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it'sbasbesso isbecause of jimmy caynefor some reason the question is notclear to mr hunt i think that it would be veryhelpful as chairman if we could have a five minute recessthepope at this point the strain of the hearings began to take itstoll on mr hahn annie take a few moments to console his attorneys and collect his thoughtsafter that arrest but he recalled more details about drumming up support for president nixon's speechannouncing the mining empire on our
committee will resume aquestion likethat myhusband'sbelongingsbecauseit'sbleak snowthere is very easy in a very
ready answer to your question i however for somereason i've been really running downi will be very cautious however i perceived itwithin your question perhaps some deeper meaning or deeper implicationsfor let me respond to your questionthese terms having been askedto engender support for the president'sforthcoming huy fong speech bombing ofhaiphongspeech and be in very general terms werehaving when i was there to seeksupport from all sources available to me including in particular mrbarker even though i did not know either vacant text of the speech
was a response of your question senatorcontent of the speech a general wave of other specific wordand a speech and you also saythati have no recollection of settling i may have done it as a matterof honor on the other hand i'd like to get cooperation butregardless of the actual content of the speech well the instructions through overallsupport for president and g gordon liddy theinformation is tooandinformationto
you as it does againthat the official imagewhich you had in the usmrland and the general intelligence gatheringhe was eighty why victims don't plan is also partof a gentle intelligent manwell as they were at the entry within the contemplation of a
gentle intelligent plan initiallymaintenance angieno wayand tomenew restrictionsthank you
i meanthe first of several interruptions for a floor vote on themilitary aid bill in a moment the senators will go after more details on the gem stoneintelligence plan public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after thisloss frustration identification on average coverage of these hearings as being broadcast as apublic service or your local public television station this ispbs the public broadcasting servicefb topayfb
thepaytoplaythat has
been asbleakthepittsburghit'sbeenon the payfor
thepro lifebe fromwashington and that continues its coverage of hearings the senate select committee on presidentialcampaign activities it again and by correspondent jim lehreras we go back to that hearing sen montoya lost in all the plans for a breakin it must be headquarterswell so thenthey resumed their patients are misguided usis your answer to the last question i don't play by the senate
won't vote with a minute ortwo the reagan questions so that i can be surefb picking up at that point i wouldsay that there are as time one time and they weren't
understanding of the various potential democratic contenders became moreclear it was quite obvious that thankyoua contemplation within the major in the presidentalso went to the headquarters of the center must be that when you buy thiscontemplationthe group of employees within nasaheadquarters i learned subsequentlyand sometime after the date of the libyan courtand it required a listening post that isphysical facilities near the musky headquarters which might at some later date
have been used for electronic surveillance now whatwas a general intelligence planwhich it with their debt by un <unk> daily for presentation to theattorney general there are threecategories in the pension plansof electronic surveillance intelligencewhich monitor that he witnessed recordsassistance my input into thecategory of intelligence acquisition political action dolphin square with humanresources that is the recruitment of individuals who wouldperform either an intelligent or a political action categoriesdedicated tracks as
beakmanthat comes to my mind at this moment this senatorand this has not happened some time agois the democratic national convention siteand miami florida as well as the hotels along the beachwhere the various candidates neither delegation might be staying wediscuss the democratic national committeenot the way it was the budget has presented to mrmitchell covering the entire operation up to electionday ifgranted temporary staging question
to be asking me if the budget government there is amovie nineteen seventy two election period right yes it isso that's the budget as presented would cover thewatergate npr and the others mining activity what you weredoing at which you're contemplating at the timenow when you went to polls in the whitehouse and unfolded it they plan on gatheringintelligence and asked him to see mr neely you explain thispolitically well what we make ajudgment today in and make a recommendation to listencomedian
the following weektwenty secondsitis not likelyin the future literallyandasi said thatmr levy and again to me as much as the attorneygeneral in some time believing the white house will the committee for the
reelection in the libyans are pointing to thewhite house for having me and there he wasi want to lose as you put it isalways in the white house but you just like that day yesterday mrand pop i refer not to have to repeat yourtestimony of mesquite and really say or asking youdid you are neutral plan for any details to mrcolson at when you make the appointmentit just merely told him that therewas an intelligence gathering that they wanted to discuss with ithow what specifically did you say domestic calls i
spoke with the secretary with the tradition oftrinity are now in your openingstatement here on page five you saidthe this official misconduct theirony of evidence which would have supported my position that theymy participation in the watergate was an activity wasn't raised within the powerof the president of the united states and b if myparticipation was not authorized it justifiably below thelaw now is that your believes at the time thatyou went to these people to the work abandana that was your beliefs as domwhy did you upon the state are gazansthough i'm going to misquote went through delhi india lip on equipment
way up there what a man i'm a man why didn't those buriedat the white house with electronic equipment a mixed report andbriefcases and going to say i don't agree and votedto now polson secretary and tell her that that's ahathe story of mrs hall on mondaymorning following the entry operations center was the safest alonethen now then why do you have tospend it on no one entry that was legal a hundredand fifty state attorneys thethe money's againstlightening for the senator like him to plead guilty to injury that youvisited legal because of the fact that
the government's obstruction of justice and otherreally operate his account isn't as having my case it depriveme of my basic expenses as a matter of factall things that you did are very inconsistent withyour stated belief that your entry was i meanthe behaviorlestercenter would you permit me to myreactions were simply an effort to limit the damagecanthank you sir
and how can you telland fifty six thousand dollars and immigration that how much money todo thisi don't knowit is it isthere'sone thousand dollarshas that grip of the state
is set out and now the old accounting mixedmessages weren't made known symptom of the nineteen nineteen seventy two forfifty three thousand five hundred dollars less in a givenobama's rebelsto followyou see inthis showwhat is ityou'rewelcomeand are the auto sector board saysall this time is
right i don't own ocean when did you saythat to my knowledgeyeahyeahyes and you seefrom a gentleman who described himself as the rivers in the eventlater i believe on one of them an individual finally describeshimself as a friend of his to rivers andthere's also securitypresence was yesand the rest of it was notare you
yes youmaywell you knowit is that's rightthat are now that you saythat you also you had thatletternotionhumansfbfacebook i'll attempt to describe each one in turn senator
joe was a less finder which i had maintained for a number ofyears during my cia employment that contain that notonly a number a large number of cia names and telephoneextensions are also several namesof gemstone personnel are one itemanother item was an address and telephone book whichcontained the names addresses pseudonyms and phone numberswe presented in contextin late november nineteen seventy one tellingly that
has been engendered by attorney general mitchell and it hadfirst been approached about a judge to a reporter at thattime he had me have to count on the support of myself and the miamigentleman farmer labor response to me and who have assisted meare actually taking part in the dhaka feeling like in californiai wasused to collect intelligenceyouknow i cannot give you acomprehensive list senator but i'll try togive you as money is weaker among the morning quest
through the feminine than mr jack baumann winter haven floridamr thomas a modelthecommittee's name and i was certainly there in a somewhat different context thename of mr ralph when he was there i n t e deither read the names of certainindividuals in the miami area who about academy proposedeventually to approach to approach and may haveapproached it one timei general questions name telephone station andi had the names and telephone numbers of certain of the technicalpersonnel cia who criticism in thepast ten years does the white house i have numerous
whitehouse extensions are including those of the players are here thehomeless to quote unquote a telephone and turnedout to have been the most channelspersons i had met in those contexts in new york andit was close to my thought might be worth looking intoas gemstone mom developed andproliferate it in its different aspects thepopei would not the committee chairman of the checkpoint want tosay that that was the totality of the conclusionsreconstruct from my memory of
this time do you have any informationyou know noand when thousands of peoplethe names of thetechnical personnel and seven then bayless i don't recallor names that this juncture simply at the ciatelephone or extensions what they want totell a hugely of the youknow you know in connection with thatinformation to the defense and
recantation and so forth and you have another partof the nose arenow as doyou believe thatthis will bea very complicated missioni might say that i know that the special prosecutor has in its possessionand a page memorandum which i grew up immediately following my return fromwashington courting to the best evidence rule and i would hopethat that would soon be in the possession of the committee if it is not because it doescontain my reconstruction of events immediately following their crimeshowever like two basic instructions
when i set out to illicit information from severely work ina while she left washington and the ineffectivenessof our new self way and the whether or not to befamous or infamous memorandum to see it he was according to the best ofyour knowledge are fraudulent other or many of theitems that i was challenged were these werereduced to the form of an aide memoir which i took up todenver with me and theyinterrogated her from anywayi mean you are consistent with the documentation i waskind of that time question from sevenconversation well
inearlier they gave youthat her testify todaybefore the earliest documentation you tell me as adozen new books all it thequestion came up during the course of one of our numerous dialogues that nighti simply confirmed what she had been given to understand by herdaughter of america's high levels of the administration who are interested in herwelfareyoureally actually just me i'm the mission thirty eight
memoir which i talked subsequently that was very business is awesomemr jackson was at that time i believe the auction congressional relations of the white housei believe it is then as an attorney you as anassistant us attorney generalweekyou testified yesterday that you know racethat mr trudeau into growers' the money tocover the expensive braking to be an artist from allwisconsin yes and when they doi learned inconnection with one of my interviews with the special prosecutoror in connection with the testimony i was given before the watergate grand jury
well the moneythat specificallyi won't think is you worry about this double agent this is a message to rest ofus it was the fact that thefirst of all the most electable a democrat in connecticuthave been idled volume logic i used to feellike the democratic partyand i don't think that would justify it improves any monitorshave such a good vs capcom that they would start this double agentsto accept the validity of the olympics you'd call that basisthe diamondmining companies
in the other caseoh you'reright mr burttso that they can hearit on the merits of the possibilityor the additional information on possible double agent barry speckwhen i hear more aboutthatall right munson
lives in late yesterday mr conte bill with your cia background and yourcia and taxes or i'd like to pursue that hisregime moment i understand the chairman that we will shortlydoyou want to goanywhere andjesse jackson have any contactwhat was hisyou know he was an undercover agent southeast asia for years andwanting to choose mr jacksonhumans the best friend ihadn't the five point i could conceive of washington dcand i'm not
trying to suggest that there was any great conspiracy by the ciayes indeedsee hereyou start out with your own background canstart out information from the personnel files of thehouston screening people are finding people score various undertaking everyway yes sirhe saysand you have an occasion papers camera equipmentrecording equipment at the processing of the making ofthe assembling of the general parisian
mr jackson mr morton jackson a former cia agent whoare you want to measure best grandfather's washingtoni mean it's the record to suggest that that sort of thing now whati'm really reaching report andwhether or not the cia winningsupport for iraq and otherscircumstances aresupporters of the military operation a new surveythe initial circumstances yes senator martinez was stillthere are leaves still sort of thingscenario it won't workconstruction on the
part of the intelligence communitynononow that you understandregina montoya constructionmr bittman the united center and fifty sixthousand dollars disbursed howare the mindset that notion of that money or aturning point he's closed due to either hundred and fifty six thousand dollars or whetherit he was a bad ass understand additional phrase part of aprecedent at my understanding there then and now senator is thatall the funds went through his law firm
and whether again yourdiscuss what that when the cia relationship or did he ever suggested knew that toconstruct the cia now we discussthe cia and the fact that agreat many other personalities in the watergate affair and no one point oranother touched by the cia and their lives we did not discuss a socalled cia defense has been described as under prior testimony what'd you havegeneral questions name and telephone number and see it in your graspbecause it had been given the media andentertainment i thought that the support given to meby wagner yes itdid you see it at whatever level of
support for several private eye went to no more than four orfiveexploding beavers i get their profilescia isspiced that precluded from an automatic gunfireand even inthose days youhonestly say that until all things that disparity that the cia was not involved in domesticchecked and modern organized atthe gare elaborate on thatit is
manuel requests on how to fryinfo all sing about an unusual knowany approval all those who live in the seven onnational security especiallyasitart
directors from all what anderson did is they wanted to counsel oncertain nations security as he heads of the question the concerttime and to provide against investment to you or breach of securityconsiderations may i withdraw the question on the assurance from your inner council that we might perceivethat other executives atas we have done in other national security related matterspajamas or not suggest any way to this committee how we might legislate against future intervention by thecia and the mistake especially political activities of this countrywehave no idea just wanted to other questions inthis respect but you mentioned that you mention my notes indicate
that your secretary this is paul is an internet nowbecause the tourism sectorthis is hall with understand you to say that she had an examination here'swhat she and examination safe i was a careerwhat else was in the sightless eyes and thenosewhichmeans i'mjewishthe patienti must live simply skip over that has
no idea what happened but you've given us thenumber of an ancient references of material inside and those who were in uteromean you have any idea why would disappear what was a moment whenthey were violently mechanical destruction of theorchestra i wouldsay investigators are simple quicklydetermine the parameters of intense competitionand incompetentlaughter yeahand there's a memorable anda december thirty first nineteen seventy
one particular attention for sex as iunderstand it you to say that you would be willing to see my attorney bill but not anytime after my wife's death i asked him to see you but his efforts areunderway and this is where a lot of your attention to end though ibelieve understand that delicacy of your coworkers editionand endless delays will be even more suitable for business ofthat term over position implied that he also an importantposition i mean hispositionthe capacity for having me
a positionthis was in december ofnineteen seventy two when your testimony to understand it is actually forced a knowledge ofmr olson's non trauma surgeon stone anotheroperation either in january or february of our generationthe reasoning years preceding years or so usingthe term over physician douglas if you're overposition we're inside take it and you said was her last thatpolarization is was over activated in december ofnineteen seventy twoas tajune seventeenth nineteen seventy two
fb theseries of letters to director helms and others at thecia after that arrest those letters appearing in ourwriter's documentary evidence supply missions nasa hoped thatthere would be some reservation on that point i have no personal knowledgeof the sport and a relationship with the agency had towrite and had a notionthatissue and that worries meis that thesense of that
their statement of the situationhowever i'm i imagined myself on the air and more to make a statement on that issue andthe executives i would propose a continual i'mnot familiarwithi'mjohnydstiethefbi politics
were discussing has to do with the debate over the trident submarineit took place in close session on the senate floor and had nothing to do with watergate we'llbe back with more testimony a moment public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings willcontinue after a pause for a station identification on average coverage of these hearings asbeing broadcast as a public service or your local public television stationthis is pbs their public broadcasting servicethe
paytoplaythepiece be
it'sbeenmade in fact continues its coverage of hearings the senate select committee on presidentialcampaign activities here again and by correspondent jim lehrer to goback to the hearings and dashes entering an affidavit end of the recordhis name that was mentioned yesterday in the testimony by
on those estimated the following one affidavit like to read intothe record and i know thatnearby swear in the pose that under questioning yesterday september twenty fourline is the best committee council yesterday howard not acknowledged thathe had repaired quotewhich means whenwhite house then white house counsel special counsel intended this to a memberof the press and the further questioning <unk> testifiedthat this derogatory mature was used in an article co authored bymr jerry powers who represents one of the detroit newspapers inwashington if one the second half of the story that was the charge waspublishing andthen as my professional
reputation and upon detroit news information and sayshe wrote about this today was applied to me in august nineteenseventy one as i recall it was written in spy prose style wasobviously intended to reflect adversely upon his dignity and therebyon mr ellsberg for re training and as i read it andfind more than five months later on january thirty nineteen seventytwo the detroit news published a story by me about the formationof the elder defense fund in the processandthere's division among others information and my article came fromthem and public documents it was andit was a mix
on the pentagon papers icategorically deny that the information gathered to quote unquoteformed the second half of a story and quotes that i was publishing on outthere i'm going with thissothat you and the other members of the committee i'm confidentfurther i am prepared to testifyunder oath in an open session before the select committee my reputation as an objectiveand fair reporter is my most precious possession i cannot permitaspersions over national television to go unanswered blessed by silence be interpretedas a set any interest of fair play i think utah lawmakers set therecord straight and whatever fashion inappropriate including the reading of thisaffidavit in open session and the committee side
massto question witnessesmichele norrishostclandestine operationsyou don't win each other on the official namethat's somepractice a certainvision of activities and thereto support need to know basis
and nowreally common themelet's gentlemen to have been cited for reckless mormonism isjon lester did you know at thattime being the fact that mr john bartlettis the fact that he was in fact the director of theinspection polioit's
morning editiontheinjured as jack jackthat's righti mean you can payfor themwhat was the nature of your relationship
julieroseimmigrationnowinthe present ms julieask me about my meetings gentleman occasionally head and isaid that i would not at all mind so unusual identificationsystem was that first meeting the journal wasturned over to me and that process continued we each andcajun remain would establish
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 39 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's coverage, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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