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thepopein these projects to try to get landfor these minority organizations i believe it was aboutthe latter part of seven months and how many lands would yousay you knew that throughout yourorganization at the white house for these minority groupssenators can tell you how many monthsthey were in the nineteen seventiesi notice an opening statement thaton page do you make a statement to presidentnixon set out to do something about meeting the needs of the spanish speaking hecreated a statutory cabinet committee and opportunities for spanish speaking
people in the president do this you dothat the legislation a sign that was innineteen sixty nine you recommendedinitially when they recommended initially believed there was a anotherorganization under president johnson called the inner agency it was anuneven joband then i introduced a bill in the senate on my own initiative thatrecommendation from the president and that's how this was created was not aword yet for the record herecan you tell us whatthe committee has done for the peoplei ran into a concentrated on getting wet ones andnobody is given to three cabinet level committee
people i think self senator like theoffices there were also we work together but it'sa very closely and that any of these things it's a place theywere also very actively involved give an examplewe wanted to find a qualified individuals for any positionsmembers of that committee will stanton advisory council werenotified of these opportunities andthey were a number of otherthingsthat were given and many ways we onei do know in the treme has won over the country campaigningseasons i did it but i do know that literally as whenall over the country campaigning for president nixon so we did
launch having mastered to have to convey to achievements in his vision isbut what you do about a law they are scientists did you weresitting down in debt tell him just how grateful heshould be to the administration for early last week he had receivedi'm sure you didn't tear them downwith me that people in one of labour and tell about these things andget that also saw him to show hisappreciation at the real contribution was that these states that insubsequent testimony would you deny this so now you remember ameeting that you had with him and indiapuppy and the contributions oneseason and with that mr wimmer of the department of labor it issimple and that was that the day before you submit the memorandum of
julyi don't recall exactly and in that band thatday you to a sudden they suggested to him that he should make a contribution herefused no we didn't to the best of my recollection senator there was nodiscussion whatsoever in terms of a political contribution to the campaignwhat made you suggest in the memorandum that he was at it is that itwas not very considerate or appreciated i don't think i work well that'svery importantwould you say this is a classic example of a firm not necessarily an odd thing which ismaking a comfortable living all those events that were well which indicatesthey may have a few others and what i mean by thatis doing extremely well and it will be jimmy and then allen you
said that he was making a comfortable living off the horse againis a volume business is doing wellnow are on july thetwenty four third there was another memorandum from alex sherman that assetpresumably he was investigating as for you and the memorandumindicates says follows oh we haven't whined about developmentassociates never learned of their close ties with the dnc and says arewe fully comply with bill maher model is no mob july nineteenwhat inner connection does the observation of mr almond eyeswith their your miranda july the nineteenth andwe both made the same aspirations of those instances you know adjoined and they werepleased with is a lobbyist great are actual operation withrespect of the reelection campaign of president nixon no sir no
i did not discuss anycooperation nestle or any contributions witnesses sciences i think what cameup with his background in terms of his activities in thedemocratic party not only about anything away at why were some peopleanxious to impact it wasjust vocally expressing anti administration on settlementsare quite hostile policy of doing that every employee in common with thepresident also what became his thing because he was the most are visibleand inthe latest opinion poll even the white house appears to be fired by the neweeoc chairman mao said and leave the matter isyou know in laos says
you know it was always said thatyou know his the moments i don't recall areview of records in the albert diazyou know they've been soi don't know i mean even tell youthe year sen whitehouse it'snovember november of last year last yeari don't recall said you mean you forgot since november aboutwhat writing these people and listeneddid you make any effort to rein in the mediajust explained it the day after the election i wentback in to fred mallek celebration in terms of recruiting forhigh level positions so i was out of the responsibility for spanish
speaking with a cat they're going my responsibilities and the defense's possibilities thenwere transferred to an armstrong was not cause for the president so i was really apart of that responsibility and theirimage to more responsive the thing that you hadn't you have the assurances that these people weregiven to file applications and that that would be considered and this ison strong i came on the staff was somewhat settled gave are raising and whatwe were doing in the spanish speaking area and gave her all of our filesyellow is no nonsense most of malibuyou mentioned that thenational hispanic finance committee had to solicit somecampaign funds and that you had and that it hadrealized collection of contributions in the total amount of fourhundred thousand dollars no what happened to these contributions
those contributions were recordedwith national finance committeecontractors would see benefits fromthe administration i'm sure that there are some of them are included on the other hand there are a number ofother individuals who were able to make a contribution in that sort of thatcommittee now you mentioned in the testimony wednesdayyou prevented in executive session to the committeestaff at the responsiveness group that such votergroup wouldn't know that was not a principle which was the responsiveness who they were anotherpart of the white house operation that was a nationalist now i can and undeniably benkingsley by four or five individualsor whether it's an emotion
frank a rancher rob davison jerry jonesand ben kingsley now i also mentionedthat assertion the other day that i wasn't quite sure what that overlap there and icould've left out to be we get some changes because some of them went over to the campaignstaff on the gym intended to mention the names of contractors are meant to use toany particular financed group yourself from time to time ihad discussions with optically mr fernandez was chairman of thecommittee in terms of high level appointments in terms of some of thecontractors that was no formal arrangement doing he never asked me for most of that i give him onethere were also discussions of other areas effect in spanish speaking although therewas a desire on the part of people in the white house including those in theresponsiveness group to try to get some are contributions from these people who havereceived a contractor alliance was in the white
house and one of the responsiveness of who in the white house and totestify in executive session to the committee's their stalls andresponsiveness group would encourage the person's buying program orcontract to give political contributions directly to the national hispanic financecommittee sir i don't recall making that statement but i don't believe thatany the responsiveness to people knew any these contractors to exploitthat enjoys think that in addition they were encouraged tocontact friends and solicit other competitions i don't think on thissunday were falling justat the today in your healthtestimony in front and that is a decision with
know is that we made and perhaps we can be more responsive directly responsive to those questionsby yourselfalso is it possible that we canhave a staff a copy of that summaryas an eightone and i was quoting verbatim from some way it'sbms rhonda
paysbythepittsburgh cause we'regoing to call this morning in this last few seconds at the last paragraph on pageintense possums who would encourage person's plan forgranted contract give political contributions directly to the nation's finest inaddition to increased content francis was other contributions i don't recallsaying that an executive session first applause and kicking veryirresponsible school staff members did not have any direct contactwith the applicant as
david i can'tget this in proper perspective because you're talking about the two or three thingshere when we have a neworleans basedon the web mar mar mobile's day but whena spanish speaking from received a grant or contract must abandon fernandezchairman of the national hispanic finance committee was then notifiedso that this company could be solicited for political contributionsdedicate all your previous report made these activities with mr fernandezand you make a statement to the committee i thinkthat statement so strong senator and i did not say that wenotify those state asi indicated that it's not available
well let's not forget that slices so many of thecontacts in terms of these last question just what is yourversion of it well as i had periodiccontent that decision on this on a number of matters in spanish speakingbut i did not officially notified him of india countriesbeginning suggests the amounts principalanother countryit is davidi just wrote this memorandumaccording to my model his activities in the white house for nineteen seventy two were approximatelyseventy five percent campaign related rodriguez according to my
mortal spend even more time in relation to campaign activitiesgave a twirl why are very rev twenty three or praise or previousmeeting with potential contributors from miami the same exhibitthat repartee indicates contact with rain and my model and been tremendousgemini ms bening finance committee as a great statement our summeras the general thrust of what thestudents are well you did discuss earth contributions with themhas been engaged and at the role of thediscus contributions and did yousee complex eventstime time that we have that kind of discussion is one of thosenames at two mosques bananas whatever lying in
anything in mine except keep him abreast of some the accomplishments that we weremaking an illustration all i amthinkingthis well this isso interestingthis statement is much stronger than what werecollect having said a witness having said in executive session and isnot consistent with notes that i made at the top of thatsession i have sixteen pages of notes here and you know one or two instances ofdisagreement i find nothing in my notes to support this summary statementfurthermore i like to say that we requested in writing a letter to mrhirschmann of the staff and also oregon mr lorson that we receive acopy of the summary and we probably could have objected
the main opposition clear out at that time and eliminated thisconfusion but i can see that there is some disagreement over this and we just like to make or positionon the chair would say that it is veryunderstanding that the interview was not taken verbatim transcript and thenyou say no question is an informalinterview that it was the summer by the way is not a matter of record has not introduced thenetherlands and has used this as a team especially ifit was not taken under oath was not a verbatim transcript of the nature of the executive sessionsmemorandum really is really use the committee yes it is amemorandum and the sheer would point out that the testimony thewitnesses the evidence on which the new regime and now the un'swarm summer here step to know when criticism is that there are
just disagreements soundbite of interviewthat is not evidence and will not be perceived as evidence that thecommittee but rather the sworn testimony was witness before the committee i maybe dramatic to say it is youthey were developed arecollection on the part of the way that your has not tried toexclude the questions senator montoya put the mess into question based on thepast there were issues in this statement here megan knowi've strived excluded from until you were a part of myremarks were to the effect that the sworn testimony as distinguished from the staffsare the record on which the committee well basics future findings of factand a date general for the remittances
that and you only yeahand thatmovement of this nation and the testimony of a witnessi feel very much obligated to comment on theincredible insult that the administration has perpetrated on the spanish speaking peopleof this country by this blatant attempt by the spanish speaking votersthey're not for sale in this country and there was a concerted effort totry to convince them that there was money in the draw if they just lined upand the people of this country are not that kind of ordermilitary tank the center of the state mountains and suspect that there may be veryinterpretation same fact checker whatfor a few reasons
do i understand i ride lately hearings on this morning as tamara moore thatyou read your statement which i haven't been informed hear that becausethey've been under oath before the committee and that statement you havetherefore the more analysis to a category three and clearly here a noun for publicrecords hamas governmentillegal or unethical activities or even days were to be called little dirty tricks that you write that stateto the hasslenow as chairman of the sadder this morning in and tried toassimilate the lines of questioning responses to a question i'vegot a great deal of difficulty and understand exactly what itis that's going on in relation to the men ofthis committee on it if i didn't feel thatwhen danger achieving our goals
but i think there's a great danger here were in effect whatyou're doing is you're blinding your blendinglegitimate actions on the part ofthe illegal and unconstitutional and were almostconsidered grossi mean it's important point out that i was as a political systemwas ever trod advertises anything other thanmedicine in the political goals or necessarily a similarfinancial built the fact is thatit's because the way that the nation as a whole and individuals andgroups with immigration achieve their aspirations is through thepolitical processpays attention
vaccines which nopolitical party has nopoint in and citing a long list of wrongdoingwhich reformed anyone the counterterrorism mission for have no place on theemergency buti thoughtof connotations in the case isakin to illegally i would point out that themore politics we have the better in so far aspolitics standing for accountability and thatsomething is done right by the republicans that's fine something's done wrong by the republicanssome republicans some individuals
improve the delivery of course the series and we were to be held accountable for there to be held accountableso i wantto hear about the legitimate functionswere government been thrown into the same pot with has beenbrought before this committee here for he's not at all doesn'tserve them onto of surrogate fathers members of the unitedstates on tuesday is thisfurther a lot of thespanish american in this country the fact this plane called ourpolitical fact the spanish americans left out the call andhave been for a long time and so far as the national scene is concernedand if anything else pull that should be standing up and cheering because i'm one of
them neatly my party for your period please we please try to get theblacks and the republican party we try to get the urban dwellers and the republican party wetry to get labor in the republican foreign ministerthere's a reason whyfeldman of armor population who have been shortchangedlike a test of that up and the police in my own state of connecticutwere much richer he was in the question is what we've heard prior to this hearing andtry to tear down some segment of our populationhere we were through the political process trying torecognize a group of them left out and very franklythat type of plus effort is entirely different from the effortwhich are categorized certain peoples as enemies andmore
you must be aspecific allegations illegal activityand constitutional activity was actively all the alleged here iswhat goes on and has gone on and legitimately gone onor that why in heaven's name you think that the democraticparty became the majority party is just these types of efforts that we're talking about right here being appliedto other disadvantaged groups throughout her worki see yours has thecommittee on an example of pullinghim out to a particular group but i think there still needsare or are very special care no no quite frankly that maybewould score some points and in a political sense justas we lose points when you're matters of the reason for the committee
company attention of the american peopleall things being equal i think there's no question about the fact that theadministration any administration democrat or republican house right to takeits concentration of efforts and its attitudes towardany segment of our national life and certainly i think any administration isn'tentitled to that song to me so i think itimportant to lay out of that we don't try to establish newideas and people look to us to this committee to give in pictureof american hawks what a sister and i'mlike this is the legitimate type of activity it's been going on for a long time in this country and it isresponsible for many you would still be standing outside the door to having been brought into the systemand sharing and in political power to that i think is so
important to give to each one of us and nonethat i think that what i want made so again murder people ofagriculture politics are also wantthe point maybe because then no was in my mind of thenominee one man's committees this fall into the same trap that matters which we have heretofore barredthe review say it doesn't diminish the importancein the minds of the people of this countryillegal and unconstitutional act to deliver they're thatthey're all and we throwbusiness like this in an interview so maybe all it really wasn't so bad it wasn'tfor what i've heard up to this point anyway was very poorand that hopefully will register in people's minds and such
and on the other hand to go ahead in what i consider to be a strictlypolitical actions and condemnthese types of that coal miner on the testimony of this whathe has sworn under oath did not engage in illegal or unethicalactivities he understands what it is to go ahead and promisegovernmental positions or governmental contracts for whatever from myflat in london thesurgery raises uncertainty of testimony and a proper contextand french words and says the effect this will have on what we've heardand so forth has gone on before and also i think the american people should havean accurate picture of what goes on in politics i think the people of this countrythe chilies or aspirations
i would hope the republican party would make moreeffort directions of many more people in groups throughout this countryjury choseto china like just thinking religion in orderbefore i recognize she counts of the committee i want to announce twothings one that the article thirty has arrived in short they will recess lunchsecond to say speaking as a member of the committee i'm not in myguest is vice chairman i want to command center workermore receptive than i think very very useful analysis outthe essence of politics often taken the position that there is an obligationto seek the vote and the support of every segment of society no matter howsmall the prospects of success maybe as often been thesituation and politics in my state where the case of the black votes on say
well they're beyond the reach of the republican party they are wereceived a great number of black votes but the important thing here is the prospect of successthey're not getting factor the responsibility of a political party is to tryto speak for all the people and to exclude know i'm so inthat philosophical plane i especially want to commend senator walker for hiscontribution to associate myself awake with his appraisalchairman i dont it's appropriate for me at this time to interpret theevidence as i think we've said from time to time you'll be the duty the committee tolisten to the evidence read the documents violatethem i just wanna make an observation that senate doesn't like oryear old testimony reductions be hewas not the
administration sought to give grants to a minority group at whether or not certain members ofthat minority who were made enemies of justice and white and if youwere not unfettered imagination a trickle are getting grants you dismiss thatas a potential twenty year graduated out of a programwhich was meant to you before you as a disadvantage person yousupport the administration in a fight financial contributions or systems were you in theprogram and therefore this was not some of the wider the program as we brought up the documents andevidence one between minorities against nonminorities but discrimination within a minority group within spanish speaking american peopleand that had become part of witnesses testified perfectlycompetent spanish speaking contractors were dropped fromgrants because they would not support the administration gave contributions andthose who were supporting the question whether or not that is
you're making an allegation that an illegalis this is this seen as the money has testified under oath that sounds shows that hehas previously served contributions united nations of the sanctionsand the drop from or grants because it was not supportive than inspiration and becausemy recollection my mind and the body is so unsteady alsoanswers to other that's the politics and i couldn'tbelieve some of what humans american politics guycontrols how are in the federal agencies that received appropriationsnational committees spent in his people that there will be at those monies aregoing to be given a grant sees who place themselves for the administrationof the company or persons who are from the same minority group who refused to let them sellfor the administration are dropped and a drug problem and this is this is the
evidence that i believe it is appropriate for councilto confirm and five but i do not think it'sappropriate to get into law an extended area about their intended of the testimony that record willspeak for sale i thank thee counselor to counsel formaking his remarks i think the time has come the recession the committee were sessionsas the senators research for lunch we're going to take a short break our selvespublic television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after stationidentification unabridged coverage of their hearings as being broadcast as a publicservice where local public television station this ispbs public broadcasting serviceit's
and ride continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaignactivities it again and black correspondent peter careyas the hearings resume senatorbaker called the committee to order is about to turn the questioning of william amatoformer white house aide to senator in a wayand they will come to orderthe chairman is occupied with an executive session of the governmentoperations committee man will return to these hearings surelysenator noms tamara moreland i recall in your responses that he'sin korea on the s e r and b vocalbody field twenty million dollars isyou respond the department of labor that provide
whisker is out and this i believeit wasthe national presence of latinamerican gi forum the most prominent politicians of spanishspeaking people were invited to san clemente or specialcomplex signing ceremony and reception with the secretary oflabor the correct i believe that is certain was not there but if irecall there was a ceremony there was just separate out the president was notfor can you tell us what happened with his reichsays the election day that idon't know as i indicated just before rayi changed over from when my spanish speaking have to it's a grain
responsibility for this election so that he was out of the mainstream ofhis speaking responsibilities oh i believe the bser patients receive the notification in early january ibelieve the first week of gender that the fonz a frozen we'llwear that this was about the nasa thepresident i think most of the funds have been frozen and just want to know ifyou were aware of this possibility of the freezethere could be is a 30 that it i do not recall i was not involved inthat aspect or really get completely out of the spanishspeaking that i did not keep up with the activities that were going on at the timeas the us on good faith definitelythe freeze was not does not to my knowledge so
just for publicationsare you personally don't want us to know why heresigned the end of august and now i'm president ofthe firm that's echoed here in washington with offices in los angeles and morespecialized an east west street the ap at thetime of the resignation or docover that was doing what the statementwere you or i think that theepa released about the fiercest under senatorand there that reporter for many other contextsalthough i thought we betterunderstanding that what i said this morning is howi feel about what the president did in spanish speaking area during the past four
years deportationdeferred that you're disappointedblack women often those not a proper quotations rightid say i was disappointed that things had slowed downtemporarily because we were having to change their thoughts in theremr janszen i really getting out of the spanishannouncements coming on and there was some slight time their summitthere was a period when things slow but i did notapproach their an infection a finalquestionsection three and section four of the project sectionthree a laser them is the militant hamas won or theconsideration for political activity all for the support or opposition
to any candidate won a political party in connection with any primer general's specialelection do you believe thatany one of you and the specialtask force may have been violating thissection four makes it a misdemeanor to deprive anotherone position were a lot of photo really benefiton account of race creed color any political activity or oppositioncandidate when a political party in any electionthe way that only one of the members of the special task force may havebeen operating in violation of the section i don't likecoal don't think so i mean that typicallyyou would be exempt from the white house
if i recall atestimony though those in europe this taskforce a rueful otherdepartments know well mr miller ischairman kevin comedian is exempt internet checkers apointy the president confirmed by the senate ondozens of staff at the un campaign committee and it was on the white houserules and i think that that likely this was the deal to us from thestate department excuse meregimes are all proceeding i don'trecall discussions there except that i recall was thencancelled for presidents sent a memorandum to
colson saying that i was exemptsection five of thehatch act makes it unlawful to solicit funds forpolitical purposes from any person known to be receiving any benefitprovided for made possible by an act of congress appropriated fundsthe way that any one of you in thespanish speaking endeavor that been in violation ofperception nelson and it is your testimony thatyou have not to involve yourself in on raisingactivities i was involved in farming activities in terms of speaking atvarious dimensions backwards but not in terms of actually solicitingfunds from any individual organizationit
was actors of apology office toimmediately in order for members of the sputnik finance committeeoften grappled some portion of appointments so that this committee canthen solicit funds pointing outthat i don't think that the prison transcribe that quite capture what iwas trying to clear that any history i did have discussionswith members from time to time in terms of those they've gotten contractsof those life so were upset that the mentally ill but we're doing quite well andthat they can display his program we were therefernandez wasgoing to seek contributions from these people i wouldassume that he was going to listen and it was on this assumption thatyou said that these may have been some of the names these bridges and our discussions on the
telephone on one of my decision alsoi'm a visual testimony the best of their knowledgeof bees not knowing where richard walden so many active duty tobe in violation of the law is not just a threatitwas onlocal that gray who is a pleasant director ofomb is what was its fullmessage you as director was speaking to vision of the twenty fourteen election the presidentso the president director of ombprogram running and pressures on that same office
visit or he was heading up the effort in acampaign yes what was just chalk oceanrolling he was my immediate supervisor because he was incharge of paul's special interest efforts nineteen seventy twomarni you express it you knowthat this administration set out something about meeting it meansthat the spanish speaking people it's verycommendable saying this isan easy daythe administration was more interested in making the names of thespanish speaking people in position to really reelectit does show that support the considerations enter into and ifeel very strongly isn't sure those who are also
involved in this effort that this was a sincere effort on the parkadministration could do some for the spanish speaking it's never been done before with theholyseason cooperation with thesunday goes and the election nelsonis into those who get an election and then there'sthe law i'm sure there were some who got some assistance but i don't think we cangeneralize says there are dangers in this campaign contributions and also heknows someone else did itwell the finance committee have youknow informal arrangementsto be careful about
i don't think soagain you take a look at thatthe children areactually mentions needs a big auto loans doyou know about that and said that matter ofthe first time isaw that senator was last night mrburgess committee prison doesnot familiar with what would transpireandi don't
recall us i don't recalldiscussions about this with anybodyyou could've been used to low sevenand he explained some ireland why i can record some of these thingsi used to get into the office about sincerity every morning and probably putin fourteen sixteen hours a day made over a major receivedprobably over a hundred phone calls and they saw a number of people even in meetings orin just the formal discussions so that i had to dedicate a lot of mywork out to mr rodrigues was to convey the light onit it's not only night has forced the day throughout thewhite house in government other government agenciesso that even though it might come upthey have a responsibility to get what ever had to be accomplished the
idea for did not always know the details you're welcomeasmentioned this morning innineteen seventy two thosewho lived long agolet me seeanyone whereyou arenow tensionthough an exam that left thirteenyear it will be
doing i know youalso want to havementioned to me you ought to concern in a probationrule the possibility of believe that any thoughtdanielsandyou're rightyou meannathan whatever about justnow some testimony as the group'sspanish became cabinet comedian spanish american appointedwhich were used in conjunction with hispanic finance committee that rangin campaign funds religion but also
that is not true defends certainresponsibilities here and the only people that were raising funds for the president'sreelection was a national senate finance committee as it applies to the spanish speaking inspanish speaking persons and corporations which didnot know that is the administration walked out of those whodid and that's another benefit saint germain as indiatestimony administration spent a lot of money in terms ofcampaign funds compliments which didn't necessarily serve inlife go up again as they weren't necessarily the best qualified possiblerecipients were faddis grievances of thepoints that the products are you gonna find a system on
internet governance and interrogating you bought ingot that except that those peoplewho were active in the campaign and did not benefit to an active in thecampaign was that not correct answer there were a few of thosethat were active in the campaign there were other firms were not most are active in thecampaign they were fully qualified to see any governmentcontract a grant to do some work for themwe get to watchand which ones that seriously are theycontribute to a campaign not that i know of i don't think people are thatit's organization that were flown enough to do it in the first place ornonprofit organization that causes itself men are trainingyou
testified on stage at opening statement that you did nothing illegalunethical am pro union activities at the white house in nineteen seventytwo cab for people to look at itshows a series of letters andcars on that front of judge and then thatyou wrote let on june twelve nineteen seventy twodead and then there is a baby ohjesusa month later yourtaxesand operating like to see judges and then disappointyou for the state and that it would be a real coup if we could have
one disney'sand thenthere's also a federal judgeship but some opposition in theadministration and return to his executive position as chairman of thespanish speaking democrat senators i recalldiscussions that we had a dozen and this at that timewe explore the possibilities of salinas nation because he wasso well known let's go american community had no timelinerecall anyone promising or offering mrobjection on this position whether doing some time after the election there wasa vacancy on the consumer safety products commission were presentwanted to appoint someone was best to get a tour of extraction and his name came upand i believe he was in one of two interviews and offered a position to
go can you then five foot two andpolitical one as a memorandum to johntraub eighteen of the state eighteen nineteen seventy two romneyyou said the judge then there's a lot offollowers on june eight nineteen seventy twothe letter dated june twelvenineteen seventy two from you don't have a mandate you'd make theauthenticity of these properties yes sir and of them and inserted into record thani had unanimous consent may be appropriately identified and servingall documents have not savory will be received pronunciationalan weil well youknow i have the visions title eighteen section six
hundred years ago kawah other benefits under consideration forpolitical candidate a political pawn you siris that engaging with these documents and i think there's concerneven that one willlikely emphasize that there was nopromise or no after what celebrities and on this about a federal judgelet alone is thelatest pacific players you'd be appropriately reading thatyou're recommendingit's bothnow you didn't get any of the money
is made available in thead campaign august what did not campaigndid not sign the reason that the number thirtysix innineteen seventy tworay davisthen friday said is no i read furtherdevelopment associate at that i'll leave los angelesis a washington based consultant firm have been puntedon one to two million dollars tower going straightyou know under
saddam for our friday musical oregon must fight manwho ate one of mcgovern's campaign called famine injectall most recently he was awarded a five year grantseven hundred and twenty two thousand three hundred and eighty three dollars at that they had toevaluate an experimental screwball and he alsoreceived an eighty eight as the contract over twohundred thousand dollars evaluate bilingual education programs in theus and also appears he will be again in may theregion and itis under considerationfbfb
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 47 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, William Marumoto and John J. Priestes testify.
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