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theyarehallowed moverick perryand even inthose daysand you also say that in view all things that disparity that the cia was not involved indomestic and when i say three years yet there's that other thanthatmembers of the united statesunethical activities were engaged in by any person
is acting individually or in combination of others in the presidential election of nineteenseventy two or any campaign pandas or other activities related toron washington and that gavel to gavel videotape coverage oftoday's hearings on the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities years and bycorrespondent jim lehrer it was a tough second dayparade our time the stamina of the physically weak and weary spy was obviousobviously faltering as he was forced to respond to some intense probing by the senatorsfor instance on the tail and want to refashion why he believes there was a double agent in thewatergate operation and senator weicker with the attempted to shoot down the whole theorysenator analysts suggested that caught the professional pulled up nothing but flops for the whitehouse in those and the nixon campaign forcing on to defend his competence as a spotand other examples that you will say look through all in hisprecise low key way drop a few surprises the double agent
that for work and also let state and the cia is always been involved in the most ofthe charles colson directed him by phone in that interview with it key figure in thebeer but to import notebook from his white house aides are still missingand that he felt dirty tricks man blouse ago it was up to salt more games to mention justa few and all that was laced with that marvelous detail of the secret agent's artthat we know on clandestine operations world seldom go a glance up and in thatregard the poles are more about fellow secret agent with a colt named fact check aspeter kay reports from the hearing room what's that jack two superspicy howard hunt is an informant who passed on information stolen fromheadquarters of presidential candidate edmund muskie the former colleagues used john buckleyfifty three retired june thirtieth as chief of the office of economicopportunities inspection division just the other is a former fbi agent andattorney a former staff member of the house education and labor committee and now an investigator
for a washington law firm headed by joseph leonard ellerbe former high justice departmentofficial as dr jack however inept five times without on a washingtonstreet corner early in nineteen seventy two swapping a marked envelopes of moneyfor federal copies of information stolen from the ski headquarters demandingstop when the city's political star faded and fat tax agents were unable to penetratethe headquarters of democratic front runner george mcgovern in fact jack approachhas earned its place in history and today he joined moving on to propose sedanchair and most rivers in the lexicon of watergate story that goesbeyond even the fertile imagination a spy novelist e howard hunt genei'm so much for that jack the latest member of our spy gallery at theclose of the night's broadcast i'll be back with george will washington editor of national review todiscuss the day's proceedings for now here's an hour by our rundown of today's
testimony in the first hour lays out his theory of why he thinks alford baldwinwas a double agent he bases that on a belief that baldwin had intimate ties to democrats inconnecticut also matt hour and admits he asked bernard bipartisan telegrams to the whitehouse after president nixon announced the mining of five von robert in the second hoursas to be put on he received by the cia or supporting super the party saysyes and then test devices telephone and address books that he last saw his white houseaide to the handbook victims operation anonymouslydetails his work with the agent called fat tax in the mustyofficers that we still open says he and gordon liddy talk about getting achoice follow democratic candidates aircraft interceptingcommunications and the fourth balances liddy told and john mitchell was insistent on making asecond injury in a democratic and we're also now it denies that he requested orreceived any offers of executive clemency in the final hour
two a theory also on that our minority council thompson reached cables in whichcatalogued says the united states will support the coup against himtestimony empoweredthe policebombit is you're rightwe need
securityhe'sonly hearing yesterdaystaywith me this morning is that it isa stepthe judges saying i sent youto thirty years to make the changes now call the tribe and ithink that there is a robust that provisionalstatus using the fact remains that he is that everything we saidyesterday that sense he's facing is accurate but it's not like all thejudges that i sent you to thirty years it's alsoa milestone you also i mean i
feel they have not been triedthat is not correct senator you have not mean i have not beenin that and i testified before the federal grand jury in los angeles grand juryunder grant immunityjusticebe sentenced to thirty years in prisonnosair plan on that and directlythis clandestine organization the wall street freedom thatthere's a real valuelady yesterdayfrom this conflict inside the onlytuesday who directly due to the
volatilitymrdavid yeah that'sright mrmr nonoyou think that you owesave myunderstanding shortly prior to myenjoyment white house staff i was the subject of a full field
quite influenced by the fbi at the same time iunderstood that because i had been a cia only a relatively short period of timethat all the top level clearances that i've held at cia had been reinstatedthepentagonpapers that not without the permission of the departments thatit would be months now you've gotthat you thought of cable of meeting with the kennedyadministration is that true nowwhat did you finally prove that you've got that seventyagent came what was an agent of fabricated people didn't want to get sickquestion
as i recall and seventy one countswas aig a query or an inquiryfrom one of the saigon embassy which ambassador lives then headeda fascinating course of action such asgrandin no political asylum to the mostto lose him and his brother in law in the event that they should seek asylumand the second day of cable and i've fabricated was in thelead the response from the white house today forwhat was on it was a negative response no worriesit was alleged to be president kennedy speaking for this government that political asylumgranted now was inevitablethat relate to the
implication that president kennedy and the assassination of president thoughwouldhave resulted in the deaths of the two menin other words that it was all wellassassination as usual there's an occasion thosealienated catholic vote in the presidential election of nineteen hundred andseventy two that would have been a part of a lot of thecable the answer thank youjust goand also saw yet why this nomination thepress lately though that the ddt correct through history ofiraq
whitehouse is the lesson thatwe would try and go i'm as to benin othersin the white house was to gocongressthat'srightthank youi get into a minute presentation of thatlist making the subpoenas the novelnow the first term and now missouri caucuses too expensive as itwas reported you know it doesn't they did last week they turned itdown because of the nature of the plants that correctly that her
now rival break in and entering into the watergate complexlittle and hetold me that his carrier northwest beauty and that has leo and idon't know that under no circumstances you wouldn't have dissipated and i thought itwas a solo flight on portability and no one else wouldas you have mentioned that you operate in areas and products fromthe west coast with julie exactly what they weregreat ones the field in breaking and his office is that correct thefacts all right it'sbleak on thepeaksbut psychologist karen dalton's injury in the
repetition that question did you pay todesecrated and directed the us caught himfind outexactly whatright rightat the time of the quake and then the ceiling
and itcertainly is my calculationlegal history and providing that equation for abuseby a mumble prayers activities which areengaged i interviewedmr clifton a lot of thepast i amalso interviewed retiredgeneral organs and mr olsonrequestit's in caramel says are
the survivors of the positiveinformation from various request thesemountainsi didn'ti can't recall whichis wrong report ityou knowyou knowit's easy
i have no knowledge of the worldohthis is an aberrationi've understood thatthat mr libby aboutdavid young and so we have to put on that door which is thegeneral manager of the white house in an effort to divert undue attention fromthe activity it into that room one thingcountry
i wouldn'tnecessarily say that extra legal operation this guyi can imaginefirst i wouldnot wanting to promise that the operation that we haveset up a president ordered was an extralegal passing theand that poweri thinkbill andsame time was secret service and i was given to understand that that wasbecause neither organization was sufficiently in the confidence of the
administration to be in carssecondly as anti operationthat feeling and ninetyyears later years a record incumbencythe entry in theoperationand the prisonpopulation they even examinedthese regulationsand you sell
if you're going to hear aboutthe series of events of thatnight taken and in their totality solidarity and suggested to me formany months we might benefit were entrapped byinformation having been provided before him to a local long court beforea member of the aryan youwho do you think about how i would have i would haveto indicate that most likely years of hit theballonly recently hired
nice jobi meanyeahthat's right and hired him notfor itself for the original protection ofthe attorney general and the ordinances margaret mitchelli do not knowyesterday president
obama had rather intimate ties to the democratic party inconnecticut withoutthe notes i would have suggested he was the nephew of the judgethat the democratic judges do it at least atone point in time or presented himself as a billionaire john bailey who havebeen longtime waschairman of the democratic party in connecticut i understood thatthe subsequent to the actual that's had agirlfriend were quote democratic national headquarters there was thequestion of which has never been resolved at least to my satisfactionthe dc police department's so called on scott to
something like two hours after their normal coursetheir immediate response from the scene of the watergateand the failure to alertthe novelty and then also thecredit nationalconventionthe reason is rightmorning
stevebeforeandagainthe action with mr libby gave him was now they are all in businesssuits and this time the unrest begantaking place on the sixth floor of the democratic national headquartersconstructionserves four
getmovingsovanvanlikely to the record home in long island left theother than that haven't taken african affiliate once we madecontact with one or more glorious known to be known fortheir affiliation with democratic partyat this pointi don't know at our previoussheriff or whatever might be worth ona seven or
whatever it might be worsethat was in julythank youhe indicated to me that mr baldwin andtobago of perfect propriety than facts are come towashington following a treaty connecticut which had retainedcounsel and on top of the committee for the reelection of the president which time hethought he'd come from the systems bought theimportance to justify and exposing as they areand they're dealing with the los angeles times he didwell
senatorif i made a misstatement that requirement of theheadquarters of the election of movieto meyou're closeyou don't think you'redoing anythinghe's at mit
security i believe in an illegal way fromwhite house if certain that the records of three phases of electronicparaphernalia was recovered from that there was another expensive evidencewhich presented by itself suggested to mesuggested to me the key eventually thevariations on my wife died less than a month before andparticularly tragic accidentproducedby there's noquestionquestions
thereslots of us represented by maternal specified due tonovels which i believe would have had even produceda possible you grew up eating a cherrytreeand this destructionthe power topushbackelectronic evidence was
destroyed so muchso i believe that they should just do thefollowing and i testified on a nun to testifywas the fact that mr the finding in myrifle white house safer <unk> courts briefcase replete with electronicequipment was certainly would be used against methat letter was not destroyed that was producedshe'sagainst me i was there such a nature thatthe names
and the position of those who in fact hadauthorized the creation of the planet asjust one final question i'm homeless line in question were you ever promised executiveclemency and eventually completed untilnow so much ofthe stuff i'm assuming that wasthe bowling was a revelationmr ball and the localpolice officials reconsidered therecessions were wrong or illegal policeareclosing inwomen's
behalfbecausebikomy assumption was suddenly it was that the project itself was legal
now mr walz actions indisclosingcircuitwednesdaytheoperation itselfit used tobethe general managerand
part of the initialinvasionnewsit doesspeculationi don't
knowanythingin the fightto jerusalemand i mean senator i did not iexpected that a political contributionswith their respective contributors the listthe operational procedure was we had these listings would be tohave that it out or to investigate it hugecontributor
i think two reasons first of all any such intervention would havebeen a violation of the united states for alland secondly a concern fornational securityif you weresuccessful the information would have been turned over to mrlibby who i seem to like wait for the speculation on the subjectwith hiv pass through channels which her and eventually with theproper resources of others say the irs and thefbi and the playsinging
fb itdoesn't move the countryitwas unwitting i'll atall about entry for example the miners have to be abeard might fabrication of vietnam cablesthings of that naturei don'tknownational security
reasons i wasa prettylady fabrication of the vietnamesepeople was again another measure that the national securitynevertheless i was acting on instructions of a senior white house officialthese days jesus you knowat that juncture idid not senator my awareness of the true politicalespionage aspects of young people from my perceptions ishould say were maybe acute in connection withthe proposed convention by the democrats in a miami beach
florida was that time that we began theor what would become a massivecollection programthis issuccesssuccessful of any successfuli would characterize the feeling entry is
successful with unproductive fashion or i would characterize first word be assuccessful in the technical senseusually conducting the operation without detectioncomedianmy attention much later thanthat we're looking for a line ofsight listening post for mr mccourt infront of the fontainebleau hotel that we had reported back that we had found a
household word for the fontainebleau hotelsubsequent to that mr libby told me that one of these barriers and suggested that thehousehold could be used as a rendezvous and perhaps a place inwhich compromising photographs were tape recordings could be madeit's bothas alot of bases the
job having ajob i don't knowformer chief justice of the supreme court's case report inconnecticut would be raymond lowe who was also therepublican senator from connecticut who is also the republican governor of connecticutand he's generally looked upon as most republican stateyour relationship
do you andi know that tobe all of that i was given to understand bymr mccourt that and itwasvery concerning toshow the truein kay'scase
there's no questionninasimone episodehe collects
nathan hendrenhumiliationthe revolvingdoori don't knowyou know i have never known i haven't shownphotographed by a member of the staffcourse it does work doesn'tbother william buckley and senator james buckleymany patients you're going to tell
me to photograph the photograph of john buckley of that photograph is in fact johnbohannon so identified as being at a fact checkit isms cumminsthis is majorit'sbeenfun
yourrelationshipin the nineteenth centurythis is the only occasion ofoperations regencyand investigator consider you to behis career youknowwell you know
juliayoudon'tdid he have anyconversations about hell collideon with the other three jon ireson what itwouldn't be fair is that it would be fair to sayyou knowyou're being disappeared it'sbdid you indicate whether any ways that you indicated to
list of water that are still operating ini would put it this way if i might center andstill be fully five secure question mr barker was well awarethat i was an employee at the white house and those lettersto him on white house stationery he had my white house telephoneextension he in fact had the kind of the white house with a friend on oneoccasion white house term loosely i mean you're an executive officeand i came downfor lunch so that question of lyingwas at one point the white housedentist about to receive anymore committee to reelect presidentor it was the words
the words the wordsthis skill that they try to distinguish amongthose several possibilities if i might state in connection withthe protection of the mine's ceo jeffreyhoover mr barker received orders from thewe havecertain things tunisiaasked about thereports was to let the market because without work together duringfeeling into the preceding year i know that mrbarker very hectic established ashot that telephonic communications and even perhaps mail communicationswith mr barker violation objection we talked about it
not deal exclusively with me on these mattersrelationshipssecurity companiesa reason tobelieveany official of the united statesgovernment patientsbehow much
it really iswere youso nowi'm not aware of it but about the relationship herconclusion that reasonido you willtollingi
started following him in that connection i don't know if it would be the daybefore the actual date senator i don't have telephonic records available forme the connection with that is that however yeswe just doconversationno visions forvictory you weren't even heretoday's speechand i did and you know the contents of the president's speech a priorto the speech that i know the contents of the president's speech prior to his speech was forone to request and to work that's
mary questioned that the attempt to have asmy telegrams are as possible sent to the white house immediatelyfollowing the president's speech manifestingvasquez after the president's speechwell that won't even this is your ears andtheir supporters and thathasn't even though there's a book that'sout
it'sbythepieceby thepesetas because of jimmy cagney isbased on reason thequestion is not clear mr hunt i think that itwould be very helpful mr chairman if we could have a five minute recess
thisis big at this point the strain of the hearingsbegan to take its toll on mr hunt it took a few moments to console his attorneys and collecthis thoughts after that arrest that he recalled more details about drumming up support for presidentnixon's speech announcing the money to live on ourlast question why clintoninmiami whereit'sbeennice
beingtreated atthere's a veryeasy in a very ready answer to your questionhowever some reason i don't know why he runningdown a lot of very cautious however iperceived it within your question perhaps some deeper meaning for deeperimplications and i was able to run for or let me respond toyour question these terms havingbeen asked to engender support for thepresident's forthcoming huy fong speech ithink
the hype on speech and be in very generalterms were having when i was there tosee research support from all sources that included inparticular mr barker even though i did not know the debate and text of thespeech to workers are responsive to your question senator he'sa gentle way without a specific wayi have no recollection ofa writer on the other hand that thatcooperation because of the actual content of the speech well the instructionsto rally support for the president and the three g gordon liddythe information is too
such occurrencesthe state senate was not going tolook as if they're saying the usagain back to theofficial image which you had in the usrenee montagnehost it'sbeenfb
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 39 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's coverage, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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