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thepopeshane andshane and hasthe delivery to missoula room wasmade to parts on two occasions december or january aftertalking to mr dean i took approximately forty thousand dollars into envelopes tomonsieur le roux at his apartment authority i live two blocks away and the delivery wasmade on my way home from work later i was asked to return the remainder of themoney i can call mr mcgrew who again asked if i could deliver tohim at his apartment on this occasion before pickingup the money mr lew donned a pair of gloves and then said inever saw it at that point i became morethan a little suspicious frankly after <unk>
put on the gloves and i know what to say soi said nothing wrong in the senateof the united states a resolution to establish a select committee of the senate to conductan investigation and study extended family in which illegal orunethical activities were engaged in by any persons acting individually or incombination with others in the presidential election of nineteen seventy two when thecampaign canvasser other activities related to and from washington and thatbrings you gavel to gavel videotape today's hearing of the senate select committee onpresidential campaign activities he's a senior correspondentmike new meaning the committee return today to the task oflaboriously reconstructing the links in the chain that lead from watergate to the white housethere were no startling revelations today and no hopes telephone calls we heard from a
young former white house aide who said h r haldeman was aware that there was a campaignintelligent one in april nineteen seventy two but gordon strong who was thelink between the committee to relax and haldeman and the white house says he never knew thespecific details of the plan beyond its three hundred thousand dollar budget and thatleft open the question of whether haldeman you what lithium carbonate were getting intostrange remarks came in an opening statement but the committee didn't have a chance to develop furtherstrong followed robert martin the former assistant attorney general and deputy campaign directorwe said when it is just too the justice department was retreating files and white houseordered wiretaps from the fbi martin had won the presidentfbi director j edgar hoover could use the logs to create pressure on mr nixon theleftover keep his job on monday the committee should have a better idea of whetherpresent the president nixon is going to turn over case of conversations he had with john dean andothers at the close of today's session impact correspondent peter carey asked she
counsels sam dash of that would be acceptable at the tapes were released a special prosecutor archibaldcox mr cox there's a specialprosecutor was an independent responsibility and i would assume that mr cox and carry out hisresponsibilities would seek only evidence that he couldn't carry has responsibilities and that wouldinclude these tapes i think that we have an independenta right to have them as a quote the french government which has the power of subpoenaand the bows and if that's relevant to the resolution authorizing us toconduct this investigation including the position committee that the particulartapes were talking about as well as documentary evidence cannotbei'll admit thatthese things that were seeking to the slower than that and therefore we do not expect to
have to i'm mark for most accounts within the employee fromparis marc maron out with pulitzer prize winning washington bureau chief of themourners had been international syndicated columnist and for one year specialcounsel an embarrassment to president nixon watched today's hearing session with usmust mark what would you pinpoint as something to watch for as we see that here is tonightwell i think that it's essential that one keep in mind both bob martinand gordon strawn other witnesses to day our lawyers andhave both the purpose of avoiding criminalprosecution and this bond and a very clearlytried to walk the line to avoid that eventualityan but in addition to that they did try toavoid involvement of others beyond
what's already in the evidence at this stage andit was interesting to me one of the most important things withregard to clock mcgregor whose testimony clock mcgregor its positionas director of the campaign our clock macgregor was the spokesmanfor the crucial period last fall he put up all large number offalse inaccurate statements martin tells us that he tried to warnclark mcgregor doing that crucial group and that clotmcgregor rather than accepting this and listening to it shut them off bysaying i won i was told that there was normal worker involved tookthe job are i don't want to know anything else so again we'relot more detail a conversation that there might be a considerable detail on that andi think it's quite significant because clark mcgregor his role has largely beenone other is not and time stopped at this point but mama will be
back at the close of the live broadcast to discuss this and other points in more detail to be jointhem by david epstein awash an attorney an adjunct professor of law georgetown university lawcenter here in washington the president returned to the white house from bethesda navalhospital today said he expected to go back on a regular schedule after a weekend atcamp david the german speculation that he would quote poppycock and in londontoday of former white house domestic chief john ehrlichman added his voice to the chorussuggesting the president should release the watergate related tapes recorded within the whitehouse today was a relatively short run for the committee that there are still severalhours of testimony to sort through here is our regular preview of what happens whenin the first hour robert martin continues his testimony saying that his oath as anattorney prevented him from passing along information liddy told him when he was a lawyer for the committee toreelect and martin tells of retrieving sensitive surveillance lots of white
house ordered telephone taps after being one that fbi director hoover could use them asa club to hold onto his job under questioning and the second hour martinadmits that libby was involved in the administrations handling of the pentagon papers case andmartin says the president told him that his entire ability to govern could bejeopardized if news leaks continue and the third hour martin tells of his frustrationwhen he tried to seek campaign director talk mcgregor in july nineteen seventy twoone in the eighties were involved in watergate that that wouldn't talk with him and martinsays that during his years at the justice department the internal security division neverrequested any wiretaps for domestic intelligence purposes strong introduceshimself and the fourth hour the lakes are mcgregor called him from the senatecommittee had a sophisticated intelligence system that's so strong he never learned of thespecifics for the bacon and after that event he recalls he tried to talk with the ownerwas in california visiting going to discuss the whole
situation with a job in today'shearings to continuei'm sure you won't mind ensure that a witness won't mineinjected we are seeing this morning afterour set goalsthat i want to market the real deal asindia while imight
sayisthis davidthankyou they're just annoying as other what is it sevengreat line and there has been an exhaustive examination thathe also committee member committee and todaycommittee members a
week agoit isclear that there are certain essential complex in your testimony and thatday there are other apparent complex inbetween your testimony and that spy as talkabout giving testimony for mo you haveany idea from when you last fall mr dean aboutwhat a more particularly do you have any recollection of having discussher testimony or his testimony that would be given before this committeei don't know that i've talked to john doingsince i left washington on november the tenth it's possible i saw himduring the inaugural ceremonies but i have not discussed with him my testimony knowhe his testimony with a heavy
red meat opening statementto the committeebelieve that i read i don't think i read the entiretranscript that i may have spent some time are there any otherpoints in the testimony on the mcgregor testimony or the standstestimony that to be a lawbased on your informationbut there's just there any other important significant eventswhich you have it better than i would have to go over his testimony in his fieldparticularly significantthings though there may be some significant problems rather than asking youto go for that testimony now opening statementyesterday workers over two hundred and forty eight and the mugger
testimony was rather extensive it was scary stanwould you be agreeable mr martin to be reviewing those threepieces of testimony and the testimony of mr mitchell on my formand more on this record and a letterlater any other important and significant discrepanciesdiscrepancies in that they don't work with your recollection of events about which you have nowyes if i'm furnished with transcripts i don't have that i don't leewould you be returning it necessary to expel otheron any such point yes sir that's chairman as unanimous consent that atme all testimony would be mr mcgregoryeah that he may bepermitted the supply and that has a link and is that
cow notations the blazers really understand a committee by asking foror allbuti'm not placing any time limitation on that martinobviously want to movies that was recently can show it's appliedinformation operation when you need not completed before you send anyparticular portion chickens and that if you do them right andthen there's thepaina lot more than justicedepartment mr martin did you have any dealings with mr levineyes are us or call hummers operation at the white house in
which mr leddy was apparently anbar i wasn't aware of the farmer's operation untilafter the watergate break in and i recallreporter for metime magazine i believe who asked meif i was aware of the plumbers and i didn't i didn't but was more and i hadheard the word must have they had a sign on the door called plumbers and i said welli didn't go buy that go awry but you're not a lawyerorjustice or particular events in which they were you know so you'retalking mostly about anything that you now about i think one of the commerceoperation those aremy friends meeting with
mr libby and i don't think i was aware that he was instantly at the time was what ii traded thetreaty between the justice department fbi and alcohol tobacco firearmsdivision the staffs of the two agencies theiranians became a milestone because of the conflict havejurisdiction over the bombing statute that enacted by congress gave joint investigativejurisdiction early ajurisdictional disputemr solomonyou made me aware of the conflict that's just they come to my officethey suggested i don't know we sat down over a period of a day or twoand work out a six month agreement which we call tradingwhereby they would try to operate under divided up types
of cases each would investigate mr libby was a part of that group acircle and make your lead in that connectioni don't think so my dealings remaining with mr roh cds sector receivesand sullivan so the reason the social directly ator us assistant attorney general for internal securityjeremy conversations with mrgray oh his predecessor mr who were about anyman robinson there's nosir mr deansthey believe in an executive session i'm not sureespecially in the public record on june sixteen nineteen seventythree
we certainly haveand that you were critical the fbi'sof robbery investigation i haveno recollection of the meetingi told the committee staff that i was aware of that mr deandid have fbi report of the onlydocuments that i'm aware of all rightand it was an fbiteletype for mr grayto i believe all of the fbi officesin connection with the investigation will bebut years as attorney general
you're talking about the climbers route for internal security functions being carried on the whitehouse knows that you're talking about the white house they're in their relationship to be at theairport and just a note are not going to be about you know threeif mr hoover had been aware of the plumbers who've i think we would've heardabout it and be awarethat once anderson that that talk about mr hooverretiring resigning after years you have any personalknowledge our conversation mr gruber about the situation knowsany idea why the white house didn'ttake over some of what i would think of this internal security operations instead of leaving itin your apartment or witty the pure speculationthe pure speculation and speculate if you prefer not to
say it with him to the epidemicas long as that speculators based on your perception of the attituderelationships or any factional me if you think that would be helpful the record would be andi can only say thatpermit lack confidence injoe adalian and in the justice department lawyers are being the internalsecurity division federal bureau investigation of the vote withinthe gamut of the internal security division us you have any reason to think therewas a lot of welllet's go basis my speculation i can't think of any other reason for creatingsuch a groupfor more
revelationsthe justice departmentwell i just drew theconclusion that if they felt they had to do it they were going to have a lack of confidence inus if you sense any resentment in your department of the jurors that thetransfer these functions and part of what else thereare do you have and you know i had no knowledge of any transfer many functions fromjustice department to the white houseit's morning editionthey briefly nordic that parents is rapidly aspossible a few questions about have clarification
us mr rew if we had known about breaking and ahead of timei can't recall anyspecific time i said fred de juno but it had a time until afterthese hearings start at thirtyi asked himhe called mehe was going to the us attorney's officei asked him on that occasionjiang grewup on me i don't think the question that i asked him aboutwas specifically about the break in itself did he know about the activities and he saidyes yes
siri may be mistaken as to what he saidat the time i said to my next question as i recall it at that timewas did john know about it i had a time hesaid yes yes i then saidwhat does jon say he said john says nohouse subsequently after my parents for i believe the grandjury i talk to friends you called me andasked me about what transpired with reference to himi said they asked me to five talking they asked me but everybodyi talked to as i believe the only person i have talked with fredlarue i related what i just told you and fred said my god i didn't saythat i said yeah i don't think i
said that so i could be a mistakeof giving you my best recollection it will also closeconfidants how white house officials the presidentsaid you personally held oppositionjustice for the responsibility of upholding the countrywhy did you involve yourself and cover a warrantymr mitchell testified reason he did it was becausebrain president lobo others because thisonly white house set prove this operation what was your reasonsenator i don't know what you mean by coverup if you mean by a cover up my not being forthcoming anddisclosing everything i knew i felt miles an
attorney prevented me from doing thatnow and at the end of the post areview and mr mcgrew mr mitchellown doonan i mean is there a call and there is someconcern about forty thousand dollars the rule that he made hisstatement as opposed to make sure that even the crew two hundredand fifty thousand dollar budget is mrmitchell and sandy of remedy partly stage tonight sometimethey're about so any day to recall a much much interested in the dataas i am said that in conversations often daily news i believesubsequent to that was probably the latter part of that week i think it was a twentythird or fourth i ask mr mcgregor in the president's mr
mitchell how much money he had given to mr libbyhe said he had given us to live the euro crisis longest to libyafourteen thousand dollars i must haveregistered a surprising said forty thousand dollarsand mr mitchell did much the same thing he turned to mrmitchell he said let's not much out of a total budget of two hundred and fifty thousand dollarsless to mitchell's answer was that the campaign hasn't even startedyet the best of my recollection of that youunderstood that declaration on board with mitch mayne that he had approved the twohundred and fifty thousand operations these isyou want my i don't know the thought crossed my mind that mr michel
authorize a two hundred and fifty thousand based on a conversation i heard i would assumethat mr mitchell it not having denied thatstatement to acquiesce to his response wasn't i didn't authorizetwo hundred and fifty his response was a campaign hasn't started heresomething like thatyou get like atrip in july and they haven't won a mockeryacclaimed see the breadth of the united states and san clemente san clementecalifornia guests are at the president's request us what was thereason for the trip prior to mymaking that trip through insolvent social director of the fbi cameto see me and told me wonder talking about a very sensitivematter he told me that he i
guess it expresses to me for some private time he industry who arenot getting along very well he anticipated becauseremove the social directorof the fbiutah there were some verysensitive national security surveillance logsthat were not we use the word in chattel i don'tknow that he did but they were not kept in the ordinary course of businessyou are kept it in his safe in his officehe felt that the highly sensitive nature ofthese tapes were such that they should not be kept there especially ifhe were to be removed from office he
was concern about what might be donewith these tapes and i'mnot positive i don't know what mr sellars recollection ends of myrecollection is it mr hoover might use these tapesfor the purpose of preserving his position asdirector of the fbi and he felt that the white houseshould be aware of this i told him that iwould convey and this information to the attorney generaland president's directioni didn't talk to the present that time i had mentallyattorney general my conversationwith subsequent that i have not heard from the attorney general lives
in several inquiries with so and i said i have done what i said i woulddo subsequent to thati got a call i believe it was on a sunday call wasfrom the western white house i think it was mrbergman it may and it may have been that hollemantold me that the president would like to talk to methat and whether it would be convenient for me totake the courier mail plane goes back and forth from enders tooel toro marine base i believe on a regular dailybasis those one day what i'd be able totake the courier playing that day sothat i would be available to see the president following morning isaid i would be philip andrews and i took that very quickly
and what itis you want aconversation with the president president reagan to do thereport solomon and they directed me to obtain the reporter goes to sell them and deliver them toa stripper and educational guesses and what did those tapes andsharon leetapes he concerned electronicsurveillance authorized by the president and i was told at the requestof the director of the national security counciland what happened is still in the white houseunderstand from news reports that they're in the position the bureauthe reason at that time with the list of who will live and access to these
records i think it related what i wastold and you have to draw their own conclusions from that senator i waswhat solomon told you and what you reported yes sir now youquit yourcommittee assignment that is the committee to re elect president at least three timesand lucius they all how you we end of the scaleby persuasionand othersafter the disclosures were made me mad by mr liddyi just thought i didnot could not adequatelyrepresent the committee and i as i said i've never practiced from the
lawn i've never had disclosures ofthat type never made it you felt like you had no surgerieswas placed in a very difficult positionyou are rightmr bateman as twenty five thousand dollars more thanwhat he might only meant thatsenators to contemplation she put out that happened in myimmediate reaction seem like an excessively represent a person whowas charged with a burglar how many ofthe people that represent the league one personwhat was the lawbreakers i don't know i didknow that twenty five thousand and a german police i think it was ever liveon a new fifty
shades fall it wasmostly represents council'sboard council suggests to answer aquestion that i didn't even know he had obtained a twenty five thousand dollars until theseproceedings comments the mostmodern have no further questions tomodernize three yearson this it reallyis as i understand your testimony you werein your own words the attorney for the committee herefor a few weeks following the writing an interview disengage from those
divisions want to political to the extent that i could hear itanda great many peopleand witnesses before we can marryand all my question is isthis the watergatebreak in and bugging goingany piece of information atallin the salinas valleyspeculation centered
on anythingno siryesterdayyesterday that he revealed anything abouta day or a moment orbeing used to conjecture with me is to work laws of warlet's go back to have ameeting with liddy because that obviously is a veryimportant meeting whereyou really are the only witness so far has given us any information on one was livid
there was a key figurecalled before the committeeleadingthecommitteemr levy thank youfor fourteen the president was not testimony no i don'tbelieve i said the water rights or i said that the operations of thegroup in which he was working i've been an ongoing operationwith watergate was one now what did he mean by thegroup of regions where did he waswell it came to that about with reverence too
question that i asked uncertainty sirens callingthe only answer that you may recall some of the newspaperaccounts and it was then that he said that he was workingwith prose than a considerableexperience this was just one of their jobs they have done many they have allbeen successful i presume from that that they were thesame group of other words once were caught along with mr levy mentionany names nosirtwenty seven hehad to testifyit's a type of business even engage in
chief planner is there a call for the bay of pigs invasionthese are things he told me yesoh no i don'the had violated his instructions in hiring mr mccourtand his instructions were not hire anyone connected with thecommittee who gave him of instructions i believe hesaid it seemed rather in congress to me for him to say thatbecause he was an employee of a canadian astronaut was an important that wasthat is what he saidmr mcgrew dirt all i'm not mrmccall that's my best recollection walnut mr mccourt nothire anyone that had any connection with the league
committee or the white housethese instructionsinstructions wasi don't recall any otheroptions other than his statement that he and mr hahn hadnot wanted to go into the watergate and that he had done so only at theinsistence of mr mcgrew that was his state why did he say he didn't wantto go into what i think that was in response to my questionthat seemed like a very foolish adventure that didn't make any sense tobreak into the democratic national committee headquarters did youdiscuss the word too long that went undetected and thesecond one that was detected only to the
extent that as i recall what is legally was thatit plays the boogie in the wrong office that's my best recollectionfrom the instructionsi don't recall him as having said that that's when he stated the purpose of theinjury wasand all thisis related you're talkingabout humansyes you were discussing anyother branch not accept at this time wherethere's discussion of the other and then just came up with it
we've really discussedi might sayi haven't asked to speculate i didn't put any credence in that minnie told me anymore than i did in his statement to the shredder hundred dollar bills triballeadersnow what do you meanif you go intothose rice toldstaff i i guess i could have been a better interrogatorshad i not been in shockand i think i've said his council points out i cannot recallis using the word president i did testify
that it was the words he used were clearlymeant to imply that and that's the way i understood that you knowactual a color image and i'm all out oftherethat i think is really important toorichard justice and thatwasn'ttruewere you going toclosedid he say he discussed the budget with john legend isaac termbudget the mayor said financing theoperation i use that word but it
may have been wrong ingeneral i tried to recall as best i can theconversation eric i remember that one better than most becausesocial disclosures or they can't remember yourbracket pools were to send budget the mayor said it wasfinanced with the approval of mr mitchell in the white house you maynotice said budget ideas but again on that's going to make you askhim at all or one that john mitchell who knowsthat did you sorryi'm asking questions that you might have asked him about justice askingsenator at the time he was telling me these things i wasn't i wasn'tbelieving much of it because i was taking it as a defensivestatements justify ms kahn so you didn't
call at all i don't think thatthe business about the white house approving either the budget of the money of theoperation did you ask who in the white house approve thosecertainly of implied that maybe didn't say the president i don't thinkthere's any further up any higher didn't know thatif it's necessary i hadforgotten this until mr lew testified he did sayas i recall now that thathe would never talk he would take the fifthamendment and that we if we didn't have confidence in thatthat he would make himself and he did say that he was
air but that if we woulddesignate a particular street corner for him to stand up he would make himselfavailable for the shop holder says mr youused the term assassinated i used that maybe because of that voice and what was yourreaction to you much thesame reaction to everything elseit was a very bizarre story and i hadnever heard one like it before in my life so i can only whencharacters just one final series of questions have been askingmany of the witnesses have you ever had any meeting a conversationwith president nixon on this one
issue those who never simple noand you never heard anybody sayanybody in the committee to reelect president or outside of thatmaterial present in the white house or elsewhere inthe day knew anything about anylittle piece of information about whether president knew about wanting tomove up a couple of those melanie of your conversationswith manure or any of these other peoplenolongerspacial information
one described his special center he was i understandit did receive information from the dea and the visual informationthat the justice department orme i mean iwasn't that everything's a few companiesdo information relating to the potential for civildisorder at the republican national conventionwas this information overload or the publicthat was available to anyentity that might be the subject noviolent civil disorder and the appropriate people thatshould know of the lead of the
potential so that they might assess it the jobsecurity division investigations ofrussian also knows are we were not an operationalvisioninvestigations of members of congress knows her way as i say oh there's beensome misunderstandings and some of the testimonyoperational functionsit obtains iwould guess and it so testified overeighty percent of its information from newspapers young peopleit's turned out as a summer group of the night in nineteen sixty seven there's young
people college students it was under theauspices or was initiated by ramsey clark in response to the kernercommission i would say that that just five eightypercent of it was public information that they put together other information came fromthe federal bureau investigation and other agenciesalcohol tobacco firearms and they were something andlocal police would supply information if it relatedto anything which the federal government might become involved in jurisdictionsneed justice department or europe orwherever and a division within that people had ever conducted investigations ofmembers of congress that timeare you certain that in your conversations with
mr mitchell mr mitchell neverdiscussed his knowledge of thepre watergate meetings with you never served doesthat suggest to youthesecurity of the united statesmr mitchellin your profileis also you've never discussed and having visible ididn't realize i had a profile of settings my sponsoris yourtestimony that at no time to discuss what itonly has to talk about watergate with him quite often of what you're
referring to discussing that one thing is that any discussionis never disclosed to me in thediscussion that i can recall the president i'd states on anysubject that may have been that that comes tomorrowin the early days of our proceedings it was suggestedthat the major reason for the watergate break in usnational security and the stomach for another suggested thatinformation was awesome availablewhich were and they gave the members of theimpossible for all we're alljust for the convention servers in theunited statesmembers of the democratic party
they haveanswer your question and respond to a certain reasons iknow of no information that was ever brought to my attention that anybody in thedemocratic party chose sponsored by any foreign powerthat they pose any threat at all in the form ofviolence or otherwise today to the republican party or thesecurity united states now if i may respond to yourproduct or a statement indicated bysurprise this question hasn't been asking you'veindicated that mr mccourt i came to these conclusions based upon information heobtained from the justice department histestimony was he didn't obtain any information in the latter part of mayand yet you also testified that using all of these
people in a break in some time in the early part of the mayor i believe itwas on may the thirddate may thirtieth and yet his owntestimony as he didn't obtain any information well i was a break inmay thirtiethhe was involved as i understand with these people before thattime and there's certainly could not have been any information conveyed to himthe notion of a verybeautiful clothesinformation was available and democratic national committeesand again the members of the pot it will cost to the national security problemand i didn't hear that testimony and i'm sure he never got any suchinformation from the department of justice what we've been waiting for some
response from the department submitted requests for thisnational security problem i don't suppose it's your testimonyus all my head of internal security divisionmembers of the party podcast absolutely not i havenever heard any responsible for sure that the department of justice suggest thatthey're very much about thewhite house horrors stories that show and i believe you signof any other sources other than one of the universeellsberg knows i said if i have interrogated mr liddyfurther i might've found out that i'm asking you this because of this little suggestedthat this will just to organized crimemr mitchell may be pretty more dollars
secretary jets tosuggest that that was delayed mr mcgrew most modern most of theruinous series of meetings and male nineteen seventy twoyou recall a series of meetings with mr mcgrew the midst of theruins that you know certain whoever made that statement got me mixed up withsomebody else i had a series of meetings mr liddy i would recallobama's i saw them quitealthough i didn't have a series of meetings with mr magruder and this from aroommate thati i just came to the committee to discussthese meetings never
you say at these meetings i don't admit to being president isone final questionso many of us implicitly a legal backgroundbuilt by rebels sketch indicates that you have the highest rate ofoverseers to the law school a very well as a corporate lawyerand i mayo citizen the justice department asingle yard has almost with the law and ordernow i quote from your statement if i makethe point in this particular statement i wanna and the record that as of the morning of juneseventeen nineteen seventy two i was relieved of my political responsibilitiesthe extent possible in charge of the responsibility of acting is also with many ofjesus was walid was concernedand you have a very interesting statement on college
financing the morning of june seventeenth when he became a lawyerinformation wasn't much of a victory with a roommateand actually and dylan intolerable and at times unbearable situation ofpersonal conscience situation which i was precluded fromacting according to the dictates of my personal desires your interestssituation in which ultimately might onlyone of not becoming encrypted in the convent a lot about why it existsare you trying to suggest that thelawyer at the advice andconsulates you provided your clientswas not going to pay so your personaldesires or ensures no sir i don't thinkand a lot of the economy issues i don't think that's a fair reading maybe
to meet us to a proponent for acting according to the dictates ofperpetual conscience as my conscience is one thing and the ethics of my professiondemanded that time something else at the time iobtained the information and ethics of your profession requirement to look like alot i don't think that statement indicates that's what iwas trying to make a point mr liddyimpart information may and june twentyfirst which had been imported onlyless than two months before i would've had an arrest that was aformer assistant attorney general united states my boss was the former attorney generalunited states my best friends was the attorney general united statesand he was importing information may indicatenot only that crime but a series of other crimes perpetrated
by people in the white house and iworked for nothat's all i was trying to save a being drawninexorably into a situation worse conscience it would if itfelt that these activities were at the potential of reading thepresident of the united states to decide the ethics of theirprofession required you to keep a littlesenator it imade the man my word on the rivals of thewidening of applause heimported tomato knowledge of other feloniesas i read my old i was duty bound not to
disclose that conference had ionly had four names that day and told him what mr libbyhad told me i think i probably would've been subject todisciplinary action severe disconnection so i say i've neverpracticed for him a lot they don't knowhow people react to the situations carry these things in their mind they can'tdisclose that this was unveiled today takes overprofession prevented you from disclosing information ought to obama's berlin wanted todiscuss this with mr mitchell and i am a bad day pre conditioninformation confidently to discuss this withmr mcgrew no sir olivier was just hit with anyone else but mr michelaoun
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 25 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Robert Mardian and Gordon Strachan testify.
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