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it'sb two intelligence gathering about that time is thatwhich are testimonials that's what senator andso that when they happen mr rowland instructiveto john ydstieto change that senator muskie campaignto mcgovern's you understood the context within which he was speakinghonestly and atwhat kind of conversation did you have witnessed daily in following thewoman's options are caused a livingand americanauthors opened mynotebook
were you out please repeat the next item which readand they're also try to relate that conversation that you haveit well that statement that i readwas transfer whatever capabilityyou have a musky to mcgovern with particular emphasison discovering the relationship between senator mcgovern andsenator kennedy the musicalhair about the court testified aboutthe monitoring the conversation between mr mitchell and mr baldwindid you take any notice bigger conversationpretty close to what i'vetestified to those notes are in existence not forgive him recently they're very close to what
i mentioned earlier where there were dead in here itwas a very brief conversation where mr mitchellsaid you see the returning from florida or had returned from florida inastrology probably get together stronger mentioned that was probably a mistakethat was instilled an important occasion of a joking referencei'm strongly suggested that threeo'clock that they might be convenient late in discussing specifics of the conversation withrespect to the subject matter or the agenda for the next dayit was scheduled for the same dayand they do not discuss it mr stevensbyewhat'd you mean cooperate
with respect to intelligence gathering or with respect tomr libby in the talking neighbor just a minutefor that afternoon the question posed i wouldprepare the talk and paper double spaced and they're only aparagraph on intelligence on the subject intelligence i would posequestions such as is the current system adequatewith the gelatin system on track somethingto get the conversation goingi did not attend the meeting and i simply don't knowhow long i received a materials back from the meetingbut i do not know how long lines nowin preparing he's drawing papers and alwaysincluding something with respect to your concern
for the state of intelligence gathering going onis it reasonable to assume that you had if theirbackground as to what the white house was doing a way of intelligence gatheringallen why he would not have given such importance thisparticular type of inquiry into the drawing papersi don't actually know background and intelligence gatheringthe reason the subject was included was that whenever i would gointo the talking paper there be a note about a checklistehrlichman or it's on track or is it something in the gaysubject should be re re few minutes agoyou really get intoit was your assumptions and beliefs
because of his campaign's avacation that he would have told meeverything that he was doing that was ten years agowithin our lives sliding overstated senatora statement industry bash was a question do you have a remarkablefacility for the facts and so you reported independentlymr haldeman and mr lehman there many times in john dean'soffice i'm a miner conflict of interest that is for example of themfairly certain that he never reported in the journal i wouldn't quite say that hereported everything well not you must have been for quite some timewould you say he's a truthful man welli don't think you ever lied to me
now every opinion and i mean staying until the president about what itin the car would you say that he was telling the truthwas my opinion based on my experiences withjohnny in my opinion wouldbe john d movie telling the truthnowwhat was your real motivations forcomingi practiced law for two years and new york new yorkis a fascinating place to practice law or a place in which tolivei know mr chabon
he asked me to join the white house that i've worked with certainmembers of the white house staff has an advancement unlike the individualsand there were youinto those vouchers and here in washington when you first camehere i'm definitelyonly twenty seven years oldone in the white housekissingerthat's it's a pretty on quote anopportunity for young men an answer nowi noticed on how proud the family is ofyou
because this information has come and justly so that'swhat i wanted this questionthegolden age many young people are writing to usthe different members of the committee expressing greatconsternation about the future of our country daneis not as effective for warningin other words they're greatly disappointing and feel ofan expectation gobbleindicates this now going back to your originalconcept of insurance and they motivations wecan move you into this record and thensubsequently your saudi arabia begins instructions from his superiors
and you're going through theun when the young thingi believe they want you know williamswellit may sound very numb at the top of thedevice that you can look back and then once againmy familyhas beenthepeakthanks bye
that startling personal statement fromarmstrong the committee broke off the proceedings for a luncheon right along executive sessiononly reason in a moment we'll have the committees reaction to the president's refusal to turn overtapes of his conversations over television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continueafter a pause for station identification on average coverage of thesehearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs for publicbroadcasting servicefbfb
and ride continues its coverage of hearings by the senate
select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jimlehrer as we go back to that hearing senator obama's about to read the president'sletter on the tape recordings and urban delivers the committee's responsehe'srightyou knowyou'rewelcomeif you really are
going to have a family will write a town hallmeetings there with the nexti agree with thatthe secondone ihave access to think about aconversation with saint i havethat they give you six
questionandcomplicationsthat would happenanyway thank youbefore that this is the goalto be untrue orat one of the all daymr wright one of the ways
all rightthat's rightthere's been tensionoh maybethank you
and in a wayand you know you're rightif you want to workwith themoney all while issue to make available to themit shows that they will be permitted thank youthat's rightthere's the
anticipatedall rightin the nineteen eightiesthe patientit never regretted therecession may be oh ihave that revelationright nowyou're going tosay
ireally like itfb pagewho's a congressional committeei knowand i knowthis information
ohnoand thealamowe have nopoweroh
yeahwell and iwould rather make available toevolve at allallrightmm hmmoh oh oh
i meanthis weekwhere is itit'sbeen topay aswewere but he's the leading edge of aninvasion on the question of separation areforeigners
the committee as wellcertain documents in certain portions allthe so called butterfield tapes relative importancecommittee as my colleagues on the committeeknow i tried as far as i know i'm notgay it suggested there is analternative even now i don'tjust they're all old that we can find a wayto reconcile our differences in the public thatinvention and burners and an effective partneri don'tknowas reporters be my maternal
grandmother's opinion ouressential if people for ourenvironment mandated a pair of this committeei shall refrained from expressing mana valuation of the entire situation but itis the totality of the testimony in the entrances to the drawor witnesseson february twenty fourth nineteen seventy fouror prior to the committee that's reporter theyall express my conclusionsnot all this month however that when
we do that this is a variety reporter with all of the available informationand that we cannotfunnycertainly notthe committee is pretty certain time to time forextensions are rules of evidence nation salmon nationcouncil another and a number of other legal conceptsbut we do know wewere trying to createwe're trying to find that was that wasso this is divine welland relationships but my
uncle toby's of color oran m n and that it isnecessary for us to confrontationintwenty eleven we sawitreally doesi don't knowfirst a personal assistantand no less untried again all
the information on which to base that laterit'sboth msbee hasbeen to
passbecausebusinessesbewhileyou toobob hola
if you're listening in on the conversation betweenusin the white houseconversationsso is thatrightwell i'm not sure it's been described byother witnesses before but we discussed this with the senator and executive sessions are acall man at that point i mentioned that several white houseaides had the capability on their telephone to
switch their that the fans she recorded telephoneconversations thenames i'mnot sure the list will be inclusive those but iknow that you know yes senator i'd beengiven many others that you have such a system on the flooryes i am my secretarymr higby mr golsondoyou have any of the tradesall it takes
my telephone conversations were usually transcribedimmediately and then the tape simply reuse some of thetranscriptions still exists in the executive office buildingyou know of transcriptions of the telephone conversationormaybe you know the first versionsof their own conversations i simply do notknow the only documents that i have access to on my own recordsthe system why the presidentindividual members of the white house at least the senators of principles and theyalso have the capability to take a toll on the researchand that transmission of those conversations
one reasonsis believe it was installedwhen i joined mr haldeman staff and becameextensively involved in polling operationsand was responsible for setting up the systemtechnically set up a system that would either havebeen white house communications agency or possibly the secret servicei just don't know who the technical people were who made thearrangement that what they did in trying toacquire this fighting capability a question ofwhat they did you acquire this capability
well i definitely had it when we moved into our new officeson january one nineteen seventy two and i think that happenedin the previous office that i have the six months prior to thatenjoythe experienceculling operations and would not have taken place prior toseventy two yes that's one fairly certain i did i just cannot picture in my mindthe capability and my firehousefor not goingthrough an area rich in disgust with the committeepresident relative to the
election of nineteen seventy two and morespecifically why would turn white houseattitudes towards democratic congressman democratic senator ofansel just raising the subject in a general way to do itindicated that committee your knowledge theseregimeswell as i indicated to you in executive session senator there was alist of approximately one hundred democraticcongressman primarily from the south who hadsupported the president on the crucial votes on the vietnam warand i don't recall listsa number of the democratic senators again primarily from the southwho similarly had supported the president on crucial votes on the vietnam
war and what was the purpose of this listwell it was my understanding thatthe one hundred democratic senators would notreceive verystrong opposition from republicansyou mean the say the one hundred senators and congressmen newcommunity center in recent years and it estimates thatwomen would not receive opposition fromrepublicans for a novel is quite a strong us will not receiveopposition the goal is not togive a tremendous amount of support to republicans that would've posedin some instances it was a disgusting no opponent in the field against the emperor
i can't specifically recall that in the way of financialsupport to the republicans this with phil there's a lot of discretion as toone another should be any financial support torepublican candidates primarily because of the support of the president georgeand the labor movement they were supporting democraticcongressman and the feeling was that since they weresupporting the president's new and final funds intorepublican congressional campaignroosevelt really disgustingrepublican candidates themselves what wasdisappointing
yes that's minethe choice was made on the basis that since president george labor supportwith the offensive going financing republican candidate candidacy against them because iguess i think the basis of that decisionthere were substantial campaign funds butone proposals would be submitted for some of those campaign funds to bechanneled into house and senate races racesthose proposals would usually be rejected wouldmake these types of decisionsthe only decisionsis that we have republicans doing and republicans are
well the presidentmade quite a point during the campaign and most of thecampaign literature was not specifically time for the republican partybecause something like twenty million democrats support of the presidentthe effort was to notrely tremendously an apartment represented only twenty seven percent of the peoplesaw the factory really present operations not a republican operative who's included reelected president a porsche that's a first inyour parties agree to the stage of thegame but also my republican party can revive the actions of these individualsthese are any other category of republican
ad support withhail from his campaign inlondon at the moment you know it occurred to you that has occurred to you now that virtually guaranteedthat the republican party could not contain take control of either the house or thesenate in the election of nineteen seventy twowould you repeat the question did it ever occur to you then are yourealize now that by these actions taken it will be impossible for the republican party to takecontrol of either the house or the senate in elections on thatwell i don't think very many people considered it a reasonable possibility that therepublicans would ever captured the house i see him so in other words the matter was given upon even before it starts well the numbers aresimply overwhelmingin nineteen seventy two
of course and there was considerably more interest in the senatebecause they're obviously erases it easier to concentrate your answers willonly contest the democrats where the malaria questionand which racesasboth on another subject that itonly occurred to me on the best information you gave to the committee the other dayand they deport certain proper focus of thequestion has to work with republicans and work that republicans something that's inherently believesthat one last started to ask
russians have you ever had occasion to aconverse with mr richard new york yes on top ofmr moore several times andcommunity subject matter of those conversations are and aquaticviola mr morgan joined the staff he became ashe testified this one of the senior advisor to many of the junior mammals thatthan i acceptgratefully his advice let menot so subtle approach into greater recounting herexperiences wisdom or was the last time you met with them or walk<unk> more in march of nineteen seventy threei could very well you know what i mean
yesi'm not entirely certain that was in march but on the morningand mr morn i met regarding this really matterwhat exactly friends wiring between wisdom or yourself and the trickobviously it was an attempt to prepareas i understood it on a report from the strip moreto the president sky being exactlythe cigarette in mr morrow made an unusualdocuments in his possession is certainly hadmy fbishowed
you and to mr chaikin your fbi thrilled to filethat's correct you consider this an unusual procedurethese are these files that are available to everyone saysrather unusual siege well the files are notavailable to everyone mr moore told me that he had received them from mr deanand was working with mr dean on this particular matteri don't think there is much written the journal on this one question that i can get directly fromthis witness but i think a very important are considering a rather harsh criticismdirected against a member of the staff of this committee and his question invest morebut at some appropriate times more because back before the committee to explain this particularactivityhe received a great dealquestion
questionthat's jimclementewe need helpthat'sright thankyouthe commission regulates related to the president elect in nineteen
seventy with them it is all right to bedesignated as bingham ohand the lawyersboththey have a much strongerknow just that you suggested that you were aworld the use of the internal revenue service for political purposeswell thepapers which john being said that it doesn't believe exhibitis today's testimony i received probablythe rituals of those talking papers from history before mr haldemanthey're still in existence in my
executive office buildingsummary talking paper one pageand incorporating those matters mentioned by mr dean andby mr caulfield for a projected meetingbetween mr holman and the secretary of the treasury orprocedures work of musical creatorswell the suggestion was that thecommissioner of the internal revenue service should be more politicallyresponsive to the requestpresumably from the white housenina pham whoplays a white house source in the internal revenue servicewere you one of those designated for placement and internal revenue service
well and practiced that one new york i had hoped tojoin the internal revenue service was one placethere and that was considered at one pointdecided against because my moved therefrom being an astronomer was that would be too obviouslypolitical so the suggestion was rejectedthe discussions involving americancitizens who were destined for special treatment by the internal revenue serviceone individual in particularwas mentioned to me as a person who won a morepolitically responsive commissioner had been placed in the internal revenueservice would be subject to it people build on itno i was asked to
contact mr paulson's office for a list of twenty peoplewho would be subjectthe subjectivity and you the listeners so called was becausethings are less and smile or standing the list was eventually sent thefunding so there was aspecific responsibility or function of just thecalls and why those who doresponsibilitieshe'd rather leave hisofficial title is special counsel to the president heemerged remarkably one snap assistance have beenfairly substantial snapping twenty people he seemed to beinvolved in almost every
major decision gradually ebbed at maintainingcontact with labor organizations outside business groups and continue to do thatbut you also have suggestions in personnel mattersrecommendations as to issues dancesfor example what position the president should take on the question ofabortionwhichwas it wasn't just the callsoh also i'mconservative political advice oncontracts particularly of activities in massachusettsreally across the board and probably most interested in advertising
is for example a source of the advertisements are surrounding the bombingsand why were you referred to mrcolson oh this list it was her responsibilitywell he was my understanding that he maintainedthe listeners all thosefriends and people would contact the key leaders in certain areaswithin the country and that you were inalso be able to select leaders who do notsupport you're a specialist in taxmatters and i recall in somalia you have been singledout there to assist the president and the establishment is historythis
istrue establishment ofassisted by i gather that you had in mind some taxbenefits from being contribution of papers and documents to thegovernment is that right it's under the tax lawto the reform act of nineteen sixty nine there was a provision wherebypresidential papers and documents could be contributing to substantialtax advantage to be gone or was adistinction made between personal private papers and publish papers or will inone part of that question of law has never been settledmost presidents have taken the view that anydocuments appeared in their public a passerbymr johnson or something like
twenty moving vans full of documents andmemorabilia out with no apparent distinction betweenpersonal papers that he had crafted and papers that had been prepared byother members of the government paid for him were the tapes thatwe have been discussing with data about the state of richardnixon wellusually the description of the assets which would betransferred would be extraordinarily broadchurch is that his materials would be used to include everythingpapers memorabilia state gifts tapesphotographs almost anythingrelated to the presence of where you enter the tapes that have been under discussion the last threedays we consider this
no i did not know the existence of those tapesuntil mr butterfield testamentor europeare you aware of these memosi wouldn't doubt that they were because nowbut hereviewed with the president would usually concern polling mattersand he will put it up in the upper righthand corner indicated hewanted to give him cover in the present moment come back to me with a check marktruby indicating that he had covered with the president and i do not remember andi'm certain i would any of my political matters novels were covered with
pleasant and that's my final question before we recess for a few momentsas the job is to be recalledvisiting you in all the presidents that was theoriginal i'm recalling you're saying thatyou wouldn't get necessary measures ofinvolving all of that just for the record is that's tobe a while well certainly not the front of my mind now andit wasn't the time the particular meeting orconversation that i believe is referring tofall series of meetings too decidehow to cope with a cigarette in there was having testified that there wasa sunday meeting in the roosevelt room and he listed the attendees try to deal with it
human story on sr great on thesabine did not mention my name yet i was at that meeting there were a series of meetings afterthat i don't believe the media in questionwe're working on statements that could be put out to the pressby the white house such as the one that mr chabon eventuallyreleased and i indicated at that time if astatement it was to be released in my name it could indicate that i hadapproved plans ready is that most of all i regretit at the time but as mr demers indicate it was a fairly commonpractice in the white house for example rightnow i assume responsibility for authorizing fbiinvestigation sure and tolson assuming theresponsibility for it a nineteen seventy attack ads
either of those were true but that was the statement wasput out who did not serve in a time that you order so all ornot there was no pendingbody where i would take you know to have to make a statement and infact when i eventually was asked that particular question before the grand jury onapril eleventh who approved the hiring of all securityforcesyes i think it's probably amistake more describe it as a victor of those last three people in the meeting andremember the context of the discussion i regret having made that statement by thewhite house that there was an
overwhelming demand for it really inappropriate sense of loyalty and in that contextthat made such an offer and read itbut it was not a recessionpresident he pauses for a vote on the senate floor and one hundred thousand are playbackpublic television's coverage of the watergate hearings will continue after breakfast stationidentification on a great coverage of these hearings is provided as a publicservice of the member stations of pbs and public broadcasting servicefb it'sbeen
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 26 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Gordon Strachan testifies.
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