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it'sbeenwhen he received a phone call andjohn ehrlichman the next morning mr eckman informed me that johndean would be handling an inquiry into watergate for the white housewith funding concerning the investigationand that was to being presentmr wittman and i then discuss the matter a procedural safeguards againstleaks i told him that we are having this case as a major special withall of our normal procedures in effect i also indicated tohim that we were going to conduct an aggressive and rigorousinvestigation and would probably be interviewing people at the white houseon my return to my office at ten
am an arranged to meet with him at eleven thirty am in myoffice on june twenty one nineteen seventy two but imean we discuss what made this sensitivity of investigation and the needto avoid leaks in a political year he also informed me to behave the responsibility of this inquiry for the white house and would sit inon many interviews of white house staff person now studying stated that he wouldbe there in his official capacity as counsel to the presidenti know that i specifically asked mr dean on two occasionsif he would be making his reports directly to the president ibelieve that this was one of those occasions and i believe that the other occurredwhen we were discussing the transmission of the p i fall material to himto assist yemen is incorrect i asked mr dean it wouldbe reporting directly to the president are through mr haldeman are mr
erlichman in one day that he would be reporting directly to the presentthis meeting with mr being there was no discussion of whomwe were going to interview our where our lead might take the investigation weget to discuss the scheduling of white house interviews through most of the game andis sitting in on the interviews as counsel to the president onthursday june twenty second nineteen seventy two after being rapedby mr charles w bailey is assistant director general investigativedivision regarding the latest developments in the watergate hearings andundoubtedly is the result of information develop at that briefing i telephoneddirector arms of the cia i told him avoidthinking that we may be looking into a cia operation and i asked if youcould confirm or deny this he said he had been meeting on this very day
on this every day with his men that they knew the peoplethat they could not figured out that there was no cia involvedi met again with mr peanut six thirty pm the same dayagain discuss the scheduling of interviews of white house staffers and nowand to arrange the scheduling of these interviews directly throughthe washington field office rather than throughout the idea orat this meeting i also discussed with him ourvery early theories of the case namely that the episode was eithera cia covert operation of science are simply because some of the peopleinvolved have been cia people in the cars ari cia moneychain rei political money chain quite pure politicaloperation for a cuban right wing operation or a combination ofany of the i also though mr bean that we were not as
harrowing in on any one theory at this time are exploding it but that we justcould not see any clear reason for those burglary an attempted interceptedcommunications operation i believe that it was atthis meeting on june twenty second that i told him of our discovery of a bank account in the name ofbernard barker who was arrested in the watergate burglary and the factthat a twenty five thousand dollars check the associated with kenneth awkward andforty x drawn on a mexican bank payable emanuel of their aleand the total amount of eighty nine thousand dollars for the positive in the parkare out i do not have a clear memory of telling him about mytelephone call earlier in the day the director helms regarding the question ofcia involved it is likely that i would have discussed the nuns calledhim in connection with our discussion of the theories of the case
and for me that there was no ski area onfriday june twenty three nineteen seventy two as debates metwith me again to brief me on recently bought a telephone mrdean following my meeting with mr bates i'm quite certain that this fallagain involve the park are banking on a new aerial and got herchance either in this color in the meeting of the precedingevening mr dean first raised with me the idea that if we persisted in ourefforts to investigate this mexican money chain we couldn't cover our becomeinvolved in cia operation i remember telling mr bean one ofthese early telephone calls are meetings that the fbi was going to pursueall leads aggressively unless we were told by the cia that there was acia interest for involvement in this case but one thirtyfive pm on friday june twenty three nineteen seventy two was to
being telephone me and said the general walker's deputy director ciawould be calling for an appointment that afternoon and i should saymr dean you know something about onefifty six pm on friday june twenty third nineteen seventy twothe secretary general is call my secretary and asked for anappointment and he was overseeing itmr dean call me again tonineteen pm and that is my recollection that this was a call to ask ifi had scheduled a meeting with general motors for that afternooni told him that the meeting had been scheduled for two thirty pm iseem to remember that he asked me to call him after the meeting i metwith general motors it to thirty four pm on friday june twenty three nineteen
seventy two he informed me that we were likely to uncover somecia houses or sources that we continue ourinvestigation into the mexican money today i understood that statement to meanthat if the fbi says that we wouldn't cover cia covertoperations and that the cia had an interest in masters of our ownballpark and in nine hundred and fourteen thousand dollars in allhe also discussed at an ad agency agreement under which thefbi and cia agreed not to uncover an expose each of each othersources i had not read this agreement and stillhave not but it was logical to me at the time and i did not question them a loti and that is that the general is that we will have allthis in a manner that they're not around for the cia and that i would have to make adetermination that's not how the fbi would proceed with our investigation in this area
i knew for mr deans earlier telephone conversation with me on thisday of dollars would be coming to see me i have norecollection of memory whatsoever of general walter is informing me of thismeeting that he was coming to me i'm talking to the white house thathe had talked to the white house at all i understood him to be staging acia position not a white house mess at thispoint i would like to comment on what waters memorandum of this meeting which i understandthe dna evidence before this committee the inspectorgeneral is making an end to these memorandum that is a quoteis great problem without a loopy this modern ottomans launchedunquote i may have sent word this effect to let him know that weekwe would handle the cia aspects of this matter with kid gloves i
can speak categorically our that in the sentiment of that time expressedby me was an effort by me to abide by the cia fbiagreement and really it's only the possibility ofexposing cia covert activities in peru sued of our investigation into mexicothe sentiment expressed that in no way that related toany effort by me or the fbi to locate the watergate investigationin fact the fbi did notlocate the watergate investigation generally and inspections reissued atthe outset of the investigation and regularly thereafter to ensurethat this case is a major case under the immediate supervision of thespecial agent in charge of the field office which investigative leadswere referred by the washington field office or any other field office setting upleads to be pursued with respect to the rest of the
paragraph i may have mentioned the eighty nine thousand dollars in general whati do not remember but if i did i would have talked in terms of fourchecks in this total amount not a checkers his memo states simplybecause for texas were involved i probably also spoke withthe name of taylor as well as a solver simply because these two menassociated in mymind with the eighty nine thousand dollars in four chance he'll carry on checksand with a twenty five thousand dollars and one cashier's checkthe bulger check which were traced to the bank account for an art workwith respect to general is common in paragraph three of this memorandum that isaid this was the most awkward manner to come up during an election year theycertainly possible and in the course of my conversation with general offers i may have expressed thethought at the watergate case was a hot potato for a new acting
director in the fbi in an election year and for the president tooi know that i expressed this thought too many people have varioustimes quote what it is just what i needed unquotewas a refrain i know i struck with friends on numerous occasionsjen all those references to quoteej would see what he could do and unquote and quote the gray would have to study thematter and see out the us unquote they onlyrelated might not a desire to pursue this investigation without compromising ciaassets and resources no way shape are on that isay or seek to imply the general officer to anyone else for that matterthat the fbi investigation would be other than aggressive andthorough the only conceivable limited an exception was thealleged national security considerations being presented with me for
being whipped as the record will show brought about a delay in the interviewof several persons for a period of ten days to two weeksas a matter and as mike testimony will make clear in more detaili ordered our agents to continue to probe the mexicanmoney chain and the daughter relationship during the period that thepersonal interview with mr glover with mr alvaro was being held inadvance and mr bulger was evading us as we tried to interview themfinally i have no recollection whatever general othersmaking any statement as he alleges imperative for these memoranda the factthat his job had been an awkward oneand then i was the potter i fell upon this to be a meetingof dollars i tour mr dean of the middle our interviews
the early and work around this problem until we determine what we haven't donethree fifteen pm i telephoned assistant directorbathes to tell him of my visit and dolphins and to tell him that thecia had an interest in this matter and that wemay have uncovered a cia money came in this telephoneconversation i undoubtedly ordered <unk> babies temporarily hold upan interview with mr olvera to continue to conductappropriate investigation of uncle internacional of mexico cityregarding before oh gary objects to continue tofollow mr colbert movements and to continue to obtain to localrecords of his long distance phone calls as we sought to interview himon the afternoon of friday june twenty three nineteen seventy two
i again telephone list of being on two occasions once the three twentyfour pm and once the three forty seven pm i cannot be absolutelycertain that the names of their ailing dahlberg were mentioned in connection with thecia situation it is my best recollection however that they wereand i emphatically told him that we would continue our peripheralinvestigation because of the depravity inconsistent reports i havereceived from bombs and mortars he requested that we not conductinginterviews that would expose cia sources in connection with ourinvestigation into the source of the hundred and fourteen thousand dollars in chessagaindetermine what we were uncoveringon tuesday morning june twenty seven nineteen seventy two i
met with mr davis and with <unk> mark felt acting associate director toreceive everything on the latest to fall the latest developmentrecall involved establishing a chain of custody for the contents of our websiteand is providing us with photographs of certain white house staffmembers who lead us in identifying an individual who had been the ministerof the miami playboy club in december of nineteen seventy onein this conversation i also told mr pineda mr balter continueto evade us he would be called before the grand jury although i cannotpinpoint the exact telephone conversation i believe are bythis date <unk> dean had requested that the screwball were not beinginterviewed because of alleged cia interest in thissame conversation i also told us that being that it was extremely important that the fbi
continue its aggressiveness until we determine the motive reasons andidentity of all persons and all i said that i might be called uponto testify before congressional committees and we could not have thefbi accused of not pursuing this case to the appfollowing everythingi telephone directory arms of the cia andasked him to tell me specifically at the cia had anyinterest in this job jarrell that would prevent us from interviewing himand also asked that in several others meet the following day tothirty pm in my office that means this defaultand this debate's to review our respective positions in this investigationrecord homs told me that he would not object to
determine whether the cia had any interest in the strawberry own call me likei advise <unk> felt that this meeting andalso asked that we notify most of it director helmscall me back later that happened and told me the cia had nointerest in mr gary owen confirmed are meeting for the next dayjust seven minutes after director helms call me mrdean called me three forty seven pm and although i cannot be absolutelycertain i believe this was a call again requesting the whole law interviewing mrvarela mr golliher because of cia interest in these meni cannot recall i told him that i had just talked to director announcement warningthat cia had no interest in the strawberry ale and that i was going toorder that was through karaoke interview i seem to remember that must've been said thatneither of these men have absolutely nothing to do with watergate i cannot
remember whether he said this to me in this conversation or an earlier conversationson wednesday june twenty eight nineteen seventy two tentwenty five am studying fell upon me and talked about rumors ofleaks from the fbi material wants a previously delivered to thefbi rumors of a slowdown in the fbi atleast from the fbi concerning the tracing of the hundred and fourteen thousand nowonce again i believe there was some discussion about our bureau inculver and it is my recollection that i was asked if i had ordered theinterviews of the barrel and all well if iwas going to order the interview there's discussionthat i arranged for medirector helms and the police deputy director waters that to thirty pm that
afternoon to try to get the cia situation we saw but icannot be positive that idea and twenty five amon the same day mr hedman okay i was notavailable but i returned to squalid eleven seventeen amhis first words issue the broccoli or cancel your meeting withhelms and waters that day is not necessary i askedhim for his reasons and he simply said that such a meeting is not necessaryi don't ask them white wine was going to make the decisions as tolisten to the interview he responded do you doi then felt on the record comes to tell him that i wascounseling are meeting i also have violin lessons ofall of the constellation but stated that the three ofus would mean in the same conversation that made director helms
requested that we not interview active cia manpaul wagner and john kass well i pass thisinformation minister told an instructive that these may not be interviewedbefore reporters could get to the field however as thickas well have already been interviewed i met with west aboutthe midst of aids and my office sent to thirty pm on this wednesday afternoonjune twenty eight review the cia situationthis meeting i was brought up to date on all the latest developments in the casethat i can recall specifically discussing with them the allegedcompartmentalization of the cia or the right hand is not supposedto know what the left is doing in sensitive operations in knots with this could occurwe agreed that it was possible but unlikely in
the absence of some special white house interest in the highestclassification of national security interests where they need to know was rigidlycontrolled his debates pointed out that under no circumstances should weback off any investigation the request of cia without forcing them to leave youcompletely their interest in this matter we all agreed that the fbi itsreputation was at stake and i've heard them that i would not hold back thefbi in this investigation that anyone's requests including thepresident of the united states in the absence of overriding and volatileconsiderations i told them that if i were ordered to do so without validreasons i would resign it was at in this meeting thati believe i gave mr paul and mr bates instructions to goahead with the interview mr aguero and to continue ourefforts to locate and interview mr balter
three fifty eight pm june twenty eight mr dean called and i was not availablei returned the call up or thirty five pm and i believenow that this will involve a request i'm ester dean to warmup on the interview was happening now for the reasonsof national security until she returned from her vacation in englandi'm sure i said we would hold up for the time being wittywithout being interviewed so i can recall saying thatwe will interview her in england unless she returns fromvacation and every day mr dean gave me her address in thisconversation i believe and i passed it along the cool must have felt in whichi instructed him to temporarily discontinued leads to interview andinvestigate ms kathleen should now in england in theevening of this same day wednesday june twenty one nine seven to
a key program was sent to a gap in mexico city instructing himto interview mr aguero concerning the port checks in theaggregate amount of eighty nine thousand dollars this order was issued in theafternoon meeting with mr felton mr bates i've only because of the phone calli made that record on sunday and twenty seven asking if the cia hadany interest in mr aguero and his reply to the fact thatcia had no interest eight fifteen am onthursday june twenty nine when nine seven to carter's council the interview of astrawberry ale and to instruct the minneapolis field of vision to make nofurther attempts to interview most of all are the two continued to obtain records ofhis long distance call i'm fairly certain that i did soas a result of a telephone caller steve mr dean at all that mydepartment to dulles airport for an inspection trip to san diego in phoenix
it gathers that these interviews be although our national securityreasons or because of cia agents i called mr phelps orhis office and gave these cancellation marks on my own initiativei also ordered that george munro cia a station chief atmexico city not the interview because i know that in one of the manyreports the cross my doubts that us cia station chief inmexico city in san diego on friday june thirtyor is the default risk default in for me thatassistant united states attorneys over one of the fbi to interview mrdavid young mr aguero industry now that our washington fieldoffice recommended interviews of mr mitchell just two young minister nowi inspected mr paul thomas to being that we
were going to interview mr mitchell mr youngest now than any other is that we mustcontinue and i also told him to get the message again the message fromassistant united states attorneys over just as we have receivedsabina call me earlier that morning to complain bitterly aboutalleged leaks from the fbi and this conversation is my recollectionat again raised the question not interviewing mr gary owens for baltimore andstated that they have absolutely nothing to do with watergate i cannot becertain mr dean call me again that you knowi do not recall other not just a bean and i discuss mrs ofarrow and older in this conversation i do know that must've been asked meto consider setting up a special group in the fbi to investigate theentire matter of weeks i told him that it was not necessaryand that i would not take such action as to that
afternoon the report that must've been informed him that lester young and isshe now would be available for interview during the first part of the coming weekhe also told me that mr dean still complaining aboutalleged leaks from the fbi on monday july threenineteen seventy two i scheduled a meeting with mrs feltquite simple special agent in charge of the washington field officea renewed investigation today and to consider revisions of a possiblesea area involved this meeting lasted from two thirtypm until just about four pm and we discussed every possible theorythe conflicts today in cia interest or not and thecompartmentalization alleged existence cia was treating callit forty pm and i'm really told him that i was in a meeting and then i would return his call
this meeting as they did that i was not going along any longeron this phase of our investigation the request of anyone unless i receivefrom syria written request not to interview mr gary owens for dollarthe thing i'mworking for youi believe it's quite likely that in one of these phone calls michael mr beanthat the fbi was going to interview a burial and awkward and lastlyeither writing the cia requesting that we not do soon wednesday july fifth at five fifty fourpm i telephoned collins my contemporaneousnotes of this call read as followsseven five i think through
web radiation for one thing i thinkit basically dollars then inparenthesis i will need a request inwriting rather than the verbal requests to refrain from interviewing of marylandall part because the cia in its possession ofdeveloping investigation indicates there's cia involvement in some of thesemen and used by cia and part and there's indication some arecurrently being you there is the dollar playing either cia orpolitical i do not want to uncover and surfacescia national security operation in pursuing these leaks but imust for the record i have been writing from cia to request arefrain on the basis of national security matters are monstrouslyis that he would respond not later than ten am tomorrow
i said that i would order the interviews that i did not have the writings by ten amand at the bottom of this telephone memorandum i've written the tv aboveinformation jw dw on the cw be fromsix pm to six ten pm now gaining in those men are masters being openrates but this one i would like to comment on their watersmemorandum of this phone call which i believe is an evidence before this committeewith respect to general over statement that i told him that the pressure is on me to continue theinvestigation were great i am quite certain that i did not so expressmyself it is entirely possible however that on thelimited question the alleged impact of the investigation oncia national security matters the only topic general lovers and i were discussingi mean the messes of cairo and
over clear that their interviews were a necessity was onlythe players' expression of national security and that should preventand that the fbi for the sake of his own integrity wouldrefrain from conducting interviews only have we receive such a written requestsfrom the cia respectedunderstatement of the great talking john dean why have no specificrecollection of telling the lawyers that i talked to john being itis entirely likely that i didn't tell them a lot is that i haven't promised fifteenthat the fbi was going to interview mrs of their island all herunless we have a writing in the cia requesting that we not do soon thursday innineteen seventy two i met with violencei remember that he delivered to me the writing that i requested
and i remember that it indicated the cia have no interestin a very overt altar after reading the documents iconcluded that there was no reason for us not to interview mrs of maryland authorwhat in my office at about ten twenty five amand thirty am i ordered the interviews of bulgaria and altered immediatemyrecollection of the conversation with dollars at this meeting differs with isin several respects my principal recollection is hispreoccupation with the fact that he was unable to give me awriting stating that there was a cia interesting of maryland all rightand he's telling me that he would resign the ross are directed to give mesuch a writing this talk to me several times duringour conversation i call the devil always indicated
a feeling of irritation and resentment at the extent to which white house aides thatinvolve themselves in the question of cia but i do notrecall is giving me any details and i have absolutely norecollection of his closing to me false reportmay i ask i too wasconcerned in this third of the contradictory reports i've been receivingdirector helms was fifteen dollars with respect to ciaand others and at the abrupt cancellation by mr lippman of the meetingi had scheduled with director helms and then a lot of sun june twenty eightmy recollection is that you and i then engaged in a generaldiscussion of the credibility and position of our respectiveinstitutions in our society and the need to ensure that this was maintained
toward the end of the conversation i recall mostvividly that john oliver is a lean back in the red overstuffedleather chair in which he was sitting with his hands behind hishead and said that he had come into an inheritance and was not concernedabout his pension and does not going to let these kids came around anymorewe stood up together as he prepared to leavei cannot recall which one of us suggested that we ought to call the president to tellhim that this confusion and uncertainty that had been uncovered indetermining cia and kristen those cia handlersi believe it was done a lot of those who suggest that at first because i canfind the recall saying quote that you should call thepresident you know him better than i i believeis that no i think you should because these are persons the fbi
which has to interview we did not settlingwho had fallenbut this time i would like to comment on some aspects of journalist memorandum ofour meeting and your six respectedtellhim to cease future investigations on the grounds that it wouldcompromise the security interests of the us even less so but i write him a letter to thiseffect we did not have any specific detailand our telephone conversationslike that i had asked him specifically about this is a burial and olderand i'd said to him that in interviewing them we did not want touncover and services cia national security operationsand on july six meeting i most definitely
recall general awkward saying that he could not write a letter stating thatour investigation of a burial and alter it would jeopardize would jeopardize nationalsecurity i distinctly remember that his inability towrite such a letter to the fbi was the strong centraltheme of his comments raucous meeting with respect to generalmotors a certain power grab one and he read himself intoamerican involvement that he could not possibly have suppressed the investigation ofthis murder i did not discuss the watergate investigation ofmr haldeman anytime except that during my confirmationhearings in nineteen seventy three but the request of senator kennedyby telephone mr haldeman asked whether mr dean had shown mrhaldeman copies of the fbi reports of interview at notime that anyone ever order our request me
to suppress the investigation as i've testified i wasobviously aware of the hot potato aspect of the investigation sensitiveto any implication that the fbi would not do a thorough job and thatit killed any number of people perhaps including mr eckman certainly including mrdean at the fbi would follow its leads wherever they goi was saying privately as well as publicly and i made alittle low but there was just no way to stop ordivert an fbi investigation once it began i was making thepoint publicly and response to press inquiries that no oneman could do it and to control an fbi investigationwould require intro to many people from the attorney generaldown to the casey i was also saying at this time and later
that even if an attempt or maybe control and direct an fbiinvestigation the details of such an effort would leadand in this election i probably mention that koalas by saturday junetwenty four one nine seven to meeting with our washington field office agentson the subject of allegedly to the fbi informationwith respect the power's assertion to concerninghis report to meet with his white house conversationsi have no recollection of being fought by general walters that he and director announced thatmet with white house about persistence and a gentle others have beendirected to tell me that i see that the investigation will uncovercia covert operations i have absolutely no recollection ofany kind of being told i don't want it had been inspected by white house
aides to bring a false ideal to me concerning cia handlersand so on june twenty threei am sure that in general was had told me this i would rememberindia i was shocked when i first read newspaper accounts inmay nineteen seventy two actually based on this memorandumi have no recollection of mentioning any visit our discussions with histv as i have already indicated i do remember that herepeatedly stated his inability to write a letter indicatingthat the cia hadn't been masses of gary owen ballpark andthat he would resign and record producer i'm quite certainthat he spoke of such a coarse as dangerous to the president and i knowthat although i do not recall his use of the phrase march i know
that i use in my subsequent conversation with the president thatseems quite likely that i picked up the phrase from donna lowewith respect to general while his assertionthat i'm on him that ayatollah khamenei general findings that i couldnot suppress the investigation never that i have anyoccasion to say to the attorney general that i could not to suppressthe investigation even the fbi and i certainly do not believei said this to join a lot i had no reason to losethem i believe that general motors may be confusing mypossible references to my public remarks in my thoughts at the controlan investigation of the fbi everyoneinvolved mycontacts with his findings were extremely limited throughout the investigation
never involved the discussion over the details and alwaysassumed that the investigation will be fully unfurl in factat the outset of the investigation i had a telephone conversation with his findingsin which we explicitly agreed that this should be avigorous investigation i may very well have mentioned this to dollarswith respect to get all this recession arevery tricky gray at all the women that he wouldprefer to resign but his resignation would raise money questions that would bedetrimental to the president's interests i have no recollection whatever havingmade this statement in general is i certainly never made such a statement to me to muster aneconomist at all i have expressed myselfin the context of our discussions of our
determination to proceed to interview masters of barrow and all hardunless we received a written statement a cia interest and now have amemorandum prepared by assistant director basis of the journalinvestigative division recounts a meeting between mr paul is today sunday on junetwenty eight nineteen seventy two i quote from that moment on the walli must've they pointed out that under no circumstances should we back offof an investigation at the request of cia without forcing them to revealcompletely their interest in this matter mr falk and iboth pointed out that the fbi reputation was at stake as well as with the various positionsbut we did not be about the usual back under anycircumstances unless the reasons therefore were publicly expressedmr gray made it plain that he would not hold back the fbi'sinvestigation that anyone's requests including the president of the united states and if
you are going to do so he would resign and go it's certainlypossible that i discussed this conversation with <unk> openness debateswith a gentle work with our waters and the context is telling mebut if they were directed to write a letter serving cia interest in this isa very involved or he would resign withrespect to get all the sensation and three that he made washaldeman mitchell about the otheri have no recollection whatsoever of mention specific names and do not believe in thatidea but it is certainly possible that i've told a lot is that i would takethe investigation wherever it with respectsdonors assertion however agree that the great felt it important that thepresident should be protected from his would be protectors he had
explained this to beam as well as haldeman ehrlichman is possible that i express thesentiment contained in the first quarter the sentence in the context ofresponding to the general expressions of irritation but white house aides i heard from them alot i could not have told him that i explain this to bealderman and ehrlichman because i never express such a sentiment in any eventi had said that being on several occasions that the fbi wouldinvestigate the case no matter how i have led and they were toldthat the general with respect two dollars asession in progress read that quote he said he was anxious not totalk about joe because he was afraid that his confirmation hearings he would be askedwhether you have talked to people about the watergate case anyways to be in a positionto apply negatively unquote it's quite possible that
i express myself along these lines if i do and i'm sure that it was in thecontext of our discussion about expressing our concerns to the presidenttypically who have not the president himself would be talkingwith specter dollars a session in paragraph three that the great citywould like to talk to the president about it but the great fear that request from him tosee the president would be misinterpreted by the media myrecollection concerning our conversation about talking to the president has recordedabove and i recall nothing further but it is possible that i did say that ibelieve a request by me to see the president would be misinterpretedby the media respect a gun alters assertion inparagraph three that oh i said that if i were directed to write aletter to him saying that future investigation of this case would jeopardize thesecurity of us and covert operations the agency
i would ask to see the president explained in the service i thought this would do tohis injuries the potential danger to the president in such a coarse oroutweighed any protective aspects of my mother figures in the white houseand i was quite prepared to resign myself on this issuei answered himas they didn't love i absolutely do not recalldone a lot of saying are implying that white house aides had directed him towrite a letter falsely claiming cia employees but the gentlefought in this excerpt about danger to the president and to serve asfor the president's interests that general motors would be directed to write such aletter a when i recall as being the son of the central part of thediscussion gemma watters and i engaged withrespect two dollars a session i'm very gratified that i could not sit on this
matter and that the facts would come out eventually i probably did say thegeneral officers the facts would come out eventually as i always believed they werewhat i would have had no reason to tell you that i didnot but the fact was that we were not set on asitting on we were investigating it on high priority basisi met anatoly and that there was no way for anyone man or group ofmen to control an fbi investigation even if one wishes to do soafter the office i sat at mydesk quietly and mulled over our conversationi was confused uncertainty and uneasei was concerned enough to believe that the president should be involvedi decided to call our
request to inform the president of what i would tell them i decided onthis innovative because i knew it was close to the president had his fansand fifty one am thursday july six nineteenseventy two i spoke to most innovative santa monica california bea white house with and i told him that that was anirony in concern about the confusion that existed over thepast few weeks and determine with certainty whether there was it was not thecia interesting people but the fbi was just interviewingbiggie is of course are not my exactwords but they do express their thoughts that i conveyed to himagain although these are not the exact words i also conveyed to him the thoughtthat i thought that people on the white house that were carelessand in different in their use of the cia and the fbi
i also expressed the thought that this activity was insurers insurers tothe cia and the fbi and that these white house that people loaningthe president i asked if he would please inform the presidentand it is my best recollection of the city withoutthirty seven minutes later at eleven twenty eightam on thursday july six nineteen seventy and to thepresident politically express hiscongratulations to the fbi and asked that x vscongratulations to the agents in san francisco who successfully terminated ahijacking there the previous day i thank presidentand that's that then set him into the very best of my recollection these are theword of the president there is something i want to speak to
you about the robbers and i feel that people onhis that are trying to mortally wound you byusing a cia agent fbi and by confusing thequestion of cia interest in on marvin people the fbi refusedto interview i have just talked about greaterand i asked him to speak to you about that there was a slightpause and the president said that you justcontinue to conduct your aggressive and thorough investigationfollowing this conversationconcerns of his i believe that if there was anything to the concerns iexpressed to the president pardoned mr mcgregor that i would hear further in the motheri did not i came to the
conclusion that gentle others and i have an alarmist i believe i held formany months the longest at my office again onjuly twelve nineteen seventy twoat this meeting apparently gave me a memorandum which i amnow on conveying information to the effect that the ciapunished certain it is his humility uncertainuntil ireally many officers of the unitedstates attorney for the district of columbia containing a notationof its receipts and my handwriting i have no recollection of thismemorandum i still do not recall noting its contents at thetime i amnpr i'd
probably gave it to my secretary to put in his date at general motors thought my auntit is also possible that i may have radical messagefelton bates as i know i did with the july sixnineteen seventy two memorandum at general motors brought to mei know that it has been suggested that the information in thismemorandum concerning the aliases of medium pot would've beenmaterial assistance the fbi watergate investigation sincelibyan use those aliases wyman letter andsome of their pre watergate trials which were under investigationthe insinuation has been made that i somehow purposefully suppress thisinformation to enter the investigation this is nonsensefirst is i have stated i do not recall noting the significance ofany of the information that the times second i am
positive that the fbi had by then clearly establish that lillyand one or one pen letter andif i had any intention of suppressing this information i wouldcertainly not have left it in my state in short anysuggestion that i had any improper invention in my handling of this memorandum isabsolutely false i have alsosuggested that the path and then you refer to in this memorandum was in factused in the break in and the office of dr ellsberg'spsychiatrist i stay categorically that i had absolutely no knowledge of such anevent are the plans for such an event until it wasreported in the newspapers this spring at this point i would like to commenton the lovers memorandum of like thirteen with respect is meeting with meand they're like whoa with
respect to get all his assertion and three and he thanked me and said that thiscase could not be snuffed out and it would leave quite high politicali do not remember our lives subject could have come up with this meetingin any event i could not have said would lead by ty politicallybecause i have no basis for such a bully i suppose i could have speculatedthat it could really quite eye politically or stated that in a case of thisnature there's no telling where leagues might not i do not remember any part ofthe conversation which might cause me to be talking about stoppingoutbreaks after the july six nineteen seventy two writing was deliveredto me and i ordered the immediate interview investors oh galileo andall her we have no problems with cia interest on noninterest and our prospect the intervieweeswith respect to general motors assertion in paragraph three that dollar is in
the clear yet gotten a check morey spends and havedeposited it in the mexican by i do not remember talking to himabout the barber chair he may have asked me in any event ifwe didn't discuss it i could not have made these statements the factswere that mr paul burton an interviewthese monies and itwas just therethese funds to the best of our knowledge in the fbi wouldnever deposited in the mexican bank and standnot giving chat mr bulger mr balter gauge thatspans i do not recall discussing this with johnwaters but if i did i would certainly have discussed it on a factual basisi think he was mixed up and writing are dictating his memo simply because
he was not as familiar with the facts in these particular transactions is iwhat i may very well i told him it wasundoubtedly a political contribution was political money all alongwhen the fbi thought this to be a cia covertoperation the cia money changing political operation a political moneywashing operation or a combination thereof withrespect to my report to get all those of my phone call or the presidentincluding the statements attributed to me but the president asked if italk to get a lot of the leads that the president asked for my recommendationin case that i told the president could not be covered up really quitehigh and that the president should get rid of the people that were involvedhave already testified as did my entire recollection of my telephonecall with the president version of my conversation with the
president and i have to say that it does not square with my memory of what isaid that the president on what i said don't want us about the call from the presidentthis july twelve nineteen seventy two meeting withgeneral it is my best recollection that i'm really sad that ihad spoken to the president last week on the subject we've discussed when thepresident of the sinai that i certainly did notremember discussing the conversation other than to tell him just what i said to the presidenti'm not saying the presidentwould not be covered and i had no recollection whatever telling him that itwould be quite high and that i felt the president should be admitted thatpeople remove all and i'm just as positive that i did not make such remarks togeneral i probably being shut out owners that onseveral occasions i had told john dean that this
investigation would have been exposed to have risen ball no matter howi am et that was ithe's my conversation yesterday with my conversation with thepresident he only responds by the president by nowrecall part of every called my remarks was that we shouldcontinue our thorough aggressive investigationwith respect to get all those assertions are a creed that later on thatthey may have thought that dean and repeatedly conversation i'mdeena said okay gray had heard no more on thesubject he asked whether the president spoke to me that i saidhe had on another matter that have now brought up this matter what may
i could not have said that i thought the mr bean and repeated theconversation that i did not at any time though mr bean that i havespoken to the president my last moreover show no call to ourprime minister bean and no visits with mustard being on july six nineteenseventy two through july eleven nineteen seventy three i get asked nowif the president had spoken to him about my carhe said he had trouble president but not on this subjecti did tell him that i've heard no more on the subject from anyonewith respect to joe all his assertion that herfor that great and said that the us attorney had subpoenaed thefinancial records of the committee to reelect president it had been suggested to him that hestop its infighting could nottalk to the attorney general to see if there was any way to any legal way to do that is he
could not i i have no absolutely norecollection of anyone ever contacting me to stop any city ibelieve i would record certain events that occurred i would certainly have torecord any such increase to the attorney general assistant attorney general of theunited states attorney i simply do not know other organs could havereceived as thought it is possible that we could have been discussing a newsstory if there was one about the fbi not subpoena inappropriate recordbut i do not remember discussing the subject the general lawwith respect to dollars assertion in progress forthat quote he said that he had told the president in nineteen sixty eightit should be aware of his subordinates who had tried to wear his command and she just rightsand quote i probably said this job just because i had expressedhas talked to the president in a letter to him just after his election in nineteen
sixty eight with respect the generalmotors assertion and five about resigning i have no memory ofagain discussing regional waters our respective resignations at this meetingand to my office again on july twenty eightnineteen seventy two at eleven am to meet with me as he says in one of thesememoranda to clarify the last memorandum he had given meand replied to the inquiries from mr palmer a cleoi now know that mrpalm was a special agent assigned to the fbi alexandria va loansi do not recall remember the details of this meeting with any degree of decisionit is possible that i recounted thedetails of this meeting and either one of themmay have a memorandum and their files regarding why the fbi files may
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 35 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearings, Vernon A. Walters and L. Patrick Gray testify.
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Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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