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it'sbeeni thinknotas the information in this way about the main public you thinkhe still would have submitted his resignation and the twenty seventh of aprilwell i had no idea as to the state of the investigation atthat point working directly with the attorney general petersonand i think they were calling it in very well most of the time youthink the president would have this was a resignationthank you
and theybailey welli'm not sure i get servicelaw like well sometime of the localwaterit was dirty original grand jury processnow you stated yesterday that some other
witnesses are not required to understandthat you've been making phone calls no siryour testimony thatthat songrequestedyour stationwitnesses also all the grand jury so the grand jury may havequestions the wimbledon many questions that the bossthe testimony mr stanton'swas taken on justice
analysis of the rendering and investments of the prosecutingattorneysi mean there's no any way of getting itrightnow and his resume that he knew more about thefinances don't work on any other film and the emotionalnormalwhat is it
good as western march plantswildlife fans that got bulldozed maybeand my friends that they were investigatingthe regular armyohreally it was a moment when i thought was really importantis the security are totally committed to realize thatit was not only all my wristand an application nowa few days lateron the finance committee will likely
annie howard hawkswho is on the white house payroll and the have nots and the whitehouse and who had not associatedwith many were arrested in mastermindingthe fire mr chanyesinstead of deposits that money isn't buying which would've madeno documented record of them received and this was whilehe hadn't won millions seven hundred thousanddollars campaign to save hisintent in the opposite of hiscommittee he testified
that won one i'm in mobile milliondollars of this money was this march and playhe testifiedgave him and told him that he had gravemisgivings about this virus of thousands of dollars andchange although alsothe obscure rule to the depth the director of this aisle wemade it direct who reallywas greathe testified that the sort of the misgivings it specified
that will not grow beyond aconfrontation with making mrmitchell yeahanecdotal that metals that isn't going to do businesswith also ramped up on the ninety nine thousanddollars in pay you alsofollow reiterated hismisgivings that he spans say in thesnow i don't know what this one is being used fori don't know what this one of the youth ball and you know will benoquestion which led to
the additional processed up with witnesses an investigation civil war whendo about the big questions buti'll waitwhich waskind of time whether any personally and ihaven't been in a tarzan yellbreak into the watergatea lot of empathymr martin rightit would have ended
then direct hit on the watergate weyrich into thenavajo and this on the operationsit's not related to re elect the presidentand committed to really see itand this was notall prosecuting at timesthis is danza premise that was a placethat request abig way and that was a law that will benefit of this testimonymr ken auletta the seventeenpeople with no arrest and walk about theirless the viewers we left with the
impression that the grand jury would see the devastation i think it's important to notethatprosecutors and businessmenany additionalquestions that they might wish to have asked when the fact is that asthey could have asperger's to standon sir i justi think you're leaving the impression that the chairman of the deposition wassomehow on another step away from the grander than thatandthenthe question how far are you suggesting are yousuggesting that his testimony before the grand jury would have been available to this committee chair the
law but thewednesday mr stanton person and ithink that once that is what we kind ofway and i'm going to berendering theyread a statement thatall up and the prosecuting attorneys anestimated ten find out what's been set up for the revenueand you know what this isthat makes people really oh ofjustice is opening it with thechairman that it high
and no quarter major bases that it's an extraordinary an unusualsituation for want to give testimony for grand jury probe says but thestation's that a person might only one collateralpoint and this is not set in defense of anyone it's simply an observationheadmasters day and testify before the grand jury in person this committee wouldnot have had that testimony the important thing julyand with which actually agree is that the grand jury system did not functionand the risk that way the prizeit was unique it was different lot orapparently image may be less that we were thereas a committee that testimony the grand jury's deliberations on a lot ofthe environment they would not have been available to this committee an inningnow
you'rewelcomewe'll updateitdidn't happenbecausebusiness hasbeen greatagain well
ohthey are making itoh boyregulatorsoh reallyhe's been playing welllaw daythere will likely
be no theywere brightms burrowsbeand apparently has still more to say in the committee obviously hasmore questions of their return monday morning when the hearings resume bergmanhas not been the most talkative witness the committee is heard but several senators about we find in the onewho inspires the most fear with his view of presidential power has all butlimitless perhaps the summer suggested this is nothing but a tactic designed to distract the committee from
examine the specifics of the watergate break in or cover a steel mills commentson those points and served as a confirmation for many students of presidential power was allwhite house role growing at the expense of other branches of government dr lipmantestimony may set a new record for the committee in terms of longevity outlasting eventhat of former presidential counsel john dean uk as a report on what that means tothe committee's timetable the length of elements testimony means that the committee may have toabandon plans to recess on august third several senators includingsenators talmage weicker and indicate they might like to skip the recessaltogether and applying right through august but there are other opinions and one of them i got from riversthat justin the deputy chief counsel god is a muslim and will comeback on monday and on mondayi must say i've never the chairman and the vice chairman on three four
occasions today say that the committee was going to go home for a whileon august third and you know i not only believe what us senator can say isthat things may occur that we will not be able to leave but i'm simply saying that i knowthat the chairman the vice chairman say that they are very anxious to go on the thirtynine i don't i can't go and you're not here and in other matters like thatthat you know we can come back and we can come back earlier than that the senate will come backi'm making the bet that we will go homeanother casualty of the lengthy testimony as thewatergate committee staff and on top of all its other troubles of has to prepare the committee'scase against the white house this may go to court on the part of the committee next weekpossibly as early as monday until today there had been much criticism of the committee's questioningof john ehrlichman a change today according to our two observer experts at least towatch it with this jack murphy at georgetown university law center and clark mona
pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter the des moines register tribune and syndicatedcolumnist and former special consultant to president nixon christmas partybecause they get better nearby was more shopper joe we have afterthree or four days now of another general analysis of the constitutional powers of the respective branches ofgovernment issues of national security isn't very hard question about a detailinvolvement of mr wittman in the critical meetings in june of nineteen seventy twojanuary of nineteen seventy three march of seventy three and april seventy three i wastrying to learn some the gurney was the one who broke through the miasmaof generalities which we forgive me wanna lose weight and brought us backon to the critical details with which this case should be concerned thesatellite represent a false start on the general conceptsof the parties in this country to produce information from theinvolvement of the cia and especially in that could mean in june twenty thirteen nineteen
seventy two between john walters mr helms <unk>just fascinating beyond question and casting new light onthat particular period it will be very intrigued to see what father will bea question clark you agree that today at least there was somefocus on the conflict between what our advanced testimony differ with others aren'ttoday i think that committees early and even sadder montoya was ableto zero in on the conflicts and he pointed up for specific conflictsabout seven or eight witnesses with ehrlichman and thiswould arrange ball away from being all away through mitchell strongand others but i think the most important thing to date was the use of thetapes of our conversations which ehrlichman up actually ourobtain or cook when he was thinking was protecting himself and theycame back to haunt him today last time i saw anything like this was
when the jimmy hoffa back in nineteen fifty seven wasrocked by the dioguardi at tapes new york city andwhere he was they were playing back his conversations to date ehrlichman found himselffaced with his own words and force to try to make explanations of hisconversations with dream for you as more of a co conspirator then anaggressive investigator of the watergate cover up for cia there were coming because hehad done the taping had given the transcripts to the committee but he was caught with hisown words and he would have every written those words a great deal and look atall the way through but today i thought the most significant thing was senator ervin'spressing to get the admission from our early on thatpresident nixon was the one who had actually requested that we call thejustice department to make these special arrangements for maurice stands totestify at the justice department away from the federal grand jury until it
passes that even before the grand jury because as a senator durbinpointed out that material the stands testified before thecommittee if it had been before the grand jury last fall would havemade of prime aphasia case to unwind go and cover the whole cover upat that stage because stands was knowledgeable about all of thefinancial details the questionable activity by mcgruder the conflictsbetween mcgregor and sloan and then a wide range of other things andsenator irvin pointed this up as the hearing came to a close and the mostmagnificent dramatic fraction and the same court that his well worn out that thereason that the ad that it's important to question about these various events like thestance requests like the cia meetings is that all thisadds up to what is commonly been referred to as the cover up now not now mr
ehrlich version with that other people's version but it's these types of specific events thateither either have to cover up or donate it to cover up the past all the things that one lessifs the answers the question of what the president knew when he knewit and what acts he took them out into the favoritism and today yousee one of those acts of favoritism his friend hisformer commerce secretary more he stands was financial secretary to the committee to reelect the president and did not have to go before the grand jury and put up withwhat any other system would've had to put up with under those circumstances and ithink senator of them in a very valid point that this was of favoritism and senatorhart baker agree that it was an unusual and uniqueproceedings b stop shortthank you very much mccain talked a few minutes
ago about the desire of several senators to work right on through august and it does watergatephase of the hearing's over what sen bernie said one of those mob singing televisioninterviews during the lunch break but for the good of the nation these hearings must be quickly concluded sothe orderly affairs of government and reserve this is the same sentiment that has been offered byothers president nixon said it in an indirect way that they got out of the hospitalchastising an effect all the senators and ordinary people like you may i guess who arewallowing in watergate there seems to be a growing feeling of these theories will justthanks will hurt that when witnesses ehrlichman and an alderman and colson and then grahamfindings and probing helms and others and suddenly the lobby overwallowing in watergate as well as the crisis and government that goes where the white man's waromar whether or not president nixon knew about corporate dissipated and watergate and its coverup whether or not john dean or john mitchell or john ehrlichman are jeb magruderor any of the other witnesses are lying and saw well this is nonsense
and my opinion they're in fifteen versions of the same ad means only that we've heardfifteen versions of the same ad it does not mean that the man at the bright lights in thehearing room them all truth and knowledge will crystal was like a neon lightacross the sky forget that just isn't going to happen there are too manyindictments and trials coming in that crucial tapes issue must be resolved among othernon hearing vines andy sachs the ukgovernment neil and i are going to go on vacation homes for andfor those three gentlemen myself somewhere on a nice weekend will see you again on mondayfrom washington you've been watching gavel to gavel videotape coverage ofhearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities this coverage ismade possible by grants for special event coverage from the corporation for public broadcastingand the ford foundation and has been a production of unpacked and a vision of a greaterwashington educational telecommunications association
you're onlyhuman eyethepiecebe
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 5 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 30 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Ehrlichman testifies.
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