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it has been jeannine welcome to connect in the community i'm robin a charge well if you haven't received a personal invitation then let me be one of the first to invite you to be a birthday party of the year every one plus your extended family life of mexico its four hundred and fiftieth birthday celebration on august fifteen healthy glow our formative of the candles for each year of the settlement of pensacola when dodgers didn't allow them landed in the pensacola
bay is that we're seeing the force of european settlement in the united states tonight we'll celebrate pensacola with a little history are saying they're onscreen now will tell you where the rest of the celebrations are and will show you some pictures of the parties before the party with us tonight or members of celebrate pensacola of the local nonprofit organization spearheading the events over the last year we're joined by georgia smith a local historian author and teacher and a member of the celebrated pensacola heritage committee and alan nicholson a local banker and the treasure and fund raising chairman of celebrate pensacola if you have a question about the us goal as history or how you can still be a part of the four hundred and fifty of them come to the great birthday party will we invite you to call us at for eight four one two two three or one eight hundred to three nine w s r e george smith the obvious question is why dieters
gentleman and why pensacola excuse me into a coma was chosen because the spanish feared that our pies were going to attack their ships coming from mexico that one that was known would go and civil the cheer the spaniards were guarded the golan survive mexico and annually they would say these voters shapes back to spain and they've failed their parents would be here at pensacola so they just that the best thing to do is the car guys of pensacola so they could watch and see who was here so diller was not coming directly from spain's own political is what is what i thought and what i'm sure a lot of people thought he was going to get the goodies from mexico play mexico at that house called new spain her first things that come and colonize so this
was the area aka highway few world the divide between my state and in mexico and our new spending and so the the royalty wanted to protect their interests of the government and want to protect their interests in and establish a column a colony here at jamestown and saint augustine were established during the same period a measure that was all of this bus or a water transportation there was a sort of an age of exploration for spanish and for some of the other europeans and the death count in st augustine came later the first people to pressure peanut to colonize the americas took the part as what is now the united states where the spanish and on and later the french came from all beer and oddly i'm in tears came out in our trust and unknown very
intuitive and candies the ruins that fans fee and so that's the beginning of pensacola the city of five flags than fifteen fifteen fifteen pick up a cup columbus was a little bit before the first one to as far as we know won the first europeans to come to america but he did not come here to what is now the united states' instead he was down in the caribbean sea and i'm the bahamas and i left haiti and i had after he came actually came back to spain other people started coming and the trail has not stopped allan that's what brings us here to the four hundred and fifteen how that all of these polls come together now it seems like it will talk about the big things a comedian a second but how will all these thoughts come together and say that it is we want to celebrate four hundred and fifty years well this was
something that was his actual been a long long work in process here it was actually a celebration of belief and i was not a lot of it some action on that that we have four hundredth anniversary of the figures are bleak strapping arms part of a process and this was something we simply recognizes bail this summit here in the united states sweden something we won celebrate and bring attention to and really the process started over six years ago and there's a committee put together privately that we have in place now and unfortunately they have a lot of work's going on a lot of our work then an obvious that we all know what happened and i with hurricane ivan coming through and ivan can a setback that organization that many outsiders as the candlelight and sean rebuild the city and so once that happens and everyone focused on rebuild the city and we'd just a very good job that we refocused on sober and stolen from a brain for celebration to the city and that corey irvin his third chairman oregon together
and that from that time we tried to bring a bigger voice said you wanna make as diverse as possible because it is a diversity and non diverse celebration we want to do we want to bring fans in many people from all ethnicities ages sexes everything to celebration so we try to focus on that bring people in the city was an organization the fiesta five lives were within one of innovations and no we are actually completely civilization from here dr gerard grew together we are actually separate ization and we have partnered together on some activities and but we are but we are darn far one c three certificate and operate as standalone entities and his sons and the last of executive committees and numbers like that's george smathers apart reads like a veritable who's who of pensacola why was it so important to to get that diversity and cajun and and sex and race and in the cities in and all of
that that and anger at the espy's lines for our city and for how we all come here for some races like this at any mention we have various committees we have your nine different committees made up of about nine hundred and four roughly a hundred and twenty different vigils on those various committees so we have a a widespread arm and that we have an organization which is very diverse in that the focus on that was to that to bring different ideas visions focuses a lot of different specialties different backgrounds and we won a brain as many people to the forefront as possible we figured why it's my be as diverse as we are we can reach anyone everyone from the city a nice warm at this a stay while the celebration as well so that is the focus on ok we'll talk about tourism here in just a second journey he didn't he mentioned our diversity tell me about the diversity of the folks coming over on the ships those know sort of explorers who was who would have been on the ship with do not i'm clyde their loot lived on when he bought
soldiers he bought women and children and he also bought prisoners who helped to a deal before it when when they are settling in politico and and and what did each one of those and saw that maybe i was but what if each one of those facets into the soldiers were brought to sue bill and to protect and to fail to veil and to protect and to the band and i'm sure too watch for patents which was that they laid out to get to what what the hansen and that that the women and the children were they bought to specifically to settle they the area yeah they want to colonize do they want this to become it's a color to become a permanent colony white people that white people living here so they buy it happen adam b if you want people to stay full wow you have to prove that a place for family so they
want to have so they will go and come as you are what happened is they value in september and all this is gone claimed eight blue way t and often was thirteen she had ceiling at three ships land and an adnan allow the surprise was going to on this point the student's solve today's date on flow why i think thought that to use and the environment and their kids of color and the spanish came back i think in sixty nine a almost a hundred years later and we settled here permanently and then the prisoners now that's an interesting phenomenon of prisoners coming years almost like the prisoners coming from or the sort of unwanted calming way from england and their eyes at all they bought them he had to do the work they failed to take on new kidneys you can come and work in the us by an
apparently you can come and how things work you can build a for purpose built the car and how many of those folks and what has would have stained time when no one would want to claim that the prisoner is part of their heritage here claims about how many of those folks what about would've stayed and settle that sentiment that this area would've stayed in sales that they now have to start cousin once the spanish went to la santa cecilia fifteen six but that they stated several they then that's a sound thing gets to recognition in the holy city in the united states is because it was a permit civil settlement once they get there they stay the color of a spaceship into color was not permit was destroyed and was a hard to use in native peoples spanish the two sixth many if only we had those hurricane covenants you
talk about some of the events that have been celebrated this year we're obviously the there's been some some big folk or that's i think the one that stepped on the most attention is the royal visit by king want juan carlos and queen sofia was a he would i consider a huge excess and they came in for the war when i think i was about eighteen hours i flew an intake where things are at and gay men and then the local concerns became and it was pouring down rain just that this torrential downpour when they when they arrived and says oh concerning so to see them dr than have the rain coming as far as it was a lovely very next day was an absolute perfect days like it's a mid february and fifty five degrees in the night skies turned out to be a beautiful day that we had i think it was about five thousand people and jackson went on downtown plaza and even the queen had an announcement to the crowd and haven't we had great shelling and who have a luncheon for now the navy
well very good turnout hands and really went from hearing about the miami and from what we're told enjoyed his visit here much more than in miami and even paley for governor chris ivory governor charlie crist tears well in boston and miami also people inside even celebrated as he had hearing uncivil in sweden has called a great great great job and show in a large sign in here and haven't been outside about your vision i was a very very big success ambition that we've set it up pawn of the spanish culture things here select a week ago tonight actually and we had a belief the reports were about thirteen thousand people showed up over the five days it was here ii which again is like i believe record turnout for the show and really didn't get whether that probably helps that the turnout will that we had people waiting in line for three hours at a time and which is unheard of their principal and families children people of all ages come in and for me i would wear a vision all over not just unskilled birth
happy waiting on for for anything you're in scope three hours on her up and so saving in the show's success the evidence that year and then without some other things as well i we had spanish in one vessel we had about open school a reenactment back in may that otherwise those that doubt as battle and we have currently going on that they need on armies and as economies it was actually eye we have on specialists as a pot of that as a visiting going on we also head another are so we commissioned an from st augustine of all places that came up in michigan for campaigns and when he's beyond the campaigns is going back to yank one dollar landed and over the courtroom the top fifty fifty nine all the way up until the present day pensacola they went and overcame significant pains i'm coming on through his trip comes colonies is not finished yet that we have those here shortly i'm hooked on the villa's developers to their assignments and that brings to mind that a lot of these events have been family
oriented and very edgy a shooter in an agnostic suits account of our mission as well and time with a problem with the educational that was one of our main focus is to make sure those educational him it's male it's educational of mayhem and that history and scolded it's a very diverse history here in pensacola but we're trying to educate not only control citizens' but people throughout the country about the history and holds it is very diverse history the great history and so our brain that and into florida what we're trying to do here and also ran to the school system and it says that children and all these events are family oriented and we're trying to make a reach out as far as we can because the person bring in an interview on the the heritage committee and a part of that party a purpose there was to keep alive that the history and all of the birds the different facets how did you do that when history is so divorced how do you compile all of that well i am going to go back to
where he was a fan of that the king and the queen of spain when they were here and a kindergarten teacher so i had my kindergarten students to arm right now the king and the queen of spain i told them we have many fairy tales and these characters user have kings and queens in them but they are not real and knew was a chance to see on real king well i'm going to live on that two at the time of the children aspects around that they didn't have the king and queen comic con on it when you're like they're coming from a state of pensacola beach ca and then even on their motorcade they had the streets were lined up the children waiving with flags with everything from kindergarten through fifth grader all ages and they're just lined up in the streets waving to the king when his to save for two seconds and as oliver says is waiting as a very violent thing was i was thrilled to see that proves the victims about
and flags spanish flags there waving and veils and so and i think the school system to get behind it very much and down the center of the county and the county serves great to see kids get behind an excitement they generally as well georgia what what else did you do with the heritage committee and brought into the canon or specifically in your question how crowded the heritage committee broaden that to the other cultures in the other ethnicities well i know that we were talking about the different groups that came into pensacola after drilling for example leon the swedish people who came in and the greeks and they aren't were not and they are people from island so we were talking about family including some sort of celebration to honor these troops coming in we review the executive committee feel that you've done
a good job of including those diverse european and now africa and in ethnicity and cultures and exciting and we we as porters say we've reached out so i'm dead several the foreigners asians son and i have all the difficult for the volga river extended out invitations to that for them to take part but for sure we did have a heritage festival of schedule and i was gonna bring on together as well and for various reasons way to postpone that was some i get that together but doesn't bring a lot of those courses together as well but i am any inaccurate brings back to say that cuba looted before with a committee members everything else like that we've extended invitations various committees to bring in that recall tournament this and they'll make sure that they are involved and different but make sure nominee of empathy empathy for how we bring in other groups like them and so do we have been very successful that nano and talk about all of the teens as well but obama fitting clothes that us in the future as
we mentioned a huge birthday party wing of the brain anyone everyone from all ages sexes and ethnicities route the country down to that and sell that to make sure we have different excitement for that jordan mentioned that there were fifteen hundred men women children and now fallen out president obama on the thirty ish if not as a treasure have suspected it feels like this in early on an enormous challenge to find that sort of venture talk about what it takes to keep a celebration like this is you start at four hundred and four almost four hundred and fifty days ago to do this and then we'll talk about the plaza the statue me here in second to talk about the finances and take this must be pretty tough to it is it isn't as a virtue but it
is extremely extremely difficult unfortunately the time is up we can do about it and we did star as we mentioned four years ago really try to start seven years ago the hurricane hitting and so there's a lot of planning involved it wasn't just put together in past year and as you said this week it's off four and fifty days prior to the fifteen but the funding has been a constant challenges still is a challenge we're still seeking donations as we speak and to help with all these events on the risk of a false perception that we have a lot of money behind the songs we brought the king and queen and towns and tried to do a fundraiser for that with the luncheon and center and unfortunately that brains are calls with various it didn't have a lot of fraud in some fires burned for five days they just paid for the event itself so work out of bjorn and then by then almost seems and so we're still actively seeking mom sponsorships actually today and we're marking sponsorships are out there and they're billboards and radio as et cetera and we're trying to
to reach out as a onetime cause and it might be a once a lifetime ban and younger adults be around for five hundred anniversary might not be and so awful to say i was found calling people asking for money is very much assured i will not be calling next year for the same cause obviously it's a visit one time of them so we're trying to see donations and an hour forty five cities near forty five hours and fifty cents or four hours and fifty cents a mean anything anyone can give or we're trying to take so we will take it in any villager and it's really an anything people have i will come pick it up myself lost in the gas money to come to you and more aghast when one wants that that's the basis of the funding how the hell did celebrate pensacola starting had to get funding from someone in a city in the city has been a very big help from anant so we've we've when a memo that we thank them very much obviously
one of your brain science and fourteen dollars to the city of course in and we've had since some other sponsorships as well yes that says conard then the saving grace is kind of like a severed enlivened by veteran and other city was kind of the seed money if your call that in and we didn't have smother grant money that came and some seed money and from there we just been going by trying to get their sponsorships a lot of his more that some in kind donations of course fruits marketing and things like that and what what's the value of having the four hundred and fifty years here i mean what what can people expect for either a donation or other images showing up what's what's that value a lot of them for flat out i knew someone that tours in business by decca better answer a question some women from the visitor information center think he can add traitor to put a dollar amount on them because obviously given the focus is to bring attention to pensacola mentors and principal and so we're pretty well we're hoping actually we are doing is bringing people in from out of
town that are stained and principal are staying in the hotel the sand beach and a come see our history we've seen about there's been great publicity nationwide would then i would read publications in other believers for in two states thirteen different countries where pensacola to mention it so well that it's been held by the royal visit of course but recently we've head feature articles in the sense that the smithsonian magazine the chart when usa today which has an m one empirical here in the country and so we hope of things like an arch like that bring people in pensacola and of course what more do we bring a prince called more power impact it has on your archives until then the expectation is that you will have you will be getting eternal the dots and long after august fifth vote then the question is that is that is the primary goal must the focus yes ok that there were other areas he talked about that but there are other areas in pensacola and often they they sometimes feels like at the north end of
the county and maybe even santa rosa you can even just saying pensacola how did you include other areas surrounding the tentacle pensacola met the metropolitan statistical area when we brought them them again through three invitations to brand our committee's our emily lau the focus is as on historical aspect of pensacola known for showing that is more in the downtown the downtown businesses that is what the focus and beyond at the primary goal is to talk about the history of principle and we're not really we try to bring in people from go rays are other areas that within the skin accountable were trying to bring in people from miami people from st augustine people from watch nbc were trying to break or try to bring people in from throughout the country another step and probably be one from spain so nadal is focus on just our area here in pensacola bay this is a truly a a nationwide focus and i'm more open again the football was fifteen coming up we feel that now more open to bring national attention to that and yeah we had we had governor crist thats been behind
this week that those senators state senators in there involved with that many trips to washington dc to get them involved and so we feel a very good job in china brings many people's we can continue to question it georgia let's say that you're living in four hundred and fifty years what will your story of history be there and for this there's four hundred and fifty years now where i can't believe that we made a very good effort to our spirit to bring attention to our history here at pensacola and pensacola has some very significant sites for people to say the example build forts we have a regional force so for a rank as then for a topic in those were built in the eighteenth thirties by as slaves when lawyers and a few good will be helpful kindy is just a reproduction but apple it's all real at nafta which people to feed them and what will the book say than solo will have this
originality on our force but what what else will the book say about the area ariane that a professional ice playing with it is a live is the whole pacific region in the enhanced in jamestown will be listening will know didn't only two more because the heirs didn't get there until a last say the pavement and our at our planet they didn't get their sixteen twenty but reid dispensed with here and going to college getting to deny says the biggest hit more on what the people expect on august fifteenth tell us about this this bingo parlor he always fifteen discover the big culmination to what we're trying to do and obviously the city's bond that is a serenade works on our favor of course but on that is the actual celebration day the actual for a thirtieth anniversary as he as he supported his birthday and so while we're planning her big event a law that we're still
trying to get the exact details down there where the start off active the celebration on the beach in the morning for hours as your republican and splenda i can that they came in on a water chorus we're going to work under a reenactment from that lesson for rowing a boat and didn't come to the shore will have a massacre on the beach that morning which will now have to cut you off there but i think people can go to celebrate pensacola dot com to to get the rest of those details so what will take their celebration of the collar dot com and that's all the time we have our show we'd like to thank our guest alan nicholson and george s man with the celebrated pensacola you can check us out online and of us are either die o r a g e r for more education educational informative and fun topics and from all of us here and i'm sorry i'm rotten shark encouraging you to read a book
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