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it ismr hall i think that in light of the facts of her arecoming out of both you and i would agree that this month while he understoodhuman brain into the one roberts it's revealedtrivial the situation both in the committee to reelect president andwithin the white house we're oneverything that was touched with grown closer i will not in any way shape orform ever except that allegation or conventionthere is no way that any man in this country can make and establish the case thateverything in the white house serving the white house voters who wrote it and i thinkthat does a great disservice to this country even the staid and i apologizei think as a kid youhave
questions and responding with a little morepatience and caribbean center that ifthat is is just a thing that that is not true and that it's atragic thing that anybody would even think that it might be true oh i see this every dayas i sit here and these people come before and i will say this that the realproblem isn't that your definition as to who does a disservice to the countryhas always been far too broad definitionthis isjust the senateany person submitting individuallyhe's a senior correspondent
good evening h r haldeman often described asonce the most powerful man next to president nixon today politely and modestlydenied a long catalog of charges by other witnesses implicating him in watergatehis demeanor in contrast to the publisher's behavior of john ehrlichman collapsedonly once into a show of anger that was when senator wipers you just soughtsuggested that everything the nixon white house touched has been corroded altman said he had adeep sense of sorrow for the lives of those wrecked lives of those involvedbut he accepted no responsibility repeatedly using the phrase i don't recallit an idea or destruction of his files that had been advised of pre watergateplanning that he'd heard any talk of executive clemency this year the liveliestmoments of the day were provided by committee members clearly addressing president nixon throughtelevision who picked through the mystery of why haldeman had been allowed to listen to tape recordings the committeecan't get senator evan accuse the white house of leaking objects to haldeman
and describe all the men's version of the crucial march twenty first meeting as a counterfeitevidence and a guatemalan to agree that the best proof of whether dean's version ofhaldeman's was the true one would be the original tapes themselves and it turns out that thereare still other people besides all the moon the president who heard some of those tapesat the white house today deputy press secretary general warren told reporters thatpresidential warrior j fred bizarre as listen to one recording of a march twentiethtelephone conversation between the president and jon bane and warren said that white houseassistant steve ball has heard another recording a presidential meeting on march fourteenththat moves did little to brighten the mood of the urban committee members there alreadyconfronted with a dilemma by the hall and haldeman testimony about the tapes was an urbanrepeatedly referred to is called amends interpretation of the text during a break todayvice chairman howard baker talk about the problem with impacts peter kay and we'd been ledin this situation i suspect and we've gotten some information we're
badly wanted we got in the worst possible way it maybe the leading edge of some opportunity to get more information or even the tapesthemselves that maybe some grand strategy i don't understand but as i said in thehearing room a moment ago all when you think about it what's the alternative thealternative would be refused to hear the information that's a pretty tough position for the committed have tobe and sell i think the chairman was absolutely correct when he said of the fact thatwe got a minute but we still got to weigh the value thatwe get to the evidence says distance from the original take attentionshifted briefly from the senate side of capitol hill today as congressman robert drydeninterest resolution to impeach the president a proposal by the massachusetts democrata longtime opponent of the president's was referred to the house judiciary committee and noimmediate action is expected today was a long one for mr haldemanso tonight will be long for you faithful viewers years and that hour by hour
viewing guide the testimony in our number one the former staff abbas at the white houserefers to himself as a just a taskmaster not a hard one also in that ourcouncils and their chests him about a memo listing ninety thousand dollars to be spent by charlescolson and what projects also known as dirty tricks and the second hourhaldeman says he was willing to accept john dean's exploration of meetings about gordon levitt'splans molly does not remember hearing about them until after the break and asked if it'sproperly used campaign funds to support criminals alderman demurs saying i don't know thati can judge in our number three haldeman says the tape of the march twenty first themeeting shows the president and i were right in our recollections asked about recruitersperjury problems solomon says magruder didn't inform me about them and the thirdhour there's more debate over presidential traits the senator and charging of all the men's version of thetapes are mounted to counterfeit evidence and senator baker says holden'saccess increases the committees need to examine in the fourth r haldeman says the more
shocking piece of information given to the president by john dean was the demand formoney under questioning from senator gregg allman admits he asked his counsel to talk towhite house lawyers about revealing the tapes but he says he didn't consult the white house aboutthe substance of his testimony now a number five haldeman says that four hundred thousanddollars was used to oppose governor george wallace because president nixon had been advised it wasfor a sound political move also in that are called aman admits he was given othertapes but did not listen to them because he didn't attend those meetingsanonymous sex bolden testifies that when he had the tapes that was never contemplated they wouldbe made known to the public and he admits it was actually more than a million dollars left overfrom the nineteen sixty eight campaign in the final hour senator evan reads aletter from the justice department indicating no information was available linking democratsto acts of violence in the seventy two campaign alderman replies that
confirms my statement that there's been no investigation of those actsnow the morning to urban gathering not come on nowi think you'rerightyou mentioned political campaignof political activism president first meetresident we met that only very briefly in anairstrike that in nineteen fifty one i believewhen he was a united states senator from california and i was in washington on a visit to aneight courtesy call on the senator's office i had no work continuingcontact with them from that time on until nineteen
fifty six when i actually startedi volunteered to serve and the fifty sixcampaign and my services were upsetduring the atm pane of what would your rolethan sixty presidential campaign i was chief of staff for mr nixonand when president nixon was likeyou became less if the president's directivestaff director was not part of the title that was part of the functionof the un aswell what that function while as their directorwell hey it's right in my statement the initial intention ofstaff in the white house i'm five or
four principal assistance to the president with general responsibilities are no specific areas areresponsible only those and tensions haveto be abandoned as we moved into specific areas andmy responsibility became that of white house chief of staff doesn't havebeen nine mr nixon during the campaign thatincluded that the administrative responsibility for the operation of thewhite house office for the planning and implementation ofthe president's schedule being overseen ofthe process of paperwork coming to the president and going out from thepresident and the functions that that there are required within the whitehouse office with relation to the flow of paperwork to and from thepresident and that a generalcoordinating function amongst the various segments of the white house staff
i thinkyou wereadministratively yes substantivelyare you going yesat the administrative responsibility for the operation of theoffice i had the supervision of the of the white house office of budget for instancebut i did not exercise policy orsubstantive responsibility or authority over the assistant to the president whohad those responsibilities as i probably my statement dr kissinger in thearea of foreign policy in an extraordinary domestic policy others in the areas ofcongressional relations us relations communications for the executive branchgeneral consultation to the president not certifying
did not report toomey on the substance of theresponsibilities but it's great needed more space or more stafffacilities we have to work that out within the white house budget available space that came under myofficers responsible leaders generally handled by the staff secretary owen is the holeout without letting the question of oratoricaloh our home at nightand your activities as itused it did not limit itself to just be administrative functions of that facteven in that role you would from time to timethe us president reagan would make the expressions that regardnot to any great extent aprocedure or a question of whether everything that thatshould be available was available to the president in a policy decision matter
but not an opinion as to whether this was the policy we shouldpursue her should not upset when ubs from time to time but a presence in yourviews on various a politician once you'renot that is a regular process and i i i would not want what iwas was part of the policymaking process in terms of substance i was interms of procedure you spent my retirement resident working day to not be assertivepresident then spent more timethe president interrupted what else than thatare now you tell uswhat their state was that a new director directed at youmy director small staff consisted of one ortwo depending on very kind of wanted to administrative assistants andseveral secretaries and i was at the administrative staff of the
white house was supervised by thestaff secretary and he had the responsibility for theoperation so the mechanics of the white house to support units and announcer tofind and not as mr butterfield is described you as as my deputy hadresponsibility for a number of specific areas of white house operationsthe details of thoseposition when you use astaff assistant to me and it went in economic statistics youprobably only nineteen seventyninehe also serves as an administrative assistant how do youdistinguish between the two roles of broadway before
yesterday we had been in that position with me during the campaign in facteven with mia and private business before i joined thecampaign and that was the advertising that far yetbut he was my principalassistant at one of this credit that way and anne was thoroughly familiar with allthe operations my office back me up and all phone calls andcorrespondence forming oversaw the operation in my office and handlecontact for me with a number of the other administrative offices in the white house mrstrieber came in later years are vindicated as asecond staff assistant and was responsiblefor handling paperwork in my office the head in and outof correspondence and neighbors as i think he's described and they have the
responsibility for the political area and for this on withthe committee to re elect the president when he was fouryou areyes sort of attending uclaand why nownot really to the white house that i was instrumental rain has driven him tobe a nixon campaign in nineteen sixty and his associationwith mr nixon at that time and in subsequent campaigns those and sixty two andsixty eight resolve that and ithink it you knowwhere does this relationshipit was one of two eagles
with different areas of responsibility buster ordinance in the area of domesticpolicy mine in the area that i describe we metwith the senior assistance the other senior citizens of the white house on a regular basiseach morning to have review the day's workand that that from time to time during a working daysome days in some days not on specific matters of michael of that wouldinvolve both of us but he operated quite independently for me again i from himbut basically would be fair to say that on almost a daily basis you get each otherinformed important matters we getthe entire staff that was the purpose of the fifteen staff meeting that building and closeto four or five senior staff members did so andfifty nine attacked are meeting every morning now in your laneit was
a relationship his wicked inconjunction with his function as counsel of the president he was a member of the staff with aspecific area of responsibility legal matters relationships with the justicedepartment and other agencies related to a legal mattersand what circumstances would he reporter youwould report to me administratively again we needed more people in his office orif we needed them or office space of a us or he received assignmentsfrom the orkney only from the president andthings needed to be taking the initiativehe had a recording responsibility i guess you would say to me in the senseof his general responsibility as counsel in terms of reviewing documents for thepresident's signature and general it's notdowngrading to be in the profession general legal housekeeping
but he also reported to have a numberof other people on the staff directly as he was called upon by them forsubstantive assistance and there is as today on amongthe bell house had a hippie radical liberal artsthat have been reported here is as being a tight ship and i tried to run atight ship and i think successfully most of the timewhen you are walking back to worki know i didn't feel it was a hard task master eco isn't thatjust as master but i guess someone didn't rise tothe cast felt that the book was cracked sometimesweek we operated of necessity on the basis ofextensive television and
of expecting people to get done what they were told to get done to handle theresponsibilities that they were understood to be handling and to do them withoutmaking any mistakes we did throughout the whitehouse operation operate on it andrea what's known in some industries is a zero defectsystem we attempted to do everything right you get hotmixture that sets are going up or that or would not beall that in your job especially inmaking recommendations the president of being able to make decisions that youwanna be on top important than anything make those decisionsi didn't have to make decisions for the president invites you to make the recommendationsare a decision made at the white house yesbut let me i was not making recommendations even to the present four decisions i didtake responsibility have the responsibility for getting the material
to the president for making decisions and i did review the material before it went to the president to besure it was complete but i did not make a recommendation that recommendation was made bythe staff member or administration official responsible for the area in which thedecision rests with the president that informationimmediately you do you thought oh you're on top of thati saw to it that the facts were available i did not intend to stay on top of all thefacts on any given that we had other people are more able in it inany given subject area maintained but knowledge of the factsall i did was was raised a question if it appeared that the factsmore complete or that that one side and not representedadequately the use of composing musicall at any time when it in fact to get
what issues that at thelaw movingtowards the establishment of a religionas the miners' but you don't likeyour testimony on what you know about how the committee toelect the president campaignthe committee the concept of the committee was set a resultof a desire on the part of the president of the rest of us that thecampaign for reelection the handle outside of the white house and bypeople not on the white house staff and assigned the general white houseduties and be an organization or ormeans of doing this was the committee to re elect the presidentit was set up you have better information and then
my recollection on this but it was set up in nineteen seventy one and thatstarted on a gradual basis in and build as the election time of a campaigntime drew closer in terms of staff activity fairlysubstantial right we look to the committee to reelect to handle themechanics and operations of the political campaign we expected inmanhattan close liaison in communication back and forth with thecommittee the people at the committee at a lotof levels in the white house or from the white house to the committee and from thedepartments of the government to the canadian government appointeesas you know we have an extensive surgery program for instance the speakers that were outwhyis that the committee to reelect president when there was
a republican committee and a liberalanti republican party or b andwhile we're simply because the national committee is the officialbody of the republican party as the responsibility formobilizing maine republican vote turning out the republican vote fordeveloping in and of supporting candidates republican candidates for office atall levels state and federalcampaignsrequire beyond the republican party ever to reach out to independentvoters and to democratic voters to make anappeal to them for support as well as to mobilize therepublican support troops that the nationalcommittee had responsibility for so there was quite naturally in need for an
organization beyond the republican national committee as you know after theconvention there was a further organization set up of democrats for next week's showwas directly involved in the effort to vote democraticsupport specifically and i said ah theestimated that doesn't really constitute a formidable thirty go tothe white house and the administration oh a little rainywell i no i don't believe so i think it was itwas set up so that the white house would beto leave involved in the business of preparing for conducting a politicalcampaign when a visitor is that you knowthat at the time thewhite house get people did move over and eight thevision of the president some white house that people then some people from other departments in
some people from outside and it is true that that was themiddle of the attorney general of the designated to actually run the campaignwhen he left office as a very gentle mr rickettyes now whatis that silence or removing of staff of the white house subcommitteethe approval of it moving to the committee thati played that a role in thesense of an understanding with thecommittee that if they were going to talk to people in the white house aboutmoving over to the committee and they did as you've indicated take a number of people from the whitehouse that there would be done with our compliance at the white housethat they wouldn't move in this there were some problems of history are from time to time we're
there was somebody they want to work was also needed at the white house and goes to aconflict that that we want to resolveseveral points in time of the committeerunning people into a jobs at ira's sari wilson had been receiving the whitehouse and this was a matter of concern to me i didn't like thebuilding persuaded to leave the white house and join the election comedian for the purpose ofmaking more money and so i was involved in the question ofcompensation to that extent i was consolingi would say on the senior people at that moved from the white pastors they levelpeople there were a number of people from the white house and move over the comedian but idont know involved with at all we were well withregard to making decisions some but not on a
consistent basis we had rather than being consulted on majordecisions we had played a close working relationship with the committeethat was implemented in the campaign period by thetwice weekly meetings and mr obama's office with a campaigncommittee people and senior white house people and we inorder to maintain continuing formation the campaign director mr mitchell later mrmcgregor set in the record morning white house staff meeting so that thecampaign people recruiting campaign director eastwood know whatthe ongoing business at the white house was issue positions that sort of thingand vice versa so that he could keep us posted at the white house as to what wasdeveloping in the campaign you seema yes sir i think youre referring to
scott's political memorandumi didn't receive memoranda directly from the committee or has drawn as my staffand with that area responsibility received althoughhe was supposed to handle it really is on betweenmy office and the campaign committeedickinson's that i can express to keep himselfbasically fairly posted on on the campaign on mewhat was going on he'd be posted as i needed tobe for information for the president and to be available to answerquestions or follow up on it raised by the president inthe white house with relationship again no humansalso anyway at times on matters involvingfinal financing only in a very general basis
as a good in my statement i write good receiveoverall budgets i believe from time to time and i did receiveinformation and more specific nature on advertising budgets because this was an area in which i wasand ithe advertising budgets primarilyfor it with relish with a question of timing of theintensity of the of advertising and to some degree regionalconcentration i did not get into the details of the budgets and i don'ti don't believe that i had any responsibility for budget authorityor approval like to hearyou mr allman and my mind onoctober eighth grade nineteen seventy two
ordoes itdo you remember thatifbeak yesthere was going to be a general jamesbbecausebothi can't read some of age to
players arevery significantareayou'reon it the oliviaquestion of the presidential first family travel andthen every convention conventional nominationand then on the second day that somereverence to stayas a referenceas they get nine hundred thousand dollars
for the author's insistence six hundred and sixty thousand dollars fromla and information retrieval i mean for the thousands of spent hismailing list at about nineteen thousand dollars for black pride it's like whoayou recall the violence and why they were beingpresent to you in a memorandum this the overall memorandum as itindicates is for financialsupport for the white house from the committee for the reelection of president as i think iindicated the committee provided financial support foractivities that were not deemed to be their mentalactivities that were conducted by the white house the principal of these be important to travel the presidentwhen he was was on a purely political threat anytime during the yearcampaign period that the president or any member of his family made it that they were requiredof course buy security regulations to travel on on the government aircraft and with
government security but that the committee reimbursed thegovernment for the cost of also strips of all time so that there would be no cost to thetaxpayer for the purely political activity of the president the sameapplied to other activities that were carried out byother staff members will be identified as wellunknown reimbursement a specific step never i would assume had to do with their travels andexpenses incurred and in speaking to is not certify on behalf of theelection campaign as a contrast to do their hair duties atthe pollsofficer question appears to be primarily for mailings and mr paulson'soffice was b your point of contact withorganizations outside of government labor organizations business
organizations or veterans' organizations whether a particular interestgroups and i'm sure that that at his instance there were a number ofmailings designed for the specific groups and that this was at their supportfor those mailingsand that's ityou know i've heard that testimony i would not think that this wouldrelate to wipe advance budgets as such because mr golson was not concerned withour campaignwell and thenwipe out another way isthat is that a reference to work related haven't yet atthe white house i
think that's right not positive but it would appear todayare obese and this excess with itspoverty areas that you would be but it matters nonot no not at all like i was at the campaign budget rather than me and this is whati would call a campaign support for white house budget i also sawfrom time to time what sometimes the overall campaign budget be abig spreadsheets that spread out theyplanned expenditures on a month by month basis so for the various campaign activitiesnow i think in your statement it isthat you all that i can say about going back to this one doesthis you haven't indicated that this is a year iran that i approvedand on the last page it indicates my approval it gets on approvalfrom a staff secretary the white house to submit a budget the white
house estimated would be its expenses that would be properlyeligible to the reelection committee rather than thatyou readyi as an actual live in a global and then said unless at onceor whether if so give it to him with understanding it is a very rough guess my point being thatrecommendation here was we said that only pre convention and there were in other words the budget for thetime up to august twentieth and my point there was was that there wasi was recommending we submit only that unless he wanted the entire thing would bedifficult to estimate the post convention budget at that time nowhoware you
now itwas one ofthose communications and cooperationvery frequent basis but he can't be posted on whatwas going on and what problems he hadn't heard of any in the campaign andhe had problems from time to time with with the white house and in the cooperation thathe was seeking your information or something that he agrees with me and iasked cunningham complaints in an informationand suggest suggestions from the white house other people in the white house andfrom the president dmitri clear that you do it but not allbut what little bit of age to start with it was in the morning staffmeeting so there was a chance to communicate their we had during the
campaign period at the twice weekly meetings and restaurants officer nablus for thepurpose of just exactly this kind of communication at thegame of that it'd be covered on an adequate basis it was a rebuttal weknow from time to time with any great regularity ofit but i mean another reason he wantsthe regular staff meetings of the gamenow in the summer or willdouble where you like about the programand health department investigate the settler securityyou set in nineteen seventy ninenineteen seventy one was abalmy forget which programs went into effect in which yearsthat nineteen seventy was
concerned on domestic security nowevery time the president's made twentysecond statement where he said that while i will maimai testimony would be in exact reports that residents there wascertainly no i did not but i would say that that thatdelineates in a few words to the extent and nature of theproblems as it existed at that time the reason for the white houseconcern and the reason for attempting to take some actionlike i thought like you're rather than reading my degreeopposite would you just give us briefly you can yourrecollection sure about what their purpose was what the problem wasthe and i didn't get a semi stable and we've also was the wave ofviolence bombings are some
trashing him and other sorts of activities of the damaging property andsomeone telling people that were sweeping across the country at that timeand has led to this is like what we have used inplant nine years of it and i think you wereaware of already planned what the recommendations are beingmade not any new detail theinception of the so called houston plan was a meeting with thepresident all right mr houston as it says the staff haddone some preliminary work on analysis of the problem and analysis of theeverest to deal with the problem and the shortcomings that they'regoing to be in existence at that time with relation to the problem in many efforts todeal with it as a result of which the president called a meeting of the heads of the
various security agencies the fbi the nsathe cia and then the iaea i sat in thathe has been has refused and the president discussed with theseagency heads the nature of the problem the shortcomings of domesticintelligence the concern that some of theactivities that were underway or been threatened during that period oftime were possibly at least and i think a demonstrablyas i recall connected with foreign activity is the sum of theorganizations that work were declaring themselves out todestroy institutions and then some cases thegovernment were doing their training in foreign countries and then were studyingunder former dissident organizations and there wasa feeling that there was a crossover here that needed to be dealt
with in terms of a better intelligence that we didn't know who wasin it causing these things who was directing them who is financing themwe know what they were going to be directed to do soyou aremy peoplelewis was evidence in terms of the people who were carrying some of them out at leastself declared both intentions and backing andreasons for what they were doing there was some intelligence or were somefbi intelligence in this area there was some secret service intelligence in this areas related toa presidential threats and insecurity andthen there was some investigative reporting by thepress going on as to some of these activities
and all these i think would would add dna to be the resources at that timewhat we get reallyspecific i was not looking toget into the car that was set up there in the meeting with the president and the heads of thesecurity agencies the problem with that line and thepresident made it very clear that he expected some cooperation which there did notwhich did not exist at that time between these agencies in thebeginning better information evaluating the information more effectivelyand disseminating it so theaction should be taken if that there was action indicated or at least awareness that would beawareness of what was happening or what was going to happen thecrew assembled in his office at that time was designated by the
president as a task force to prepare recommendations for himas to what ought to be done what steps should be taken to meet the problem inand carry out the be a requirement to request that the president made this point itis my understanding that that those agency headsthemselves or buying designation members of their staff did set up such a taskforce under the chairmanship of director hoover which are theyan extensive set of accommodations mr houstonworked with them i understand on the survey's they transmitted theserecommendations to him on their preparation and those recommendationswere submitted to the president that were submitted as was customary procedureto mr houston the stat man assigned to that project mr hughesjimmy threw me to the bars hereportedly threw me in this particular area it was latino
where were you assigned to that he at some time or the time he was at the white house he was onstaff at the council owned by the time he was in thatultimately newlaw i saw the paper as not all workingpapers or the committee i saw the recommendation went to the present are you reading recommendationsi not sure whether they're not regulated in any detail i had a general ideathat it was a proposal for an expanded intelligence activity well thatrecommendationthat there be an increased use of wiretapping andservices and career break and i'm not sure what i was or not my neighbor a womanoh you wear it director of thefbi and the mother therecommendations that while i do that i think it'd been the recommendation
itself which was signed by director hoover as chairman of the committee he hadindicated in in the various recommendationshis disagreement with some of them in spite of the fact that they were the committee recommendation he wastransmitting them as the committee recommendation which is to saywell witnesses to get your assistancei'm not an overriding objections as something didit and it did the senators a memorandum thati i've seen the memorandum of them they're put into an exhibit reported in thepapers in and they were immediately get salt and you just see them as they are ini have a general recollection i don't i can't identifyhaving seen or read or acting on any specific memorandum without
looking and reviewing that i do know that there was a definiteconcern mr houston's bar and on the other side on the president's part that therewas there we knew there was a problem going into this one of the reasons for bringing this grouptogether was the fact that the communication between thefbi and other intelligence agencies was hurt at best themiddle aisle the lead here you want on it is has already goneon record of one american cities that you can that memorandumvideo while nineteen seventeen promise to his viewsubject domestic intelligence which is primarily dealing withthe problem of objections and indicating that theprogram or move forward and rescue assistance and as soon as we take alook at it
we canthe placeby retailersit has beennot positively without any doubt say i read that memorandumat the time listen to me that i have very clear recollection of the general leecontent that the problem existed at that time and i probably did three or one
effect of these attacks mr houston thecity upset over mr lewisi see in opposing the plan initiated by the finalfour in the years is that yes but you know a long overduei'm not surei don't recall one of these memoranda the nature of these objectionsnowisbelow where it after the plan was the manwith the plan wasn't that work for yearsand that low was
no it was not as i understand it the approval is rescindedbelieve it was five days later by a notification to the agencyheads and that sort of thingagain as i understand because of directorsobjection number of art applied youknow micheli'm not sure that we get it do the good or that he didtestify would estimate that he was not in on the regionalplanning a plan but when he first learned about it i think he said tome i want to see you and wronglywell and then the plan without irony a song that wason the basis of his youth well idon't know that that is not necessarily a sibling would deny that
mr michel that's he lets the case it i don't recall ido recall when not been put into effect the recalls a real discussionfor those two whether it would be or notbuild a decision to approve an interests inyemen where al and now add morein andall of this stuff falling precisionof a houston planners as it's now called was theformulation of an intelligence evaluation committee that wasanother interagency union or departmental who was not an in housewhite house who follow there was a white house representative and believe expandingintelligence committee and its purpose was one of the purposes of
the of the houston plan correlation between the various intelligence agencies and anattempt to a shared evaluate the intelligencewho was the revival and i'm not sure i was set up itwas not an in house quite as soon as i said it was there was an inner agency and ibelieve john dean was the white house representative on earth andi measure how this structure would itwouldn't be true to the role you believe that the white houseprograms like this yes with thehobbit beer from a time when there was an in house white houseand that'sas you're leading there the question relates it sounds of their special investigations unitthat was set up in nineteen seventy one yet i was aware that city and it
was set up at the president's request yes and you know we were in charge of thati needed to david young the national security councilstaff and bud krogh of the domestic council staff were the principalthen assigned to that work we haven'tthey were assigned to this responsibility nono noi guess so at its heartnow knowing knowing it so thoroughly through testimony here to knowwhether i had specifically knew they were as those two names were involvedin and this assignment that time or not
responsibilities over everything the white spaces words awhole new set up and things like that that idea of an operationof this week on a special investigative unit would not wantpeople would benow i would know that this idea thatexisted but this unit was set up as a as an internal unityusing as the two principals that people were people that were already on staff this wasn't inaddition the status was a reassignment of people want an activist judge that one onher own staff to work a special project that was done veryfrequently and probably most of the time without my knowledge because the eightieswere assignments that would come and go no they were wrongwhen you have to know about that is that they're not not necessarily my
name if they were brought on within an existing budget each division withinthe white house the white house but it was broken down bydivisions within the white house and each division had an individual responsiblefor in addition i don't have the strength that time but at some point in time the domestic councilmr perkins area had a separate budgets funded separately by the congress notnot from the white house but so any activities ofdomestic council are conducted within the domestic council budget i wouldvery frequently not be aware of the talks well you know at least there's a review of the national securitycouncil budget which was also separately but you know the reason why it was set upyes i knew that it was the proximate cause was the head was thepentagon papers leak and that that was set up for the purpose of looking intothat and other national security leaks at that timeis
it he does this at the white house an emotional roller interested in saying thatthose things you're concerned abouti was mostly concerned about them yet or did you just askthat in anyof these leaksno i don't think so other than the fact that there was such you know working at this we knowfrom time to time to talk about whether they're making any progress or whether we were gettinginformation that has come out on the senior staff meetings thati don't recall any specific rivers is thesubject of leaks came up as a part of that activity onstage and you were at one point was a plan by whichthe president spoke to the nation as relates that
that however was on a broad base is not specifically related to anyindividual week or the soviet national security areyou knowor if your status here is your step meetings and in themorning say about be focusing in on this girl out thereas a suspect suspect but in an effort to get moreinformation about him i don't think so and not through those means eight was of course afigure in this in public recording of it so isoon he was at that time and whatever was in the press so thatyou know it was an effort to get a psychiatric profile almostno sir did you know that a group of aceh now tocalifornia to seek nuclear activity access todhaka killings records though was that i didn't know
and mr reynolds i will be discussing this interview he did not discussbefore sam dash moves on to other intelligence operationsincluding operation sand wedge we're going to pause public television's coverage of the senatehearings will continue after break for station identification i don't readcoverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations ofpbs a public broadcasting serviceis
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 32 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, H.R. Haldeman testifies.
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Event Coverage
Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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Moving Image
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
Producing Organization: WETA-TV
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Library of Congress
Identifier: 1957610-1-1 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Preservation
Color: Color

Identifier: cpb-aacip-512-bn9x05z21z__1957610-4-1.mp4.mp4 (mediainfo)
Format: video/mp4
Generation: Proxy
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