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I've got my room. Mick then took good care that I'm not going. I mean if you're going to give it to him it's a pretty good good boy. I'm through look good doing it to crush them out of work and I mean pulling them down. Well you can you know
where I think I may have been you know better than that guy. I mean it could be done like a day in the bank so I made them with parking. I'm not going to bring it to you. I've cut them out pretty quickly but make me look good. I mean I feel like that. King 7 at the exit got the cook in my family we don't you know I mean how can you go down like in the game of getting to know the kind.
But we're not going to be more quiet. You can have him being a hippie playing good. I thank God they don't think you're not going to let him go and then wink secretly. Don't want to be no good no good. Record low. Can it get any Look At Us Now. Yeah right and left said they stuck there would be no I'm not going to go through all that
our commitment was pretty much going I mean it don't die from it. There you go you know because it's so go you. I hope stuff don't like being look good now. Great. Thank God for everything. Dancing in my people didn't exist. Ricky I'm a fan. Don't give me that much. Yeah Peter you really would hop on a boat and get in and give me you know what darkness video we're going to create if you want to see I hear you saying that they've been looking at that
that Michael you know I was tripping. I say look at me because you know that's a police car. I wonder if they're not just the kid again. Click it. Im not going to actually make him look like go down like my good man no you don't
think you know when they're going to be like this except for my book Don't bring with me now to be paid to do that. Why don't didn't mark oh yeah I think that they can protect grace in good day but I don't really like them I'd like to
be difficult to completely give them not only who can get them. We have got here we go. My my my. The monkey with my mark on him. Got ya good good good didn't need to know. Well good luck with the little girl. They simply couldn't and could not get a
good look to do that but to make you think you know. I don't believe that you know the plan. It looks like the right thing to be going to deal with though productive. OK Ted.
We've got here we are you going. Yeah we're good. So the common man it appears that this didn't look good. I am going to get you. So you say that he will give the screener No. The only. I mean me. Yeah. The
fact that. Well I'm not going to drink beer Brad. Not good. LET'S GO GO GO. You can see the skin so I don't get that on one hand. But I like to hear what you believe if you look good now. Yeah. To me to do it together.
They're like oh yeah. Oh my God. I'd much rather like my good luck with the hardware Good luck to you that you don't care what one with whom to be better. You took the time with your beloved theme. When no one being that I am being let go and feel good
that I can refer to him. Really hard to do good to get in the group with us. So with that don't mean you can make him the stuff were correct I might not be getting in the country. But who are you. I don't I'm not calling you you don't think I could not do that in my book. I might go forward so we could go I couldn't feel it so
much leaving home I should be welcome to for good looks you could be doing the oak they were making out here. Then down I'm going to duck when the group doesn't go to critical because just because you do you still didn't look to look good and I knew that given her only one night in that new life you don't look at my luck. Michael Goodwin did not look good but might not like him when he really did look into click gets a good look. Good day to you my man.
When you hear my media I love it when a good mood. It's good to know. Do it. Going to die pretty good can give you been very good in the middle of the group. What do you get that you know. Tell me to go away. Plain and quick. But maybe she could just explain you know I do.
Could she be among I could do you know. Because I think you know what you're going to do if you're not going to write the book now. When you do
it right. You're good to go. You're going to be
good. To not be so good. Yeah.
I don't. Oh. That. All
right. Practice it. Yeah I'm good. The market's not for me really. My mug might do my part in the show work but you know you Claire is shown with some little childish make those. Now when we do the work and I feel than we do I like McNicholas hit me I'm getting if you worry about me with make me think we have a market need to our wily charm. The gun crime they have not done right through me. My shrink will be as
bare hearted knew how weak little ice climbing I passed by winning club that now on Monday night. So I see villages and not clear who person who looks white when she had not heard not only in the coral dying soon just as she passed her with me. If you want to feel it won't just be a little doing to you. We want you we wouldn't be able to prove that. OK the group neck with a couple is what you hear. Then
I should say. A child like to be. Me. How good a child like just good. Damage from that. China hooey like that can show it in my young life form that he is your family. Crime will not fire up whom. Being white to me when I say American people like the guy kicks through not the market but after only one play might be truly the guy
who could not provide for walking in the back of the guy. The talking for you helped really die. Taco for now I run from my you not me you me but he'd know hyping if you look at the money in the field a little in cock up by the rupee. Look Big only need to be neat. Golden Time I mean truck could mean I'm going with you. Don't just make shit where we feel you need one by the time you have got a little a scar we will only tell what good does sending.
Only we are still dealing with the time I'm there. You have no clue who she says she may not be. Well that was my goal. Actually cut me. Preview to the cold feet. Phil who. She simply pulled you through. Didn't fully. And I hate the fanatic will you cop to it. Do you still surprised to hear the media coming to plan. Tell me John Howard Dean didn't want me to be you.
Talk with you. He'll do it for me. And my child Charlie. Who the time unless you've got all night time somewhere to do it because some mere to deal in ashes. Does she feel the need to go. I'm waiting for it. Oh now the promo I had so I had some of them are completely new. He has shifted the whole deal. Toys you own it. Done my he or she does he know it. Market true. Could you do it for us if you
stupid like they were giving no warnings just to dilute the need for nicely. We are marking up our army she told me. Now mark my time she told it to fully what would you accept a troll like you. I say you you are such that I'm the only time when I needed my GM to market. Film think she'll be in school. You know and we've cut the room. Night night definitely did not do what makes you judge not trash you welcome it. If you go not the how do you market new
thing I'm not going to work I mean. That's why you do take me to the arts and just being in the film he will not come with it. The chap who review review here for troops. Quite mixed Chuck knew what with video enough quite cheap for a few who were caught though I even got the actual shot me with Chuck asked you not to know what you meant by called the far left who are actually tools in MA MA So we need our big big 9. One good democrat pork chop wood. I'm not deftly
Yup'ik Dance and Culture
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KYUK (Bethel, Alaska)
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Yup'ik Dance and Culture' is a series featuring videos about Yup'ik art forms and traditional medicines, as well as demonstrations of how boats and fishing baskets were traditionally made.
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