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so becausebecause becausebecausebecausethepopegirl told playboy plaza hotel that hewas joined by two women and i think i recall you saying that yourecognize one of them is that correct i reckon that's the point thati have seen her in the hotel the previous to this is where they do see are inthe recall as the hotel was laid out when you come in the front entrance of the
rail coming directly into the lobby there's a large lobby receptionroom type area to the right the operators and the stairs were to the mezzaninefloors the mezzanine floors was a gathering point fordelegates there was free and curious spectators it wasprobably the most free access area to the hoteland you had seen her before us or whatwas her job for what we he was supposed to be due and what'dyou find her mission was skatingno
witnesses confirm the costumes what were the question you're up in response to thatparticular question i noticed her on several occasions in the hotel once was eatinglunch and several towns in the mezzanine area drawingconclusions to what her specific function in their work youmention a hospitality room in a column that was until youdescribe that a little more for years or was that for a lot of who was theresenator it's been my experience that not only politicalconventions but business and social convention there's always a special placein their urine convention meeting place for the hotels or they haven't worked inkentucky we call hospitality room which consist of room or people get togetherconjugate topping drake sometimes or sing and dance andbasically the wonder of old tale which used as ameeting place where delegates could get together and socialize with other delegates political figures to get together
and socialize with other politicians and so forth so i think you mentioned themcorrectly if i don't think your testimony correctly that in this hospitality room wouldalways a usual year women addicted tocharacterize as rather low moral characters that correct yessir well the harmony whetherthe number fluctuates senator as did the number of people in the er and sometimes it would bepeople there other cancer you know the room would be crowdedwere the ones that you saw that regulate these girlsyes that i travel quite extensively between theduality on the album blue hotel in each different ok allthere would be a certain crayon that would hang out in that particularhotel you could you could almost stereotyped a different type drought of recordthe railroad the family at the playboy clubs and so forth
what was the commonalities to why these girls with her dose ofcoffee or coke to what ideasi thought they were awesome thingsand that was the gentle understanding and they were obviously foranyone else and it's in that kenyan the girls wereprostitutes reason why i'm interested in this is not todrive this particular point of the ground without a great deal of myearlier in these hearings about political or one first presented tothem as to mature mr mcgrew her most of the inability plan containday proposal use call girls at the democratconvention two years of that the democrats winbecause tomato that particular problem was thecouncil not use that apparently at least the mcgovern headquarters it
this mural is turning thecornertherehas been some indication and the investigations that we haveconducted here that the mcgovern headquarters in california were used by people toorganize a barrier hecklingof one of president nixon's appearance in california do you have any knowledge ofthat not of that particular instance at the time i wasoperating within the governing hundred people in california the basic concern there was a democraticpresidential primaries and not the general election in novemberdid you ever participate in any of his hecklingdemonstrating a radical disruption that you know so whydid you have any
opinion as to whether this particular activity was more disruptive to the politicalsystem of the country than your intelligence gathering i personally feelit as i mentioned earlier when you deprive someone of the writerspeaking of that echoing them they are demonstrating in preventing them from even makingthe appearance that you're violating the rights but i also believe that you have a rightto express your opinion and everyone should be given equal opportunityand just one final question because my time is up when youlive on the security duties and they govern headquarters in miami ajew at a timeif you meet with without a pardon from the senator to do that no sir inever obstructed this visitation i mean on your role didnot like a little music has done the center mongolia
oh thank you mr mcmillan waybattle a prom when you're related to this committeeyou had quite a bit of training for jobs you're doing whereyou see this trend if you talking aboutpolitical experience foreign intelligence gathering bothpolitical experience foot name i started when i was eight years oldworking in all different types of tests and gradually grasping ofyour knowledge of political operations americandemocratic system as i got older how our right now i'm twenty seven years oldalready june and do infiltrate and gather intelligence and the managerdid by reading and talking about with peoplei knew bobby kennedy and
eugene having conferences with anybody before you started out in your jobin relation to happen to this is no sirwhat that transplanted during a meeting with thatmr rainer when you were higherwere there any specific instructions given to you yes sirthe instructions were that hours to travel through thedemocratic primary states gathering information pertaining topersonal and organizational structure of the democratic candidatesindividual campaign organizations did youask him for indie credentials as to what he representsno sir the question of credentials never came at thatmeeting it was an unusual interview with europe and experience them andthen went to louisville kentucky and ask you to gather information on primary presidential
candidates and that did not represent himself tobe affiliated with any political party or a new political organizationno so i have this type of activitytaking place at least statewide announced they were not politicalmotivation oh i like that this is what manyfans newspaper report will volunteer and work in individual campaigns asvolunteers to obtain information of the year making of thepresident tie story so that later on after the election they can compile informationon paper can change burgers and organizations you mean to tell me that the newspaperreporters infiltrate too i know one instancepartially were newspaper people possibly you might not sayinfiltrate but they work with their campaign i think this is a oh a fairly widespreadpractice of newspaper people on press people following campaigns
not just to report the news but for all her writings and bachmann said theyplan to publish after the elections now you didn'tbuy mr stone's story on blackwell's thathow they were interested in behalf of someconservative business people mean by that did you mean thatthat question that a question only in the sense of a lot of talkwhat type of people they were and what type of activities which would be would transpireif if i didn't take the job it questioned each individual's character askhim anything about the individuals themselves what you stated aim yourtestimony that through the years that that chemistry jason rainercontacted you and that is when they represented some conservative businessmanand that he would as jack they was asking you to go to different
states during the primaries and by not about personal and even by thati had no reason to doubt senator when did dawn on you that you havea political mission for the republican party itspectators early as june of seven it and thatwould you think you're getting information for such as yougather and what did you think you were performing he's asked for that youdidn't think that day you were doing these things in behalf of these so calledconservative businessman bijan center of the camp i had nodoes not even know who the people were as long as i myself felt thatthe activities were legal and we're not are destructive to the american systemi felt that i was working within the system in a normal political functionin carrying out an operation and now i can see where possibly there would besome question as to watch someone would challenge i think but in nineteen seventy two
the seven are the american people had any reason to suspect these typeof activities so what did you consider them unethical notesare due today no sir you consider them inproper no sir do you today you know sir now youwell you mentioned in your diary on nowage five that five night floatit infiltrated countries that borders by complimenting the elderly artistmanager your drug activities into believing i was adedicated humphrey supporter now is that going todo by cd iwasn't like to see police use of isolating way you want to make a water wheeli was working in that capacity but you were not educated hundreds of waterways
that's again a question of terminology let jesus that are stillas stated in the press that that i did everything she asked everything they thought i coulddo to help them not you consider yourself a dedicated hundreds were noi'm not thinking of support then you were deceivingno i think it has begun to get you we're nowon april twenty second you call anyone entered support forjackson it was in pennsylvania i feel like that we can present a countrydoing what reporters as you have vindicated andto have indicated that you were vacated humphries border whywere you telling people intervene in support of that thisspecific instructions for that evening'scommunique work that they took all the people that were there in an orphanage put him on phones calling people andas a desperate last minute effort to attract swing some more support the
humphrey not only instructions were to get on a telephone call peopleare trying to get out the vote i wasn't specifically instructed solicit vote for helpprevent and at this particular camp in looking back and thinking backon that particular evening i might've jackson my sense of an outlineand i discover him well they did it did itdid they do something that they're turned toward it beingconfronted jackson isn't about which are asking well what happens what triggered your suddenchange of loyalty has vacated humvees order to avoid the testof that to your earlier question that i was not a day for supportwe are owning that where you were no sir not in nineteen seventy twowell why didn't tell the office manager that you weren't they werevolunteer to work soon these
these these conclusions weren't stevie award given to conclusions are drawing here isat that that she was convinced that was i didn't say that i didn't do anything toconvince her of that other than work in a campaign understood that number eightor you state yoursummary i saw the governor's youth coordinator this is at thedemocratic national convention i saw mcgovern's youth coordinator tom publicand he mentioned to me that the government organizing its own security staff this was thehighlight of the iranian governmenti went to the hotel that borders that are toning alreadyhad security man i lose myself until tony that have sentme over for security reasons to assist them and we offer securitynow that must've felt like to actually save you over to assist with a bar i orderedto misrepresent yourself the most boring and consent by ms southwick to assist
this yourself what made the suggestion this was the first i know that the security staff and mrsouthworth in addition to this as i understand it now later even columnist your garageand told him that i would be an excellent choice for the security position i didnot pull over and ask for the security job nowon not ten am you stated it is amazing howeasy it would be to be right in the midst of all the operations inyemen now the work i did well i'm wellmiami is probably the best i did while i was on the sign thecharacters i have played in the last four months are as varied as the locations i was inmaybe someday soon i will take the time to write about all the people i metand that they have a wedding we don't need to obtain information that hurt their individualcourse not you think that this was an ethical andproper yes i believe my babies at their camp where people would you like me to
explain that statement the collective good well i'll go ahead and please explainthat how playing different debate role fordifferent candidates and dividing loyalties among differentcandidates is brought this proper and let's start with senator the playing ofdifferent roles reversed to not of deceit argues that in but that adifferent organization of staff members were stereotypes so they're in the ovenorganization most volunteer workers were young hippie typeprotesting type of students in the end of a freaking outthe volunteer workers or more of the college intellectual a socialfraternity tight route and this is what it's meant an implied in this particularphrase were talked about playing different characters and different roles because it wasnecessary when i was with humphrey to be a little lighter a little more
discreet and a little bit more well mannered when you are in theworld you could be anything you please now you you wereyou instead are now turning their causes or you're not nasothe fall if you refer back to the complete context of thatbarrier completely flanagan are not hurting their calls it was not it's thisstatement doesn't say that there was motivation to go out and hurt their cause but what infact happened was about me obtaining this information this summary with writtenthis summer of nineteen seventy three after the fact and in fact from therevelations of the committee after aa where the information obtainedwas going i believe politically park their cars but not from thestandpoint of deception are any kind of espionage during those activitiesthat's very unusual rationalization i might say
my time and thank you in a whitesaysthrough very real question iswhy do you think you werenot challenging when you made application towork for these various campaigns and discussion with a minority counselor todaythere's certainly rumors were newgovernment campaign and the question was asked us to whatit would take to check out and get a phone call and that yourhometown et cetera why do you think that this didn't happenwell if you take each individual case the position thati was placed in that place myself in with the different organizationsfor instance in philadelphia in philadelphia most of the
youth volunteer as was the case in california went to the mcgovernheadquarters humphrey was very very desperate for volunteer workers andi believe that as i stated earlier they were just simply appreciative of the fact that iwas willing to come over there and stuff envelopes and mailing list and take charge of a groupof people that were carrying out their job successfullywell you think that might be that here in this countrywith a campaign have to be on free campaigner mcgovern campaign andnixon campaign or whatever but the basic assumptionthe basic assumption is that those that volunteer are notspies yes sadly that's a general concept of the countryanother words apparently the basic assumptionthat's somewhat at odds to your own personal opinion i might add a person opinion of others and appeared beforeyou he's going to go on all time because of the fact they won on all time everybody
would be checked out and i believe that'scorrect but of course if all of a sudden now it'sthrown out on the table or to this committee and also the american people that goes on all thetime and were gonna start checking each other outi would hopethat we never get to that point wherein our politicalcampaigns in our dealings with each other as fellow citizens that we have to check each othernow again in earliertestimony before this committee indicated it was in response to sarah baker'squestion is do you know what should be donethe public record is a perfectly adequate wayto check candidates' out as to their views on various issues as to their
past history as to what they propose to the future don't you think that's quite adequatepublic record what one edition of the public recordshould be known by the voters often and senator thepublic record is not an accurate one basket report on the actualevents i know myself i have been victim to publicpress in the sense that when my name was first mentionedmany the stories and more especially the rumors leaks are what everyone howthat were circulating that the press have been proven that testimony before thiscommittee and before other legal authorities that theywere inaccurate and somebody in my opinion it'snecessary that these things be checked outwell they could have free press guarantee the fact that thefacts are to be checked out in that innocent men are not
be condemned out of him by the american peoplesenator i don't mean to imply your opportunity now to expressexactly your thoughts and what you did and what you didn't do for the people ofcountry that's what i'm hearing senator levin made a remark that ifeel the freedom of the press is should be restricted or eprare curtailed in any manner i was just merely stating that allalthough an all public records are not always correct and you need to check into afather than just read how senator voted on the floor of the senate on aon a particular bill sometimes of motivation and reasoning behind that or more portman theactual vote itself you think the congressionalrecord is a philosophically inspired document one where theother no so but i don't believe the american public as the family or
the interest which is a pity of the whole fine to read a congressional record do you think thedemands voting record political record attic onlyavailable to the american people regardless of the only interpretation but the actual votes andso i think it takes i'd like to know exactly what it is thatis outside the public record that should be known as tutors canyou gentlemen i think the important thing is the motivation as i mentioned earlierare i know of cases where actions are taken off some fans'been a victim of circumstance where i had to do certain things that i wouldnot really like to get a measure certain senators and congressman paul anappropriations bills not because there's no yes or no thetotal aspect i think it would be a shame for this country people voted to a simple yes orno answer questions simple yes or no well do you think the candidates for the pros theunited states they answer yes know during the course of a political campaign
i'm not implying that they've probably beensubjected to the most searing questionand i might add a mosque was apple's sense from the left andthe right in the center you think this occurs during the course of the campaignyes there that i don't feel it's adequate i don't think the press conferenceanswers to questions are adequate for the peopleprincess movie entire question and during the course of thecampaign the candidates are subjected to questions from citizensyes i think that's what's oneaspect that television has played a vital role in american politics in the last ten years because thecandidates can say something in the autumn and take an opposite view califyou know
i was quoted on a financial newspaper thei find it difficult to believe as i think we've been very forthcoming with thecommittee and john get into a philosophical debate with but what ican't allow the pressspying the gathering of political intelligence during thecourse of campaigns is something that you feel oh you know not onlythat was director of course this campaign that is a proper course of action for futurecampaigns are correct the war as it as a put american political system spansnow i believe it is and it's a necessary function i think senator bakerstands now that system didn't check yo that systemobviously was based on the assumption that you were not a spot just like the system of thiscountry operates on the basis that a man is innocent till proven guiltyand now what you're advocating for this committee and all this is a yes we had best check each other
out and we have that determine whether men incentives tobe rather difficult country to live in the original i think you'rereading into the statement when i said yes i believe that people should bechecked out i did not say that that was the best estimates that as it stands now ifour candidate for public office and they have volunteers before allah with him in charge ofmy security i would check them out well i think a quite frankly arefar easier and less involved process to getrid of the type of activities which you're talking about that enter into a massscale checking out of each other in the course of our activities because what you didobviously was the aberration not the rule of law was only one in the company's headquartersa military base headquarters i checked out from top of mind but they're still happens to be ithink probably that certain ideals in the fatah candidates and their workers a lotof those become the volunteer their services do because of their belief when the man
and what he stands for and not because they were going out and gather political intelligencelevel for the russians tomystaff in the senate has explored new activity and they give them thebig spring to breed you had previous experienceinfiltrating into campaigns but the presidential election of nineteen seventy twonasr nature i would have pushed and thatthe answer if someone attempting to get you to infiltrate anotherpolitical campaign they would do to shownosair would do think that in the future our political candidatesand political parties might well the whale volunteersno i don't think they need be
and only on workers you've suggested checking credentialsradical theologian i would suggest that people that are put in positionsof responsibility indeed be checked out or beingconfined in their convictions like you so i have no further question from jimrisen know ithegot offbecausehe's beenthankyou
mr james hamilton assistant chief counsel patients with usmrjoseph foreignlanguage you spell your last name for the record please this is going toseek a u g h e rand what is your versionand europeas an employment and presently employed by the california legislature asthe chief administrative officer opposition
to the campaign of senator george mcgovernin the fall campaign in the general election i was appointed to the southerncalifornia campaign and what was your tenure in thisposition off from august through early octoberand was the city of los angelesin your jurisdiction yes it along with five orsix counties in southern california the top twoset the context context of the questions i'm going to ask you and alsothe questions that i'm going to actually attended one who will volunteer i want toread certain relief portions of the testimony of mr haldeman for this committeeand first i'm reading it page's six o six so i'm supposed tochew on the most common was discussing the type of fighter activity
yet in the quotationthat was envisioned would have specifically excluded such actsas the following violent demonstrations and disruptions heckling or shuttingdown speakers burning or a bombing campaign headquartersphysical damage or trashing of headquarters and other buildings our last month ofcandidates wives and families by the senator's disruption of thenational convention by watering down or a guest with eggs and to my actorsindecent exposure of rock throwing a shop window it'sslashing bus tires smashing windows setting trashfires under the gas tank of a bus knocking policeman from theirmotorcycles continuing rotation i know that this committee and mostamericans would agree that such activities cannot be tolerated in a political
campaign but unfortunately the activities i can't describeour activities which took place in nineteen seventy twoagainst the campaign of the president of the united states by his approachasa recessas a senator is right for a floor vote we're also going to pause briefly public televisioncoverage of the senate hearings will continue after a station identification on a bridge coverage of thehearings is being broadcast as a public service where local public television stationthis is pbs public broadcasting servicefb isbankruptcy
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beecontinues its coverage of hearings by the senate selectcommittee on presidential campaign activities it again and by correspondent jimlehrer as we go back to the hearing nerve assistant chief counsel james hamilton is reading fromearlier testimony by a chair bob haldeman thehearings will come to order some adjoining house overseeing thequestion was but that brief recess i wasreading do you read portions of missed the whole woman's testimony not liketo continue this to set the context for the questions i'm going to ask you
know that this committee and most americans would agree that such activities cannot betolerated in a political campaign but unfortunately the activities i haddescribed all activities which took late in nineteen seventy two against thecampaign of the president of the united states by his opponents some ofthem took place with the clear knowledge and consent of agents of the opposingcandidate in the last election others were acts of people who clearly who wereclearly i'm sympathetic to the president that may not have had direct ordersfrom the opposing camps now add into quotationsparliament later provided testimony as do several specific events to back up itsgeneral statement including testimony regarding to events that occurred inlos angeles page six or your frame of parliament gaveas an example of the burning and bombing campaign headquarters an
incident in hollywood and fairfax avenue where a nixon campaignoffice was and i'm quoting again blown up by a bomb incourt and i paid six the real far been following questionand answer all while mr thompsonyou say some of these instances took place with the clear knowledge and consentof agreements of the opposing candidates in the last election you have anybases or that pipe with the hall i understand there'ssome in the documentation the one specific that comes immediately tomind and that is the occasion of a trip to los angeles to the century plazahotel and which there was a very large demonstration staged out in frontand bills to notify people of this demonstration is planned demonstrationwhere to be at one time and that sort of thing were handed out by the
mcgovern headquarters and i understand there was a phone call program set upin the mcgovern headquarters there are calling people to expand to comeand attend this demonstration in a quotationthat there's like to question you regarding the centuryplaza hotel hansen and first do you recall the date of that appearancei believe it was september twenty sevenand a lot of that topic the demonstrationit was that visit the president to los angeleswhere he was being honored at a large fundraising dinnerwithin the central plaza hotel in the demonstration was outside of the hoteldid you attend a meeting in september prior to the demonstrationswhere the demonstration was discussed yes i didabout we are today demonstrations there was a smaller
meeting in the mcgovern headquarters two people associated withthe campaign and re reported to me thatthey might pay an organizational meeting had takenplace relative to the forthcoming demonstration in themthey described what was planned and asked her what assistance so if anythingthey might want to hear in this meetingpeople mrs jonesand this is very importantwas anyone else in the meeting rich stearns was in the meeting hewas on the national governance fine was visiting losangeles and for the entire meaning only applauding he wasdemeaning as a matter of fact was underway
between stern and the other two individualsi came to the meeting latei don't frankly i don't recall himhow long he stated we forged some period of time though the four of usdid discuss the forthcoming demonstration hemay have left before it would you tellthe committee who moses led away in mississippi at allwhat all recessions layoffs hit it with arms as the city wasan employee of the california mcgovern campaign<unk> ludwig was associated with a campaign and ihad it a long experience of activity withvarious the sort of the story of organizations in southern californiaand at that meeting were you told
who the people were that was offering an organizing thecentury plaza demonstration it was my understanding that thethe sponsors such avivid color variations these organizations thathad conducted activities in the past in los angelesarea they strive to meet a very responsible groupconsisting of the professional people are members of the clergyresponsible individualsnon violent and in response towas there any indication at this meeting atthe demonstration to be head of the central plateau would be less thanpeaceful no we were very careful to discussthe that were being taken to make sure that it was a
peaceful demonstration and i was satisfied with thebasis of the information they gave me that would be a peaceful demonstrationwell you were that the organizers of the demonstration hadsecured the services of a number of monitors to preserve order at thedemonstration yes i was now during his name was aproposal that it will go in on bikes and thelos angeles headquarters would be used to solicitdemonstrators to come to this demonstration yet and do you recallthe latest polls and specificallywhether the proposal of that came from one of the others or whether ivolunteered i was interested inis assisting the demonstration andit will not interfere with any of the
higher priority activities of the campaign andwe didn't have a telephone bank and a headquarters that was not being used atthat point in time and so during that meeting i didn'tagree that our phone bank would be available to the sponsors of thedemonstration but that we cannot provide and manpower or anyother sort of assistance and that if theorganizers of the demonstration wanted to recruit their own peopleto use those phones to call persons on their own livesto encourage them to attend a demonstration it was agreeablewith us so it was your decision than that the phone banks could be usedas a correct that's correct and dentistry decision receive approval fromthose caught up in the campaign when youget rich stearns was at the meeting in it he agreed with
this hedid indicate that there's a proposal that his progrowth or lives that were these phone lines actuallyused if they were probably for two successive nightshave a phone one wall i don't recallprecisely i would guess nobody in the room that we used for the telephone bank weprobably had twelve or fifteen phones and billing thesetonight with a fully occupied our thanks soyes there may be a couple of phones that went unusedand we're the phones made by people who are sponsoring the demonstration ifyou don't require yes there were many mcgovern step workers many golfto solicit demonstrators no they did not we were interested in the name the governor'sstaff workers to concentrate on a voter registration drive and for that
reason i did not want them to participate in this effort thatlist are used to make their phone calls a list that were compiledby the people who are sponsoring a demonstration widelyon the list they had names of persons who had in the past attended theirvarious activities altered by one or another of the groups that made upthe coalition where any of the mcgovern lived used for that work noideas separately told him that we would not allow them to use their lists and thatwe don't we would be calling the names on those wasfor other activities and we did not want to over until we did not want towell armed supporters forthings that were not a high priority for the president a call told at thedemonstration of awkward part of the government campaign activity frankly i don't
know you know if a college with older people arecoming from the government orders i don't know that eitherthat that is the phone banks refused totonight's final night with a bunch of operationstart i recall but then from about six o'clock to nine o'clock orthereabouts generally from the dinner hourtwo hundred and thirty as the acceptable time performingabortions when today'scollege after the second nightwe were informants senator mcgovern would be visiting los angeles i'm allfollowing week and so we needed to use those telephonesto call our own lists of supporters to encourage them to attend anevent we which are trying for his parents
lebanon the government step workers helped distribute leaflets announcing thisdemonstration and heard in attendance very minimal extentthese sponsors of demonstration printed up a large number of leafletsand ask for assistance and distributing them i told them that ifelt that the massive distribution would interfere with otheractivities but that we would be agreeable to placing a smallnumber of leaflets and each of our storefront headquarters for the information that people in thoseheadquarters and many storefronts with aaron paul welli would think that about that time in southern california area wemust've had a hundred or more storefronts i dont knowprecisely how many of them receive those leaflets because they were only given outin instances where a storefront came to the headquarters to pickup a regular order mcgovern literature and we
did not make any special effort to get the leaflets toheadquarters unless we have some other reason for a contract would you estimate that leaflets werediscovered in an over to a point i would if i guess i would sayprobably half the storefront probably wish it wastraditionally clevelandi think so ithink it's not the same eating and was later that afternoon you do you recallburned but this better than the decision to ensure that leave that it'slikely that he may not have been there at that timethat indian immigrants that worker place all pay foradvertisements about in the demonstrations no in thegovernment's network a book displayed in the making and distribution of signs and placards to beused at the demonstration we're calling it the mcgovern
headquarters people calling in cold outer leaves the demonstration and giveinstructions to bring a sign that the demonstrations now ifyour dentist well i don't know i did not go tothat moment can only one personspecifically and she did attendand returned to their headquarters right afterwards to describefor me what happened to your legs name of governance network or yesthat revelation take a violent turnhaving admitted in thepublic record that the government the lightly used to contact them for them for eightyears and when he did thisi believe it was between the
week so he's using the following me use thephone from the time of the demonstration it's allcame in response two inquirieswe didn't get that we've used functionbefore the demonstration took place yesterday was as thecampaign pointed of southern california the tuition apology for that activityand what he cannot issue an apology i don't think that there's anything to apologizeor improper activity with thecampaign the mcgovern campaign asked by the california committee for the reelection of thefirst on and on the colleges that mightoccur at the demonstration yes and what was there is part of just youknow it was we did not respond nowturning to the second incident that was referred to vomit on in
the testimony that i read you when did you first learn of these so calledhollywood bombing themorning after i heard a news reporter saw something in thenewspaper to extent that a nixon headquarters in hollywoodthat have a fire do you have any knowledge metat the data that incident aroundseptember sixteenth september seventeenth care about and do you have anyfirsthand knowledge of that and none whatsoever now withhundreds of events in a minute from work on it when he's sitting behind you have to walkover that incident but i have one for the question i ask youamer governments that person involved in any wayin this so all running at the nixon headquarters certainly not
yemen at thesouthern california campaign for murderand what was his positionhis position was essentially western statesor neighboring states the circuit court fori think probably most of the state's west of the rockies i think he also protectservice members who have been his superior gary hartit was a meeting that you refer tothis is thesoul of america and what her position on campaignshe was our director of special organizations
that is a responsibility with courtney the activities thespecial committees teachers groups other professional groupsgroups of people that were united with some common interestsuch as her people's rights organizationssolid position yes it was very unwomanlyshe us are essentially as ourliaison under joseph in his directionas as a liaison with the various peace or you knoworganizations in southern california or would this meeting take placethe meeting in which we participated in the mcgovernheadquarters and a veteran officer troy my home office who's on it wasmade as an awful sight of iraq and say who is the
deputy too rich termsrepresentativewas the governmentand the president in that meeting i don't believe she was she made anhour and i have no specific recollection of their house sothat i first came outa few moments ago on the meeting was on the way at the time and i walked inthere the two women were discussing with worktheir tenants that are much organizational meeting andhe has like a minivanwe're going to have thismeeting a methodist church
become will trickle of our mission in los angeles andwho attended that you attended that meeting the government workingmy understanding is that this is what was there youcannot offer for mississippians they're not you loyalindividualtheyou know any organizations that organizations of the meetingand i don't recall any specifically by name out ofa page from the los angeles clippers butwith the river and dated september twenty seconds or twenty seconds in october second nineteen seventytwo oct twenty seven was afraid and it listsseveral groups among those just waiting in the meeting for a news
meeting church recorded before women's track for police anothermother for peace peace action council october fourteenth coalitionnational peace action coalition vietnam veterans against the warindividuallythe finance committeethe enemy is student union for these american civil libertiesunion went on for a socialist workers party progressive laborparty echo park and silverlake food conspiracy oneagainst the war young socialists alliance student mobilization committeeand though janet peace campaign pentagon papers bradlee citizensresearch investigating committee was that the school was that these committeeset the date as as well as various religious groupsand george mcgovern campaigners were if they were
these groups of lawyer with a number of them by nameone of the assistant minority council's severalweeks ago describe the article to meon the day basis of informationthat the representatives from our campaign gaveme an alarming and on basesthat demonstrate me actualdemonstration how it took place and fight we find itdifficult to believe that that's a correct county whosepurpose of them correct counting and you've known about it wouldn't go tosome concern yes certainly would have ifi if i had known for sure or had any reasonto believe that some of the organizations was that there
had been at the organizational meeting i wouldnot want the assistance of the campaign the assistance of thecampaign because i was reasonably certain on the basis of theinformation that i had that it would be a peaceful demonstrationyou knowbecauseof a history of violent activitiesin the previous electionno that was not willing at a campaign that was in nineteen sixty oragainst president johnsonwar yes
there was a there was a lot of demonstration i did notparticipate in a guest at the dinner that evening and i went inside thehotel i did not see any of thedemonstrators my soul that i read the news accounts and so joe lloyd'scoverage parts of the demonstrationfrom that experiencelike and i was certainthat the precautions were taken them andagain to protect thepresident and all guests to also concerned that extentthe demonstration actually justnot refer to nineteen sixty seven was five yearsprior and one that were speaking about here involving know
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 6
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 44 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Michael McMinoway, Fred Taugher and Lt. Kenneth Hickman testify.
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Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
Producing Organization: WETA-TV
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Library of Congress
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Format: 2 inch videotape
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