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it'sbigit was veryemotionalhe was right as counsel to thecommittee to have an introduction yourinterview with him on november twenty four is that the correctwell i think my testimony and my recollections of theactors to be in that brought this committee on you meetwith me and i know from her twenty four nineteenseventy one and discuss the areas in which he would be workingwe met as
lady myself we discussed it and then as iunderstand it and the suggestion was that sense mr mcgrewwas then overriding mr liddy theyput in touch with mr dean mr mcgrew there but mostlybeen hiring took place over there you were thecircumstances the circumstancesmr dean helen rutledge through video they madeand i having said that look the mayor likely to be perfectly competentcounsel for that honorapproval the natural i would presume that the aisle now have you ever deniedanybody that you were aware of it is one of the committeethere was one occasion in which my recollectionfailed with respect to who actually hire mr lilly
it is still my opinion that mr mcgrew retired lydia not johnmitchell what about the question of who actually higher than the circumstances under whichthat idea that became law which included least you're interviewingoven and you're adding some low i mean did you everdenied at knowing any of those circumstances i don't recall the fireon the same testimony mr mitchell on september five to nineteenseventy two the question to put you on page eighteen of thetranscript do you have any information as the circumstancesunder which mr libby was hired or the committee for the next presidentwas answered no sir i have de la question have you ever made angry tofind out how anybody was right answer and i made a great questionyes answered no i have not now thattestimony under oath would you have actually been able to answer no question
were gravely because i was not aware of how mr mcgregor ultimatelybe a question that it was in the context ofthat you've read again as i understood it at that particular time theanswer was yes it was as you have any information as to the circumstancesunder which that was a truthful answer that day and i may notany informationthe green is the direction the question as to the hiring in hiring wasdone by mr mcgregor following month and i had no knowledge ofthose aspects of remember do you remember thatinterview
i have no recollection of your approving arestaurant that using were proving once was and thatthat extends the basis of a conversation that yes i think they arewell i would say to counsel for the committee and the ultimate decision wasmade by margaret and especially in an agenda was prepared for that interview and that if youdidn't approve of it you knowinformationthat idea that have information about me that the decline that romney wasnot within my recollection isn't as aninsult mr mitchell if you answered now and that's given this context because atthat time in september five was that he had been identified as being involved and you donot want to have any relationship with his duties involved in the
economy than the magnitude a consequence obviouslymr levy was known to maine senate meetings in thejustice department and different subject matters including the drugabuse law enforcement so forth that would've been about nineteenbut any event your statement that you had no information whatsoever withany circumstances on september five was quite different than your testimony before this committeeso i believe that major league rejecting of the recordsand the committee gave a kind of unfurnished they were the copyof the agenda that must have been provided in further reflection onthe subject our very much into focusnow mr
mitchell you testified yesterday the mine make an investigation for us to thewatergate break in cooperating with thefederal investigation they matter evolvedi do not recall coming back on the blank in california whether that was specificallydiscussed or not that there was a policy with acommittee that they should cooperate with the fbi and of course thatwas the basis for the start of his property all theinstructions that they should be cooperation itno specifiche said it wasn't himwhat is thatyou recall that
i recall is an interview that i don't recall the recall beingquestion is one of the lincoln andyoure informing agents the lebanese membersyou get that informationfor a girl weather was correct ornot that a victim of the fbi investigation would you want to get whateverleads the information that they need it and even the former attorney general andsilicon check outperiod promotion for the reasons of theseventies the fbi was part of their decision to bemade in a very strong decision were the reasons given to see to it that none of these
things go up it was thedesign of those are involved in not volunteeredinformation under any circumstance and the recallbeing interviewedi don't believe that i was notmister mister that'sthat that was a telephone call insthatmeans and information aboutwhat to do and this today as that is not the case i thinkyou're fine and related related to my wife or not to myselfoh there it is true that in the lead in
that conversation of that relates to why but the police fbirecords show that they are the question of what the wreckage you also have any informationthat was theirabsolute wrong reasons subject matter was limited toquestion about whether or not they should interview my wife whichalito has tankedboth bandsyou might sayfinal questionand you answered
well i think the newspaper accounts for a lot more productive thanwhat i've heard from martin or lulu andwhat it would do is not discussing and had noknowledge of the fbi or the watergate break inyou can imagineyeahfrom our familythere's stillan open question of whether that happens because we're having recruitersare talking and telling us to the country and advising the lawyers of thecountry walk out in any of that itseems to make it there is an art to instances that i've been able to voting record
we're testimony revive a civildeposition was that matter who draws the testimony before this committeeand say on that as the mitchell is thatsince you may and given false testimonyon the israelis and is committed to believe yourtestimony before this committee especially on the year whether to do it nowgive final approval of the key biscayne meeting easilywhether or not you had any doubt about the president's nota cover up for the suspension in the cover up where he took any actionfar in the playoffs or cover up rewarding race or any other part of the white housemr daschle oh i disagree with yourinterpretation of those mothers that you just throw it as far as the
determinations of this committee i think they can judge theirtestimony my testimony make their own conclusions after my parents herefor four days three and a half days i think that's trueeither park which would include what you had tosay about being keep his game in which you have to say about theraising of funds to pay off the defendants and some other partsto believe that your testimony to after this belief is thevoter lists long listed for mysteries andin some respectssuggestive so youwait over the rest of the witnesses that you're going to have a career and i will just betestifying under the same subject matters and its luster
so the white areas they pointed out something and the notes to many about anestimate the real estate minister what transpired at the nightof march thirtieth meeting key biscayne you have any recollection thatthe liberal in fact the recollection of that meeting becausei don't have any recollection and he had direct testimony is that there's thelow i would agree agree with your testimony that onefacility better represented ian poulter you and keep hisgang units that as an employeenevertheless the moneythe fact you stated it decidedlet's just a dash of affirmation of the fact that it wasn'tapproved in key biscayne i say i wasn't crew subsequently that certainly
the data marketers testimony that it was approved in key biscayne onnowboston i have a questionnominationsi'm
melissa blockboththe piececoldin here ms nickolsforesightand then i could say to
be no connection betweenfive thousandconversations are meetingthe secretaryi think theprayersmr rosenmanyes sirlisten to
yes what wellsometimes long political debate inthe year nineteen seventy threeyoung readers ofall or hermr colsonyeahthe conversation
yes sirmr thompson yeahhe was
any significancemm hmmrevealing some of the incident happened over the period of time when it might haveresident connection with statements thatparents forced to select a certainday in going back over thechronology of these events the advice isnot to follow polls
there isinformationmsitisobviouslyyesand because youwere
pollshis positionor jean louislet'sgothis isamericaand the patients in particular
meeting with everyone the morning andclose on the samemorning that they connection that idon't believe that this thing that i call roseany relationship between the ruins the polls andmyself throughout this whole period i meantennessee's your conversation withhim
whitneyanyspecificthree years because americansspend moretimewe're still working
soyes but wealso had a smaller fires in connection with is that democrats forannexing personnel alljust fine myresponsibilities dealing with somepeople who were involved in a bid for reelection but in theelection re election presidents of generating over a lot ofyoung people that thethe ball was that there was a greatdisagreement as to which democrats should help thoseorganizations in the different states as tolson on one wayanother way in time sallie
organizations the regular political organizations they want to make sure they didn'tknow that right and frequently a broad and howare opponents of jewish or any other area of the second narrativeperson's involves at the establishment andlabor groups that were supporting rebels nicholson conversations onthat subject or third one of course would involve issuesthat particular time andrelationship to win the interviewhelloimagine thesituation
imean imagineyou havethe somali communityfrom thirteen or fourteen conversation whendiscussing these matters with him asked him if what they have said about those murdersdrew most of the smartwatchthey'd be insulated pollsregarding what those two mothers with him cable situation and thesituation of that sizematters were discussed from time to time and youwould resist savor least i received we start with the
deserts in search of tap and from time to time you have learnedadditional items about a particular is true of what were themajor labeli meanthe situationthat it's a momentfrankly that they could never imagine those mother olson wants to find out whether much of animprovement a lot of content inthese statements on the subject matter
that's trueabout the medium cables and just closeall thirty percent in all of the details atthat time but i don't know that most polls were cables and adoctor mr lambert william lamport about thatthe datewith thekittensthis
storyi gather part of the information itdidn't begin refer that particularperiod of time andtreasureher husbandmarsit was
significantin the year nineteen seventy threethe fed has a mandidn't mention one lasting about who might've been pushing throughfor allas a possibilitywell suspicionthat was a day
yes sir will beyou know suspicion willcontinually about where i wouldn't reallyrecommend it if i have any suspicion of thepersonfrom walk and others is that thistime his seventies but miller's testimony wasconcerning to a lot of information in the united stateswell recentlytestified
in his earin nineteenseventy nineyou see him an independent of the us aredoing something that i don't believe i've seenhim since june seventyone years tonew orleansso my questionis let me ask you to
refer back to in february a fifteen of that year wasannounced that mr richard moore came to visit you know a conversation withyou and in your desk you reallyherethe committee thisfinancial commitments activities as howling to someextent the white house years on how the committee for thereelection of the president on their personal or to be hiddenthank youfor
many years and we're going to i'mhere before this committee i think i'm very much of the kind ofsuggestion we've gotten to the question of whether or noti would be interested in helping to raise support one thingi didn't think you were that i'd find anyway wediscussed we discuss anumber of other areas with respect and the committee and proposedthat on as i recall in question the game of executiveprivilege which with all things as general approachedwell let me as usual color specifically is you can't exactlywhat he said to you concerning moneythis specificthing one thought that sticks in mymind which there may not be an exact words but it was
something to the effect you you wouldn't be interested in help raise moneyin connection with its activities would you or otherquestion was a plea and my answer to that wasnegative one activities it doesit isyesoh
yesjust finei think they discussed in connection withother aspects of litigation that there was discussionthe committeeexamining this area of the subject matter of thepeople from the committee for coming up there to testify and that was conceivable that they wouldneed additional assistancei think both luca potential ofthe ocean waters it was a clerical errors that helped to
take care of providing feedback on the recordyeah which he discussed therequirement in this moment where a minorconsideration of environmental i don'twant to harm over i don't recall the most times andresistance amid the one thing the committee for the reelection of thepresident has the finance committeeare you findingreferred specifically it is in the words that he usedto support money for defendants lawyers in that respectthat's the way that you took it that sweater because i say
that that's my recollection of very brief almostassad would you be interested in racing anymoremoney and answeredthings in a normal well i think there's abetter problem worse i have raised a lot of timethanksforor was it the originalconversationproper terminology of the way in which it wasswan more questions that
should be asked in my members are thenews the reports were that one occasionfor reasonable even a telephone conversation you had with a columnist i think that you indicatedthat you're not going to be the volgait's been andthen i didn't know you did notget down that was made yourself anduncensored at it as aconversationrequested
i was just thinkingfor many manyyears maybecoming and going to an emissions and so forth up much mucheasier than it might have been a lot of them are prettywell
for more than thirty thousand customers select committeehas completed its examination of jonathan mitchell in a moment a man named john beingdescribed as his confidant of the white house will take the stand public television's coverage of thesenate hearings will continue after pearl's for station identification ona bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations ofpbs and public broadcasting servicefb thepointis
bythepopefrom washington and baghdad continues its coverage of hearings by
the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondentrobert macneil as we pick up the action in the senate caucus room senator obama'sabout to report on his telephone calls president nixonon right nowgreat questionoh no
being committed ison medication maybe they doloma always was ablue tile with that these famines and thecommittee the white house i will reply the levelofdiscussion among we've made it the committeeunanimously authorizedyou ate whale nineteen seventy threewhy why should be seeing him aswell as the speed of your level of the worldcup some debate the committee feels a little as they did
in that level measured against those tremendous responsibilityto ascertain senate resolution sixtypresent in the day a great possibility of a fundamental constitutionalconfrontation between the congress and presence we wish to avoidthat if possible consequently we request up in peoplewithin this committee and his date to meet you in your sweatmore confrontationwe stand ready to discuss the matter with you at your convenience we would'vegone out that remains ongoing hundred pounds of the essencewe arei would like to have the other was alot of that they didn't listen to buy
maybe it was brought into thespecial mention in the seal of the article to boldlyhomeit's bthis is a problemwith him at the small all right let anew president its intention to presentday todaythe geminiand was your bow close theperson doesn't
always necessarilyimposed he will meet withthis question you know made itthere's a meeting todayms asta select committee onpresidential campaign activities force that committees of the amount ofopinion that commission will have access to every lesson thewhite house on a palm awaywith all disproven of the medicine committeesenate resolution system to investigate secondthat native born in a confrontation with the white house and respected aswell and this region authorizes the president aspossible we're in a reconciliation
between and thatis that thethree which then they were permitted to gain access tomississippi and they wanted to make and whilewilliams yeahwemight like gossamer reconciliation at least afew of the reservations among the support anypossibility of a competition between the committee has represented thelegislative by the white housethe
policebeatthepeaksboythe pieceit was great
my name is richardnowthat'snineteen seventythere's no guaranteethat youwere there andmy name is richard anymore andspecial counsel the president a position which i was appointedapril twenty six nineteen seventy one but today i speak only for
myself for the ten years following my graduation from yaleuniversity law school in nineteen thirty nine i practiced law and dealwith four years ago the army servicecalifornia thetelevision industrydetails at this point butin californiathis battlein california
listen to ita little bitin californiaand in nineteen sixtyeightfor years beginning in april nineteen seventyi served as a special assistant attorney general mr mitchellisis to them primarily in the preparation of speeches statements position paperson issues within the department's responsibility isin april nineteen seventy one i was appointed a special counsel to the presidentmy principal going to assist the president step
and communicating their positions in the most convincing manner several publicand since then syndication depends on having aconvincing position by the bestseller evolving in the substanceof what the commission's the public but i don't have any line ofresponsibility even communication on the substantive sideserve primarily as an extra pillow and the source ofwhy they're the advice of some experienced perhaps whenever the president of uganda manwith a line responsibility says now i sell theglobal estimates have any questions basically any aspect of the syriansbut i believe that the most innovative testimony that i can get to thiscommittee released a limited time that is basically the periodfrom february six it was seventy three todaytoo
much twenty one nineteen seventy three what's twentyone is the date when president nixon as he later announcedto the nation learn of a quote serious chargesof which causes them to begin all intensive newinquiries into this whole matter this was the datemarch twenty one when this to be at my agent went into thepresident's office and as he has testified for the presidentmuch of my testimonial about my recollections about conversations with thepresident and mr jundi good faith recollections of oneparticular conversation often that for most of the other thechairman himself addressed this point early in his political also arrived withhopes but once that happenedand then the
resistance and ibelieve that the world's two most talented beingconsistent with what it means they must be inconsistent with many of them inanother charity months but when two mencommunicate with each other i would've not there's a quota to fallhasn't that communication first the man who's paulmight not have expressed himself clearly and may not have said exactlywhat was in his mind second even if we get areally a man who or what a different interpretationof the words and that the man who spoke the chairman'sreminded why sound and i would recommend that they will respect mrchairman that sounds reasonable to be known observablein december
of nineteen seventy two and january nineteenseventy three i was as i recallthat particular meetings for consultations with regard to the watergateor related matters until february six and that theywould respect the proposed resolution creating this selective itexcept for the discussion at this meeting i knew about the planningor preparation within the white housecaliforniai've been home with the flu for two days ofplanning to make a reservation for my wife family of thatrevival we give it that were eight nine while
the late in the afternoon of them or nine of the gobi a whole tosay that we were going to meet with the stolen childin santa monica tan and discuss the forthcoming seventeeni therefore took my family and for the violence tostop that could be denied thatsaturday february three at san clemente with that as welland an american and bestowed his office found that eleven in themorning until three afford we have to do on sunday we went into the littlecottage at what cost mr presidentit is reallydifficult when the
participants adhering to an expected to innovation than anythingthat was set during the sessions where about eleven to four peoplethe pentagon each person witha different background or degree of knowledge or quantity of it was that you havea situation where over this law applied to the fourth outwithout the new levee now give you my best recollection of whatat the outset was developing orders to hold onto andi sometimes find hard to recall which is whichas opposed tobeing anti what we have been doing for the americans this was notthe focus of both of these images that would be the activitiesof the committee to reelect president it would be the committee that will have primary
responsibility for the defect i mean thesediscussions or any answerwas noand philomenanothing to discuss here thepainfb
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1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 3 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 19 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Mitchell and Richard Moore testify.
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