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i'm really really mean oh yeah now right now it does
and now today's adventure of hours ago one of staggering in shock i'm steve inskeep lying to you so my duty on humans there's absolutely no reason to be alarmed and actually revealing speech he also seen here have or should we not we're at the highest intelligence with
cell lines call it didn't answer us of course we heard you just like all young man you were shouting for creatures like yourselves you are not is quite specialized in mathematical problem i'm answering machine is my maid i am an expert at maps and diagrams i can make a map of anything in existence right now you must leave out sun at a hugely and yet it could be showing great promise amazingly he also
richardson they inhabited entirely by living missions well people people who run which is that you know people like we don't need them we take care of ourselves you must be aligned she's can't take care of themselves is to build and they can go calm technocratic enough like machines and we're going to go we have feelings and walked around it people here only sampled schabel afford to leave it be this is real that way well of course what he
says after all humans aren't as intelligent as we are well again even the tiniest amounts of sending humans and last for help because they wouldn't think that you know justice mom of that machine is right i don't trust them one bit kind not even our phone you know people hear this happen in the races that's right he was inside
coming back file family think of that we finally said it sounds very interesting so it is they probably lived on saturday we want to examine you more closely that way young man leaving he's been to be
continued next time mom effect makes an offer now cs at eighteen bill withers singer and songwriter producer soma closer and incidentally that's where mcclellan was born in a place called slab fork west virginia and hit area four years ago these days
music what is it timmy is primarily a way of the same thing i was going to people what to do and also to entertain at this how hobbies can help you to do the work it's in a way the way that i make a nice way to ease into the work of all
so this is and so james
taylor is sixty two dc city that's it it's
by the pen he's been with them date this bill mr musick yeah
that's right the romance and sex the peacefulness that period just comes through me after a lot of my show people how to do things that don't know don't know if you can do the show you you know the show we use bottled in grand canyon cst sit down the bid it's eleven on super hand on your knee and starts smiling says that year and the marginal tax rates you wanted to talk to us see like this ever since then we've gone back to
the last time we were there we run inner lives and with trial and sometimes draw our water just whatever needs to be done this he won't ask you to do any lang says that type of person as you say two weeks she just didn't think she had a ramp so we thought that could intersect in the week and brianna he says candidates offstage haters and he's just right and harry is so interesting everybody's just makes you feel like you wanna be your sale by myself talking to my grandmother a lot more than i used to
understanding their ways a lot more of you the sense of the iaea as a year on the moon my name is robert head i get caught it won't let live by twenty nine and have a real good time robert reich's really it's minute instead on remote control silenced a portable tv listeria phonics sound twin antenna color control in a real beauty an extra fine fine tuning a just plug it in the end
you must have been to feel is no tv nokia daily aa we were with nothing to do i don't know you could have pretended to early immigrants to america they had no electricity but lots of things to keep them busy they lived in this country about three hundred and fifty years ago in house is very different from what we see today when they looked like that it's a large house and a thatched roof and we make one mr ammar it is we can try but it's not easy first this pattern it really rather head up and adam drop a few inches high device like this you will see wife to move if fright and then add the half inch map again make two triangles over here and cut it out
are you finished on corrugated cardboard places she'd lived but golden tate i know for the ages of the people that had open meat fringes fifth adjust the size stapled to the roof to overlap another what our growth when we get to the center of the roofs you switch do it again without a hitch take a piece of cardboard cut unfold is out today mr wyant is a house but timbuktu lived here centuries ago there'd be no tv or as an early immigrant you would've found herself using things are for right around they were quick to learn to cut out a lot of the to and also make people should've caught on a boat to smoke meat
chair milk make candles and soap crush apples and decide a typical and preserve the many foods they would serve i'm convinced were heading back towards their time why do you say that whoever had well what today's show ideas with recycling an interest in the environment we're all beginning to live more like the early immigrant for now when in the grand tour de la i am to put it don't complain
he's been in the polls but ms beatriz chavez to just get in the way of
how it is to say that there's a pretty that's right you should do it to its local i she's a delicious experience when she learned that in japan everybody wears shoes but they got them off when they go inside it's a custom like shaking hands when you greet someone grandpa does it because you have to do it when he was little there's nothing strange about that we had japanese customs in the family like being with chopsticks or eating a big breakfast on new year's day people at that it has its own customs that they've learned from their parents and then there's in here
again the proposal the point is the point thanks to pj expect it to end let me explain it's quite know a little boy with him in the house it came from these houses instead of the law and the windows we had
shortly just like a sliding door a set that's joy you cannot buy thing white people this weekend that the hard copy of like a you know my mom still for a last place you'd come out to reverse together we sat on that question on the academy will lie is engaged on the mill cable release on the very day we for the mothers for the delay are working on the company would issue and it would break is a house seats they came because we never done that on rivers you saw it's a habit for a detective like you know now you understand fb
whale i need a minute it's been meet again twenty
one or ukraine now what venter
says ha ha one am on pianos you never know what you're going to smell next garlic bread garlic females the worst here harvests of a fire pit for a flare year ahead pete like that's the smell of peanut butter are i can say is you're and if they are going to now you know the woman who's missing something you sure you don't have the staff knows maybe or something like that almost as like
the same smells it depends on what you're used to and the same goes for the way people smell smell is another way that ej we all have a personal body of hope and that's what we used to see the whole order sometimes seems strange to us one reason for these differences and smell because of the number of sweat glands we have a what plans are tiny holes in the skin which allow water inside to reach the outside and clueless when some of us have more of the sweat glands and so we sweat more freely mm hmm strong smell
they have a variety of smells it's beautiful what is why why holding you guys my daddy taught me this black white businesses like seizing full we need all so it does lula
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh yeah right now
it does and now today's adventure of operas go one moment that makes an offer was that it was trying to see what makes machines work so so yes yes yes as barry no un year has been
do you wear em the placement on july four year i remember i had screwed that ignition and mama why i tried to find ways to work but yet white beard before your money and a way that was that that awful shock now the ecb nobody there are people those three machines really our life was that he didn't that connection at home
how are you can those things going to us adding anywhere why not she said she was intense but now shaved head and get back together and see fill it up and do it you know after the channel oh all right but is just the machine at an all out a few may our son shah well and they didn't give you any shock you do make your purchase all the area that they know that their actions we can tell you how we want to be what is visiting and in some
sense you say you all this like this i don't mean either welcome back i think so you know
users well we end up right back on earth ok let's do it don't don't really follow the
directions you know i mean these elections that now bill raising three women to be continued next time the end of the rainbow thank you oh i see and how
does one important to exchange these are the right size please my hundred pounds and plays everything we do so usually in my district ninety minutes but everything is good
the last time the encounters good hard work there's nothing like the feeling of standing back and seeing on google when i was in high school christian is b i have to be very careful in nature is not water ban would always comes in sizes and i have to measure the market right
this table saw straight across the bottom and it's important to make my work of the best i can just run this about seven years and emails that were used to deliver together when it is finished the new light will coincide with the old fashioned wooden toys thank you are you
my name is nineteen eighty nine oh because the roller and fancy from the ruler of all of that he has dire as boring car ride all right don't just stand there it's got them onto a cart and i thought now this is an example of why oregon the ruler right or a dummy that's that's the art of paper folding rye the art of paper folding the japanese have always liked to work with paper and when japanese people started coming to the united
states over a hundred years ago they brought their traditions i like to make things out of paper to like sailboats and elaine of falling as well as for being called has been popular in europe for a long time to fund to make a bird like this what do we do you take you make it eight inches square for the bottom of the diamond to the top up here flatten it out what do you see it looks just like a triangle to me hold up the bottom once again an inch in that rally i turn your paper over okay that's fine slipped the flat top just above the line
for the figure over from left to right place it upside down man that's our fight this is the place to exercise gear get your trusted friends make a lion right there than the paper up to the mark we made have the other side meat it don't be afraid now open it up and up on my word what do we see one more thing for us to do that as your beak that's it withdrew dynamite <unk> mr it is hey i thought i heard that bird talk told me we did do is go over what talking bird talking earlier or need she was that's japanese whether low
gonyea you know his wings are flapping it says that anyone a sino japanese build a side in our okie scientology we good news cherokee comanche and to create a show on the nomination and says there is no single native american culture now one native american way of doing things to actually don't walk a native americans come from many different nations and tribes
each individual clooney before the white man came nearly a thousand languages were spoken in north america is more than all the languages of the old world put together one native american tribe people of another to one another in their language as they develop and very simple and highly effective way of speaking called sign language and it looked like this do you know what she's saying let's see if we can figure it out it walking fast walking fast means running or dear fbi ninety years ago a native american it's b
i know why men need this time means it is in my heart or i know all of these signs together house white man look no means goal in town sign language leaves out all the little words we have to fill in those ourselves and all the important words of there did you understand it let's try to get faster this time and i'll fill in the little words as we go along i am learning here i'm a nine year old
native american go to purchase golf in town needs it sign language speak meaning i talk in sign language sign language is like drawing pictures with your hands are some signs are easy to sign means horse to make this sign for writing make it thank you look as if it were riding on your hand this is the sign for all and this is a
sign for baby some signs of poetic this means the earth is covered up it's the sign for nights this is the sign oh good it means level with my heart to states that make the sign fell hard and lower your hand meaning my heart is on the ground some signs of fun like your hands out to your head with your fingers spread apart like antlers can give me the sign for dear life as the sign for fish and this means the last word in the sign language but in native americans had no single word for hello you would say something much nicer like when it is happy to see you
that's one sign of the white men gain says he'd leaving eden a caucus
it's b yeah yeah it's
b it's been that's been disbanded and it's been the pain
has been it's brilliant it's b it's been so what yeah he is crucial so i won't receive that practice and if he
had seen for about two weeks and the sides to chinese the fbi has begun it's both fb as bell that's
been true the power is back it's been it's been weeks been the problem and it's been the point
feed me that's right now why
life me
did you were you know he was right i would bounce ad did you speak to her mary francis of course now it is
Vegetable Soup
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9 & 10
Season 1
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Episode Description
Episode 9 includes an Outerscope I segment A Staggering Shock; a profile of musician Bill Withers; a story about Aunt Erie and her homespun toys; how to create a house out of paper; the story of Karen and her pet crab and a lesson about customs and traditions; a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe of Japanese gohan (rice); and a lesson about smells.
Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 10 includes an Outerscope I segment Mamavek Makes an Offer; a profile of carpenter Larry Garcia; how to make origami; a lesson about Native American signing; a story about Alex's attempts to teach his friend Carlos the Chinese lion dance; and a Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) recipe of Filipino bukayo (coconut candy).
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