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it'sbnice playthe decisioniswasiti think you have takenmeasuresmany companiestestimony
thosebut that's sort of the point where ijust threw him for not knowingwhat the people on the committeewere going to separate and then political meetingsthat are shown a while there were discussions about appointing a commissionto tackle the warren commission to investigate this matter and specialprosecutors and things like that i don't want to leave the impression that it was nosurpriseandinformation getting to knowno no
oh ohyes sirmclean sayspotentiallyclosedo withanythingbut it's
true you have tosupport itand to theextent that i can help women and a consumable i'd be delighted to do soand as this was exactly the sameconversationas punishmentthat's itthe babies
and cicely waiting to see if there's somepossibility of that other than some misguided councilman a piece of paperfrom which should cross examination is to be made ameeting you yes itwascouncil this istape of a conversationthere
is a recoursequestion of themind and the meeting was a quick run throughthe recollections of the individuals as to whatwas discussed firebefore a grand juryno that was notthat was not the basis of a whole lot of the election was most days it wasn'trecollection of what had happened and how it will have the effect ofmisdemeanors it has a year to go back home and said they're goingon one meeting when actually had been through and so for thatwas in the question of holding the line on the question of
what actually happened recently went to testifywhat your positionteenagers in mississippi andhe's rightmr deanwhat happened and obviously is i think must havebeen justified don't want to discuss the matter all right herefirst served on the council and was looking after mass shootingsvenuseighteen
minwell seventyin nineteen seventyeightmr deanwas there any discussion aboutthatand i said
right whitehouse's response to this committeeand i think that was prompted at least that was my understanding of time it wasnot the fact the president waspressed on the question of its second yearwith respect to thepossibilitiesthese socalled white house horrors archie efforts to keep a littletimein conversation and
consensus that in one person'sreadyou knowif i understand your questionthat is kirk all thetestimony of this is theunitedstateswe're going to place betsso far
with that statementit's noti need itthat's correct it's based solely on my association with the presidenthave not conversations oneither for the questions topayso the final attempt to determine the president's knowledge of the watergate activity sandbagshas concluded that his examination of alertness other senator spoke for lunch we're going to take a shortride public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue actor author stationidentification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a
public service by the member stations of pbs public broadcastingservicefb topay
fbtopayand in fact continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential
campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer as wego back to the senate caucus room now minority counsel fred thompson is about as johnmitchell about government intelligence operationsandtheni wouldn't say
it's time for an interviewon the consideration of interagencya violation of vision committee in the meantime avidfansnowadays andorganizationso the intelligence communitywe've seen orders where areyou in
anticipation of violent acts in connection with vermont's version of other times just for violentactsas lazarmr lee is avery funnyway implementationemergency evaluation commission takepersonnel from their intelligence gathering thereis but women who had one where they
sort of exchange ideas and ofcourse a very wait what intelligence or thegovernment was a great deal of the collection ofintelligence committee evaluation and dissemination like a great dealforget itit uses away that andto find out that you were many events thathappened in this the capitalsuch events that if we have an appropriateintelligence in advance we might've been able to prohibit i know the connectionwith the demonstrations that
we have in washington while navy ninetypercent of those peopleand wedidthat was the basisand it wasnov twenty fournineteen seventy onewell
job descriptions that kind ofinformation orintelligencecommitteesany discussionyou knowit
isthis reportand he'd meeting place in which literally theseintelligence activities workers arebeing who i understand they have meetingsmay have made reference to the fact that he was gatheringmr crowell yes sirthank you working on that scaleprogram or so of decembernine nineteen seventy one and there at the
anniversary series of meetings allplacesthe americansmr chrisyes becauseyesyes he was
very much involved in the white house relationship with mrcohen we're in there as far asthese activities are american citizensthe gemini deceptionthank youthe moneynone whatsoever
what is yourreligious viewsaccording to managers and so forthone of the reasonsformer assistant prosecutor thegrand jury nicethat's right
let's listenthank youwith thisthingvintage and speculationa little bit more firewith people and personas this is the case
they are people'sreputations if you go back to the testimony ofmr dean conversations that ithad mr mcgregor noyeswell whereon a number of areas like you're goinginto various magruder jillwas having personally mr ryan pollmr dean that margaret had told him and then of
course there are the statements that the grooves oftelephone calls from hell's hearti think that those areas of testimony that would be agreat source of information for my conjectureyou knowhe's a billionairei have no wayimagination
billy beaneanywayourrelationshipat times
that's ityou werea pleasurewith thatthe nature of thatto protect the openspot and that is nowe don't knowwe're hearing
from peopleitreallyisnursetoday
the campaigndemocratic national committee faith in medicine dueprocess of the campaign re electionat the timefor
reelectionthere issubstantial premiums lowrunnersthat's rightnice niceregistration democratsi'm not sure
anditmight takeamericaforanythingpeoplealot laughterservices
you ask this questionimagine a less active in thatdiscussion is reporting securityand comfortbut that's the question with this question of what sherefers to the questiondo you have to reducethem
securitysecuritieslawyeri respect that i receiveelectronic surveillance onthe russians concern in conversations that youknow that's a questioni think he's been
overlookednoneed mm hmmthis is reallyan affrontmr kirn
thatdecisionfor myactionsin nineteentwenty sevenmy
friendsit reallyisthere'sdifferent versions of the peoplefear of the years hewas on horses spirit inher discussionaccording to
them that you voted for theoperation would live in the white houseyou're just my memoryor anywhere i'm inclined to think that he did saythat hesaid i mean isdid you have agun laws arereasonable americansthose specific factorthat was at that time
substantiallya thousandyears agomo
nowtwentyfourhow are these factorsyou're just whatmr de facto mr martinez the roomfor further explorations of thevaccine atsuch as walk and germans and thesemany
thingscircumstancesi believe it wasanything
i don't recall theus well it matters in progress in anoperationmeaningtwenty twentyit's a lot ofmoneyamnestyin
illinoisallrightreflect thati mean
thank youmanymany yearsthat's rightsourcesi'm still workingthey'll lose people
speaking spanishfor yearsthe factsinto rather early on the discussions aboutroutersfor consumer financeyou're going to make a decision
i understandand you mentioneda picturenew situationfire alarmi wantyes i believe that very seriouslythe fact that it flew across the country to get turned
all the particular reasonthisparticular timebecause as youthe particularyou can set a vision of national security matterwhat's inside of all i mean when you moregermany
thank youdo youdisagree withthank you
calls to othersi'm sorryveryown second part which isthat there isconsiderable interest at that timea largearea from mexicoare on this is subject
matter that particular week in which mr stanton andperhaps michel and others were asking why askyou also first recognize that newspapersi'm sosorry see itand so we're interested in was there anysample number one injection to connectionspersonnel involved and number three in connection with thisgentleman from oxbridge silliness aswell asactivities but that
doesn't workyou areno state level meaning of june twentiethor he says a mature asked me touse her combat the race in a sermoncoolso truechristine sneedno recollectionat the request of some
twenty eightpeople are seated and this operationthe camera time applaud those septemberoctober at firsti'mmelissa blockhuman beingsyou knowwhen they'veexpressed fears of human beings are a constantconversation was much later on august one
and you'regoing wowin the nineteen seventiesthis isn't asolutionmargiemargie andyou know
for the pastfourteen yearssimonand
conquestas thesupreme courtforeign oilyou can do itwhich you know
never mind any of thesepayments were john ehrlichman i'm any of the specifics of that nature withrespect to any individual and i went along on the twenty second ofmarch year or a yearyou thinkwhat was in season
that was a surprisei mean some of the confusionthere's total picturechangessixteensome money
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 2 of 4
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 17 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Mitchell testifies.
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Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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