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so inthepast it'sbeendonaldson ready and his operatives were working for awhite house official did you observeany heckling that they're mr rara humphrey had to go through were well and tell otherlos angeles yes sir i did get it isn't as the summerprobably the two best examples from a lot
of campaign heckling was on one occasion there was a hundred dollar probably was the hundredhour flight dinner at the beverly hilton hotel in los angeles given forhim to raise campaign fund for the whopper of regroup and on this occasionthe santa monica mcgovern youth workers amess into into little violence and drove down to be ofbeverly hilton in march and there in front of thehotel where the day was going to be in hell with the purpose of up trying to re castbp's for this dinner another occasion in fact that i can rememberor hours president was humphrey and his wifewere at a prearranged presswhat we what i call videotape commercial they can aboutoppressed people that were extremely flammable to vail and they planned a series of thrillersthe nursing homes and throughout the los angeles area
and that deal was that humphrey would go in showbiz beat concerned probably owepeople and theyre sick and the downtrodden in that newspaper people would you know takepictures of this and i use it to news and then they also hit home forpeople taking these events to use for a tv commercial a twenty years lateri'm out of it this clock was bitternessamong these shift workers and this conference of theother members of the democratic candidatesthere were klansmen mr humphrey would become slightly lyrical mr humphrey ofall the democratic candidates that our work far with our association wherein thesign on this ancient african and all the hecklers in the demonstrators much better thanit's a muscular government even mcgovern with his youthful ourcampaign strategy another you forget that he really could handle the
weight of the direct protest against iran that it wanted us pause aboutall peoples them rare appearancewas this episode of that government are ithink that the major effect of this was that it disruptsenjoyment and it was not from edible for thecameras to film it in quite a smooth of manners they had all the disruptions thatsays the noise it was impossible to have it always with thevideo because of that some of the awesome things that were say it in thelanguage and the tones there's a tone at the demonstrators often in californiademonstrations that i noticed were morevulnerable and had a more violent attitude than some of theonly ones the ones dragging this must be in for instance we mentioned inmilwaukee or simply efforts to distance shouting and for the
time that i got to california traveling with the campaign thedemonstrations have become more personal and more the c r e andthey were they were specifically directed at individuals and thatremarks and i think that the committee already see some evidence fromthis great that his assignmentwas to arrange for reporters against any wannabethe candidates would appear make it appear like it's coming from one of the other candidatesthat you know what sources on the second was no sero the only source of the op plan protests were the ones thatmcgovern had claimed against must be in wisconsin and it is mostly in golf andhumphrey in california now if the california primary which is justprior to the break in the watergate you learnto break and one when they went to give them a break and where were you a return from california
and there was a period after california nowspeculation right now i'm on speculation that speculation ran a country was thatthe government managed to obtain enough delegates to get the nomination andthat was the last primaries and it was kerry have about twoweeks between the time i came home from california until the next of anonus on the calendar the year would take place which was at the democratic conventionin miami and i went to on a little rest and recreationmy favorite fishing place in kentucky iwas kicked out at the lake and i first learned of the watergatebreak in obama returned home pick up thelocal papers there and local and read the headlines are someconcern when you read that yes sir taught me a great deal of concern a lotwell basically because as i indicated earlier i had a suspicion
that video im all of the operation now is undertaking washow at least if not the republicaninitiated it was at least in the same philosophy and strategy ofthe least of my republican colleagues and that it was not a year to youto helping the democrat but merely to observe theoperations and now when it was disclosed her when i read the newspapers and half andstarted hearing the news that it was disclosed that some of the members of the watergatepeople on the people have been apprehended in several watergate reporterswe're affiliated with the republican party are iraqis are youknow it caused me to have suspicions that possibly not only do they have an intelligencegathering operation that possibly they had other operations as welli'll bet that particular evening which was a sunday evening
i began to call the number that i had previously usedto contact list rainier in wars and nostar was not the phone had been disconnected a court order was disconnected thatvery morning we were later able to convert contact them upi was not able to contact him two days later he contacted me we had aconversation and zoning map in my concern over these visions of thoseconversations become that yes sir i was a veryreluctant to continue any of the activities that i mean at least that was yourmyself that could investigate what was going on if i know as i say i was notaware of all the details of the work the thing i had been away for some time and heinstructed me that if i would come from washington he would not be assured the first thati have not taken any illegal activities nor was his group were taking of anyinstruct me that about current or something he would arrange a meeting with me
and his bass so and his boss who in fact realfirearm isthe answer i came to washington and receive a column a hotelanonymously one night the man identified himself nearly as mr bingham is for the matterof having something a reference for me to come and hereassured me again that the organization that was working with was not about any of the illegalactivities and quite strenuously prescott to me the factthat they were not in fact connected with the people that were apprehending doesn't know ithink that what was striking to me to say that court is some concern was the youngbreak in at the map out of the national headquarters and i think it plays an authorand this committee has already received evidence on that is that there was asurreptitious entry into the headquarters and a bicyclepump microphones and telephones now and the
un see much difference between say yemena secret entry into the headquarters and the plays a microphone sohere information an activity andit orders through a misrepresentation and i'm hearingand actually seen activity that we're not actually more effective than whatthe un and the imaginary headquarters you were there are more flexiblereceive information by sound of much more flexiblereceive information by sight were you not in the sense or human bulger human camerainfiltrating a democratic headquarters we'requestion that was when i played but i answered the as i understand it themain one of your question is yes i feel there's a great dealof difference between what i did and the illegal acts of the people that were caught
inside the democratic headquarters to me there's a lot of difference in breaking the lawthen breaking confidence i'm merely obtaininformation that was voluntarily given an added twist he buys arm and never brokein any place i never look at phones are used any kind of electronic surveillance thatare the information that was obtained because i was america can itwas like a newspapers because they are present at the hearings andbecause they have so far been able to obtain information ofpre hearing testimony and so forth i would consider them spatsand i won't answer them do anything illegal that's their job to report i've got areport on activities of the democratic suggesting that it wasn't like hey what abouthow he built on the lot that we heard a lot was a larceny which is thetaking of property and then the law but turning things by false
pretenses of which is not a not another reagan and lies so but ydstieand displays of confidence and misrepresentations we take why would you think thatif we were to consider legislation that just as in that thatlaw where the various state legislatures andcongress has felt that their that actually get that information outthat that i think the operative is the same whether one picksit up that without the knowledge of an individual or where one gets hit by thesleek ms rivers and they were what i think needs to be broughtout at least from my standpoint is that you're putting a lot of emphasis on obtaining thisinformation by miss representation and in fact in nineteen seventy two thatwas not really a map the key to me being able to obtain thisinformation it wasn't the fact that i misrepresented myself as a country weremisrepresented myself as a salesman or any other misrepresentation the reason i got the
information was because i was there the reason i was there is because i was a goodcampaign where is wisconsinthe country at what los angeles and truly identified itself as we wereyou think that you'd been allowed to work and that it was our sinthat when i never used methods of misrepresentation on ebay never asyou indicate you want to be a volunteer from ramallah that a true statementyes sir here in fact that good considering that actuallyyear you're welcome to have a sign that you're being paid by somebody after thatyou're a lot for you or pay that the thing that you pay the map is going to get iwas right to do surveillance and intelligence work when i was a volunteer in thatreport we are not playing i receive no money a look at somebody else'sbomb iran yes sir
if you are reassuring you wentwrong that needed work and the government or thedeclining for a while yes sir i was working as a state primarily for theconversation between the unknown person and myself and the rear reaffirmation that iwould not been involved in any illegal activities and there weresuperior for batman days before the conventions started one of the results of theconversation it yet with the gentlemen in washington was that theplants had already been previously made for me to go from california tomiami and as i understand the reservations at the hotels were madeand the general pattern of the events was already a stamp westand therefore i did agree to continue that will unless thesenate but when i went before it was with the stipulation that that would be analysis thatit did on the miami convention and the what what position did you obtain them and
mcgovern campaign made miami convention robinson became a member of thesecurity staff mcgovern headquarters of the leave we want what that thatpermitted to do are initiallythe same procedure in florida thatpays for conventional use this map to amass information on where differentallegations were staying where different reporters were the locations and soforth this information i did not receive from for mr wainwright a big this informationout myself after that the location of themcgovern headquarters up in washington wasworking on that quite a few people are low on the administrative staff of the mcgovernreport and it had worked in the washington with governmental report and it wasjust a transition from physically from here to physically to florida
ryan ideas to the same type of activitiesthat this man had become a familiar face what about that actuallythe unimportance a tree pose againi don't know or you mean when you say important where you know whereyou stationed throughout the hotel and we were alsostation up on the sixteenth floor where persons have to appear if they wanted togo up on the seventeenth floor where does the governor this week i was on asixty four this is up i believe a misunderstanding through the press and throughmedicine the other test them cochran says that we pick our station on oneoccasion on sixty four but primarily i was stationed on the seventy four ormcgovern's sweeter current situation and just right which or mr harthermann most of the top level staff people were stationedin europe and it's at eight am which meant you had your own
statement where they control the senate once i wasthere i even abetter chance to go throughout the building for three nights i was a guard on the penthouse floorsof acres of the war that the gun was then on i had complete control overwas allowed on the floor and how long they stay does a disservice not allow a side ofmcgovern a collaborative way and i said something that i'm on the floor and they're outon the floor but thing is that everyone on the governor and what he did notget copies of secret service clearance less access to one of dublin's conventionoperation room the kurds that diversity report yes so that's that's correct to the extentthat i did not have total complete control of whom came on that lowiq i could certainly hold up the people get sicker cyrusinstruction or were they were primarily concerned with the physical safety of thecandidate and they worked with us and cooperation with we had a
stalker man possibly have the staircase encourages seventy four when someone will presentitself but that they're they would have been about and self identify the person i wanted to speak to andwe would i'll go through the procedure contract in that person and see if they wouldbe permitted on the floor in what prosecutors may i mr mcgovern mrwhoever our network does not once these particular vigil the secret service people whenthey're ready and willing and able to assist us in moving the people from the stairwellwell porter goss report indicated that you were as such access that youactually spent a lot of money then and as the mcgovernsweet sound of your sweet actually watching tv with him as he was watching california yesthat rather than the california challenge while on mondayevening i had become it at least readingnational by even by the senator himself i'm a previous to this made severalcats with the arm in most pressing in the hall
in different operations reduce or fourth in the building at itactually you were commonit is amazing how easy it wouldbe to be right in the midst of all the operations planning and yet beenadamant that that is in itself a momentin the may not be a proper were actively do not agree with a politicalphilosophies of george mcgovern the youthinfiltrator and to get information and therefore you doingpolitical espionage work week now housed in political intelligence gatheringnow you have a way to resolve this year receiveda mcgovern skip button which you wore governs this convention seventytwo yes sir other with retired state buttons initially is that
to designate a different levels of staff importance andat one time or other at the convention and offering different different buttonsyeah these were given to me that people as we talkabout why he's there are buttons were just not justnot the vivid but that sound but they are so familiar to gain access to certain placesthat are not yes sir they did and the more restrictive the bottomline a ladder through certain places where the secret service people and how tostop others that natural yesterday my entire tenure with mcgovernsecurity force in for i was never a challenge anyway askedaccess to any now you've got this not only becauseyou represent yourself to be a volunteer for thegovernment or working on his behalf of the natural nasr i don't really agree with
that app because i was on the security step i don't like the missrepresentation was the reason they gave me the button the reason they gave me the button was because iwas a sad for that particular job of a secret service people that werestanding guard george mcgovern or either american party registrants are republicanregistrants there was not a single democrat on his whole secret service for doing this security manunless you indicated that you were an active worker for mcgovernthat's true if it had not been participating in an operation that our messagethat they would give me the button i don't know when the republican headquartersi mean it was you were working with them in their quarters of myown invention what if anything did you hearand setting him on and women to influence delegatesyes there are there
were instances that i remember of women beingpresident that were not ah explicitlysteph people as santa's secretary our ministry of duties in the wholetale notes or theirwork there was a situation in a hotel where there is a hospitality roomset up for the delegates to come in in the hospital in drake andtalk and discuss issues are what you notice anything i wanted to be an on frequentoccasions that stop this particular room and ominously hewas there and on different occasions i noticed people that i wouldclassify as prostitutes are people withat least with low if not prostitutes they were at least people with low moral standardsyou're over our reviewer is a member of the view over ayear over year member suggested such
people in that march that moral standards beuseful for influencing the votes no sir not you know not in thepolicymaking type of conversation of the nightseveral people on this day of hip hop about thehalf not necessarily be a painting of any of these type ofpeople that they did in fact i'm hearing all these people existed in the building andthey never instructed us to remove these people from the building you in facti'm glad that it would have to have when i'm in acar and a gun carr yes sir out i was instructed by a staff memberand i cannot recall specifically to he's one of thetransportation cool cars to take a delegate from doral whole tale to the playboy plaza which ismaybe fifteen to grab the throne i referred to him about what kind of
the thought was at least at the campaign headquarters yes they have a whole fleet ofcars they get ready to use for transportation to provide delegates withtransportation to and from and rats get in assistant peopletransportation and access to that as you may recall dorough hotel wasa directly adjacent to the hotel where the nationalheadquarters democratic official democratic or four and a convention wassome maybe five miles away it was necessary to get cars to use for transportation from therail to the family to other delegationshotels and so forth and you have a nation on about your testimony is in the us andone was aware of this kind of operationthe young women that you were in the party are these the kind of aninterview with tennis little while earlier who were either prostitutes of women alonedefinitely
the delegates that i was thesecond draft of the play what was a lot of justone final question at this time in the courseand the course of years simon says wisconsin pennsylvania california thecity and miami you did in fact that youat least if not as you say overtlymisrepresent allow persons to believe you wereworking for the candidate did not informthese people that you were a paid and thousands gather for somebodyelse to live with the republican party that that was that yes that's fairlyaccurate and as is all the early dirt not conforming these peoplethat are actually allowing your trueidentity that you know that you were able to obtain a valuable
information and materials from these various reportersare not necessarily materials i neverremove material for documents was in some cases woulddance than schedules of twitter yes sir but i'm i'mnever in the course of the activities when you refer to materials inrelation to some of the previous testimony given for this committee have to not remove that type of materialall with the can of stealing our uk are commanding thematerials the materials that i removed or materials that were printed up fordistribution and this material would eventually be distributed to thepublic eye and how enormous soon as they're printed up and they were not distributed so maybetwo three days later mothers and from the raw materials more than the perilsof information to read inaudible about that you were able to get because
of your temperature at possession and were able to convey that information tomost of us that yes or i did something importantinformation or i felt it was important that they start measuring here and it did attain such a thing asa cold is there is that yes sir good and thepreparations this timemr mudd my counselfred thompson was a nobody democrats are checked up on the runways credentials right now we're goingto take a breath or the television coverage of the senate hearings will continue after a pause for stationidentification on a bridge coverage of the hearings is being broadcast as a public servicewhere local public television station this is pbspublic broadcasting servicefbthe
political familyhasbeenin the papermsbatesbethe
paytoplay asbell and that continues itscoverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities itagain and bad correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the aaronsingerman has mistakenly referred to fred thompson as senator thompson the witnesses michael mcmahonaway also known as danger toisrael
and are younow and i'll use you know theirlowest they call it on the bigones when youcanclick a link is it reallyms mcdonnell is understandit you didn't know that are you will be referred to itas a as a venture to know thati wasn't using any code names first lady's military iguess i like code names never used of courseon they weren't religious
no surgery operations albeit not the onlyother contact with that was ever make to me was the initial call by morton blackwellsetting up the meeting with mr amir and the telephone calling workingmr bart was not explained to his truesituation or a disconnection with mcmillen inc when you refer totrue i don't know if you're not he told me that he really didn't know what you know thespecifics about this group or about the incentives and to this pointit has not been made readily available to me whether mr blackwell was in fact amember of the committee to reelect you have an account orindirectly within one white house no sirno sir when you're workingin wisconsin pennsylvania california or any other stateand a local republican way his work within an underground
only the ones that were working there was quite a bit of inwisconsin especially they have no party registration tight primariesnot a straight line primary and there was a lot of republicans were going for muscularrepublicans working for humphrey and mcgovern audience because it's a covertoperations and also they were not at we were not plannedactivities are as you're welcome from campaign to campaign do you have and youwill be implemented through what candidates rick on the hill what planet you're kind ofwork or you just yell and intelligence was simplygathering intelligence on our home was not purposelyplaying the harbor helping one juror a discussion with stronger oranyone else the effect of it would be better for thepresident of certain candidate won or absurd found water on orno sir you mentioned several instances of
things that you also mentioned didn't smoke there toobserve the march twenty seventeen cents or two for you it avoidedmcgovern worker workers heckle mr musk if you don'twant more detail about how it waswas it wasn't stating of opinion was a disruptiveor what was a jewish it was very disruptive sir whathappened is it was a play in pre planned speech that must beat you you get beyond our ithink his plan copy of speech was on the vietnam warand the protesters the mcgovern people at leastgame plan in this particular operation as it was explained to me that mcgovernuse was to go out to find and tolerance raymond getcaught in and as i mentioned
earlier on especially obscenities were used but basically just to shout in anunhappily and causes much noise as he could possibly overridethe audio our musty appearance and it was extremelyeffective defamation before mr musk he was up's really vulnerable toheckling and harassment that perhaps he did not pay less selfwell are speechless notes hedid finished his speech but it was not a plantpreplanned program did you ever observedquote an innovative water that you worked in love of mailing liststhe plane from othercampuses are important yes sir it was fairly commonpractice to be in a mcgovern headquarters and families to stay at people forhumphrey or vice versa often trans
people feel she's a precinct workersmore chairman so forth campaign workers mailing listi do know that therewere most of the other candidates sometimes you notice in france it'sin no up in a musty get orders there was a list of the nineteensixty eight campaign workers for humphrey and precinct people that they were using to carve tosolicit support for the most the organization in california in a critical work withcameras a list on mcgovern stationary of names andaddresses and phone numbers that had evidently been mapping been compiledpeople and they will be used on three people formailings and four direct mail and for direct phone callno no no
conventionthey have complete control over who is allowed on the floor thehouse floor you get copies of secret service plans and access forall government operations that would slowthe departure of one of the senator's by invitationonly said oh yeah of course in the security dutieswatch californiahow was itthey get into a situation where youactually watched returns with with the candidate that anyone ever checks youout or ask you the questions about who you are what we usually your
political affiliations your friends references in a minute no really noone ever asked those specific questions up bar the operationin florida was that this there were questionnairesthat were filled out that i feel that with my own name a person etceterathat the secret service used for security check i believe theextent of the check was to uncover alien forcesare possible hostile forces because in nineteenseventy one of the major candidates were shot and it was some concern for the physicalsafety of the year and again as i mentioned before in talkingduring my tenure of service on the security step with the secret servicepeople that were there to guard mcgovern i felt none of them followphilosophically allied with his beliefs for you know you're never
checked out about mcgovern i would never challenge the outcome achallenging would've taken or for research which have been coveredup well they could've read my name and address a couple years in county kentuckyclerk's office county clerk's office check voter registration and they would've felt about aregistered republican and then i'm sure they could've up as usual is aprocedure and some these are security checks situations contacted either the localthought he saw the local newspaper and found out that it previously been active inrepublican politics this one the mcgovern campaign andno one searcher the humphrey campaign or not certain that that throughout their lives in the fourth andthat the whole team here from march until july i was never challenge and i was never inthe position where i have a lot that my true political philosophyand a bit more detail about these girls were
one hundred years ago it had to have agirl to certain point who instructed todo if you called to use the mcgovern partner perkins it was astaff member but i cannot be specific this is an instance where iread column b of the nba did not recover specifics of the things i know i was instructed todo that in this voluntarily go and get the car from the car pool and driving down there and i don'tremember specifically who had instructed that they one of the first timewe came to the us on security beyond seventy four hecame to the stairwell interest and ecstasy a member of the spareme a few years he has now it's hereheart or more in his room wastwo doors down right around the corner from the stairwell and seventies seventy four
or what to do pick up the phone call mrcarter listen if you want to see this project or delicate he said sending money back to usein a moment yesterday on governments as i mentioned someonecome out and it struck me that you know that it's that was about elevenpm or not doing your duty as sandy specifically that normallymen have come to that position how still there and as we're going to get the car andwait for the delegate outset that same year services committee for that elegantlyhe did there and i don't recall the name analert was from our last stop a different in alot of statesdo you
like italmost anybody on administrative stateof administrative policy the upper echelon level staffassociation making people all along the maplewood sayspeople that caliber allthese menfor him specifically were not specifically saying these gentlemen outskirts upabout how many people would there be only on the policymaking staff whopractically anyone who was in residence on the seventeenth floor where therewas this was your instructions given to you by someone in residence on something flawedbut remember it wassomeone who had access to their former writers for someone whosejob was to carry coffee around for people in totally lit with he responded no sir
i don't know to go get onecard and people who votedyes there are wanted you to have your wholedifferent or el teo on what girl whathappened in the delegate was standing there was it was oh yes he waswith the late to womendid anything happen thoughare active they got in the car timothy to the survey were not late is that oneyesterday another waryes sir they wereyou were in
jailyou'll ization of women like thismeltzer it was there in one of the states agirl or be sent somewhere else or sortof likelet melet me confess that violates their demo less abilityhow will youall that this event ofthe supporters are alsomustering you infiltratedunusual the organization in wisconsinmust i work in mostly
in wisconsin among question was will nowthat's another section is your identity youinfiltrated the organization of that something must be in wisconsinended that everything important was that he was like up tomorrowconfusion disruptive campaign no sir i did not with muskie there were no examplesof a destructive activities on the part i guess most kids can't see to whatexactly did you do a musket balls workers aren't i could tocarry out any chance which they didn't dothat in the paper yes sir i would say at this point i was crying that this could bethis volunteer work with any organization and you again from nowand director of the republican committee relied on social normnow getting paid that they want to get information about know aboutdisarray your love who was to get my fall
i don't really know who he was getting from there's been testimony before this committee that he was getting frommr porter well then you knowin one of them and work in the us europeand again this is the usit was it was merely a primary campaign and this was my instructions to work in thethick of our lives disrupted ordinarily republicansnot in this remote and vague manwho weren't told they must be whereall the success of the west the campyes that's what they want me to get so that i'll be in a position to have any information that theywished for me to get back in what do you do with the information at the restaurantindustry are and that was the work of all the state beforei didn't know who he was working for a double agent that
you're welcomewhy aren't they at the saban instructionsand eleven information about the muskie campaign tosomebody who knew was working for the republican party i was not a double agent i wasundertaking two separate activities one of getting informationone of working outdoorswrong with a lot of homesnow i know you with thevideo prompted it was you wentto the conversations in wisconsin that's a valueand you
represent to themthe democratic nominationcenter i think your dramatizing a little more than it i just really present myself as avolunteer and they were damn going to get volunteersto work in memphis tennessee and it had senator but at the same timeyour work to make computers more about them andwe'll take an information you've got a lot of them and it was actually ayouthful infiltrating years i did notspecifically do thanks to disrupt with that in men and notcheck it wants to work within the army stationed again their options and therefore beable to be in a position where i personally observe and find out theinformation that they are important to their obligation
you all on to testify and one dealthat you want to tell them in good faith to promote a canister noblesentiment that nomination operation was notpromoting his candidacyour ancestors did you infiltrate conversations of someliterary wisconsin thousand than a californialiterary years and if they can follow us there and you knowit was not supporting the incessant amountnels i don't believe he was and you know what's snake get information outof the artistic vision while at the offices of the mcgoverncampaign through your car also i wasn't sleeping anything in aphysically walking out and i'm never going to walk in and out of them
you walk out who lived without information and you came out of thepatient yessoundbite of health tosee if it would actually like to wheel will follow and tended to beworking well an episode of ugly i didn't want any interestcenter of real place you like them in a sentence when he was when you were working out theinformation about those lambs and get it to its political opponentsus that was not the only way no sir i don't like that it helpedhim for me to obtain information that i think my activities during the townhouse being thisinformation up in the great deal i was a resident questionthis week on
us who infiltrated the conversationquantum of information concerning his activism for thepurpose of given that information to his political pollsin nineteen seventy ninein nineteen seventy eightand i did not know that the people i worked for republicans democrats a gift connorwhat i was merely trying to get their political information aboutorganization's instructor a campaign where youknow a madman that was going onyou re read this thing that question youask and you want you wantinfiltrating these are illustrations of these people seeking the democratic nominationand vacant our compensation from the mouth that has a
photo a medical practice with the rise of theseoutsiders until they get to do these things i believe they were they werevery interested in this information what they get with that i'm not here you don't have anadequate what their political affiliations were wondering no sirnot at that time i did not well when did you discover thatthis committee helped to like me towards that asyou begin tosuspect that somebody other than a well wishers localgovernment must give that you were working for thetonality how huge was not going well that you're i felt that it was people that wereinterested in their activities so that they bypass strengthen their ownpolitical rhetoric and honestly it's just an activist a lot tosuggest there may come down on top of the people supporting the campuses and the maple
leaf bar because probably that we've got no information of the type ofthe day when you had to get about what you call intelligencethe answer to all alcohol abuse award politicalespionage would you please explain those simple minded man like myselfthat they're perfectly in political intelligence as practiced by you andpolitical it as an art and not meanintelligence gathering is the obtaining of information primarilystructural information and factual information espionage to me is with theexplicit in kiev of destroying or disrupting something ohi purposely trying to be any sense that we'll let you get your information for thelocal assistant and promoting them well elevatingon the problem the campaigns sometimes must be a mo humphrey
among the lab notes are all are myemployers who wished you know the structural authorization of that kennedythatinformation information i got itwell you engaged marylandget no information that this organization the armedforces and that i was in front of that you know when you are mixed up they arethe park ranger the maximum restraint the union peopleand you knowin reference to the cards yetand again come up or not the voluntary information
on any assistance that after that would be yelling at this situationwhere you know your reference to disruptof three candidates that you will of one nowwhen you all mixed up a car while the wrong people would get thewrong messages from what we know that paul isintegrity the wording of that of the baron's famously said in italian it merelysays rearrange and so for me that there was a point that went up they would justrely on itand a lot of your chain of thought but were given thesituation we were having i believe i'm saying when an appropriate audience response and ithink we're getting to the place where i can understand the peopleimportant witnesses answers so act seldom do this but i wouldrespectfully request that we restore some sort of order
i do notknow what is now lawor yousay you know you say you pop thepeople that's about activism further you probablyrecall and you get a car that had been done by when they hitthey keep amazing wellsconfusion thingsyou only get through that if i might know
solid and try to keep the devil from an ally and work withno way to get in dosome more work notget the people that were involved in this authorization without the people in the state visit that mightbe some other trouble another wants to engage in rightsact on what cubans of the knob labeled by other people who do that will getthem is the minimal i'm not going to get into aphilosophical motivation and whether that's going to do toconfuse you to keep them busy to keep saving from a lot of evangelistrob wasn't impressed with the fact that they have hugeproblem my reaction in one respect pleaseyou say that government forces went down throughoutlot of the few mr russell a secret service man
a lot of work and working in that war formcgovern end up practically i would estimate thatninety nine percent of the whole step volunteers in on twitterand i didn't go with them but i went to the same place they weregoing to washington tolocal going to miami and then when you got the miami thatthey may believe that miami were with your callswithout no sir i was on the governor's personal securityarguments they can stay secret service operatives inside the united states governmentwere signed by the president united state department arsenalwhen you work that you saidno sir well the
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This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 2 of 6
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 44 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Michael McMinoway, Fred Taugher and Lt. Kenneth Hickman testify.
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Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
Producing Organization: WETA-TV
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Library of Congress
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Format: 2 inch videotape
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