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thepainmr thompsonthat the degree of <unk> breathing veryat times he was told a story aboutme probably another two hundred pages of testimony toexplain all of the great things i had not had an opportunity to go back throughall of the briefings what wouldi help them on what alot of them now do i understand you to say that they'rethere on everything paper is for every press conference bymr ziegler and for every press conference by the president's available at thewhite house yesterday recordingreporter
type situationi have not had access toit that it is mr chairman i would like to ask youand counsel to subpoena the three thingsreading papersand you know the president is he yousummarized periodically with respect tocommentaries about him on the news media are other mediavery nicei don't want tosummarize it and he's also
so a lot ofactionand in terms of the conventionexperimentationis of course in the possession of the whitehouse i would like to make a similar request with respect to these newsubmarines chairman mao maybeon october sixteen nineteen seventy twoa statement in the new york times on october seventeenthstatement that we just follow the opposition has been making
charges which have not been substantiatedwould you say that if this is correcton october twenty five nineteen seventy two of another thing and mymessage is the european the washington postreturn them the reports the post report quote ablatant effort of that character assassination that i do not think theres been witnessedand the political process in sometime inlate october the twenty fifth nineteen seventy twoof deceptive un vote onsenator mount tai apparently was to compare john dean's testimony presidentnixon's remarks and documents the president was receiving about the watergate the
committee recess at this point for another vote on the senate floor public television's completecoverage of watergate hearings continues after station identification anaverage coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations ofpbs the public broadcasting service thepope thepay
and ride continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee onpresidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert reich new
mexico senator joseph thai a law continues his question to form apresidential councilthosebridges back we've heard before therecess i was reading you an applicationthat statement delivered by mr ziegler which appeared in the postthe effect that he reported in turna blatant different character assassination but i do not think has been
witnessed in the political process in some time going through the washingtonpost reports now what itwas in nineteen seventy twospecifically whichwerewe're evolving it started on october tenthtime it reached the point of directly time industry are womenon social issues and i can only assume that this is theyearin nineteen seventy threein the washington post appeared a statement mr ziegler met with reporters and
said that all previous white house statements about the bugging work anartwork the president's statementtoday is the operative statement how can you tell uswhat motivated <unk> her to make this statement wouldtranspire prior to the making of this game at the white house you knowcomparethat statement to the chronology of my testimony you'll see that that was theweekend that the attorney general and mr peterson reporter ofthe president and the direction of the grand jury was headed inand the fact that i have been prosecutors have been revealedin the fact that i have told the prosecutors the involvement of others in thismatter including those in the white house it was as aresult of that and the president's statement of the seventeen when
he went on to explain further elaborate on the president's statement that he maybe inoperative commonand then the financialrevenue adam felber a father sonrelationship and perhaps justifiably soon what daywhere the reasons for you going to estimates of office at thetime that their message and at first presented his and thensubsequently on for more than four when then there was a scaling down of the initialplan listening to there and what was your missionthe meeting was going to be
did you have any instructions from the security menare doing well earlyon on the preceding year it had been myrole to make sure that the reelection committee have the capacity to deal withdemonstrators when i first got his jobit explained that one of the responsibilities of his job will be todeal with demonstrators and security system and in particular the conventionwhen he wasa puppythat's it
discussion of that meeting that he would go there and intelligent planning withdemonstrators subsequently when he met withmr gruber on december eighth he alsosaid that he would develop leaders soyoudeal with that demonstrations demonstrators andthe orchestration and the land wasjust say that they're yourpresence there was a followup low interestemanating first from the initial memorandum that you sent tomature about the year and agency whoknows i wouldn't say there was any relationship between that memorandum an immediate nonow at that danish a meeting i
understand in your testimony yesterday discussed a possibletargets and mention the year dnc democratic national headquartersand the hotel and that mr mayer rightnow and what context july with these threetigers mentioned that i cannot recall for certain whether targets werediscussed at the first meeting with the second meeting i have ameetingat the second meeting and i wasreading while most of the meetingdebated to close contacts when you voted withthe set targets said discussed or political intelligenceand there was a possible break into the democratic headquarters offast that i'm not like the political intelligence
alone wouldn't you assume that that would involve a break indocuments yes i think that's truefrequently a campaign technique wasused to that family peopleto one cause in the campaign headquarters of another it was an allspelled out one time and it would be targets for politicalintelligence well wouldn't you say that this was theircoming very close to a discussion of what later became knownas watergate yearsnow you indicated that that mr mitchell and the president metfrequently to discuss campaign plans where did they meetother humans i
meanwhether or not the president had with measles oh i have no ideaof the inlet on this is mitchell was everpresent any of these meals me they atlases at mitchell's home at thewhite housei believe she did a company attorney general what i could not tell youi with any specificity that she attended any meetings with the presidentand i was having a discussion with presidentreagan sent them has to be about the truthand my grandmother hearing and thatwent on i hurt credibility will besustained by the american people are well or not the
president will be sustained or time that's why i'm asking youthese specific questions about the reliability of the statement by thepresident that mr seeger and then buy a statement that you've made inyour testimony yesterday now they'rei have one ally only that's the truth as i knowand i can speak it and i realize the implications when i talk about thepresident but my one ally is the truth now ihave that red bridge comments and i have become fullycognizant devon airports which have been made todiscredit her testimony before this committee in recent daysone of which was the release of information leading withyour work obtaining forty eight hundred dollars
from the cash the other was the leaking outby forces unknown with respectto an allegation in a report that you hadapplied in concert with others for a televisionlessons while you were working on thishas been this morning and i when i go intothe authenticity of this but did it ever occur to youthat there you had gone through thecomplete checkup before you employed by the department of justicebefore you employed by the white house and thatthis information necessarily had to turn in europeover our dossier collected by the fbi and that you hadto either explain it or really explain
what every allegation was made with respect to the tv licence percenti'm well aware of that because when i was first interviewed by mr colemanhe had a copy of my fbi report from the justice department and igather from his review of the fbi report that this material was in thefbi reports it has made recent comments on and i talk about the fact that igot a lot more personality than anything elsegoodmorning facts and that i had not pursuedthe matter because it'd been retracted later and i was satisfied with thatso this was revealed in this obviously was investigated by the fbi
before i went to the justice department originally and then subsequentlycaribbean to the white house so apparently this was picked out of context andthen released by someone you have any conjecture about thati didn't understand or questions or so apparently theallegation that you had applied for atv licence in conjunction with others while you were i enjoyed inwriting was a similar application you have mademe this allegation wasapparently kicked out of context from the file by someone that is correctthat was leaked to remember the personreported only would you think of me what is your opinionthey were serious efforts
i'm quite aware of the fact that there are a number of investigators have been privately retainedto visit friends visit stores it live in itrun the gamut places where i think everyconceivable inch of my life has been gone over senator obamathank you kellyover several daysthat's
rightyou are i've beenjust been afraid to go to get over recent homosexuality thatwas one of my lawyers say has been apivotal character assassination technique out there have beenefforts to say that i received a hundred thousand dollars andraising campaign money there's no truth to that whatsoever andthere's no conceivable way they are substantiatedandlistenwell how long did you know mr mabey
before he was hired bythe committee to reelect president i didn't know ituntil i have it i may have met him once was part ofjohnson's a rather large meeting when i was in the deputy attorneygeneral's office out of a program called operation intercept which i was notdirectly involved in the drug program i understand mr libby was involved in thatand when it became once at the white house he had referred to the fact that nowi don't want cholera the first time i really wasin lateoctober when i began talking about whether or not allin the general counsel position at the reelection committee i wasunaware of its activities but with a plumber ionly know them in a dispute with his employer
and theexchange between the white house and the treasury department like forthe white house intervening in this dispute and hiring <unk>remember the white house and it's called the treasurydepartment so when was the first time that you knew about masturbating mrhunt working together i don't reallyrealizeafter a breaki wasworkingnineteen
seventy twoso it was like after the fact that the working together that and the fact that we'reusing them around the white house are working together onabout their manager there were in nineteen seventy twoan upset it now and thenwhen you werehaving discussions with mr libby at these voipoddity ever tell you about that his activitiesother than being chief counsel for the crpand mischel believes that you went over theremy responsibility with him was to give him very aware of the electionlaws he had not had any experience in this area and for my staff that they should
cooperate with him assist him i made my files availableregulationswhosays thatwell nothing of his duties as chiefcounsel were you aware that he was performing other dutiesone of the great mysteries itwasmr
needhamnothingand he was going tomention security well now once you welland a curious as to what happened to the scaled down plan which involvedthe expenditure of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars which was discussed bymr mitchell must insure yourself an estimated twentyfour forevery ford well after reading only twenty seveni was finally released on given the precedent would have beenbefore the operation sandwich that mr michel even
reconsider the matter and i think he expected when when the media'sreconvene at something totally different and it was and it was like a minutemeeting late and it was the same kind of discussion going on mycell and terminated the meeting when there are waivers to wear thatthe scaled down plan had been approved minister michelas i left but i have never asked mr mitchell directly whetherhe approved the plan are not exactly junenineteenth i was having conversation with mr mcgregor heindicated to me mr mitchell had authorized theplan that he indicated also that job at the white house was a recipient of theinformation and he indicated that pressure from the white houseit was never
clear what had happened well thedaily conversations with mr strong who was the emissary one is on betweenthese european mr alderman war i disappointed himup and the question was this morning at one pointmr strong me and told me that mr mcgregor<unk> had a serious falling out and i believe thatreverberate with me that he just could not work withstrong and courtney you said what should i do and isaid i have no idea but i would suggest none of their personalityand personnel mr martin that was myrecommendation is just wrong and it was only later that i heard that you could move from thereelection committee to the finance committee well have you become awareof since the re enact an estimate gooder was
transmitting memoranda to mr strong to this drought monthconversation i had with mr strong no on may nineteenfifty and destroying documents that indicated he was transmitting this informationback to the white housemr haldeman destroy these documents if hedid he was not aware and still profess is an awarenessof anyone at the white house being in albany what i think isfor a fair trial to june seventeenth was saidbefore sen publicly it's but the truth was coming outand would you say that they knew of anycorrelation of events in view of skiers
transmissions between the crp mr alterman you have theadmission by mr jan brewer of that he was sending thismemorandum to mr alderman as well as tomr rickman about that all these things that mrhaldeman as well as mr erlichman were fully awarewhat wisdom that his role was with respect to collecting intelligenceand with respect to the possible plan of breaking into thednc and the government orders are out the o'briensuite at miami during the democratic conventionyou've brought a rather broad conclusionbut i would say this that i think that anything that was transmitted mrstrong mr strongman anything of any import it came to his attention
he would write a report in a stroller and i can only assume that thetrilogy minister strong was reported on the problemand only assume from your testimony and what has been abused before thiscommittee here before by other witnesses that <unk> haldeman and mreriksen we're very precise in the missions that theyundertook and an exacting performance by those junethey made assignments of missions wouldn't you say that's acorrect statement and in view of thatis it carry outis it yours a position and there was no way that mrbolton or mr clickbaitignorance of any part of the involvement on the part of the crp mrdaley or any other personal connected with a crp in the year
before the war the incident on a veryimportant ms bermanand they're reporting thatinformation knowing theinformationinformationa conversation about thisthey were very close when that whenyou say they conversed a very warmly very frankly with each other
then did you wereup almost a coffee you in january of nineteen seventytwo when you want to rise in him to deliver amessage to the court did you estimate that thento say to record and iquote a year is a long time your wife and family will be takencare of you will be rehabilitated with employment when this is overand the court you say that yes i did that as a result of aconversation in which i live in the west coast and i was in myoffice i call him he transcribed the gist of what i was sayingis that to me later that is largely what it was thati said to him and i told him five minutes when he should report
now when you discussed a cover upwith respect to watergate and sanclemente to these meetings take place at the home of thepresident not serve sample many as a generalterm for a situation where the president's residence is located in one place andthen there is aspace atthe morning meeting on me thecanister rounds office this is what i describe as wewere assessing the various members of this committee i was from there we went tolunch we had lunch at thenothing is happening
the regulations becauseit wassouth to africa and met later andmr hollands well mrsweet with an elitist thatwork for many hours a situation that we met him the next day and discussthis matter for many days give me to give me the danes ofthose meetingsand give me somefans of the conversations that took place with respect to the coverand at the individuals whom i describedthese conversationstrust the conversations were actress and general discussion
of all theories on how to deal with this committeein other words there would be a public park or cooperationand i believe we would make it as difficult as possible in an investigative materials andwitnesses there be an effort to discredit the committee but theyneeded bipartisan through a behind the scenes of media effort there was alsodiscussion on how to to make sure that there wereraised also the problems that the democratic party might have been engagedin but that one time there was nothing specific race we were hoping to find thingsthat at one point in the conversation it was suggested would hire privateinvestigators mr holmes justice i raise the fact is more politicalsurveillance and that's the last thing in the world we need then i think thatyou
know whether or not us is the watergate andthree you know whether or not theseyet at the white house or anyone else underauspices of ad hewas hired to conduct the gatheringintelligence our patients areinvasions of the right of privacy of individuals i only know of the fact thathe's a mightyindirectly that have no firsthand knowledge aboutyou know whether or notno and yes and was which you've mentionedare any eavesdropping through electronic devicesno sir
fb in one respect the beauty isit possibleblocking are impeding out the senate investigation that the white houseat any timethere were certainthingssubmissionsi thinkit was a joynow when you i mean fonda made to get out of the
country who had instructed you to do thisand what conversation actually took place friday you'reinforming this committee to get on this this occurred onmonday the nineteenth june nineteen seventy two it was a late afternoonmeeting and mr gonzales with mickelson thefirst question before the meeting and at any substance was raised bymr ortman has to punt was he asked me and i said i have no ideayet nicholson and mickelson listener comments iwas goingto get out of the country itwas short time after that i didn't think aboutit that often related there was a brief discussion between myselfin a discussion
wellfifteen twenty minutesand i don't knowwhen was the first they're real meaning to organize thecover and who was present at that person i think that the coverup is somewhat similar to be planningi know that when i came backfrom out of the countryall right we had begun thatin place and was going to information that you have with respect to theinvolvement of any officials in the white house on that initial stage of
a cover up well on monday the ninth inning information ithink both the iranian nationthat morningyou advise the presidentabout the authority that mightexist under mall for the covert activity thatwas two and so as a result of the organization nothingi wasn't involved in the establishment with plumbers and was somewhatby accident that i was talking with bud krogh like noam well and waspartially responsible for my coming to the white house made a fact when irealized
at the time an operation that wasseeking to determine major leagues invited me down acd and he said we have a a new sensor security systemand it might actually seen it so i went down and look at it andsort of member phone and that was about the senatewho is the younger of executive privilege as far harbourwell iwouldn't say that there was a a conscious decision at any point in timetoo it was alwayscoming up it beganthe
cue uses itit wasit's mid september early octoberthat was the only congressional problem arosewas doing great parents when my name and moved to the forefrontthat we began discussing using are litigating with theissue of executive privilege possibly been the strongest and these were in discussions i hadwith the president words if you're litigating the matter with mr danethere would be no other witnesses from the white house areyou having a treatment this moderateon immigrationhall
center mongolia has interrupted his questioning of john thain is the committee takes a break forone more vote on the senate floor public television's complete coverage of the watergate hearings willcontinue after a pause for a station identification on a great coverage of thesehearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs the publicbroadcasting service thepopefb
and pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committeeon presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer
democrat joseph montoya continues his interrogation offormer white house counsel john deanmr deanrightwith respect to his committeeon page two hundred and twenty fiveat the white house to try to get mr mitchellto accept the blame for the entire affair that can youtell me who the prime mover on this attemptwas at the white houseit was at the
time the sport wasdiscussed asfor the implicationsit was early discussionrecalled one particular incident occurred outside of the president'soffice before he went into a meeting i said there are twooptionsor secondly at the white house andothers around south of wagons instead of protecting itself and the roostthemselves when discussions in it with the president when it wasappalling and we i was arguing the book re imposedat be disclosed but the reservoir when he thought about
that if we really knewof the pre situation proposal might call iti didn't believe that and it was really whenpresident obama came back to californiathe early discussions of thisconcept that we're going to a firm policy so i also mentioned that there was a meetingon the twenty second or mr mitchell came downi had assumed at that time mr altman we're going to do somethingto try to bring mr mitchell ford on this issue because of the earlier discussions didn't helphe was making and mr mitchell report that didn't seem to be any
problem there were gentle discussions again about the status of thewhite house is at this committee on executive privilege to winanalyst to repeat of the same thing that occurredon several previous occasions and so i really can't say andthat policy of all until aftercalifornia therewere times in californiai don't know that i wasn't in california went on that i'm aware of anothersituation where mr colson and mr shapirocame to me withat thirteenand which calls laid out the theory that
mr mitchell should be a smoked out of this might result little problemdid you hear any discussions that by mr haldemanehrlichman with respect to the same thing i guess i didn't factor ina conversation with mr msamato it went one time i recall and itwas as it had been planned mr mitchell would come down that saturdayi believe itnow in theearlier strong feelings for mr mitchell why didn't you uprisingof this move by the white house i'm going on the prosecutors butthis time and was in discussions with the prosecutors it was tryingto avoid any situationin
fact i was having discussions with the government about the entire situation andi believe it one time whenmr o'brien was going to california to me with thissuggestion of mr mitchell that he do sobut that this could well be a setup situation but idid not have a private moment because i myself was dealing with the government andi had stopped the cover and i was nolonger important now you wear allthroughout human beings with respect to this affairand the implications that day you might get the charge warwith a violation of law or obstructing justicethink about itdirectly
after the election when mr solomonwe had a discussion about a written the report he asked me what would happen if allthe facts were laid out i told him what would happen and i said that i thought thatultimately and reconvene grand jury which would occur if the facts werewhat inthe lawi'm asking this question howdo you expect us to resolve the truthin this matter when you stake once duringthe test fired here and major self centered cross examination and thepresident states another story and he does notappear before this committee i'm not implying these you know how do youexpect us to resolve this can you give us any information as to how we might resolve it
i think there isthe truth always americans and also be during thesehearings and will be as a result of the other activities that thespecial prosecutor through the process ofhistory but the truth is it isunusual and i must just here's what the president had anyindividual or i have a difference of opinion or difference between the fact thatindividual this is a current ones in my early meetings withthe prosecutor's i'm quite willing to submitmyself on any version of that with any individualbut thereremains you change
ends and coming out with the truth of this matterrelatedit was after the first yearthat i had serious reservations as the watergate cover upcontinue i'm a statement from junenineteenth on i'm not a very pleasant day in my life this is an ongoing situationseptember when i begantalking with my now wife about getting married i told her somewheredown the road can get very rough situation because that i didn'texplain it to her because i just realized that something like this could not go on indefinitelyand one point i reached the end the line and just
decided i couldn't continue and i just didn't have theconstitution internally to proceed what was goingon and so i decided to start running the other way youknow these emerging now about what you've done mrin disclosing everything that you know you have peace of mind and your conscienceand ione out of what i'm going to askyou do you feel better now that you've told everything rather than itit's a very difficult thing to doif i think if that were to be perpetuated i
wasn't capable of doing that and i knew that my babywas not fallthese babies has been about halfbuiltthe second day of john deanafter a full day of questioning the members of the urban committee seen as undecided asbefore about how much credibility of former white house counsel deserves chiefcounsel sendak has already said that he's looking forward to his chance to question being a secondtime and senators urban and baker are still awaiting their terms john dean will bewith us at least another day and there's at least a chance he will be the only watergate witness of theweek the possibility that would prompt still more pressure on the committee's plan to finishthis round of hearings by the beginning of august stephen hess is a former advisor topresident nixon and john kramer greenlaw expertise on the low faculty at
georgetown university law school here in washington are with us now salmon that it didget a little tedious there toward the end but would you characterize this as a completelylast day when ethan and i don't think it was completely lost but i think that could beassessed it down to about half an hour a worthwhile news i think we're doing three things formr lane's testimony that everything's changed the shape of a little bit what he had said yesterdayfirst lady did changed seemed to make well he indicated about the president'sknowledge knowledge about you said before but the president wasn't fully aware of theimplications and they he said what he meant was his human patients what might happen to the membersof the white house staff around but he did indicate that he was pretty certain that the president was aware ofthe legal implications of the cover a second added it he did qualify todaywitnesses he'll apparently from his point you had no conclusive the water whatsoever in the cover uphe was just told things did not know they were untrue in fact he said that at one time he requested
permission to break ziglar and was denied that permission from my joband the third good news with respect to thecover up self mr peters and yesterday seemed to be involved in seven or eight incidenceof helping the white house throughout the process was again not involve not complicity andwas seen to be doing its job properly and yet as a result of yesterday's testimony thatimplication was a lot about henry peterson write that even more thancooperate verizon attractive the tougher question seemed toput them in a much better life now is that it's over which allowswhat's your assessment assessment is that rarely has something that is sopotentially dramatic and so quickly turned into constant boredom is thetestimony of john dean at the hands of the senate's ervin committee thosestatements of mr dean that were ambiguous yesterday were made ambiguous today i canuse to dean's credibility is not that affected one way or the other by today's five the
cross examination teams allegations have no more no more no lessweight than they had when he made them yesterday and things charges are highlyserious they deserve or care for more assistance group nave in the senate gave themtoday and i have high hopes given statements by senator baker in a waythat tomorrow will be a much more successful day in the senate chamberjoe one the course yesterday when mr dane was reading his verylong statement over two hundred and forty pages it went on for along long time but did you find yourself today to pick up on your point just as wishing that theyhad started at page one and gone all the way back through that's their question so there would havebeen some continuity two to the cross examination of that would you call itwell i certainly did i was thrown off by each senatorgoing off in his own direction senator why cruz seemed to be an interesting tension butnevertheless and i was interested to particularly in the question is
centered on one play as john kramer has pointed out earlier athow it was set up to actually set mr dean to give a verbatimtranscript caught up into little sections of what he said yesterday was an amazing performance of repeatingwords to work for were written statement that he had yesterday given to the committeeokay of course it's not over yet and we'll see what happens tomorrow when the rest of thehealth committee does cross examine mr danevery much and back are fun and peter carey got a close look at thosesecret papers from john dean say most of them are now part of the committee's record that we'renot red publicly after examining the documents peter filed this reportthe celebrated dean papers were released today and he proved to be something of afizzle first of all because the best of them have been published in the new york times last juneseventh they were published in a related to suggestions by tom houston and avery jenkins the fbi and other
agencies to get into sort of a super intelligence gathering agency thatwiretapping mail surveillance undercover activities on campus in the militarybe stepped up by the federal government on behalf of the white house and also quite a badshot by mr houston against then fbi director j edgar hoover the rest of therest of the ones i saw were really rather are anti climacticinvolve things like a plane hijacking and various other items of domestic securityand how they lived in my opinion one of the top secret staff that have been placed upon themare this is probably interesting only in the context of postings by senator weickertoday and others involving fbi involvement wiretapping of private citizens and areperhaps most interesting comment was made here on capitol hill away from the committeeroom was made by senator edward kennedy rejected a judiciary subcommittee meeting with the senatorssaid was we cannot eliminate watergate mentality from our government to
eliminate the atmosphere of secrecy and which is fed and the specific tools ofevasion and assembling which relies without nurturing opinion of my owni suspect if you will become increasingly popular robert andfinally a note which puzzles me personally in human termsyou are among millions of americans watching these hearings by day oh withus by night and according to the letters are written you're fascinated addicted losingyour sleeper some even plane spotting her sex lives there was oneindividual we would expect to be even more curious than all the rest of us even morefascinated to hang on every word and that is the man at the center of the drama richard nixonyet affordability the white house spokesman the president has not had thecuriosity even wants to turn on his television to watch the hearings deputy press secretarygeneral of war and repeated that today and said mr nixon hadn't even watch the summaries andnews programs instead he's content with written some ways the president is at san
clemente and plans to stay there through july before you said to be conducting business asusual it strains credulity a little to believe that he is sobusy or so and different or so disciplined that you can resist the spectacleof his former employees spinning a web of evidence that each day drawscloser to him it is mind boggling to be told that mr nixon didn't even watchjohn dean charge him in effect was systematically lying to the american peopleit's another strange piece of evidence about the personality of those mostinscrutable politicians for jim lehrer peter kay and our guestsi'm robert macneil that night for impact from washington you'vebeen watching gavel to gavel videotape coverage of hearings by the senate select committee onpresidential campaign activities as coverage is made possible by grants for specialevents coverage from the corporation for public broadcasting and the ford foundation and hasbeen a production of unpacked a division of the greater washington educational
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1973 Watergate Hearings
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 13 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Dean testifies.
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