American Archive of Public Broadcasting Permanent Entity Grant

In April 2013, Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) selected WGBH and the Library of Congress as the permanent stewards of the American Archive. The initial project funded by CPB is currently underway. During this first phase, AAPB will accomplish the following tasks:

  • Complete the digitization of approximately 40,000 hours of public television and radio selected by more than 100 stations and organizations across the country;

  • Select and transcode approximately 5,000 hours of born-digital files to be added to the collection;

  • Access and ingest the digital files into the Library of Congress Packard Campus Data Center;

  • Provide on-site access to the entire collection at the Library of Congress and WGBH;

  • Catalog as many inventory records as possible;

  • Create and implement a rights clearance strategy to identify content that could be made available online in compliance with copyright and other legal restrictions;

  • Develop a website that provides public access to inventory records and digitized content in compliance with copyright and other legal restrictions;

  • Establish an Executive Advisory Council to guide the strategic direction of the AAPB;

  • Create a collection development policy to guide future expansion; and

  • Develop a sustainability plan to support the AAPB into the future.