we also cannot get this canned re special Paikin duck to cook bacon and also very hard to say that the pic did that. I mean as a whole and then leave the head especially the head is very important and the bottom us not open that wide. So that's is also very hard to get and thus you'll live in next to the farm. But we have a lot from them back and also everybody have all been at the hong. So
Joyce Chen Cooks
Peking Duck I
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Joyce Chen Cooks: Peking Duck I
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Restaurateur Joyce Chen's Chinese cooking show. First aired June 30, 1966. 26 episodes, 30:00 each, b&w.
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Joyce Chen explains the different schools of Chinese cooking. She also tells the true story of the world-famous Peking Duck, how they are specially bred and fed and uniquely prepared for cooking. Summary and select metadata for this record was submitted by Dana Polan.
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