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it'sbeen documents and us fromhis recruiters convenience of that if he had had mr mitchell a copy of a documenthuman himself a couple you refer to and that's what this refers to it means thatthose two voters were prepared with investments that he wanted to take a meeting witha little bit mr levyplaying anything for himi mean certainly just recently i don't remembermeetings with mr mitchell very often i presume this was the meetingi can remember a conversation with mr libby in which hecame to me and indicated that he had something visualpresentation at which he was interested in beingcertain that that was an easel are or something that he could mount his own
industries was office i subsequently tried todetermine whether there was such assistance idon't think i did it myself i think as one of the secretaries to call mr mitchellsecretary to make that determination and it was that was thenature of the conversation in his inquiryi saw him with a package that i think might haveinsurance and might not have insurance so i can say i'mrelated to approximately the same periodwelli don't know i had been shownthe records that were kept by a secretary who worked for me
and then that those records or it indicates that is jigging attendedwould have been invited to attend that meeting july that's what the record show i have norecollection myself now inthe nineteen seventieswell i think that we discussed ithe fromtime to time would come into my office which was located in front of mr mcgrew hisoffice it was jason and when mr larry was unable to get in to see mrmcgregor because he was busy or for other reasons or perhapsjust ten scheduled an appointment he would get from time to timestop in my office and get the nature of his business hedid stop in and on one occasion i can remember him giving me a sheetof paper which i would identify only as being a blank
sheet of paper with some type and i don't remember letterhead on the sheetof paper the only recollection i have a pretty a pretty good wediscuss those but that was abig statement to me that hehated to write something like this damn and that's that's literally the extent of thestatement it was clear to me that i shouldn't this if it wasn't for my conceptioneither because of the way in which he gave me a piece of paper to me facedown on the desk and i would say within a matter of minutes given to mr mcgregorand that'swe discuss this my recollection he is that there could have been a total and thatfor that i seem to remember that figure two hundred and fiftysets of newspaper accounts indicating that there was two
hundred and fifty thousand dollars in a certain religion butyou know i i just supposition on my part to say with a piece of paper was idon't knownineteen seventy twothere's a leading manyes at that time it's my recollection that mr micheli was a key biscayne and the jet had a meeting with mrmitchell in key biscayne and that that's who's going tosay andi think what you're referring to
on theirwayit sayscarnal i believe we referred to the fact that i've beenasked to get gordon liddy the best recollection ofthis is that the reason i was asked to get gordon liddy was i was asked the region and have him call mr mcgregorthat say just have a vague recollection itcould have come in another time but it it makes sense in conjunction with a centurythat's right mr mcgregor was not in washington at the timeas is indicated here also and i think that that was the reason forbeing asked to give us to litigate callinganswer
is a recording of activity is taking place in theoffice is just random recording of interruptions itappears from the way in which this appears that there's too many would have interrupted me and saidthat he needed an answer i don't know whether that represented a phone call inthe seventies simply stopping by the office that this illustrates the purpose for keeping that alot in the first place there were lots of interruptions like that and a lot of activityand that was the reason for that just to remember ityouknow i'm not certain that it was when he returned from floridawhat i remember was that i do remember on one occasionthe timing of the occasion roughly coincides with this mrmcgregor standing in my doorway to call somebody
out it was his habit to frequently do that that was the nature of myjob he would come and give me numerous instructions and iwas to pass on approvals disapproval is that sort of thing reactions to thedecisions are their manners leaves him he appeared on my doorway andsaid call telling it's approved for a timeit's approved and that we need to get going in the next two weeks that was aperfectly characteristic thing for him to say because i frequentlycalled other senior members of the commission told a similar things i made such a phonecall i relate it roughly a time to this because i have a feeling that that thefirst weekend to enable had something to do with with the two weeks that that's avery vague recollection of it mrlilly and his reaction was a little bit different than what thereaction of most people that i can get this kind of decision
to and i remember they said but i can't it's gonna be hard or somethinglike that and you've protested and i indicated to him that he was going to have totalk to mr gruber about it but i didn't know what it was that i was telling him about thatwhatever he had talked about with mr mcgrew there was approved and if that made senseto him ian said hesubsequently did talk to mr mcgregor on a number of occasions i assume that whatever the matterwas was bizarreyou doin june of nineteen seventy twothese these documents were shown to me by you and other members of the
staff they seem to me to being similar to documents that i wasthere and i remember on one implication seemedseeing something similar to beyond the low i remember seeing somethingsimilar to that the material to display itry to describe this in one earlier occasionsannapolis that i appeared before the grand jury and was asked about thenature of observing gotten similar to this at that time iidentified documents which are not exactly like that uponseeing the subsequent occasion i think i mean i think that this is thestationary i didn't i'venever been shown documents by mr silvers he indicated that he might at some futuretime do that the heat i don't think it's had an opportunity to do thatbut at the time i was desperate to try to identify what i saw and when i did
so identified it slightly differently than this but one seen this ithink this is the same nowdo you see these documents and describe thecircumstances surrounding during the during the week by juneseventeenth and perhaps it was during the killings by nineteen seventy i can't becertain exactly the time similarto the one todaysixteen for it onthat occasion it was simply industry workers hands are lined with thisi am not certain subsequently i was handed thedocument and i was handed it in such a way that it was indicated to me
very clearly that was not tomatoes or that it was not for myconception at that time it was handed to me and ihad made that was the second time that i saw it was during those thosetwo weeks prior to that setting right for youand twomy memory is that it was split open and the stationarywas either unit slid open on top of it and that they were togetherand at that time i was doing when theentity that i just described a few minutes ago i was preparing to mitchell's filesfor a meeting with mr mitchell no he was campaign director at this timeand it was it was the daily activity
of us i was candidly that the documents and i was asked to put theminister michel spiral of the nature of that is that the things that mrmcgregor might have wished to pick up with mr mitchell we're going to filemarkets mr mitchell's file and that's all itdoesn't indicate in womenand it's an industry group ohyes it is and you know those occasions with also photographs with thestationary in an envelope dated and that certainlydid wrestle with it they're stationery on the second occasion i describe in which i washanded them until i was taller and it wasclear that it was not related to be looking at them i do rememberphotographs or what appeared to be voting this weekyesterday i received a call at
approximately six o'clock i was asleep at the timeyemeni citizens vehicleinitiatives instruction was and the conversation as i remember it wasrobert that we had some things that we would liketo get from the office and remove them i think thenature of his description was that we have some sensitive material that we want to remove from theoffice he then went on and said and there'sa firepatientsif there's a fireyou know i mean
i think soi think analysts and he also said and their sensitive things in theofficer would like you to take them out and just keep them on the weekendi didyes i did when i went into theofficer was there with a number of other people watching the evening newsyou're on a conversation when you're sorude yes i did it was after the new senators over oursurvey after that a portion of the news in which the break in which occurred lessdiscussed the other people left the room and bistro suggested thatwe calli think the purpose of it first
discussion and the call was <unk> want to describe what we'vejust seen an amazing and what the coverage was that point he went on tothat and that and i think disgusting general security matters at the committee itwas my impression that he had previously talk about security committeehe then went on to say no i wasnot he said thatthere are these things that the rest of the office meeting knew thatwas that when i walk into the office i said that mr mcgriff days andremove several things from his dad's i remove a linkvow removed what appeared to me to be here one more importantthings in the file that was the analysis of the polls and remove theoperating plants which describe the key states and their strategy at allthe phone call and felt that the activity was perhaps a
little bit foolish to be sitting as this living things so istop and subsequently the phone call to a place at thebrunt of the fact that there were some things that i had already taken from the desk and he was youknow there was we shouldremove and he at that point was sponsoring be of assistance i think there was someconcern at that time for just the security of these documentssenior campaign officials were in california i think there was some concern at that momentthat they control thingsvery specific dutiesi knew what he was talking abouti think he was specifically what he was talking abouthe was one of the things that
you just saidspecifically he couldhave definitely specificallyit seems to be centered in the first phone conversation there maynot have been a second decisionover was and i think they indicated that to himbut i said that i could findtwo systems andchanged his name andthat he then generalize times and seven other you knowcontender materials or other strategy materials or something to that effectbistro the conversation terminated shortly after that mrlatham and i was left that task of finding which it is not
that you would need to believe that what i did and it was a combined that with some othermaterials the other materials concerning contenders andi gave that up at those materials in his journals in his moviesmr o'hanlon on down to thethird floor and then i went down there to any given that thesethings were in his briefcaseyou're sickthat's rightyou knowdemocratic national committeetraditionally republican
partiesfor the invitationthisis npr newssixty threesixteenwanting this informationi think probably a
lot of there was a general awareness on my part that he was obtaininginformation that the time making the committeeat the time of the invasionthat's righti meanwhoa i don't remember any discussion it was asurprise that he was concerned about havinghad an even referred to remember whati discussed this which is
that i think that my impression that mr libby was that youknow they have been very capable of legalcounsel but that he also occasional occasionallyfairly bizarre thingssecretarysixty fortythat's righti believe it was a picture ofhimself with a bullhorn an event at mit economist andconducting a range of symphonies in front of a police car it was an open seasonit was occasionally
bizarre next to a nearby i meet the other thing is thathis relationship with my superior at that time mr mcgregor outwas less than friendly all occasions and i thinkthat from that i had the impression of himcertainly not and he seems to have around i thinkdo you agreei think the reason for thatlike ican remember on one occasionjust sing in the hallway or something and saying to have an argumentand he went into a long exploration of his great respect for mr samson for
mississippians as a manager and that sort of thing and i think that he may very wellhave a number of friends of the committee i didn't know i was really very well at allwe werei was aware of it in one sense that i was aware that this tripwere some question his position is contained in astatement hisreasonswho wasdisappointedin the committee have a safe inhis office in which he can't pay cash for
the committee at that prior toapril seven report came to me andasked me to assist him in i'm just pullingup his first concession speech related to say since i wasbecause of my doing that was to be able to report areporter also work there was apopping cache that it was an account and that wasa system that i did and it was on thatinnovation is receiving some sense of cashthat when exactly was he wearslike slips of paper on which the initials of the individual victims toforgive himif we fail
mr porter and it seems to meto be a range of forty to fifty thousand dollarsfreeagency assistant laurenwith this exception if it was not ready cash in thesense that there were seventeen thousand dollars and they actthe forty to fifty thousand dollars for instance on stage atthe beginning of julymarkedseveral thousand dollars perhapsthe recession
there werereportingthere was an individualthis citysam is hereandthere was an individualreceive money and there may havebeen other individuals that to my recollectionwhich is a little vague on this that there wasn't a regular disbursement of those exceptions
i don't knowcircumstantial understanding of what i like things thatsubsequently that after i learned that therewas such an individual i think that was more alert today and i can see himnowi wasjust simply have a disagreementmy recollection is that it was approximately
eight thousand dollars a month but i think that whenthey assumed that he received several us dispersantsthere were considerably larger than that i think that when the nature of that five to eight thousanddollars not certain the reason i remember them is that the route he wouldreturn sums of money at accounting some one so i thought he would returnthree hundred dollars that they're taking out of thousands of the thingsi really am not completely clean sanitationno no there wasn't i have a feeling that the tonal magnitudein forty to fifty thousand dollars means that and that's the total imaginewhat was recorded for it i don't thinkso
and afghanistanin anotheranything elsethere's nothing elsedemonstrations yes it washe says nice things robers says that when
events that perhaps because i mean i was sitting in his recruitersoffice at the time that he received a phone calldemonstrators to attend thereview that the reasons have a planned demonstration itseems to me that that was an activityhe saysin africaon the specific recollection at that wasn't carrying outor that it was carried out differently from the way in which angered station i think the mostimportant assistance there that was the nature of the initialcompensation
forpossible plot or sort of musicit was earlier that was injanuary february or december and it wasthe beginning of the discussionand in the beginning of this nationmr martin reports that has to come back haveagreed to find someone who's going to work for thisreport that is the nature of that conversationthis concertwas going on in egyptand that's the conversation i think information like
an on the circumstances under which that that conversation tookplace it was my feeling that was itwhen it was carried outas ateenager he was workingfor him well that disgruntled with those othercampaigns or perhaps just individuals who wanted to be involved in politicsand who wants to retain informationthankyouwell there were two occasions in which i was presidentwhat these issues
it wasn'tnormal no i don'tmorning stevewhere is itand i think his testimony with otherwitnesses i have a pretty good ideai think i
chantingthere was a tremendousresponsibilityi went totheend ofitas the senators take a recess to vote on a bill dealing with theenergy crisis they have more information about a cash fund to mull over the moneywas in the safe or herbert porter and much of it went to g gordon liddy now thecounsel fred thompson will continue his questioning roberts reason or an age of magruder ina moment right now we would like to thank you that viewers for your comments and
this gavel to gavel coverage your response has been overwhelming to date wereceived more than sixty nine thousand pounds and letters and we're very grateful tothose of you who've taken the trouble to write is if any of you still want to express anopinion we suggest you do it to your local public television station in our publictelevision system it's each local station your local station which makes the individualdecision on whether applied programming like this so if you have an attitude about yourlocal station's decision why don't you express it to them were sure they'll appreciatepublic television's coverage of these hearings will continue after this pause for a stationidentification on a great coverage of these hearings is provided as a public serviceof the member stations of pbs the public broadcasting service thepainthe
pointterry and pike continues itscoverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you'regetting correspondent robert mcneil so three members of the
committee came back and after the vote in the senate on the energy crisis beyond which theyapproved by eighty five votes to ten a legal requirements and big oilcompanies for mandatory allocations of oil to smaller companies that it begins atthis point fred thompson has another question for robert reasonfb topayone question
you knowi didn't knowthere was a great deal of extendedvacationsi think with great suspicionit wasjune seventeenth agreement there're certificationssales everseen
informationat ithinkthat feelingisthey really just recording of activity that was going onand frequently and i might make an occasion someone comesto themmany immigration
the meetingyes indeedthank youthat's outin la that there'sa way to keep this has given us ameeting to submit anapplication back home now this isthe prologue
and that decision and eight to beprecise my recollection is that on one occasion i was a test because oflillian and to make such a statement my recollection is that it wascould've occurred shortly after that trip because the time since greg ican be absolutely certainand he's alsoa senior staff members of the committeevirtually every day
you knowyes itis he used all of thiswill move oninformation of information was this account to follow theyoung people follow them it wasn't really you know thatis the file on itis there any
kindanyone elseeach document that went tomr mitchell through may that would've been a formal documentsduplicate cutting listen to mr holmes officethat's correcthe was just fifty families of the nature of what wewere doing there were working for the president who was the candidate in andtherefore we're providing an opportunitysingingnow yes sir i would imagine
a number of people to be preciseworking for a man it was my impressionas tristram communicating frequently with many members of the committeeon the stalin himself may have communicated directly with other senior staffmembers i don't imagine that it was frequentdo we likeon a number of occasionsi havesubsequently june seventeenwe'll hear about some of the things which i described previously
i think i asked him by way of raising some suspicion just what was going onand i think i asked him when the occasion of what gemstone was because i didnot know what gemstone was and he indicated to me that he did know agemstone was even know at that time i was asking him only involvedin this thing are we connected to this thing because it looks a little suspicious and heindicated to me that we were not that was another conversation in whichwas to reroute i had volunteered to be helpful to an olympiccommittee just to it and it would i think about me getting involved ina subsequent activities and he indicated to me that i should knownow heoh manyes
i think he may have initiated by sayingother things goingthat's correctwe call on who gets toget all that we can do as hedidfor fouryears i think the difference between novemberand march when i was there he met with him several times aweek i would say on average says that syndicated in the notebook that idescribed the occasionoh yes
i mean itseems to be allrightmr mitchell also is concerned with thehearings concerning itt it may not have had thisfrequency but certainly with the exception of those days it was my impressionthat mr mitchell every daywhat was your questionjuly nineteenthnineteen seventy two that was on the monday morningfrom california i believe i just saw and when he came in to
talk mr needham noyes i would say that iwould say that he met with the white house staff who were concerned with differentaspects of the campaign practically every day certainly is thecampaign hecan't speakif it was a singleeventwell to be precise
i think that even for juvenilespolitical activities ofa campaignmr colson andperhaps later after the campaign theeconomy and that was in oregon mr obama perhapscourse were extremely busy and when this rule went over there i wasuncertain whether in fact he'd been able to see them or not there are otherswhichwas well it would have depended upon thesubject of a meeting it if the meeting is concernedsomething that one of the principal mr clemens was was the man who oversaw
the convention he would've come out later that committee officers and then they'renot with mr mcgregor another people concerned with the convention i would saythat the more senior member of the white house staff the less likelytime to come to the community and that therefore they would have come less frequentlywelcome gentlemenyesterday i received instructionwhere is the registrationand to try to centralize
sensitive politicallythe instruction was not go find political things and shred of the instruction wasgo find this sensitive political documents that we have in our files and women todayand that's what i did some of those were subsequentlyothersvirtually well i thinkit is true that the secretary and i looked through his own boss i think other people withsimilar things that virtually anything that concerns theopposition contenders that sort of thing that that would have beenpolitically damaging doanything with itthank you
democraticnomination to be specifici don't knowthe otheractors theyexperienced a major concern of the oppositionhe's sixtyone asinsensitive carolina <unk> at that timeand seventy and here's an extra or something like that really
was one of an extra and that'swhat happened and that clearlywould've of documents are similar to the ones thati've got the chance to find out the reason that you would have isthaton monday morning as aconstructiverole andi was asked to give a sense of theoffice at that point i cannot mr mcgregor was going to returnmonday morning washington and thinking that it was a copy andsensitive material that should have been destroyed now
the obviousthing for the firsttimeyou'vebeenreally busyand in new orleansyes it was not on it really made this statement as a matter offact i have completely forgotten that action you think is readingthe minoritygenerally speaking you know trying to remember the first time it's agracious semi realistic it wasso
it was on a subsequent meeting with mr so that that has gotten that happenedto him it was in a previous meeting it was in the previous days before the grand juryso what you are going to do the optimists you for yourhelp this committee's yes it worriespoor youused as a huge was the first time that i'd heard from an investigator lotit to investigators on thatmessaging was canceled haven't returned andthe nature of the proceeding changed subsequently i was sitting about adventure and you'rethere on your phone callwas going to go
on on that friday which wasactually it was in the newspaper before i knew what was going to happeni mean in the newspaper that morning that i was to be subpoenaedthat's rightbefore this committeehe's been calling him that morning at a church in leading isuggested there should be a third person there and we set a meeting and then ichose not to attendit's a thingwell yes it that the nature of that was with this as
i understand that he did think that if there shouldbe a third person there and he said well we'll have to find someone howbut if we find you all line and parkinson who were counseled to the committeei said that would be acceptable but subsequently called mrryan eleven o'clock that morning and said and i didn't think it was appropriateto testifyyes he wasthey said you have to realize that if you haveindependent councillor summons independent who can give you advice that'sthe situation after a linehe called me expecting to be there and i was
ten and then his response was extremelyheavy and he felt that he wanted to know what i wasdoing he also indicated that event i survivein this committee and mrryan in an apparently week we just discussed briefly in the nature of the evidence thatprovide and one of the pieces of evidence of course was theeasel we mentioned that and i thinkthat he said that was sowas thati want this thinghe also needed
it wasnicethere was a point on that day i thinkin one interview with himand thenhe saysthe recent streamconcernthat was innocent
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 6 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Sally Harmony and Robert Reisner testify.
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