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it'sbadisisin the senate of theunited states a resolution to establish a select committee of the senate toconduct an investigation and study of the extent of many which illegal improper orunethical activities were engaged in by any persons acting individually or in combination ofothers in the presidential election of nineteen seventy two or any campaign pandas or otheractivity related to itand factoring to washington november sixtonight on a videotape coverage of today's hearings by the senate selectcommittee on presidential campaign activities he's ajunior
this was republican day before the senate watergate committee sitting in this witness chairto nineteen seventy two california nixon campaign workers a kentucky congressmanand a masterpiece official tell stories which were aimed at showing that the nixoncampaign was a victim as well as a perpetrator of dirty tricks the committee generatedits biggest news of the day they're in a closed executive session this morning thesenators and family bought a compromise of a senator like a suggestion that the committee attempt toarrange a meeting with president nixon didn't care more on thatthere is a balance in washingtontoday senator edward kennedy a member of the watergate committee said in a letter to the newhampshire governor that the committee was a travesty and accuse the democrats of notcooperating with the republicans former attorney general elliot richardson told another senate committeethat a court appointed special watergate prosecutor would be unconstitutional judge
johnson america still holding hearings on how and why two presidential changed don't existwhether that the president's personal secretary rose mary words big ol dust off atthe white house mr nixon was reported preparing for a national television address on the energycrisis and there was speculation that the speech might also touch on his current watergate relatedproblems and as to the white house to the watergate committee was to go to talk to thepresident didn't get a report on their ear today's executive sessionof the committee blasted for not have that was helen senator sam irvin his office themeeting was attended by every member of the committee except senator edward tierney of floridamuch of the discussion centered around a new plan to get the president to meet privately with members of thecommittee a plan for suggested by connecticut republican lowell weickerbut the committee did today was to instruct chief counsel slammed there's a minoritycounsel fred thompson to meet with white house counsel's fred bizarre and leonardto have an imminent and the work of them at later sen levin
explained the committee's intentions to reporters it'sbeen atthepollsthepeople atthe plantthe popehasfamously
theuniquesoundbite ofdebateand
later thisweek wecandothatthey'll be back at the close of tonight's replay to discuss this and other
things will senator howard baker the committee's vice chair alice snedden are buying ourguide on how the testimony itself unfolded today in the first hourcalifornia republican leader tom campbell said i'm out there were nixon rally with that was disrupted inoctober nineteen seventy two by a violent <unk> carrying prohibitedand some workers union banners he said it was a frightening experience in the secondhour another nixon worker in california michael taylor charged its girls' auntjanet's an actor was distributed by mcgovern workers in the jewish community of los angeleswanted that contain the charge that sometimes happens to the people instead of the people to theheavensany news and thegop congressman tim lee carter of kentucky told of being called a mother and thenassaulted by demonstrators in front of a miami beach hotel during the republican national conventionis it that voters said the enemy then was no more fanatical
than those revolutionaries in la and it also now a boston policesuperintendent joe alonso been remodeled spend lessinjured policemen generally attempted is to disrupt a gop fundraising dinner inboston and solomon suggested that the federal government should pick up the tabfor protecting presidents and providing security on demonstrators in our interviewcentral bankers summarizing the contents of very academically were introduced into evidenceand now to the hearings in the carfbisbleakis be
it's because bothwitness mr drummond and onemanis welcome says like many non presidentialcampaign accusations of allyou're welcomebesidessaysmy opening question
lawsincejanuary of nineteen fifty two i waseducated in the public school system in fresno california riversidecalifornia at berkeley and the hastings college of the law which is a law departmentcaliforniaa republicanrepublicansapproximately twenty years and they have served in almost every capacityand chairman of that committee and certainly savecalifornia republican central committee executive committee
and in the finance committeefor small donations state law youknowi'm in my second term and you can'tlet him do that is youknow who iwas and this is avalue that was staged by the re elected presidentcommittee and within the state it was sponsored by theladies within the party and have a name apeople to people consisted of eight somany women of national
prestige of the republican party the object was to conducta state rallies in the cities and townsthesedays and conducted in cities and towns in california fromsacramento to sell and what we don't knowhe sees thepresidentgerman for the reluctant president committee was unable toattend our rally and i was asked to pinch hit andthe masters tournaments for the affair that was to be held in theparking lot of our shopping centers the garden village shopping center infresno and as was explained to me
theladies who were on the bus are no three who are supposed to beon the bus that will stay theunited statesthe entertainer ishow to entertain at a local candidatesservice began have an opportunity to present theirhomes sopeople gathered there were numeroussigns and bannersparticularly among the spanish american people
proclaiming their dislikefor president nixon proclaiming theiraffinity for the candidate george mcgoverndemonstrating their opposition to proposition twenty two thousand farm laborinitiative on the california ballot last novemberindicating that they did not like this is benwills and generally the crowd wasmilling around on the bus arrived in a very organizedmatter these peopleare really about to thepoint where we werei might say that if we had a microphone and we had
speakers we have in dallas and we were unableto be heard or even to continue with a rally at alland many of the people are becauseof the no is the close proximity the jostling the pushingand shoving many of our people who had come to hear the speakers laughterso pleaseit happens tobe presidentorganizations in fresno andshe was strapped to the extent that she required medical attentionsimilarly was
injured in the jostlingi might add that there were many others who love themreceive similar my love to as i was on the podiumwas that whitney handled one of thepartners are signs that was being carried out listenlive in one yes i think that the way that statementat that workforyou you mentionedthat withusseasons provocation and in my opinion the
fact that it was a plan thatprovocation for more violentactivity has in progress none of the topsearches or physical abuse wasturned into confrontations avoidedthe people who were on the bus as a matter of fact if you haven't evengot off and as i indicated in my statement i don't believe that mrsvan willis was even on the bus at that time for that reasonmany of it when it became apparent that the rally was frustrated andcould not be conducted because of the noiseof the intimidation that was being carried on alot of the people were on the bus somewhere the bus and the bus left
let's listenthey knew the nameyessirwe're similar included refusedto things aren't many detailsso they didn't want to be disclosedoh yeahthe people live there
nowwe haven'tseen beforeshe's been recognized by i think that irecognize some from pride demonstrations that ihave tended to have attended the time in other areas of the statewe haveour office when i say we the republicans have openly and a ten storyoffice building in fresno the homebuilding and thisbuilding is located are mall which is a four orsix o'clock central mall down a memo has know
and on one occasion beentrance to the whole building was locked at ademonstration was held in front of the building although we occupied onlytwo small offices of americans for a buildingyes so when i saidpreventive know people could get in or get out that many difficultand unpleasantthere wasn't our idea you knowand and the samepeople were chanting andreally about the entrance at that occasion and manypeople who would have attended there turned away instead of
see through themilitant group that was standing and talking atthe entry to that effect what this was is also you know far moreof the mystery that is newinformation with limited to beduring the campaignshopping centeri received a communication from ouri believe it was jack gleeson andlyn nofziger who are having the california campaign to re elect presidentand they advised me that they hadcertainly evidence to supportsuch a statement to it the
united farm workers were being supported by the mcgovern campaignthey furnished me with the certified copies of general accountingoffice records and to the best of my memory a simplemisplaced those particular activities the best to the best my memory of it wasapproximately fifty two thousand dollars the money went to anorganization called billand several members ofthat organization professorgao report yes i called these were the reports filed forjuly or august of nineteen seventy two and again i'm looking formanand the money
thesemoney contributorsthose rules who were membersof the activist group supporting itone of which i believe and richard shows her relative tocesar chavez was the worst workerwho has been active in identified as aunited farmworkers supporter you sayyou don't know what you saw morrison reports aboutthe emergence of a group of thoseyouth commission was more
support let'slistenjordan on augusttwelfth and the papas of incentivesthat would indicate the gao reportand what is worth living informationwith themthank youyou know
and anybodythe affidavit there that i saw some of thatsimply showed that their considerable financial support was givento the united farm workersmr kelly yeahoh nolistenersone manthe
tunisians the leadersof the re elected president committee were outside of thecrime and the local peoplethe chairman was localbut the people who were moving thecampaign along where outsiders and they were in effectsuperimposed upon our our local party structure and when a committeewe supported their efforts of courseand furnished much of the legwork to make thecampaign a successful in fresno county and as a matter of factwe substitute our judgment for theirsfor the end of the campaign when it appeared that the interests ofthe party and the interests of the re elect president committee were
some divergenceone of thedifferences there's a committeeinstructed thatall persons who could be identified democrat or republican who wouldsupport the president should be turned out at the polls in otherwords we would identify a voterregardless of party affiliation who had indicated a preferencefor president and we determined and isay we the official audio amp the county determined thatthis was not to the advantage of the republican party and let me giveyou know the background we have two assembly districtswe have still to assembly districts after the reapportionment thing in california
have that time to have a thirty second which was approximately six percent republicandistrict thirty percentand we had two incumbent republican assemblymanin those two districts and we thought that it was to theirdistinct disadvantage for us toencourage it people who were the oppositeparty who agreed to vote for the president to come to the pollsbecause the history would be that although they supported the president forone reason or another on voting or negatively are withregard to george mcgovern nevertheless they would vote inthe democratic party i've taken otherwise so this wasone of the big differences that we have with their elected president canadian
aside from the normal day today her differences that we have by reason of there being an ad hoc andseparate organizationoh nowithin the military as tripperstatewide my counterparts in other areasindicated similar disclosure some of the counties or followthe directives of the re elected president andor so four and afterwards i believe we lost lover call assembly seatsstatewide presidential
campaigns ohyes i've been active inrepublican campaigns since the nineteen fifty two and it isjust i've been active in the age of the presidentialcampaigns says that pam malcolm taylor thepresident downplayed the extent and nature of directionfrom all speak on the national campaignheadquarters or state headquarters well we've alwayshad the direction fromeither the state or the national committee and it has always in thepast then no i'm notwas
superimposed or evensuperior to the party of the questionwas this incident involving thedemonstrationsoh yes in factthe police were present at the time whethermy advance notice of a problem or as a matter of routinethere were several are representatives of thesheriff's office i don't believe that anyus renee the rally didn't materialize it wassomething that was attempted and frustratedthedemonstration as
well as to attack that is true but the assaults were of thosesub rosa very close andthe assaults were mainly of the type that would provoke aretaliation so that perhaps something more serious could've developedwell thepolice or shadows and i would not be able to see these as all that isright to strike ty cobb the people itfrom the sheriff's office were on the problem is in that these incidentsin very close proximitypolice officials assured there's no not that iknow you you say you recognize some of these people
are just another demonstration of what is the basis upon which youidentify these demonstrators of being members of the united farm workersthere as their slogansoccasionally you knowany of them that they were members of the united farm workers thatwill when you say statement a uniquecapabilities of you know the fact that you recognize anyone of the demonstrators asbeing a member of united farmworkers as a matter of fact nodoubt this committee and mr campbell is receivingtestimony from us to hold them and then it's a great anthem of thememorandum and that it was a party a part of a strategywhen this rally and volunteer election president
involving president nixon really how the demonstrators were to bebrought to the scene and that they could masquerade as usapart is now is it is a possible or for a base of your testimonywell yeahslogans and posters of them asunhappy members in a robert well anything's possible but this isquite an improbability at times priorto the campaignfor reelection the president the same people and peoplethat i recognize without identifying byname demonstrated marched andparticipated in and united farmworkers affairswithout regard to any political campaign was going on a young
farmworker thing has been going on in thebalance of california for two or three years i wouldn't say thator the other demonstrations the united farmworkersmarches in the street rallies in a courthouse cardemonstrations in the fields andother incidents of this kind with regard tothe campaign itself know unlimited the campaign andnow you also mentioned that there and i think this year isshown an exhibit with contributions made by agovernment campaign to demand far more testimonyand if it's moneythe campaign
was you get into them for this purpose for disruptivedemonstrations been like yeah that's true i can't say any particular dollars a lot todisrupt a rally or two because of fate in thepresidential campaign oh ihaven't the slightest idea was a general support thing after thefact there was a statement made by thedemocrat leadership in the valley that the money was used forregistration purposes registration provisionsit's hard to identify dollar for dollar that that was usingthat we know you have no basis to disproveit i have no more bases disprove that that i have to disprove that dollarfor dollar the money was used to disrupt republican allies no evidencepresented as a committee was that it wasn't
that is rightthe interrogation thisis what i want since we have been asking witnesseslike yourself who witnessed this kind of activity of what what kind of legislation would yourecommend to prevent this kind of activity from taking placewell it's difficult to legislatemorality i think are not an area wherelegislation would be particularly beneficial we have many laws on the bookspersonally wish a good thingi can think of no specific budget legislation that wouldbe beneficial exceptcloser supervision which would involve enforcement of the legislation that because
california that would take care of what whathappened here and that's right in that you can't legislateagainst it violations of presentlaws you can't effectively legislatorsdirty tricks send in campaigns we all a boar that kind of activityand i would hope that the lessons thatare being learned here and this committee and itsactivities that will make an awareness that perhaps will solve aproblem and neither the questionscontinue and sequence that would have been the occasion of the windsour guest campbell i would call your attention to the first
sixteen which reaches followers to establish a select committee ofconducting investigations study of the extended family inwhich illegal improper or an ethical and unethical activities wereengaged in by any person acting individually or in combination withothers the presidential election of nineteen seventy two on any campaign campus or otheractivities related to it i wasn't your testimony inaccurately read whatsome re supplied by step that's my understanding of testimony thaton the occasion question during the campaign of nineteen sixty two that aperson well so called with a number of republican ladies campaigning onbehalf of president was approached by an unruly crowd and certain physicalviolence were done to those when vigil last night for me the number of people involvedin that disrupted that excessive could youtell me who they were in terms of their authority a relationship to the
republican or democratic our organizations in that campaigni can say that they were carrying and i say today noteveryone but they were variously carrying unitedfarm workers' banners in second an optimist them understood that your testimony butthe point in which employers this i gather from your examination of mrthompson most days that you have no firsthand knowledge of whether they were employed by are encouragedin the political organization the substance of your information is that they were then theyweren't fighting disrupting a legitimate campaign activity is that correctnow that's why reporters for sixty to yemen asimportant as you pointed out to understand that you can't legislate that someonewill not i like a wall the percussive function of this committee is toidentify those generations and political conduct those undesirable aspects of
political conduct and have no place in this chemo politics in americaregardless of republicans or democrats and well established is that you'retestifying at a hundred or so people did in fact disrupt and physically abuse a numberof women we're campaigning for republican candidate is out that women are justas i understand your interview mrs weiss every year old was struckabout this and about which you receive medical attention mr clooneymr spinney was struck on the top of her head with a sign that says pryor waspushed a job and this is what were had a legal doctrinepoliticalenthusiasm of the daygoing in my peers teachers shake hands with the crab they get back in the boston that was worthwhat they are i as i indicated was the masters
for the event with microphones and amplifiers andspeakerschanting in unisonyou and others from speaking outand then did it after the destruction of thecamp i absolutely did in fact prevent you from exercising your right of free speech andthe ladies their own political matter absolutely an amazing period of course if you don'tknow who organized the market was responsible if anyone for their activityhow is the fightingfrightening for many of the people that were there many of them didn'tget off the bus is a matter of fact and many of our people leftto avoid what could have been a very bad problem
i'm not asking you to testify to matters if you dont have knowledge ah but i am asking you toverizon her state of mind you know other situations in california or elsewherewhere candidates or supporters have been shouted down or physically abused so that theyhad a disruptive effect on the campaign efforts of either republicans or dumb asamericans say yes is that part of the common knowledge in the political community in california thatsort of thing didn't occur and seventy two yes now what i'mhaving for dinner is gamble is whether or not that pattern ofconduct in activity and is that during the chanting shoutingdown physically abusive trouble was lonelyas terrible impact on theorganization and pages of california hasn't had a deterrent effect or do you knowas a better deterrent effect on the willingness of people of women to be involved in politicswell that's yet to be seized an israeli kurd about five or six
days before the election in the room oryou canall that campaigning in the united states of course regardlessof who didn't republicans democrats are mum wants regardless of that yetit still had a disruptive and animals reflect on the pre selection process ofelections in the united states is that you're in sen leland judgment is apolitician sort of thing has been in the ascendancy of the more frequent in recent elections in theprevious elections this program inquiry inthis committee decide not only how we can legislate against suchdisruptions but how we can identify such disruptions and provide a deterrent force totheir occurring in future elections but anyone organizer districtwould you agree with me that one of the most fundamental
transgressions against free speech it's a crab last year's orchance or engages in physical violence to the extent that it prevents a candidate or hissupporters from staging their point is that a basic abridgment of aconstitutionally guaranteed or course any suggestions about how wedetermined and i think thatalong with several states that thatcould be utilized to prevent such things butthe area of free speech on on both sides and it'sdifficult to legislate morality justice it is perfectly legal andconstitutionally protected they gather in a public place even in hugenumbers and demonstrator demands over the summer anddemonstrations justice it is appropriate and constitutional to do there so is itnot also appropriate and constitutional for anyone to expressing the way his
demand for a present from a star and a campaign without fear thetripoli an elderly mau your opposition or anyone else will stop youfrom making your views no yes would you agree with methat politics will be a loser if we can't find a way tolimit freedom of speech and letters but thisscam on a lecture that weare entirely clear what we're trying to say so i reiterate my interpretation ofher testimony you're aware of a seriousdisruption of a legitimate campaign ever thepresidential campaign of nineteen seventy two and california in which there was shouting andcheering and physical abuse two ladies involved in the campaign you're notaware of who organized it but you are aware that it was effective and it did in fact
stop that campaign effort and prevent the expression of you and that is youbelieve that there are indirect indications these heavy dscience identification the financing that would point to otherorganizations but you play no firsthand knowledge in that respect and finally to concludethat that sort of conduct is destructive political process not to bestopped either by legislation or by the deterrent effect of identificationagreementso to know whythiscampus is one question has won was a lotlike who get your opinion
president nixonit was difficult to sayfrankly i i think that the president was going to bereelected specificallyregardless of what happened we electa presidentand i was not going to bewell it helpedon a party there's a backlash to this kind of thing i think maybethis is what you're getting at and certainly there was there was thatnevertheless for whatever good the people the people rallywas designed to accomplish campaign was it
did not it was completelyfrustrated and didn't come off nowso itwas a local candidates we're prevented from speakingnow in fresno we have the timeto republican assemblyman but we also have ademocrat congressman and a democratic state senator who werebut at the same time these peopleparticularly the congressional candidate those present was prevented fromspeaking out and two what effecther campaign was damaged by this eventthat no one can say in in truth and in fact hewas prevented from giving a message through something
like thatthe camel'sback this is asupposedlyworkers an israeliand that landpreserve in going on innovation and limited toobecause another organizationin therenowi want to make this thing i'm not trying to say
that the mexican people there or beingsubsidized by any political organization to disrupt the republicans want to campaignon no i think that what i'm saying is that thenew one lincoln's day money from the mcgovern campaignnationally to help of local mcgovern and then into the united farm workersunion and two unnamed individuals within that i'msaying that they would support of the organization i can't saythat all these people belong to the organization i can even say that they were farmore because many of the people demonstrating who have appearedin the demonstrations are not necessarilyfor workers it is peak of violenceand is it not true that ssri and his organizationpaul is advocating peaceful means
i think thateverybody agreeswhat do you meanexactlywhat you what you mentioned you're seeing her in afarm workers air strike picket line itemson his officers and i've seen you know we haven't heard about usnowthere were other demonstrations earlier in thecampaign against mcconnell's by some mexican militantsand also against the hanley ramirez who is the director ofa now run into may again level
committee speaking in the asian just go area iknew where those incidents well specifically about a memo that you love reading the newspapersare you have other incidents one masked militantgroup i knowour population twenty two was a very important issue in thatparticular campaign was that close and it was designed to curb the powers willfind workers in the primary in california was noti didn't do it that way you know i viewed itas striking some balance certainly farm labornew movement and according to farm laborers the samerights as other workers have in other industries and could thisdemonstration had been sponsored by the front runners to try to create sympathy for
proposition twenty two sponsored byit could've had a sponsorship lookdifferent their political structure in that campaigncommittee or even the nixon committee or even see it the noso i take it that you drawinferences that the mcgovern committee on the democratic national committee are the localdemocratic committee and anything to do with this particular thing in the factthat fifty two thousand dollars were contributed to it aswell khamenei then on from the fact thatthese foreign workers with their band aroundtheir arms identifying themselves as such had participated in thedemonstrations oh you said no influences i don't think that's exactly i
think that i've really influence that circumstantial evidencewould establish but i can't say that any particulardollar was used for any particular proposal that there was general supportright how many peoplehead identification making him to work the united farmorganization that's it's our chance to demonstrate for usfor the unveilingdemonstrations bya new name instances of these aresubsequently campaign that we've had several confrontations in the fields
of this past harvest season when the phone records ofvolunteers it'sbleak you knowthe president has an organization in californiajoinusyou know many contributions made bythe republican national committee to any national organizations isno i don't to any mention political organizationnor added you have tohear republican committee make any contributions to amission organizations let me put it
this way we have within our republican party in fresno countya spanish speaking republican group and then general support from the partyand my secretary on the central committee forexample is a spanish american andshe is a very active in themexican american activities political and otherwiseand did you make any contributions to understand ican't say that i direct contributions were made but it's possible that wedid supported financially theserepublican subdivisions of the party that would be identifiedwith the recipients of these competitions tofind this particular demonstration about which is the key well let me say this aboutthat today said that we have mexican
americans on our central committee and as members of musicians and otherorganizationsrepublican rally and if the republican politicsgenerally but there has been no contribution ofdollars the other thenas soon as you have to attend and for that wassponsored by innovators patientsdon't you thinkthat right without though engagement disturbanceson lesser don't you think that when people
resorting to new tactics for the matinee mrright to be heard that they are demonstratingthat lack of understanding of our american system ofwhat the first amendment was designed to do as curti may disagree with which is theother one the leastcompliant the bow what wasthis really love the things you say without them to fly to save herand the people and eighty eight mra practice which is totally incompatiblewith the americans when they bought mohawk anytimeto come up with the ransom of america as they swallow that these may bethis is not exactly what i
wantoh and business demonstration mention anotherinstance though prefers more importantly for unocalreally a part of that or mm hmmgood morningone event that i attended in ways to solve social and intolake county iowa the same type of activity was carried ononly not to the same extent and not to the same effectthat particular event or was killed within a
building and although selling withus thespeakers could be heard and the event was not motivated andtalented on that is truewhat kind of time the red armbandswith a local people wereplacards same brightyellow send type and i mentioned at thebeginning that were present atthe nixonproposition twenty twomaterialsand he was
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 46 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Truman Campbell, Michael Heller, Rep. Tim Lee Carter and Boston police superintendent Jeremiah Sullivan testify. Note: Only reels 1 of 5 of 5 reels exist, and the only witness that appears in footage is Truman Campbell]
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