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that's bound to payit's the policethe byplanb to put off thems by thezimmerman power tothank you propose paybycreek is becauseit's beenanywayi think
the pollshe saysthat he'sbut you understand itso it'sactually based on the fact that micheletti and i as of that date would justreturned from the national reconnaissance but the feeling profession promises in beverlyhills and then there are the names of thefeasibility study and that of the president foryears
you'rewelcomeit was a politicaleventin thenineteen eightiesfischer says thatcooperation in getting the cooperation of mrsmccain as an de diego or mrbarton says today during the cia sponsored effort
which end of the nose of the operationthat's rightin nineteen sixtyeightyou beganthisrelationshipthe pentagon papers
considerably more documentationand he toldme that these materials are just a classified internal bearing onmy research is working to find and sixteen and i subject to leave withoutpurpose thingssixteen were quite extensive and i began as a matter of course andcustom to go there every day to acquaint myself whenadditional information as it flowed into extinction the various government agencies aremaking contributions so it was that i spent less and less time thanwas free thirty three three at this time and a greattime in sixteen which became known as thespecial investigation johndoing this
ohyou'rewelcomemr posen thedate and thoseinon our gut checks his nose for exact dates of plumbers activities were going to take ashort break public television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after a pause forstation identification on average coverage of these hearings is being broadcast as apublic service on your local public television station this is pbsthe public broadcasting servicethe
pope fbisbyapeekpeekpeekspeakfrom washington and thatcontinues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activitiesit again and bad correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to thehearings now mr harvey is discussing his report following the break in at the office of daniel
ellsberg's psychiatristthe competition thefollowing tuesday december first working day after labor day was themorning show mr golsoneddiei am ohyeahnow simon'sinterview him as thebeetle and the people are you or what mr
golson or anybody else forinformation on and ten yearswhen was thisin late july of nineteen seventy oneand now the true of that you know too well you have thisinterview with the sky yesterdayand how to obtain carethrough seven sons servicescommittee i were able to materials that wouldpermit to disguise himselfshehad been given information effectively
i was believed to have information reflectingon favorably upon certain members of the kennedy politicalgroupings this having been based on the experience ofan individual in clifton the man who had been an officialpart of the camp the entourage throwing me nineteen sixtythe question theprophet and that you could undertaketo illicit information from him for an interview with theproposalwehaven'tms carlson known as
mia whether another provided i said i would not allow internet internetsearches the scariest recommendations might be availablethrough it or the secret service or the fbi representative atthe white house in question indicated that veterans toosensitive to other researchers or the fbiandrecommendationsi turn thepages out of the question that the person than theearth in otheroperations today isaid that and they're not as expensiveand the second question said to me
thank youthe questionthat theagency for setting up in general question at ciaheadquarters of theinterview mrinformationand
in the landit'sbeen leakingthe questionwhatanswers before the last questionthere's about climate
convention in late november nineteen seventy onemost of that he approached me saying thattheestablishment in histrinity was about to become its chief and mr that interms of an operation i was this planetand yes sirdo you understandmy understanding was as follows thatthe plant have been proposed and the required by the attorney general of the united statesmr mitchell that masters salute and leveraging thirdthen cancel the president united states and job
creationnow did you in facti did with the exception of that portion of theplan show dealt with electronic surveillancenow for the reasons alittle amplereasons nation of the land and thelittle baby twenty sevennineteen seventy two andseventy usabout oh that you would beyou knowi don't
because of the increased in montana has beeninvestigating that i would be able to get far less time to mr carlson then ihave been in the pasthe said that he understood this and in the end if they wereour planetand we're going to let you know yeson one occasion and it must have been in conjunctionwith this particular interview me in factit'sif you're going to give mebut mostly i told him
the situation and fans have that concerni have patientsannieimean imagine this you knowthe conversationtwenty sevennineteen seventy two
i amnonomrgoldsteinthe
pain isboth simoni understandin thenineteen seventiesi knowi knowmy god no and
no alice doesn't live within seven to nineteen seventy eight theus side is that itwas likely the signsthis affidavit was there that's to me a federalcourthouse by my attorney might then attorney mr reginald themine before a federal grand jury thati'm a lot like mr bergman and again and then increasing the affidavit andplatform from the speaker's office and they don't want a different besigning and kevinand i did in fact signing up todayi know this ominous signjust given mr paulson didn'twant to be known as the movie that doesn't get
any noes are you explain why because the information thatwas just in january when that i possessed injanuary only two over it had nothingto do with the specific a break in at the democratic national headquartersand this was a recordor a banner arehappy that they gettosee how oris it not true that romney'sgoalit's
been ifbeakthe place butthere's beenms
brucebecame thepart ofthe peopleand in terms of the accuracy a bit of danishlet me say a customer havegiven second recession in fact victor on occasion when iintroduce you to it and depression for the first time followingthat particular meeting mister mister early seventiesisn't it for me
theseinterrogationstestimonytwo stayed in the familyand the patientso the question isandvisibility
i mean that'sand he's rightnowall rightthere's
a little bit of confusion about ityoucanit'sbeennicebutthe policebythe state
most of the testimonyrecently gave executives and i and it wasso it was clear to me before you undertook this last question that he didn'tquite clearly understand what you're driving atand i think this is your firstquestion well that's i mean as quickly as we can go on tosomething else i think what you're asking him is whether the past fewweeks he had added to his explanation of hisconversations with mr cole so the facts that in januarynineteen seventy two there was a conversation between him and mr khalsawhich indicated that mr carlson had knowledge of gemstone yes
and i think we can answer that right and the question was at that i put to youis is this the first time usnow and he told methat you and for many other messages including the grand jurythat is present serving about that informationnow the committeewhat appears to be contradictory testimony and executive sessionand now what this committee has to mr paulson's plan olive generalrepeated questioning they'vebeen sayingfor years
thesesessions development work back of mymind for the first time the phone conversation that iam genuinely of that cause andthat there is noas against his testimonyinfoagain kind of themindset that this is in an executivesession less and i was pointing out and theedges that that's that mr khan had not given his testimony and variationsand not just given as an explanation
asit is nowandwould you believe itas recenttestimony before this committeei'm renee montagnewell youknownow it is the bestin january as well you weretelling us for years
rob lowewhere it thatmr romney is not giving us information for the first time and only recently gave itto us in executive session singing thisis itis there any indicationthe pollsanyway you're going to playand it's a desert my legal position easily the most does not
depend upon his because his knowledge and the knowledge at the timei havebut visibility isinvisible what reason to get youindicated to me thatfirst of all he had made chuck colson was a man who got things donehe is on the desert for asubstantial physician in the fourth generationlibby's citymichel mypleasure
and so it will have anotherof our bases we're on which he could andso i did itwas that you areright he'sbeen a nicebeattestimonyi went into the back of the room
sat by quietly can lead him to a magazine a conversion of girlsare thejourney for himhow many waysand the united nations that ithe said quote i think i may have done usyour interpretation of that message i realize that he had beenspeaking with the question about the operation why ohwhy do i thinkthat because that was the only concept that isa concern which he could have done any good i know
nowworried that icould only have been the gemstones conceptthose young man was an insulationout there you're welcomeyou'recertainlydealing withoh nice
if youask me as an accommodationit iswe'rewaiting today in thehotel i gathered enough to it also inspired bythe prime time we have no difficulty recognizing each otherorigination whatforman indication that i havebeen a look into theirschedules but action
policy statements which are thatthe median value i'd sayi hadn'tseen in many yearsmy understandingwas the money used to go to the faithfully photographicservices that have been made virgin isn't ityouknowit isit is very
very true workingis first apolicy papers working papers their schedules the mostlistener contributioncontributorsof political campaign ad i didthe same wayhaitian government workershow he prepared for initiallyby providing me with a floor that rahmwhen i introduce
mr gregory ended in april not forthe first timetosatisfy his own particular tactical interests mr gregory took mrmccourt through the mcgovern headquarters theycontinued as it were doing is between themselves and can actuallyelectronic surveillance attemptthis isyoursyou knowit's
beengiven to peoplethe piecebythank youthe carrot and
family that he favorsreally affected her publisher named hank greenspan had informationwhich must be out of the lower and it was the content thatthisinformationthecompany's financesafter his initial reaction may inform me thatineffective unable to confirm the rumor that he hadheard from another source of this rumor and approve this positionand the participants or soi'm sure
rosediscussionnevada political situationlitigation perhaps to arrest the primeminister he'sthe physician political making use ofthe greenspan years the allegationbeingjudges and so thiscame into this discussion with knowingthat suggested that there was a commonality of interests
between heused to accompany mr lydia myselfmr whitney and i would go to my officewhen he indicated that they were supposed to cooperate with me in thematteris i hadno prior experience was famous andhe said that he would in an attempt to reducethe regional office i asked him whetherwith its a motive in a centrist legislators couldprovide us with sports facilities such as hotel rooms automobiles and soforth he indicated that would be no problemthe station and a good at
all interested in getting information that made the decisionthere was atrue legend or assistance fromthem regarding our resources out in las vegas yesterday that include aman immigranton this timei didbaseball i don't have to answer in the form of that became atime two weeks later following my first of twentythat didn't actually and i had other reasons to go to the west coast
and aparticular datefor yearsthat conversation questionfor the first time and wasn'tfollow and you'd have to say that there would be an injury and thatthe safety and even if the less you wouldwant to use among the last to yours yes sirso did any good day and videoalso that he could prove iti'm going into
appalachian initiative into operation were advised that theidea that he would have preferred jewish vote for authorizationit so happened the following theevening among the twenty of mr levy in myselfandnow with particularly interested in theinformation that the conventional narrative was arrested thirtyother good chatting with them asking about thepanda theyareit ismichigan
scott simon host to developa network of informants along the miamibeach hotel complex who reportto most concerning campaign of violencethat the violence policies of the democratic candidatesas ayoung manso meaninghe's
dribblingi thinksoandthe systemsyes sirit istwenty seventeen
that's righttheygo to the white housethe conversationi want tomove to douglas caddies at the attorneyattorney invermont company after receiving themorning i got ten thousand
dollars for that content isjuliei tooka half of the five minutesi'm now you may know you'll love the provinces atthat hour later when did you leaveitis not this right helpus your car or change your office at the gop andlooking at looking through the conference has said
this tripthank youwhat you having thisbe there's a great dealfor thefabricated vietnamese campaigns haven't shown to cause anengine lambertthere weren't insured a gemstonethere were transcripts on myconversations with a lot of them up for examplevery substantial monitoring all or part ofthe family of time discovering united states
attorney in atlantab a briefcase which included the most importantday of the conferencewas that secretarythis is john paul and youi didbut simplytoo and promises to help manage her life savedthat contained sensitive materialthey simply said there are wanted another chance athis local seedand
then today on thenineteenthsaying you really made me and we met on theusa government i believe it is a seventeen thousand yeahwe metconversation he told me that it was necessary for me to get out of town andthey want to get out of town that indicated they werenot at that time and then the fact thathe told me that it wastechnically a lot andyou know i didn't have that time tomake arrangements to bring councilit local council government the russian council
willfind a name to martin the jackson mrliddy appeared out unannounced and twenty first ofjune i reiterated my request you can hearsomebody playing for me to watch an area i'mactually gave me a thousand dollars and said the us will help withjacksonmichaeljackson mmhmmmichel
richard jamesof the prison andi get out onjuly thirdpalestiniansthank youat the time mr jackson on the twenty four ofjune i am raised the question with him is i hadstrolled out of people since then vincentcassel feesbut you live he said don't worry about that it's now going tobe taking care of just like the company or the sec to me that meantand traditional say are clandestine service fresh
even producers thousand dollars richerthing i know thati said to himas a corrective the white house cod via the wake of thearrests must've had some extent please tell me who was the actionofficer now andmost of the time that's rightwhen you readthisi willreturn and
that to continue to seek counsel and tomake sure that the rest of men in thoseof us who are still out there would be taken care of the customeri don'trelateto me a revelationthe revelationswas if you had told me back inbehalf of the united states in theunited states that we have been apprehended
them were in jail with the money they owe moneyfor school fees were needed in the immediatehe didyesdurationandmichigan delegations
yes and thereaction to that goal in rejected it defines mr riversand then there are womenfbthe
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1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 2 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 38 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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