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fb and sharp note standswhich i didn't we look at the scrapbook an update today popewrote yes he get along with at local arts at amonth fifteen minutes impressions reading itwell he was he was reading and alice explain his record on it i'm aimee pointed to the areathat is trying to explain the trouble that i was in an iron explain this is richard greeni think the paper's made a headline about it and i explained on thatthis was a fictitious name from one corporationwhich was raised and saying the stands besides wellyes it mr fernandez had told many
previously that when it injects to mr stan siegelman miamibusinesses would pick the phone up and epidemic auto romneyvista finance it fernandez as present as shrek tonight i get an objectit did not fall in a call center jeremyand i asked him and i said what you get at the checkin it as possible way that wouldalways was that a phone call here's a promise secretary romney becalled on the phone and have it mr spencer that he wouldnot make a call and i thought he could and to make it theyreturn much it was a radical than a letter i know he didn't like that isn'tit it might be called deferred nice and what larry reassurancesday for my money i mean i couldn't make a contribution
so for any other reason than that you are not seeking to make that visionreelection presidents know so wasn't really interested inand wanted a sense they doing you've made clear that youwanna know what you ought to suspend certain bird told me thathe would never make a call nsa what he could do and i saidwhoa whoa what is it look like you're with the somalis that we can't do any good for you will return rejectedit reallymake any is they tend to react to the fact that it was not a cashier'scheck that was a checkmate up the idea that republican committee toservices things that make you notice the checkered been made out to leave a wrongcommittee and it was the french that is the symbol of this isdone and there and mr fernandez mention it was me i couldn't take cash and replaceit with his check or the smaller checks from idea
that was many surnames and my own he didn't want to check my dad my nameand it was not a reference made either in this is that meetingor prior year i think that meeting when a discussion of the payments were made insaying eighty seven nineteen seventy two yesterday of referenceapril seventh longest i didn't know what a medical myth of the final paymentwould have to be made before april seventhhe said any payments after episode he also mentioned that note on the night beforethe shed for get through to her hesaid any <unk> also have to be reported and it stated thatin my situation this is something you'd be wise enough to have reportedabout this there was anyother conversation take place in the presence was dancing with the man aswell
so some substance that said basically that was there wasabout a minute left an important details aboutwhat you do if you let his officewanting what you do at the office but after i did the book is also went back andno total check that took a plane on the miami at that time if you eversee anything in the newspaperyes or when i get back to miami florida night and fun out of mr eugene gilbert andother hit the squadrons that had suspended meon the day that you know there's a thought about the problem thefact that you were suspended yesterday but the back and say i'm not not really a bigconcern because i'd known that i was going to be suspended priests thatwhat you're really going to be doing with this analysis they makeand so i'm ipo because the suspension was so joyce
at imminent because it knows better publicity i know there's going to be sometime about you expect it would be funded by spector primers on theappeal i know what was the message you werecontacted by anybody with regard to this matterwe're back on the miami and ididn't want my identity calls to a lesser fernandez we call themwhere people i call him in california that isthey don't like the california state and that was the purpose of your closest friends but thefinality thing was going fun of their image of themwere kind of response to get them as well if i didn'tget paid a positive response theycompletely but he said there were denied that he would be back because we have a small you'd be good because we love youknow it was a was going on about here for these chemicals
remain seeking information does someoneget in touch with you layer in florida oldand ended in his possession your check yes or possibly to a slender man cameto my home with a check in hand said he was from the committee to reelectpresident made any further notice at the game isnamed dominance of the committee i don't remember his name but i really wasn'tkoch is it because it had been checked it was dispensed with previous aloneat a table in the white army was a serious situation was so they had previously expectedanother it could be held at the required twenty five thousand dollars in cashin the checklist when you want to check what is the return to check change the twentyfive thousand in cash what you said i am why i've said i'd record i said that'sthat's fine mavis about twenty one image in washingtonto meet with mr stands any city of any drama
juan padilla though it more he said but expect him in an ice wasadmitted that is that is has said to younominee nominees that was the way they can remain verbatim theatre that'swhere we're going now while you wanted assurances thatright now given the cash flow mr stanton what was the cash to us aboutit as long as i have some assurance that he knows that you have the cash i was sure it'ssomething to be done and was you know they said they couldn't do itthat way i them how do out why i was lowand i told my thinkingit wasn't a deal are checked in a tragic and then he left the service arepart of what to do next i think also fernandez in california and i toldhim i said that's what was going on and really what happened and he said i'll
call you back when making calls an upright bike politically radical me backabout two or three hours later in a review of the committee as best you canrecord call what of conversation was we thought it was the recession was theup he said double that we can't do anything for youyou can actually like make a contribution for five thousand dollars butyou have to be reported missouri nothing i say will i understandalso when i said that there is a lot of you talk about five thousanddollars i said that he said we are promising enough i i guess i get a little bitinvaded i said war was a grown worse than twenty five thousand more checkpoints i'm not a republicanidea and he said well we never make anypromises at all that you can make if you like and we'd like as well i get the five thousanddollars and he said well we would make it knownpublicly you get five thousand isolating snowy wind in front of it
talk aboutthatand it's where you werei was called earlier is it canreally be called one of the weaker than it is only through four days laterforegone conclusion for five thousand dollars and irecall as kym that was made hispanic finance committee again and i recall as to what i coulduse as a package it for five thousand dollars that we would just make it known publicly known liketo do for it that a contributor and i said what is nothing really to bedone and they said well we'll be no no i wasn't enough assurancefrom a variety of weaponry thatyou began making it like i never did make an accomplishedwhat would he led away with the iowa it
return the twenty five there's more checkpoints new weekly do myview anymorei don't recall in it if i if i call himafter that summary going to just get really recall a poet i know ifnothing else that event affirmative washington thoseare that's the yeah that's the silence andthe effort of the hispanic financecommittee is another questionbut thompsona fewphrases to doyou have two prime accounts for making false statementsviolent boston some corporate tax return and suddenly false
statements in connection with an fha matterand respond this before that concern for a lot ofwomen out there were the mothers underemployed or the only but that theywould not be pursuing yes there was a plea bargainagreement which was an energy and records southern district of floridaand as a result of that warning hepleaded guilty to those counts thatso it was generallyon those two teamswillanywaylibyan authorities may have a role in therelationship
listeneryes sirpoliceare on the riseand he called to do withthem the state the basisof his knowledge was it a good statusthat is very difficult i think casey was the final race of the billboard insummary i think i can write on the closing of a grisly it'sthey heard from cubans are human those are rules that people haveyou know when the name of a new year's yesterday
lucy is that he was a former employee of months now building contractorin miami floridamr fernandez about youjust three months ago what'd hesay about the arctic oscillation mr fernandez thatnight up in it all this doesn't really get potentialcontributors finance committeeisn't money and occasionally suggestiveyour name is possibly someone who might contribute it's a sacred of them answeris a hammer or others are using chemical thinking about my name was broughtupi'm a well that was there was in the papersthey were not your average a problem at that time our
conversation with fernando e sit with a wordless book about my filmsit for the newspapers and headlines did that therevenuesthey have a tremendous trauma they've spoken about theheadlines the papers which we're all concern in miami beach it prompts usthe fernandez a negative view of the spokaneindian years specifically <unk> i guess that lady might've mentioned thatthe years and others for members of theviolent of overkill far is this the minoritiesmr benjamin hernandez the localchairman is bank finance committee or something likethat though
yes sir it'sboilingweek hasbeen yes sirand there's a votethe energy to that he would helpfor you on the toll all this i guess itmay also indicate going to occur to help you live you know that no governmentpromises was the telephone was more than that it wasthe indication is that indicate what kind of aphoto no sir why i assume that was
legal help but itto compensate for the meeting that you had with indigenous goes the specificsof exactly what kind of job that he might give you decidedwhat gown but he told me that they don't believe thatgo directly to the process they can at thatyou there is no moral stance would call secretary romneywas anything any more specific than that i knowi thought this was a specific enough it more than once thatthey did you know that we wondered wasno i was an anticipation that i was no i was going to be spent ditto imagine eulogiesand yes theoretically could preventit indicated either prevent or if i were suspended whichwas the likelihood that these the appeal and lifted
we had a conversation which march thirteenwas much longer it causes long been president and that mrsloan he spoke briefly and women in the office together and i'llstay there a few minutes over legalwhen you do let'sgoi don't recallwould you dotwenty onemr secretary
this is the case of this is shawn phrase this is a buildingcontractor from miami to make a contribution to us for twentyfive thousand dollars what is going onis that it was made up above the national committee is and thatwasn't just that this was a discussionyes sir the czech wasn't suitable for mrstands in the dumbest fernandez notbe explained in that why couldn't get checked properlyand obviously fernandez and mention was to be done with a series ofsmaller checks make gestures checksmortgage or get cancerit indicates that the smaller checks went up to the
finance committee reliable whatever one of them's us like two of them about that at thetime i understand it wasn't having an effect of the teacherand thenewswell the conversation that you have about the check for thepossible ways to commit her contribution i don't recall too much gore says the mother checkedno suspense in fine check exactly except their wallets fori can't really recall too much on the church itselfso that that family and get any way that he did notwant to be a public record or at about one activity of public and nowis the fact that you're making a contribution to the material and i get the impression it wasnot to be a public knowing how much your conversation about what he saidi can remember in detail lose your appetite you might remember verbatim
a word for word the whole conversation just summarize thatis a thing that affected not wish of the public record this is theincident and i not that i can recall that you know he was willingfor checks be made up or argentina says irecall was he's thinking about sexat which was lyingas the conversation all about the way your contributionmight be held before you get into ligaments the book that you can rememberit i can't really also have that discussion about second now you mention thefact that mr fernandez suggested you bring your scrabble waiting onyour problems of the publicity ahead this conversation aboutwell i was i thought i'd been some
trouble miami florida and i i said it will be astruggle for a second impression was to ferment month old somethingbefore any guide one of the impressionswell you see in thelands of the summer is one element of this is the main problemsays richard green year i get the impression i said because he didn'tsend one a lot about that festival of questions about itbut if you look at this ideait's alsopartisan showing him that's what this is the official moment that thetrouble allison what what that company was a discussion about a very unfair treatmentachievement in the newspapers i don't know anybodyand fair treatment for newspapers like it was in the pros
a lot of people do differently given thator you might've been some violation regulations are was that it wasa technical violation but not why i did indicatethat it was not a serious violation not a serious role ofgood could you not explain the nature of your problems to move outmaneuvered good i couldn't explain it to happen ifthere aren't intended to discuss one of the firstdiscuss what might possibly be done for you to help it was an actorwho's got booker well you're looking for or what well it's a struggleand a laser light camera how awkward i wasconcerned i was an object to this dance andi went to my estimate anything
was going to be done this is was that phone call my was going to be nonour event could be the law that wedding was going to bedone or could be done here butyou won't really connect with fernandeza consenting i'm going no analyticalwere you surprised when he made noluo offer to call a moment wheni guess that it really really did say thatthey can follow to romulus promise that is that youmentioned the drama the man yes sirdoes the minoritysue
when youlisten to that you discuss thenature of the other problems with hima senate with the scrap a controversial there's an everdiscuss exactly what your problem was exactly what yourposition was the fact that you might be suspended for it i meanit was just everything i wanted to knowso amazingly you know the problem isrichard remembers everything you know is anyone don't acceptstunning other matters says richard green boeingcorporation which didn't exist there was red states with what i was concerned aboutas angela no so what you're referring to everythingchanges everything in the newspaper articles were
up if it were born and grew up basicallyothersit hasbeen what we're reallyconcerned about was being regularly situationbut you didn'tmrsellars know like unfair treatment from the president was that wasvery eye and then it was not an issue at all that you won'tdiscuss the fact that europe might be an issue that we really hope will appealyes instead of you knowwaiting and one no sir
in a moment senator baker read a letter frommurray stands attorney offering a different interpretation of that campaign contributionpublic television coverage of the senate watergate hearings resume afterstation identification on average coverage of the hearings is beingbroadcast as a public service where local public television station thisis pbs public broadcasting servicethepope thepower
and ride continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential
campaign activities it again and our correspondent peter careyhave to go back to the inherent senator baker is about ready to read a letter from morrystands attorney helpful to the recroom in fairness to call the committee's attention toa letter addressed to the chair datednovember six nineteen seventy three from welcome son craig noonanbarber washington counsel for mr stanton signed byrobert w barber which has attached to a statement of mrspencer november six nineteen seventy three whichdeals with the same subject matter and which asattached to it as the statement as attached to a memorandumon the stage for the department of housing and urban development dated march fourteenth
nineteen seventy two and the office of the assistant secretary for housingmanagement jessica mr stands and son back to you richardi'm sorry i can't read the last time i believe itsays dobbs was chairmani realize this is out of water but this is in this material isimportant leave it asthis laughter and the statementmr stransky rid of the record not only was i think thisindicates that the because i think it might be useful other examinations willthe committeemedication
thankyou andthat's a lot ofletters on saturday november six nineteen seventy three addressedto turn your chair her staff counsel of requests to victims andit's led to an affidavit of the honorable research stands and senateproposed contribution to finance committee to reelect president that mr john preachesstands out of the city on pre arranged matters and cannot be back thisweek this request raises questions of lester spence fundamental rights in the case of
us versus michel until seventy three cia for thirty nine in new yorkdraw attention to our fourth nineteen seventy threes have the number twenty sixinterview in lebanon in my state and six eighty three six eighty seven yearsstent isn't willing voluntarily to do anything which will contribute topublicity which made him deny him a welfare trial wasn't request placesmr stanton the same position as your direction june twelfth reached andtestified that she spends most respondents were guilty knowledge vs topublicity could interfere with the third try out for this letter and the tedstate but have submitted without any way were on was transporting requested be used bythe committee without publicity in order not to add to the already inflamed time of publicityso far far as fairchild concern i might say an addict and chairmanthere i believe it's a fair statement to say that you and i were both concerned with that
language how do you use it with the publicity still like a lot of the recordsrequest mr barker was contacted telephonic play andindicated to mr thompson that he was agreeable letter in the statement that you just ona corporate record well that continuesinsurance involved masters priestess of fernando's go for tomorrow is notpossible to get to an affidavit we have instead after telephone kaplan says when staffcounsel discusses minute detail with ministers and church committeerecords and lester spence has given us a bottle on theterms and conditions bob simon hostrobert sean coverage than just thoughtever since nineteen seventy three state legislatorsare questions that the senate committee on presidential campaign activities for the purposes of punishing
up to that committee in connection with the investigation and in matters it is funnyso the conditions they live in the company ladder council since the nineteenseventy two at them and i am the chairman of the committee of the finance committee willlikely president and predecessor committees with officers seventy know on pennsylvaniaavenue northwest washington dc then fernandes of los angelescalifornia service chairman of hispanic finance committee agree like the pressure during the recent presidentialelection campaign on march thirtieth nineteen seventy two i met brieflymr fernandez and a potential contributor named john christosracist was brought marcus pursuant to previous appointment by mistreatmentms fernandez head on what they call mr hugh douglas lonertreasure the committee and i told him that my meeting with a potential contributor would be helpfulmr secretary until a meeting i did not know
the name of the individual two miles to meet other circumstances the post contribution onlyabout this tremendous positive assistant finalizing the proposedcontribution and injured at the meeting was to placesoffered contribution campaign web chat for twenty five thousand dollarsside by another person a mastermind and make a noise i werecaught something like republican party are similar firmswas not like there will finance committee to reelect president discussed they evencheck would have it changed what i do not oppose passing this point moment that intricate andthat's an intended to taxes we were disguised as a daisy several committees toreceive three thousand dollars each were quite down so muchspecifically whether we discussed as opposed to prisonersafter discussing rejected phrases then proceeded to give me a pile of newspaper clippings frommiami now they did in february of nineteen seventy two highly critical
best baristas justin gallegos was appraised as i realize a large onepopped up at a low cost housing problem because of famersallegedly rented to him by suspended if it's a director in miami named elsanewspaper articles related that is rizzo says that move fromnineteenth two second and homebuilders and a county florida in one year'stime the allegations also stated that praises that huge number ofspecial operations for the purpose of an encounter caused the newspapers ofunfurnished committee step ray says that it was an unfair victim of themiami herald that he was fearful that action might be taken against him by dorothy cheneyon the basis of unfavorable publicity without us having an opportunity to defend himselfhe said that he hoped that i would treat him the i flipped through the violentdespite the clippings in his position to read them later i also told him that
i could not evaluate the situation without knowing if it's his attitude toward himand his transactions that i would have to check with good return to chat eitherto commanders are places to hold until i was able to do so on the same day inmeetings trying to return a deputy assistant secretaryat that meeting assoon as possible well on sunday as scheduled meeting with billgifford of the white house to discuss the priest dispose of it and ask him to checks atsources that are properly available to him to let me know what you could learn from sources of the priestson march fourteen that also be a letter stating that that hasn'thad suspended resist on march thirteen and in theconsequences of thisso far as i can recall tell my conversation priestess no mention was made of the fact that
he had been suspended i made a notationdrop contact political attacks as exhibit was a copy ofmr donaldson for on march seventeen perceive a phone call fromgifford's a princess is not playing is hispanic populations isunreliable and undesirable on march at the top of our telephone mrfernandez and report this information to him and told him to terminate any contact with westpriests this tremendous told me that he would do so it was an exceptional contributionthe best man on finance committee has never received contributions from mrpriester is directly or indirectly special check by the finance committee staff committeerecords disclosed contributions to priests so far say no mrfernandez acted carefully and properly in this matter but in any event it was a priest has hadany idea getting favors contribution is obvious that not onlydid he not received them but that he was totally on kasich's record
with that they get tax exempt one of the statement is the memorandumof justice stands with you sure in which i will read sections to priestessis under investigation by both heard and justice regarding his dealings withfha called table saws allegations of those seeking favoritismwith deputy director leslie have been made it has suspendedpriestess from further dealings with that picture as of monday march thirteen nineteen seventy twoas you forgot increases simplicity have been highly publicized by miamipress any contact with prisoners the stand up in the highlyinappropriate and geometric panels in the bottom is thescript and that notation which must stand she referred to a statementsaying drop contact hot humid hp'sencircled <unk> chairman pursuant to the previous unanimous consent requests
in order and now these documents for the occasion inclusion on the recordas appropriately numbered exhibitsit's beenthepeak hasbeen hasbeen that's rightmr spence statement that he has
respected newspaper articles referring to him if we interpret that correctly itis an inherent in any event i understand we do not have those newspaper clippingsand i soon councilman well as counsel from itschancetwo more questions nowzak about the specific nature the conversations can determine whether situation on theone hand with stanton stating that he would try to do something for someone who has an effect asubstantial contributionwe're doing somethingyou know any family which had a lot of fans havemade him quote of the deputy assistant secretarythis letter that the march fourteen which was the date a meeting with him wasenormous and this is a responsibility that unofficial apartment
house stationery you know why he wouldgo what madness and whythrough the official channelsconcerning of the nature of your situation wasn't in keeping with what he told youa lotthat sort of thing mr fernandez wasengaged and that is the no campaign contributions for committed we likethat plea deals lesser andeighty eight people who told him the true in troublesome controversy and he toldyou that if you can houstonand know you will continue unchecked from a friend for twenty
five thousand dollars at the essence of this fight and thisyes and i'll make the republican rnc the republican national committeecame to washington that mr fernandez requestyes and that's to fight mendoza comment made ulyssessexiest man yes sir and we'll doitand you know an affluent businesswill spend it was not the sad about the condition theintimate studio for youis that
thankyouyesyes and yesand then now you gave tomr sands big hits are and investors there is discussed with you that it would bepossible to make a contribution and casual make him fall sat inthe cashier's checks or checks benefited too mangeso i'm not exactly clear who is mr stanza mr fernandez i think to the best of myknowledge it was mr fernandez out there is what a lot of that really clicked with his suggestionwas made yesterday and aggressiveness especially the yes oranbar when you do an educated guesses that hewas some assurance that you were that you had expected him to call this
omnibus activated yes sir and you want some assurance that he would callmust go wrong for my contribution yes and he told you that hewould call mr romney and he couldn't do anything with the fall that hewould not exactly yes or an object is right yes sirand who did you think the clippers withillegal things with understands and aftersome day as some men who knew was mainly to learn to call law didnot an overtime victory in four years or you have theone or two weeksone question of the latest prius asyou heard the statement that mr spencer that it is or you disagree with an
interest that ohwell basically as i heard it it is basically trueno wayhe'sbeen going towhat you doing herespeaking in other words for anybody else involved in this ratherextraordinary sequence of friends what you think you're doingand what you think
you were doing in one that i think i was i thought thati was paying twenty five thousand down there with a promise to pay an additional twenty fivethousand for political favorpolitical favor government officesthe end result was that was going to beit would've been a favorite that you think of as your mind is a bribe governmentofficials i know ididn't give a lot of pause and is a bribe but i didn't really have that thoughtit is that with the way things are doneit'sbeen and i'll confess even then were coming yearslaughter
i'm sure you know you're getting no sick infants forthem into questiongentleman testifying before the committee this morningone of your kitchen tosee him on the side of not what's the view of thebest in the moral lesson i was wondering who the otherroom on march twelfthone is minimaland so that was it i just reiterates that laterafter i'd i'd forgotten his name and later on it that testimony beforethe fbi i had a actually i
heard from the un and the newspapers i'd forgotten was reallywas name was in the newspapers report is myfloor had asked me if i'd known a menorah casanova andat it demands that at that time i remember that that was a minority has noreal person to buy some analysts are two other person's therewill be certain organs know so it's more just knowhim as the finance minister in yourself too as a traditional persons asa region of northeastern your nose they wereall male or the discussion about the ittconfirmation mr the discussion inlaw that was a race that i don't know is itme too heavy ice and because of this i see
this end soon for me for the words of a person thatroom and also aware of your ear problem andresolve this problem they seem to be a problembecause we discussed it like i talk from more than fifty thousand dollarswithin minutes she was this thing what is it do youthink was thereso the martiansoil were there with uswe're part of the conversation you were havingit was it was very informalthey're sitting there and it was mainly get more inside i want to talk toprobably something like that i just told him i said listen at i
said i i think am i just read the papers as a dicey right etgets in trouble for two hundred plus mark auditioned civilian and i said this is whether it would besafer for a hundred thousand dollars and upone thousand one of the economists who's going to four hundred thousand or so much goodas the justice department that one base corporations and states and ithink as you get a better brake well i'm still trying topin down the solar energy as they appear to be associated with us commandos or theyhate they get enormous to france because it was it an informaletc i quote certain things are or something andi was just sitting on that there was an enlightenment as the burden of this teamthat didn't know what was going onwhy how do they have any comments to make it your own particular situation
nobody seen for many of my situation that familiar basically usincluding a hundred thousand dollarsnow the contacts that you havewith mr fernandez your initial contract with tremendousi'm i correct in assuming from just giventhat he seemed to know their situationthrough well the us authorities seem to know her situation for thepress with friends of yours that it seemed that that he'd known throughoutwest in miami area and also present wasbig newsfamily that wasn't told what the papers i hadn't really had thatquestion and so is going on out of moneythese things
through the fhawhat you called williamgalston the fha director of coral gables zucker at thiseckerd actual contact visit and that is unknown lowe's andthey are noticeably what this summary ears of thousands of the fernandez was joewell what was the nature of your question to cost me and what was the nature of this responseto why told the supposed to want to meet with them and thatwithin their resort and one complete detroit owns it wouldhappen and he didn't seem like he knew exactlyspecial mccartney wrote and yetmr fernandez than done and also wrote the writing on that which is so thehispanic finance committee to reelect president he said it makes it also
coming back later she did the next day and then in the callback were legitimately obviouslythought without substance a telephone callersaid the endi meanbut i don't think it means i mean the video of the job isgoing to be done but this was the way the job to be doneand you're agallantry time he hasn't been in your conversation with mr polskyyou indicated to him that you look upon thisas a way of getting out of here and your difficulties with the fha is an oppressorand so you're asking him for his analysis is too well and five
this was aware of the fha yesyesfive minutes that was he did he give you any ideasfor who he contacted to get this type of informationno sirhe just call you back and said that and indeed this was a proper channel foryou to get out of your predicament didn't know was given indications that we talkof the intention of a chair and he woncertainly be made to the telephone call the city's recordthat was that they could handle a johnwho can
lead the job would be able to be as banks finance committeebut it olympic committee would be a contributionif i made a contribution that the suspension tobe lifted that they could indeed so heindicated in touch with the hispanic those are not going to get thathe indicated that there's someone else it's beenthe pushbackwereyou ever in touch with anybody from with the exceptionof the house we are in touch with anyone from either a dutyfor the project
i we repeat thataside from your contacts with mr kelso did you have anycontact relatives dismantled to testify to before the committeeargue with anyone from a judy year or fhaofficials in thecountry aside fromcostly did you have contact with anyone from fha so yourentire contact does this matter were with mr fernandez of the hispanicfinance committee are really hit bottomyes siroh dear
your turnit's beenmr bridges as jersey thenewspaper clippings know some other were given thestands eye on summer was wondering why they changed it was likeoh now after hereceived the check you made called mr fernandez in californiayesterday as an unending solicitude you forthe cash contribution of five thousand dollars no ithink you're right going back
three hours later part two or three hours later and it saying that conversation ihad that same mightbe said will we cannotyou can make a contribution of five thousand dollars to if you like us andwill when i sit with unified has a nice wellnow to five thousand and it's really like to make acontribution that yelling we can do is that will make it allbut what about the interview is knowing that at allwhat you had to say about the fact that the memorandum camefrom carbon stands on march fourteenthand indicating that you were under chargesbefore and then there are you under investigation by thedepartment of justice and by houghton and that therefore they should forget about this contribution
and then they waited two weeks until they gave you back to checksmog and he said well i have to say about meso in the last wellthey had info on stands sit on about marchfourteenth i recall that debut an investigationby the department of justice and you didn't receive acheck until two weeks later in that was like and stress or when ijust i know what that was like that was strange yesand i think the statement by mr spence indicated thathe had passed on this information and managed to get about you know a four isn'tagainst reining that was tremendous still continued to solicit you the day after you got thecheck yes i well i thought it was strange and
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