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as isisand humansof two teenagersin the senate of the united stateson a resolution to establish a select committee of the senate to conduct aninvestigation and study which illegal or unethicalactivities were engaged in by any bears acting individually or in combination withthe presidential election of nineteen seventy two on any campaign and there's alot of activity related tothat's
right today thats a great he said he was sorry for all political tricks hepulled on democratic presidential candidates in nineteen seventy two the thirty one year oldattorney and former army officer apologized for any harm you may have caused his victims or theirfamilies and stated flatly that what he did has no place in american politicswhat specifically did he do well in his testimony delayed amandate it i'm sending the infamous florida letter alleging sexual improprietiesby senators humphrey in jackson and in an airplane fly over miami beach fluttering ananti mcgovern banner somebody said he was hired by two old college chums white house aidesgordon strong and white shape shape and function as his boss and president nixon'sattorney never come back eight and forty five thousand dollars to do it all so ready alsoregistered some complaints today about the way he's been treated since news of his works firstbecame public one hour in disagrees testimony this morning the committee also
suffered a dirty trick a bomb threat helps with cotton on schedule recess while the caucus roomthe search today's testimony today but the committee's course definitely into anew phase of the inquiry as peter kenyon reports from capitol hill the testimony of thatinsecurity the day the committee gets well into the second or dirty tricks phase of the investigationand for the first time it looks as if separate investigations will be conducted by themajority in the minority after somebody the committee is scheduled to hear from two of hisford agents rubber bands and that list kelly next week you'll be former whitehouse a private eye chart caulfield if you've recovered from announcer attack and then toother alleged agents for the nixon re election campaign john that jackbuckley and michael mccann away also known as a venture to then therepublicans are scheduled to take over in an attempt to prove that no party has a monopoly on dirtytricks later on this evening i'll talk to fred thompson the minority council what hisstrategy they will be backed it with that interview of
minority counsel fred thompson at the close of tonight's reply and join me then will beprofessor richard small co director of the institute of election administration at american universitywill be talking further about the role of so called dirty tricks in american politics nowto keep that help you plan your viewing tonight here's our hour by hour viewinggot in the first hour battle cigarette he testifies that he was given a list of nixonadvance men from nineteen sixty eight are using recruiting pranksters for the seventy two marycampaigns it came from white house appointed secretary white shape wasok ready orders to have senator must be followed two day swing through californiain the second hour security admits that a campaign committee called democrats against losseswas a fictitious money created to cause confusion in the california primary also inthat primary he admits sending out three falls press releases one of those david falselythat shirley chisholm had been confined to a mental institution and the third hour it's a
gritty tales now john dean offered him a job in jamaica after the election somebody says it wasin montego bay and would have paid thirty five thousand dollars a year alsoannounced a great is that why he got involved in the dirty tricks operation details the senators' earsnose satisfactory answer for his conscience now number four the senators get into anargument over whether john dean and fred fielding wrapping his attorney for sobriety cigarette hesays i thought they were and everything would be kept confidential the senators disagree becausething was working for the white house not as a private lawyer senator evan rule that there isno sufficient evidence to support the privilege and waters and testify about meeting with being onoctober can last year and the fact that our security says it was john deanwho suggested that he keep a low profile at the watchman post uncovered as activities youalso suggested he returned to california via train rather than fly backnow to the centerhistorically
momentarilyget noreason we're chatting through the better but it will get that's retiredfrom the robot was notone where the fusionvia this is like a middle of the crew levelnow let the record show that this is really istestifying involvementand while all weeknewlegislation
yes i ambeverly hills californiain nineteen sixtythree i graduated from the university of southern california i majored inbusiness administration it and attended the university of californiaberkeley and graduated from law school in nineteen sixty six my firstjob was as an employee of the office of the comptroller of the currency in washingtondc after a few months i was inducted into the united
states army that was in may nineteen sixty sevenwhat's in the army and wiper commission in the judge advocate general's corps i wasaccepted i was really struck back on the active duty inseptember of nineteen seventy one after serving four years and four monthsa year which was in vietnam after my graduationthe university is seven california i maintaininfrequent social contact with two college friends like chabon importantstraw so it did not seem unusual when i wascontacted in early nineteen seventy one it to friends about thepossibility of doing some work for them after my release from active dutyit indicate interest although i had no concept of what they had inmind in the summer of nineteen seventy one i flewto washington dc and met with mr chabon in this distraught
it was explained in aid and i would be employed can perform certain politicalfunctions for the reelection of president nixon at that time iwas aware that both men were employed at the white house i consider thepolitical functions we discuss the selective college whiteswhich had occurred at the university of southern california impression was givenimmunity so called quite performed by both parties in presidentialcampaigns and then and that there was nothing improper or illegalin such traditional activities subsequently i was toldto contact mr herbert com bought in newport beachcalifornia for the purpose of finalizing my employment i met with mrkhan bought in august nineteen seventy oneand was offered a salary of sixteen thousand dollars or an m plus
expenses for my activities mr come out and i did notdiscuss the specifics of my employment and i myself had noconcrete ideas as to what worked i was to perform it wasnot even clear to me whether or not i would be working for a mr kumquat mrchabon or others however i was happy to accept employmentfrom people who held a prominent positions in and out of governmentafter meeting with mr carlock i met withmr chabon not far from the western white house in san clemente californiaduring this meeting mr chabon gave me a list of cities inwhich i was to acquire operations is to assist me in my teacher and othersmr chabon stressed the secrecy of my duties and statedthat he would be my contact at the white house he further explained that myduties would consist of various activities and into
foster a split between the various democratic hopefuls and to prevent thedemocratic party from uniting behind one candidate i was told that thiswas a common campaign strategy even thoughit had at one time been a registered democrat and was apoliticalvermont army came here i was in agreement with president nixon's announcedpolicies at ending the vietnam war and a draftit was not my favorite his reelectionit was this combination of factors by law anyconcrete career plans my friendship and respect for theindividuals involved my belief in the reelection of president nixonthe opportunity of working for the white house in the change ofpace for my army duties which led me to accept the employment
from september nineteen seventy one through the end of the yeari traveled to various parts of united states attempting to lightup political associates mr chabon had instructed me not touse the names of any person's at the white house or the nameof any person associated with the republican party when making my contactsi was also told not to use my real name so that i wouldnever proven embarrassment to the president or his campaign supportersit was therefore difficult for me to explain to people exactly whati was doing who i was working for or what we willbe doing together during the initial period of my employmenti myself had no specific idea as to what i was doingor how i was to do it i did indicate to people i've
recruited unquote that their task will be to pick the variousdemocratic candidates under the guise of working for a rival democraticcandidate we asked difficult questions at news conferencesan impossible get someone to work in a candidate's the ordersthe purpose of planning so called quote spices unquotewas primarily to obtain candidates travel schedules toassist in the planning a nicotine activities during this period ireceived five thousand dollars travel and expenses for mr khan law and asolid six hundred and sixty seven dollars every two weeks and a salaryapartfrom the idea the following year in nineteenseventy one one i prepared a list ofquestions to ask senator must be one year period we would hear it
in southern california the questions were passed out among theaudience and i believe one of the questions was askedto i contacted him in the video in california whoprovided three or four persons in census cup and picketed anyof various democratic various democrats weresigns saying quote kennedy the president unquote are wordsthat really i guess senator must bevolatile for today's while he was in los angeles california this was aone and only time that i had ever had any candidate to followand it was then pursuant to an earlier suggestions for mr chabon thati have a familiarity with how presidential candidates travel to thebest of my recollection those are the only activities i performed in
nineteen seventy one in january of nineteen seventytwo i received a second son of a five thousand dollars bonus tocome on this summit was paid following my request for additionalmoney to cover my travel and expenses on her aboutfenway ticket in nineteen seventy two i receivemy last my weekly chat in the summer of six at sixty sevendollars from a trust account currently maintained by mr khan lawand about this time mr camargo explain to methey're rather than receiving for other mines by kat of the river thatwe were switched to green unquote honor aboutmarch first nineteen seventy two i received the sum of five thousanddollars in cash from mr khan bought secretary and on herabout march twenty third nineteen seventy two i received a sum of
twenty five thousand dollars in cash for mr camargo thisletter came it was made up on my request for the sum of five thousand dollarswhich i anticipate was needed to cover my traveling and salary expensesit was my impression at the time that the extra twentythousand dollars was given to me so that i would not happen on contactus to come walk on a frequent basis i nowbelieve that the new campaign a lot regarding the reporting of income in this president'shad something to do with this payment the funds revert to hearagain it only money that i have receivedit not anytime discuss with mr camargo in aspecific to my political activities and i have no personal knowledge as towhether or not he spoke with others about i was about what i was doing
i should add to my statement but i did receive some of the four hundreddollars in cash that summer to cover my expenses fortravel to watch me see any witness to combine military mr chabon in thisrestaurant greasyare traveling and living expenses a complete accounting tothe best of my ability has been provided to this committeeinto the special prosecutor's office in the center innineteen seventy one i traveled to the state of florida for the purposeis seeking additional contracts and in my visit i met with amr robert biggins in tampa florida a mr douglas kelly inmiami florida themr benson mr tell it
seemed knowledgeable as to the inner workings of a political campaignand expressed a willingness to assist me in my endeavors thatyoung men seem to know much more about how political campaigns operatingan idea therefore it at each a modest sum andask that they make contact with other persons who would be a future assistancethe intention was that previously indicated to let it getsrecruited persons to it to ask our questions at news conferences andto obtain their travel schedules of various democratic candidatesin january nineteen seventy two i return to floridaat this time mr van zandt came to studentstypically opening a cylinder jackson's headquarters in tampa floridacarrying must be for president and top scientists arewords were words that effect he also had recruited
approximately ten persons that they get picked and i must gear i wassigned to a dingy muskie's reluctance to consider a black american as arunning mate he's activated activism as the vanswere down pursuant to my suggestions i also understand it isdepends on his own initiative and it ascends to a musty press releasewhich announced it's sending a ten thousand invitations for amusty right to be followed by a thousand dollar up late dinner thispress release was sent to one or two newspapers inaddition to the surveillance and i collaborated in one way oranother of the following matters in a letter on senator must bestationary alleging an operation is a government typewriters biasedthere this letter was sent to various reasonsi do not recall the place to
place in the posters at book how must be investing morechildren now i'm hooked the poster board alleging quote mother's backunless the committee and four approximately one hundred two hundred andfifty cent posters were distributed or posted by methe place in effect bonds and i must be a day and at the mosque theheadquarters the senate on a letter unless thestationary accusing sen jackson and humphrey of sexual improprietyi would like to make clear that this letter was my myidea suggested by any other person i assumefull responsibility for its country ants each and everyallegation in the letter was untrue and without any basis in factit was not my desire to have anyone to lead the letter
but instead it was intended to create confusion among the variouscandidates it is michael a pepper and twenty two forty suchletters were sent out mainly to sen jackson supportersi deeply regret that i initiated this incident in whichto apologize publicly for this stupid act i can onlyhope that this apology will in some way rectify theharm done to the senators and their familiesthere were other activities performed by mr danson myself which icannot fully recall at this time but which generally consist of thepicketing candidates and it's demeaning rude prince from various dailynewspapers and magazines mr douglas kellyassisted me in posting your or mention muskie poster and i'mplacing an ad in a college newspapers dating while
one is sincere gentleman seeks running mate white preferredthat natural sense of a rhythm no optical contact the muskyunquote he also helped me place in an unclassifiedsection of the miami sunday sun reporter skating pointsenator must be would you accept a jewish running mateunquote in another era in the same as a first lady a pointsenator must be you wouldn't except a black or an americanindian would you accept a jewish running mate unquotethere is also an and i was placed in a local cuban newspaperin on a local radio station which david well lesliebelieves all people have the right to choose any type of government that they wantthe cuban people or no exception and the united states should not
interfere if elected must we will attempt to ease the tensions between theunited states and cuba he was born in maine is a good americanvote for ed muskie encore wealso distributed some wires and buying the public to a nonexistent openhouse unless he's had orders in miami mr kelly andi have one other activities of a minimal nature which i had disclosed thisin committee by way of sadat interviews to the best of my recollectioni also understand that mr kelly did other things about which i am not fully clearsince he also operated to a great extent on his ownat this time it is my best recollection that paid mr kelly industrybands a total of approximately fifty five hundred dollars infebruary of nineteen seventy two a man told me he hadbeen a finance our eyes and a warrant from a choir conversation
with mr chabon i had been informed that a person would call mewho would give me assistance in miami florida i met with mrwarren and another individual who was in it is to me as george leonardi now recognize he had worn as being mr e howard hunti have been unable to identify mr george london however itis my understanding that he was probably she gordon liddymr warren provided a nameor the name of a premiere in miami who i subsequently used forvarious purposes it he called me mr warren a second timein june nineteen seventy two at the sheridan were mastershotel in miami florida during this meetingthis mean one suggestion that i put together a group of peaceful demonstratorswe do our hotel during the democratic convention
at which time to another group of defense wants to join in the demonstrationan actor in an unruly manner it was explained to me that the badconduct at the crime would be blamed on senator mcgovern itwas never my intention to create more did it ever participate inany kind of physical violence and mr warner's plan was something which idid not want to get involved when the watergateburglary preseason plans and they were never carry outat this point i would like to state thatno time did it ever have any knowledge of that iparticipate in the watergate burglary or any activity involvingelectronic surveillance it is possible and i'm a hand that gives theone a third occasion but i am i'm sure at this timeon april first nineteen seventy two april fools'
day milwaukee wisconsin listener vincent i distributeda wire ever tyson gay parade all you can eat lunchwith hubert humphrey's headquarters i have giventhe committee and a special prosecutor's office a couple ofwire there was of course no such partyalso in april in nineteen seventy twoinresponse to a taco cochran mr warren i flew to washingtondc i had mr kelly beatty they're so there must be waysto have a fund raising dinner at the worst been no hotelmr kelly and i totally acting from us the organizersordered the flowers he says and liquor for the campaign workersin addition we invited certain foreign guests and providing for the
delivery to the device to her legacy immigration was alsohired to attend a dinner we alsomade inquiries about ready to know why weren't able to make the necessaryarrangements the purpose of our visit was to causeconfusion mrcallahan i also distributed a wire skeinsprotest the fat cats were signs thiswas in reference to the muskegon mr callahan i constructed variousprotest signs but no one showed up to protestduring nineteen seventy two i performactivities of a similar a less extensive and significant nature and other statesi had given a full statement to this committee staff regarding
these events i believe my activities activities in these otherstates is little if any commotion and do not need to beelaborate anonymously i also feelthat many innocent person is would be hurt if i were jesus disclose thenames of our persons i contacted in my travels most ofthese persons are completely innocent of any wrongdoing and topublicly disclose their names would be a great disservice to themi have given the committees that incomplete list of allpersons who names i can recall i understand that the committeestaff in the prosecutor's office and investigated my activitiesin an intensive manner i mean we're looking atintelligence and this committee that i not be forced to publiclydisclose the names of innocent prisoners which could only damage
to their reputations and doing without serving any legitimate legislativepurpose in july of nineteen seventy twomr kelly and i've made arrangements for a small planeto fly over the democratic convention center with a trailer eighteenpro peace on our promiscuity put together and sothis was my left political activity of the nineteen seventy twocampaign after news stories beganmentioning my name i saw no crossover mr john w deeni met mr dean mr chabon distraughtover periods during a month's mr dean acted asmy lawyer and i confided in him in thiscapacity enters the team's request i made a taperecording explaining my activities in the nineteen seventy one and seventy
activities in nineteen seventy one and nineteen seventy two and give it tohim i also preparing a written statement andgive it along with many documents to an attorney inlos angeles california who has suggested as consul bye mr vit is my understanding that thisattorney sent to muscatine copies of the materials lab with himand that has to be subsequently oversee turnovers and materialswhich were obviously intended to be confidential and partyattorney client privilege to this committee although i feel that<unk> betrayed my competence i do is just a bit no time didhe tell me to be anything but not us and truthful with the federalbureau in an investigation and the united states attorneys officethis gentle statement was prepared with the advice and assistance
and my present council mr victor sherman a los angelescalifornia and was not intended by us to be a complete statementobama activities there in the months and questioned i'm sure thatthis committee has now wear them i acted activities have been blown out ofall proportion by the news media i accept the fact that most of mypresent problems are the direct result of my own conducthowever i cannot help me to feel that i had been abused by rumorcharacter assassination innuendo and a complete disregard for theprivacy of myself my friends and my family i haveliterally had no way the onslaught of the media during the past yearand they're going to get a story in our eye iunderstand that under various guises some of the news mediaillegally obtained my telephone bank account and credit card records
and generally conducted investigations without any concern for myrights nevertheless this in no way lessens mysincere beliefs that my activities were wrong andhave no place in the american political system they to theextent that my activities have on another person's in the political processi have the deepest regrets i am now ready to answer the questionsin this committee obvious statement ofwhite soul i already indicated aboutthe first moments of like akin most important law andas you're going to get is that thenow at thetime there's strong and the chechen war and that's really what i mean i'm nineteenseventy one and also during the period of the life of anyone
in the seventies you know what thevision was he i was avoided the whitehouse and i believe a position at that time was president ofsecular and you knowall i knew was he was employed at the white houseyou come from this system is the wholeidea that much later into the nineteen seventy twonow i have to bemrbasham not quite certain exactly a date and then but it is apossibility and that period of time
i had dinner with his futurein his residenceyes it wasbut reallypoliticallythat secrecy was stressedmr jt itis it's you and i knew that andengaging what you had in that
is correctand you're interested in the job and i was just asecondin years they've already givenus will record the information isfounder and the un watchersrightwe were there in nineteen seventy one nineteen seventyi can give you figure this commission i have in the way offinancial records and i think it'sin the room forty five thousand dollars
money for expensesjuly nine i place innineteen seventy oneyou know i getwhere i met mr chabonnear this incoming white house and we all went to asmall restaurant in the local areathat mean mr chabon an additional innovationdescribing general background or politicalsituation gave a list of states to concentrate on
in making the future for the co opcontent and with these days isprimarily answer i think this meetingwas likei don't recall specificallythat's rightthat's correctitwas related to relationships
and for example at a must do i know if youwere to have a country for president signedtwo kgb a place in proximityto where the media could take a photograph of thathis mediumyesterday at that period time in relationship to that part of it becauseof theo yes or evensillier must bedifficult to call any sectorconversation this time somost
likely prospects to win the democraticnomination it certainly washow niceand statelaw you'rerightthat will be there except the
statement you made about awakening senator must beacting you trivial more emphasis then leasewas conveyed to me a ticket but you'rerighti think that there could be a geniusoh oki contacted
his heelsi doi can't believe that that statement to them or astatement in that that was maybe a little earlier than that yesterdayoh geezthere were witnesses
from my release from active duty untiljune nineteen seventy twowords mr strahm calling once on the telephone inlate september november seventy onethough us an interim us againi was traveling in southern californiaand some in the videos throughsome days and here's stamper etc muskie and itwas broadcast on the news media of this are strong calling up asked meif i had anything to do with that it which isthe truth neworleans
whilewell a suspected at some point and it can i would do it ina city i was given his own telephone numbergenerally speaking i was to call me out of the white house switchboard and i wasto use another name you know iwas too it is and it isthat was eliminated mri and thatwas an immediate use although i think at the very first met in may havebeen another name very similar in that ibought more similar history but i believe that christa mcauliffe
the operator said days as mri us and i said yesi was instructed to get an answer inservice on my home telephone number and california which i getany mr chabon no fishing or tupac andi was not in anything about the message he's the name is chapmanhewas inlondon then i get into thetourney law saying this eventually led to mr dthought that he was never used it to my recollectionis
it and did you see mel ohi did receive the summit of cape and soat one time it is orso differentgeniusesfireat one point in timei don't know what it was in nineteen sixty eight in amsterdam and sister butit was a white house
it is that was to some extent i meanwe doit'sbeen look at thatthat's rightthis is my receipt ido not believe itandin a monumental
were demonstrating it should be anundeclared and should be held in a location that is veryvisible at the other democratic hopefulfor examplewe recentlyrichard the mosque issuethat my response all the signsfor the press area for the picture yetin the pastyes that's rightwow
yeswell solomon is it's conjecture speculation ihate doing it in a bit and perhaps not to speculatethat perhaps one reason was to give me enthused about thejob that i think are more of aprimary reason was too let me get fromme where the presidential advance and how presidential a party with the otherand traveling in an attackiam not certain whether it was given to me and it was an easieror on you i didn't see oneidea
my recollection is that thatwas told to me by telephonea little bit of pride in that however my notesregarding that mean to mention i think the term operatingcapital of five thousand audits of prose disgustat that pointnowthat's really it has to some extent my problem notmy records early summer very sporadic
for example i remember when trip by flu as flyingon south and i happen to know any friend that was living inalbuquerque from albuquerque new mexico fromkorea time in the military so i set of winedirector at florida arrows fly nonstop to mexicoand it was a combination of both a social visit and atmy colleague political a visit i'll actuallymakesure that you actuallyreplace they will pursue his business people who are going to followin the areayes they were
what manyat first i believe for a short period of time i use the meantime your handand lead outs of the time it used onconsonants they used theeuroand specificallyyou're right yesrightnowthis isn't an illness you know i've got
a friend i had worked with him someextent in the military service to our society i see it inthe military which is called really stands for criminal investigationdivision in this individual was a retired i see it ourindividual in at that time he was working for a detective atit i would classify him as at that time yes nowwellin thisformulai believe that's how the scenarioof when it is possible and i columnist ejtwo in fact finding out from a local paperor any israelis read in the paper that my best
recollection is there is even called american i am welllistensome question the threat of the useof exhibits that are before youand you identify that exhibitat the end that i was given at the appearance of someof the lesser has some questionsyou werepolitically only onequestionthat's
right nowyousaid itxerox copyi now believe to bethe white houseif he'srightandwhyso that is the questionyou see
itthat's itthat's correctstage diane knowwe really missed the boat on there's obviouslythe press now wants to prevent pm i believe thatyes sir i can keep his temper last let'sprove he can't say another look at patients andthere's a year it'seasier take it to mean my question was thatreflected in the news some of
the reasons among thequestions that you have in your reportingthat that's true that question thatscorrect how to do it wherei did not what happened i wasinstructed to the ocean to have your id and i met with anindividual whose name was given to me i found him to be a verypersonable unlikable gentlemen very knowledgeable in politics he seemedvery receptive to my ideas i thoughtso much easier and then i gave him i actuallyreceived a phone call and talk toyou
and i don't know my problem was that i had used bymy real name in a palace in the video called aroundwashington to find out who i wasthat's correctyesterday it wasthe one and that's the nextprimary schedule was for them as well oh i thinkit is neededthis game is thatwhen i write
i call a local republican officeand asked whoever answered the phone ifhe knew of any individual that might want to be some part time workyeah and i was given a minister bansmr kelley swain i received from mr van zellerreceded from another end of the deal and i went to miamithat was tuesday night at the white house and then in thetimes cites a different coloryes sirpeople associated with them or to it and
i don't believe they personally i were torecruit other presidents yesthey didbutanything elseit would come across as far as information via i guess classified as abonus this isany contacts and tell wherethat time really were rather minimal but i believe it has tosome extent yes sirthat's right
yeah yeahyeah so that's corrector liberalism that's right
watsonare about identifying the personand the next internet we have nowand it's already introduced a period oftime then was it you're welcomeyeah yeahabsolutely no idea yousee i can take a guess five hundred thousandwhat you do with iranit finally he'sbeen
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 41 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's coverage, Donald Segretti testifies.
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