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fboh that these committee hearingsdo not prejudiced the right to a fair trial but in fact enhance theright to a fair trial i pledge before you begin that i willnot inquire in any manner that i know are you suggesting that faith might be involved in atrial vesco is to take off your climate perspectivepledge on my part that no refusal to answer on legitimate and that legitimatebasis will be viewed by giacometti or this member of the committee as a thinker cooperationi believe in this legislative committeethis committee of the senate according to plan to the government can proceed with its mandateis required of a resolution which created without jeopardizing fairnessof the trial court either the government or the phone it's my fervent hope that
we conduct ourselves in that wayi'mcuriousmeanwhile with ross with the completion of this very rugged of themare still there and in his absence prove the united states supremecourt decision case that the committee's acted withinlimits no one waslegally craftsmanship i want me only excellence and gowith you think that the lights tothe witness like thati would like to
proceed with an opening statement which will think they bought one in theletter overthank youwe've all thereasons that i moved intothat review and possibly suggestthat will be allowed to review and possibly without interruption withthe committee will stand in recessso having spent all thattime deciding whether mr stearns going to testify and under what terms the bottom up to the
point of holding his hand up in the air to be sworn in and then but for lunchmr stearns a statement to the committee in a moment whichis like once again to express our gratitude for the response the public televisionhas had to this gavel to gavel coverage and primetime response and mail has beenoverwhelming and so it has in the number of viewers in at least one citythis gavel to gavel coverage in the evenings as attractive as many viewers as the mostpopular dramatic program public television as sharma on televisionscoverage of the hearings will continue after a pause for station identificationon a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the memberstations of pbs the public broadcasting service thethe
pointterry and pike continues its coverage or hearings by thesenate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent
robert mcneil in this third hour of the hearings murray stands willexplain his role in the nixon campaign one that he says was separate from that of thestrategy makers and their cover the circumstances leading up to a twenty fivethousand dollar campaign contribution going into the bank account or convicted watergateburglar bernard barker he'dbeen conned also sense the witness first readsomething like a half a cup tomake the remainingmembers of the committeei'm very sorry that the circumstances ofmy parents made it necessary for my counsel legal points in order toprotect our eye fair trial in new york i personally would muchprefer to testify without any project myself into
criminal action in which i feel it in the setting of a fair and impartialtrial or on ajury in a request to be vocal the canadian my best inless than two years ago one of those moments in myexperience occurred in the senate side of the capitol emiservices secretary of commerce so the un the navy arecalling on the senate commerce committee are extremely generous and a publichearing in praise of my efforts over a three year period as part of a carand some of the democratic senators even with the success in my newundertaking as a fundraiser but not to much success they saidall those comments remain highly valued to me now as much as areward for the many years i spent in public service in to the administrationi would like my appearance here today to be another service in the public interest
the circumstances that bring us together are extremely regrettablebut i still very strong mutual concern when you're in this casein establishing the facts and the truth of these matters of national interestfor that reason that you know i have cooperated with your staff prior to my parents aretoday just as i intended to fully with a committee here nowmy sense of integrity compelled me to do soin the past i have refrained from answering in apiecemeal fashion that raises questions that have been raised by the mediaconcerning the presidential campaign and other related matterfor that i had been highly criticized i felt that it was better if i cananswer these questions before an appropriate forum in this setting andperspective of the overall situation that's what enabled me to give a completepicture rather than a piecemeal response and this is what i want to do
today to the extent i am at this may help resolve some questionsas the witches minimal understanding and much erroneous public informationlike that they say that i have cooperated fully withevery official agencies sought information from me at my place with thestaff of this committee wants for the staff about spanking and turns the comedyabout three major the fbi and six meeting for the general accounting office they'regiven a deposition to the assistant united states attorney in washingtonsays the united states attorney in the arkin plays testified before a new york grand juryalthough this has been voluntary also testifiedseveral times but the opposition and civil suits and once of the florida criminal casealso during all the investigations which it commands tojune seventeen nineteen seventy two all finance committee personnel tocooperate fully intended to report a testimonial to sloane jr
paul barrett judy hoback evelyn hi there martin chambers as evidence that this is beingdone i am convinced that none of these persons that apartin watergate for the subsequent eventswhereas will come out mr sloan's recollection and mine may differ in the field respectsthis is obviously attributable to the passage of time or the pressures of eventsat the time were subject of recall just ashe has given to his best recollection i won't have a lot of the various financial manon the major issue that of involvement in the watergate where i'm satisfiedthat he's completely innocent and myunderstanding of the committee is probing three murders in which it might assume that i have some knowledge ofespionage charges including the watergate building in a cover up that allegedly followedthey saw that the charges including the security operation
and the handling of campaign financeon the three letters i would like to state testsfirst i had no knowledge of the watergate break in or any otherespionage efforts before i read about them in the press or the effort tocover up after the event second i hadno knowledge of any suburb program to disrupt the campaign by sideready or anyone else thirdly the best of mine alwaysthere were no intentional violations of the laws relating to campaignfinancing by the finance committees which i had responsibilitiesbecause of the complexity of the new law that became effective in the course of the campaignand a vast amount of work that had to be done under the new law there mayhave been some unintended technical violations by the committeewell are particularly distressed in his opening statement
is the fact that this committee cannot effectively evaluatethe work of the finance committee or my own activities without having for afundamental distinctions and mo first a distinction with a mainfunctions and activities of the campaign committee and the functions and activities of thefinance committee second the distinction between theelection financing law that expired on april six nineteen seventy twoan election financing law which was effective on april seventh nineteen seventy twoand next within the finance committee the distinctionbetween the functions and activities of the chairman of the functions and activities of the treasureand for the activities of the finance committee before i joined it onfebruary fifteen nineteen seventy two and the activities of that committeeafter there were fifteen nineteen seventy two but thecampaign committee i mean of course the committee for the reelection of the president
by the finance committee i mean the finance committee for the reelection of thepresident and that several predecessors up through april six nineteenseventy two and the plant's committee to re elect the president beginning aprilseventh nineteen seventy to go whether associated committees in eachtime collision with a financecommittee is its chairman the treasure was hugh sloan jr until july fifteenth nineteen seventytwo and after that treasure with paul ii backi show it for the treasure as a lot with the same individual letting the timeperiod identify which of these persons it relates toas mccain campaign committee and the finance committee thecampaign committee had all of the responsibility for the planning of the campaign tothe bottom of that strategy execution of its facts the question
is how many people were employed efforts to be expended in each state examinationof the relative use of direct mail and personal solicitation and media advertisingkinds of appeals to voters and the entire gamut of thepolitical apathy was about the organized and management conducted by the campaign committeetheir decision's vix be among the campaignwould cost the finance committee hadnot in any of the basic decisions were all the financecommittee was directed toward a single object to raise enough money to pay the bill thatthe finance committee had nothing to say about which bills to him ori know the arrangements in effect the finance committee paid any billsare made any payments which bore the rule of an appropriate official of the campaigncommittee the campaign committee was supposed to say that theamounts to locate where within the limits of an approved budget
it turned out that the controlled and not working as they were intended in spending over andthe budget by more than eight million dollars perhaps more likely ten milliondollars so in practical terms ofwhen i'm trying to make is that the two committees operated in watertight compartmentsthey were physically separated on different floors the campaign committee ran thecampaign and created that that's the finance committee raised the money and pay the billsthere was only one form for thechange of opinions with respect to campaign spending and that was the budget committeebudget committee consisted of three officials of the campaign committee of three officials of the finance committeeformal meetings of the budget committee was recorded minutesdid not take place until after labor day in nineteen seventy two and thenwithin families on the get married well before that but most of
the ceremony over among overall amount of funding at the national and statelevel news of the budget committee are not in myopinion very affected each one was opened by may with a generalstatement of the current cash position and the expectations of future contributionsbut in the last few days of a campaign everyoneexpected i personally thesecontinuously or reductions in the level of spending the actual trend wasconstantly a poor at times the means<unk> became better and i walked out of one meeting at which i thought there wasabsolutely no understanding of the difficulties of fund raising on the part of those who aregoing to spend the budget go to forty million and forty threemillion and it up in excess of forty eight million at our latestaccounting which are not yet completed chosen to be an excess of fifty million
all male a surge of contributions as a result ofthe effective organization with bill across the country made it possible for us to end upwith a surplus of all thatnow as we plainly old law and the law priorto april seventh nineteen seventy two the controlling lawn candidates for federal officers wasthe corrupt practices act enacted in nineteen twenty fivethis act made a major distinction mclean fund raisingfor a candidate to secure a nomination through primaries areconventions and fund raising in a general electionthere was no reporting required of any kind on contributions and expenditures tosecure the nomination there was a requirement that contributions andexpenditures in a general election we reported to the clerk of the housethe federal election campaign act of nineteen seventy one which became
effective on labels of the nineteen seventies to change thatby eliminating entirely the distinction between a campaign for a nomination ran a campaign forelection it required that all contributions and all expenditures in apolitical campaign the record at all the bill signedby the president on feb seven it did not become effective intellectalso because the congress specifically allowed sixty extra days foroperations under the old lawthe distinction that an election financing a nomination financing it existedfor almost fifty years and countless candidates for thepresidency senator there was a representative of the requirements of the onehand the exemption of the other in nineteen seventy twocandidates such offices in both political parties were on thefinance committee did not have to publish your file their transactions byard able so
unorganized that reporting committees after that day and thepresident's campaign finance committee for the reelection of thepresident had been created solely to raise funds for the re nominationand this committee terminated its activities on april sixth it was not a longrequired to file reports and the finance committee to reelect the president was treated operate beginning april seventh and others filedreports required by law iwe readily acknowledge that our fund rating operated under the old law until april seventhnineteen seventy two we used the sixty day periodallowed by the congress under this law the fact the contributionsneed not be reported it the committee and its contributors aright of confidentiality
the issue of concrete confidentiality vs disclosure of such information has neverbeen fairly presented to the public at the naval clear that the committeeengaged in secret and by concealment suspect transactionswhich would never heard that they've been required to be useful that is nottrue the transactions were valid and proper and the question ofwhether they were to be recorded with the question of law that involve important rightsof individuals the committee's position allhas been a non disclosure created no advantage to itbut that privacy was a regular contributor would sicken committee could notproperly way right to live without a new infusion of the longrespected benefit of the americans as they are for the committee did not release thenames of its contributors network also it has never objected to
a contributor disclosing of contribution and on one occasion justbefore the election the committee released a list of such contributors ofthe march ninth nineteen seventy two and only after consulting with those making thelarger gifts much has also been made ofthe fact that if you record to the committee before april seventh were destroyedthe fact is that the very large part of those records have been preservedand the committee believes that the others can be reconstructed if they'reneeded but the important point is that there was no illegal act and throwingaway any of these records and even though there were retained could have been disposed ofnot only was there no statutory requirementthat record the transactions the horrible some of the preserve it was not evennecessarily that any books that any recordings the capitol
at least that's what her lawyers both at the time and that corresponded with what we've been told in thenineteen sixty eight campaign thefinance committee to re elect the president on a job to observe strictly all the provisions of the new law thatenables seven hundreds its affiliated state committees to do likewisesystems and going forward it up to ensure that would be the casenotwithstanding there's there have been a few instances in which the committee has beencited by the general accounting office and the department of justice for failure toreport transactions which occurred after a closer look manyblues that has that other explanations for this small number of technical violationsand in at least one case the department of justice's ruling in favor of the committeeon a citation and lately is that considering the hundreds ofthousands of contributions are saying and billsits record under of operation under a new and highly complex
law that came in too beam during the middle of the campaign should becommended rather than criticize now as to thechairman of the treasury these are the only do statutory officesrequired a political committee as chairman of the committeei had a partial responsibility for overall coordination of its activitiesdefensible vehicle in that respect with a deal a staffmeeting attended by the treasury the comptroller general council in charlotte oystermenworking in washington but without doubt myprime partial responsibility was to raise the money required to finance the campaignand i write almost all of my time and attentionduring february fifteenth the november seventh nineteen seventy two ivisited approximately forty five cities in thirty two states to make afundraising committees groups of potential contributors and individual potential internet
i also met with individual then groups in washington and madehundreds many hundreds of phone calls to fundraisers and contributorsand this was not a campaign finance play a few large contributorsto ensure participation by hundreds of thousands ofindividuals i directed a direct mail program it reachedthirty men involved and a good fundraising program to reach people and theirplaces of employment based have a great deal of timeas chairman of the committee i have no responsibilityand connection with ian darryl handling of funds banking recordingaccounting and reporting i did not sign checksi did not expand that literature special i did not have the cash onit was my regular practice when i took the contributions for the committee to turn the
mortar the treasurer problem i did not a relationship with the banki did not make a reasonable stream unsinkable and i did notprepare the public report did not renew them except the scanner summary page isthe sole responsibility of the treasurethat was not only within a working format of our committee butit wasn't what was provided under the federal election campaignthis was the responsibility for all day today in rural operationand generally i consult with him only when he came to me forguidance on a specific problem which was on a limited number of occasionswell as two beforethey were fiftythe joint committee on february fifteenth last year a considerable numberof activities were underway in a number of people were in place fundraising
and campaign activities that they're engaged in almost a yearprograms have been plan are committed by the campaign people funds have beencollected and spurred committees have been formed and terminated and somewell publicized transactions that already occurred patterns ofpayment of a reporter and bart gordon liddy where practice will havelike an authority that hurricanes come back and turned over to the committee thefront in his possession but those better than they can comply with thelaw and a receipt you're generally were inadequate people with the body armor work sure tocome when i joined the committee the bank balance was about three milliondollars and i was still thirty million or forty million or more to be rei did not reveal what happened before but began to work with the problem at handi did not learn about many the earlier transactions and delay much later
time apple from february fifteenth april seventh i hadforty five working days on saturdays and thirteen of these words that outsidewashington was not a great time with it that aren't ondetail i trust are the people already in the committee organization i reliedheavily on the treasure because of his previous experience in nineteen sixty eight to nineteenseventy one and even before nineteen sixty and i was at hercontributionsbut i would like to emerge from all this information are a few simple conclusionsfirst the finance committee played no part in the strategy or the tactics of thecampaign if they went wrong it was the fault of thecampaign committee the finance committee's only responsibility was to raise enoughmoney to pay the costs that were incurred by the campaign committeesecond the finance committees in existence prior april seventh
nineteen seventy two operating under legal advice that their transactions need not bereported or are reported as a matter of lawthat within the finance committee the germans basic job was to raise themoney in the treasury job was to account for it and disperseand for the responsibility of raising the largestamount of money ever spent in a political campaignobviously put massive pressure is on the finance committee especially those engaged in fund raisingin my own case the stress was multipliedmany fall weather serious illness of my life which began augustninth and continued in early nineteen seventy threeand i repeat to you but i had no advanced knowledge of thewatergate affair and no knowledge of any efforts may have been made to coverit up now i know about any other has been under sabotage
activities on the part of the campaign committee i can also ensure thatway a maiden aunt has been careful efforts theviolence that then intent of the election lawsmr stanton chairman chairman sections pursuant to arequest by senator whiter if there's no objection so the whiter as abrief statement he liked that might to borrow directly after they're aninjection of a white germanchairman mike berryin nineteen seventy i gained the republican party'snomination for united states senator from connecticutdelaware primary care and of course the primariescampaign republicans both within and without connecticut properly chose
sides of between myself and my opponentit came to my attention that the tree stands in the center of commerce spoke in connecticutbecause one nomination and a half and on behalf of myrepublican opponent john lupton is action i knowwas not an indication of any official position taken by the whitehouse but needless to say did not endear me tomiss things god had no contactmissions and our secular great compassionfor him and his family i do not want to seta fight any person or wondered aboutwhy mr stands as to whether my questionwould be an act of getting even their former chairmani'll refrain from questioning of despair and now or
anytime in the future it is underwater mr edmonsonis it not truethat most of your adult life that you've been in the accounting business oneway or another yes it's true thelower level i think that for eight or nine years in governmentbeforein nineteen fifty seven you were going to doand in nineteen fifty two the recipient of the american governorsassociation's annual war and the answer to thoseare other accounts an award in nineteen fifty four and you were elected to be countingall of my nineteen sixty so you insert yourself really goodcow joel coen brothers' filmswhat is your operation announced plans and in the
final phases of winding up the finance committee to re elect presidentand the previous questioni know that look most press clippings of years regarding you thatsuggest that your a sticker for details andsocial conservativesi would say theyare they're correct on low point i'm a stickler for detail with inmy area of responsibility and i am essentiallyconservative and i'd only been spending more money than is necessary for any that was oneof the reasons the campaign peoplelet's hear no problem with fifteennineteen seventy you with senator obamai'll tell the communities are
overcoming the finance committee what politicalactivities or you're engaged in violent secretary of commerceyou may have a relationship to the bombing campaign innineteen seventy one on a few occasions imet with the specialcommittee after hours as i recall aswe discuss the founding procedures that they were going to use in thenineteen seventy two campaign i had no part in the campaign i'mnot commit myself to be in the campaign and i was very stronglyof the conviction that i did not want to take the midst of a nineteen seventy two when iwas about eleven and discuss some of theaccounting procedures that would be helpful to us toask you if you can identify anything
about here this is a poorly written bymiss jan brewer a confidential memoranda for the attorneygeneral they date july twenty eight in nineteen seventy one thepiecebecause it'sbeenfortworthdoing this becausebiko with intelligence committee only this is
confidential memorandum to the attorney general dick whitney who is secretary spence politicalspecial assistant spent some time with me discussing nineteen seventyone idea which he brought up might be useful in other departmentsthe secretary has built up a discretionary funding commerce that totalapproximately one million dollars is using this fun for cochran sayshiring in other activities that will be beneficial for the president's reelectionif you feel it is appropriate secretary stands mike discuss this concept to otherchemical to see if they can develop the same time bomb within their own quartersof them mothers like or approve disapprove prominentmisses i said that sounds good reader to the attorneygeneral dated july twenty eight nineteen seventy one what can you tell us about that
i can't tell you very much about i have no idea what the concept wasa fake it was given based on some misunderstanding or otheranimal funds in the department of commerce department iauthorized forms of the departmentmr whitney would be the ones who have to explain themwell sosomewhere somebody is implying that we had a million dollars set asidein the department open election campaign i would suddenly they are alli don't know when i was chairman of theartist's works the ad says we know thatlincoln would become a figureof fun as
the finance committee who were encouraged toi guess i became chairman of plentifuland in the absence of another candidate for the job ieventually ended up volunteering to the presidentin january nineteen seventy two nine your statement you mentionedthat there's a good deal of difference between the finance committee and theactual campaign committee oh youdo not have anything to do with the campaign committeei had nothing of anything of instability campaign committee ofany kind except in so far as that as a memberof the budget committeedid you on may ten nineteen seventy to write a memo tojonathan mitchell in which she discussed a number of
issues regarding the variousshows mr ehman yes i started towrite it i wrote under the circumstances write in my opening statementfrustrated and upset that level of spending that wasrejected by the campaign people and i proposedthat a number of republicans in the vote yesnow you pretty well covered the whole area to campaign and this memo to newchristmas number ones november group on the two conventions three republican national committeefor national campaign but you were rather familiar with theoperation up campaign committee if you're able to write this extensivea memo ok well i don't think it's quite rightly is that i was not veryfamiliar to all of the operation the campaign committee with theirobjectives as promised they were going to stand and approximately a dozen
categories in which they were going to spend and i wasn't getting to thepolls the moment they were doing this when i waschairman of the members of his ownsentencesgordon liddy was general counsel to thecampaign committee until around the end ofmarch and then he became general counsel for thefinance committee and then during his tenure inthe finance committee relied on his advice for a lot of legal advice and weare now did he give good advice
regarding the pre april seven operations and those afterjuly on his legal advice yes says one of the sources of the live likethis for you where is receiving cash from mr marcwarner i missed you slow prior to aprilseventh i was aware of it he had received astomachache and i was not aware of a milein the war on one occasionwas that this is a relatively small amount of moneyi ever heard one point or another they'rereally saving money and the environmentthat is the only reason you had it was brought hereattention was the one elevatori'm sure you're familiar with this true sloan's testimony before this
committee that he discussed with you a payment at threethousand stability testimony ofveterans somewhere around these things thelabel pages long and theonly one in a very substantial amount of moneyi meanattorneys office and i thought the man was thirty thousand dollarsa recall that only big in any event i don't think the money is veryimportant that loans at substantial money moneyand i said i don't know
a conversation with johnmccainboth have a short time aftersunset flown delta near that normallydon't want a substantial amount of money what's it allabout and john mitchell reply was i don'tknow eleven as the roadvoters in charge of the campaign and he directs the spending msbeiser doing the rebels willpay these amounts are any of us to learn that inaddition to those elements that that's right so that's my recollection thephrase of the discussion that took place i went back to slow andrecorded the home and found out that he had already thought of it the same
information through the transactionsthat was disarmed testified to the year with a lot ofconnections to cover for african self pity have a conversationwith like that that really is answered at one more pointapparently from the testimony was truly showedup two hundred and fifty thousand dollarsagainst which he intended to go thelibyan authoritiesi think of that groupon recollection is somewhat confused becausemy understanding of it is somewhat different i have
learned prior to april seventh thatbut porter had a cash london is safe itsometimes receive money from one or more sources and use the debateare certain campaign purposes i objected to thatbecause i wanted there to be only one trader in thecampaign and there was an understanding whichmr slone has confirmed that his testimony that mr porter would not receive any more money fromhim and the best of my knowledgehe did not receive any money from afterillinois how muchmoney you've given quarter after april seventhmore importantly on september sixth i
met my attorney duringalso for the committee to learn some more informationabout mr sharon's activities after april seventhand a longer journey told me thatafter april seven sloan had given porter only five hundred dollarsand while the committees attorney mr parkinsoni have our motivations of that conferencesubsequently as you know it was developed that there's forabc fifty three hundred dollars from there flown and that was cited by the general accounting officelater the wall that the amount was eleven thousand dollars andi understand the fortified us friday or thursday when he was seventeenso i have no knowledge of those transactions are
used to which they report except as i learned that subsequentlyinvested so so we have someconflict in testimony again providing transition and transaction outsidedon't want to be critical but i believe thatmemory in that respect it is folly and perhapsconfusing they have discussed with someone else to question authority togive money to buy a car i understand you did you know thethree hundred and fifty thousand dollars from finance minister gordonstrong when that was made in the usalearn a little but more about it i think that mr sloanbecause back in february of last yeari heard from someone i think it was that come backbut i'm not sure that the white house would like to have
some of the nineteen sixty eight money that he had turned over toour committee to use for special polling purpose ofmoment we'll mention at that timeand i have no recollection of any other discussion about the subject untilafter the thrill and thirty thousand dollars was given bymichel home of the gordon strongcomeback takes full responsibility for the transactionat a later date i as usual at the white house never gotten themoney it wanted and he said yes they get three hundred and fifty thousand dollars i don't think it's a materialdifference a you know recollections of material in this pointbecause i said you were not objected to the i don't know and then it ended and then asked about itbefore i did not object that when i heard about him i think it was a pretty
proper transaction now the stands i don't wantto drag this out i think the committee does want to know something about allthe allegations of them made regarding for so calledmexican checks eighty nine thousand dollars from a mexican bankaccount of i think it's time for you your own words to describe whatyou know about that and what you get aboutand who you've discussed matters because idon't think the full story of a removal of that one place before visit myrecollection of the sequence of events on april thirdof last year i received a telephone call from billwho is then our finance chairman in the state of texasyou said i have it
united states is and resigning in texasas a prospective contributor four hundred thousanddollars that he wants to give it in mexico and united states funds that arenow in mexico is this legalicheck with our counsel found out that it was legal for a united states citizen to giveany foreign funded wanted i call theactivity and also a village and alsowell the next thing that i knew wasafter april twenty secondwhen i came back from a vacation and at a meeting ilearned from mr sloan that on april fifthfacilities representative
to washington to thecommittee a hundred thousand dollars incontributionsthat it was in the form ofchecks gone on american banks by a mexican bankthat he was not surehow to handle checks of that nature and thathe set them aside they're clearly arrived beforethe change in the law on april seventhhe set them aside to talk to counsel for the committee and then so the following weekthe committee counselsuggested that maybe reagan urban decay andi took the check from sloan for that purpose
when i got back from a vacation as i said i find outabout their checks i thought it had given them to counseli found out that the procedure which i could not have been returned but at thispoint i wasn't the understanding that people were checks totaling hundred thousanddollars time magazineand i was in prisonnow on iran i have tosay because i had not seen the checksthat i see the procedure the checks come back to him but according tothe church's came back to him tolisten my collection via twenty
five hundred dollars that was imposed on it and he all themoney and included it in a bank deposit that was made on may twenty fiveyou liveseventy eightnot about what you have to do this so called ourtrip he received a cashier's check knock on a mosque in our marriageit was an instant hit thatthe word was a member of the early finance committeeworking in the state of minnesota and theus was a minnesota resident who
also had a place of living in florida and a hotelreal plan that i can go over themsomewhere around that as early as january and it saidi want to know the president's campaign how did a twenty five thousand dollars and you get aroundand he confirmed that there were in fact therein march on the flow and that agovernment has the desire to get the money and changedand he decided to make a contribution inbecause he was a realist unfettered hundred and eightas well as a friend of the presidentsecretary twenty five thousand dollars ofmoney
but in an envelope be given an extra dollar on thefifteenth of march eighteen important records of the bankwhich also work in areas where directorunfortunately on a fourteenmillion people your ability of affiliated company then youcouldn't send them a shell and has continued along the money and animalon the road having in minda change in the law that would take place in the next day or soandrea's in florida in arizonaand that i still have that money i'd like to give it toheal before the change in the lawand over again
andthe company made no effectiveness so ilive in an animal and put it in the safe deposit boxin the hotel in yemen you can takeyour money you acceptthat as a barber to do andthen section on the basis of middleof life or the only reason and itwas really a contributiondunesthe money goes
the top analystwith a gun and nineand that there were requests and most of the money out of that safe deposit box and alittle bit the governmentbecause it is that and an interview with animportant to washington where he was bill and eleven for ameeting of the state finance people on the committeeon the eleventhand innovation in the meeting there were indoors to check on an intimatewith the explanation this is the money for member'sa full accounting of the sequins of the transaction of their dayquickly as possible
the background that this withlanguage but then contributed a voice at him andask him to determine the counting and energeticand treasure well beingand the general council suggested that he take a jetengine running to pay the treasury and the jetnow again i can report with the voters said thathe did not get the procedure the check back until sometime tonightwe received them unfairly were deposited in a bank accounton may twenty five hours tooand
so wetreated that has cash on hand on april seventh and recorded itin the report of the media committee to re elect the presidentand a monitoring and fifty thousand dollars and thaton may twentyfive we felt that we had complied with every requirementwell as to the handling and reporting that money without a familyand subsequentlypossible violation of the lawand failing to report that twenty five thousand dollars but the department ofjustice in a letter some months later concluded thatthere was no violation of law in an intimate transactionthank you
it was well after the watergate eventsof june seventeen shortly after thatdid you have any discussions with mr john mitchell are in what the white houseconcerning any of these checks during the week immediately followi don't recall any specific conversation with john mitchellbut i don't recall a conversation with federal and subsequentlywith robert loggiawas the morning of the twenty thirteensix days after the watergate affairthat you know we'recertainly do hiscontribution ended up in a bank account one ofthose who has to make a contribution you said well
it's a subject in the game now and we discussed itand concluded that in someregionswe've got in washingtonon that thing that that will be in a roomwith martin and the actual transaction datathat was meanhad anything to dowith the checks the checker the mexican checks entering the rocker like howcould only have gotten their through the hands ofour general counsel many were takeninto custody mr
danza i'm going to skip approach on herpart that wants to prove or secondgiving mr fred route eighty thousand dollarsyesterday and you had to like you know that was itthere's a livingas early as april butwhen she couldn't do it because he was waiting for the return of the proceeds of the area's checks wouldn't discussthe show the balance of eighty one thousand dollarsand it was some concern aboutthat because he was going on vacationand under the tense situation with thelegal is
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Identifier: 2341621-1-3 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Preservation
Color: Color

Identifier: cpb-aacip-512-qb9v11wf48__2341621-4-3.mp4.mp4 (mediainfo)
Format: video/mp4
Generation: Proxy
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