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it'sbeenthat was in late march ofnineteen seventy five his first one hundred thousanddollars to someone to be there in youreyeyou're an individualin new yorkyou know you'reright
wellit isindividualmike welcome idon't knowpeople arereporting
i don't knowwhat was thesignal is that he identified said you'd receive oneside there was the youth violencesomestate and five minutes or something about jesuscalling you have a code name and hehave one person that money was for i didn't knowanythingnow tell usabout the next contribution from a circumstance that was the firstincident that money come froman
interesting theory that leftover money and sixty eight campaign doesn'tproceed you know i think within a monthcenter i was going to ask you to disperse the two hundredthousand people following us embassy during this decade they alsorequested a second andfriends youtooto an individualsame and they do not know you didn't deliver the secondmaybe they'll arrive at three hundred thousand us about the nextthirteen ignition againand another hundred thousand
be dispersed in the same manner oh thistime i was asked to disperse through an individualin los angeles being in the lobby ofthe california growing our city youdelivered two hundred thousand and they did live together ona new directions or instructions to live them wanting big twicea third time yes sirand maybe something without knowing that i was born into campaigns buti did not know what was that it was going into various of thecampaigns but i did not know the various of thecampaigns in the nineteen seventy election yearwasn't
thatthe statenowit isi'mfinemy interview intelligence the libyanbackground in fact i wouldn't be in the business of just walking up to strangers nonothing with no sirhe's going to stopsubsequently suspected yes sir you know thatwe all i don't know as a factor
it's common knowledge so unsettled and let one is notabout the regime iran isthat it is not well i think there is a belief thatare all the campaign but again a center i would nothave the certainty that that is true that is onething i didn't understand your testimony relateddecision as to how much of this money in the order these defendants knew a lotabout the decisionsenator anintimate eleven has been on the film room and then it would be passed frommany of these individualswe start receiving certain medications and if you
really really done up words withthere's noargumentbeen almost a route that eachof these people and for all the manyadvantages that the money was to engage people for somethingwrong will wonder what thoughts came along making inquiries about workforcei don't recall any good really beenstrange to you as a lawyer an intermediary came in the officeinto twenty five thousand dollars in evin exhaustioni would be suspicious yesterday the
payment plani was at the i have a feeling that these menwere anticipating call us with what i had noknowledge as to howfor examplehe was interested in falljust any little bitof money being paid lawyers by surpriseyesterday at hispayment plan to show an order called the infamousbain president heard from you because ofthat says that presents a lot of proof most arenot those years to face value because the president's counsel himself
indicated that again center of terrorism and that i've been dealingwith for a year or two years at thattime an absolute becausespending really in the shoes of the president and the president's legal workthere are nomy own nature is that thebrain trust the arms and i hadabsolute trust in this manner when he made this request of me and i didn't have thatbut union president council you're representing themservice to being represented a microphone primarilyinflation matters big enough within two for you for years the
president person on expected out within thatsenatorswhat a storyit would fit perfectly free community that made him a dominant quite actuallylook the lateral loads like these missionslike the mayans mr bryant you testified atthe victim finally became concerned about james bondand nature of these as an eyeon the chairman of beans with ourmusic not certain fervor go to the us theyneeded to have a farting i'm sure how you met with anumber of times that we've invited no no
i think it wasreading a testimony and depositions and at asuit filed by the democratic maybe you have been overlondon california's i recall the last sixor so obvious stated that you had made this final lap forme and you find out they met one onjuly twenty six nineteen seventy two in his audience toconfront a party with angel arrives and most toget naked mr eckman all those vacation a senatorloland all my mom does that first meeting
with six on your calendar so the meeting not abandonyour caucus meetingcertainly year ago such a meeting in yarmulkes and sixand also i'm in and idon't recall that you believe and have reason tobelieve these matters thatmight have been related to the presidentand they never speak new applefirst released and stories involving newinvestors reading september of last yearno sir i believe you've got raising money forthe defendants in september nineteen hundred and seventy to
answer did you stop a farmer and excess of caution thename and then publicly associated in thatso interestingit was something that i hadgiven him funds in the from the firstof october but i read the first five or i never knowing what he wasinvolved in and suddenly the stories we can coming out of itwas something that i concern you know finding onthat you thought that under eighteen
so the original by anyone that i'mthe little conclusion is on raising one bfor this assignment in paris is adefendant's hair living expenses that they owed a lawyeri did a good job so i would not be involvedin this that was a time you've got rain money yes sirthey'd rather call you after the election in november ninei was that you've raised fundsfor payments these defendants a lotit was a and that was after the election and after i'd raisea substantial amount of money for the reelection campaign thebeginning back in november of nineteen hundred and seventy seven what was discussed inconversation it would be why
didn't you mentioned the presidentfor all iknow her reelection campaignand it was it was something following election something ofa republican and on to thank the president firstconsul of the issues what is the line than they maybe we terminated his activities that by the timeclinton former president these things a normalbottom soin my viewtwo men that the present him as a trustedand that any concern i hadwas secession
now but it was just thati didn't have any belief that in fact barbara butit was i had sufficient concerns about the procedures that i wasfollowing distasteful that i didn't want to beinvolved well thank you didn't think you were onthis mean they do you thought through online service in the united statesdidn't i was performing a servicefor the peoplei thoughtprobably he was talking about the senior people at the committee to reelect andpossibly yes well rightnow you've got all the people
it's on the same team in all of your revenue service the buttonunited states in akronyoudollars and tax invasion ensure the future activitiescomfort in the white house and no sirlesbian call you incalifornia january nineteen seventy threeemergency room writer on electiveoffice you knowthey don't even talk to me about that is therecruiter who was the thinking of coming back tocalifornia and his plan for not thatlesser it this
way i don'tknowit was marvelous mrmcgregor was was talking to some people in california tomakeup later date as to whether to return to california to seek officernow and i didn't i didn't encourage it he'd been executed anation that time and i don't recall a specific mission in thatsense of being trapped this way have to gofrom seeking a big call centerthat waymany people in californiaand the main question
i think well i don'tdeny that had been calling it an uncertain as to what was saidare can't recall specifically center but i did not i don't recall that i spoke tomr magruder to dissuade him from running for office let'ssee who already wanting that you knowledge of these and that'swhat rodin withstand planemy knowledge other than getting the seventy five thousand one hundred dollarson the twenty nine of my request and at which time i would nottell himnothing to mindjuly twenty six and my memoryis that it
in early august when the westcoast did not allow this to make i don't recall evergotten a mr mitchell about this except at the meetingand has also on friday the nineteenseventy three that was one he did climb onher eye was one must mention specifically declinethat was a win i've been asked on this to bethe end of the tripis the subject than in an idea so that we're not mormonsor sowhat made you think
there was in the mawkish raidon a lawyer's or bail moneythat its center itwas a feeling and i know the time i know thati felt that in some way i had no understandingas to what's going to happen but i have to be in andso it's on to the farm andandy kirk nowand the thing thatsomeone in authority someone or more fellowat the least that could be done for the people who live in thatlist there followed an assignment was to
provide them with lawyers and to providesupport for their families and i thought that was under the general have a moralobligation to receive it exemplified youthought they were part of a campaign to play in all rightthere were a team of individualsthisand that humanthing to do the same thing to do is to at least provide themwith legal help and provide them with the support for theirprogram in mayflower hotel yousir was it because thesepeople same pain and engaged in a common effort to go tosouter it i had no knowledge at all
in anyway to perform as to the watergate break in buti've got the time that i was talked to me thatsomeone in authority must be feeling butinorder to do that ms dane isour cause we got a mandate we got happens at what you're trying to do and also i don'tremember that but i don't see how you could reach conclusion you havethought they won't same team at the time didn'tsee the same curve they can almost in the same campin this episodethat has bianca
tornso an authority that believes that could be done for these peopleis to give them this assistance to come backherethanksfor the questions for senator bakerprobes to combat relationship of a white house run objective paul's public television's coverage of thewatergate hearings will continue after station identification on average coverage ofthese hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbspublic broadcasting servicethefb
thepointand that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate
select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jimlehrer as we go back to that area is now senator baker is questioning hercombatquite rightmy first impression was a project and i believe that's ourside actually with this assignment was to raise money foran effective defense fund or dependent but intrying to reconstruct her testimony in the other information that i have you raised seventyfive thousand dollars for mr jones with the northamong both recollection that you raised any other money that was givento roost and for someone else mr eide i think senator that idid solicit mr stan yeah what was just that however was ourorganization that is he was the general finance chairman
the solicitation the sense that it wasn't getting her othercalling on another part of the organization for four years or you seei'm not quite clear and then what the assignment wasthe seventy five thousand dollars obviously isn't and consequential it's a verysubstantial amount of hundred and forty four thousand dollars wasderived from internal sources especially thosefines given directly to the parties involved instead of beingchanneled through new article in the new yorker that leverage in a hotel lobbysenator i don't know i i i knowand now in retrospect i believe that there was a conscious attempt toseparate the two or three or four people the actualpayment you're your question is atthe end of that was the only time that is
solicit funds from an outside convener was from that you know if you don't mind himabout burning this record too extensively would you tellme once again how you were initially contacted by phoneandi was appalledearlier midafternoon california time on the twentieth june one yesterdayin response to mr vince request that i come back towashington for a very important assignment on the first available planelike okay like ten fifteen twenty thirty that night frommarseilles who want to stop that must've been importingany information as to the nature of there's no surrogate not thatindicative of fundraising activity was originally collected nelsonupon arrival in washington i
went to the staff checked in and buy the climate changed andbreakfast and all that was probably not at all my memory thenis that i've been called mr bean in his office in the executive officebuilding told helena's to be in the us here in washington thatthat could come over to his office to meet with him to discuss what every atom in onit and then told me that nowit was the first time senator the new governmentcenter puts them in the other than in his office i don't remember evermeeting them in front of a hotel or an apartment oran upturn i'm not trying to lead you into this threat and i'm just trying to get thefeel for the circumstances your reaction to an unverified because that's what
point you became concerned and apprehensionbut in india that that was unusual at least to the extent that you've never done it before did itraise any other concerns he had decided what adistraction while and i've been there and strikeat any idea where you want to talk about iti then went to earth or in front of the indianimmigrants that in front of a church on the corner krosnick adams i noticed thatit had been walking up through the park and then the lightcrust overnight him as he came up through the through the park and ithink i suggested that we might go over the antlers and probably yeahinstead as i recall that the notice walking in a park andand talk we walk over and forty four ways in and stop
a lab bench and talkand it was at that point that the got into this assignment senatewe would like to have you undertake the assignment toraise funds for these people who are involvedin and this watergate break in raising funds sothat they will have legal help and raising funds for the support of theirfamilies and he's somethingdespite us can dowe was really were notparker too it must not have or i would've asked him but i just feltthat he was the same way in this again inthat context center by association is madover the two years that was the end of that he asked this
the doctor too that there might be something other strange abouta white house and all my principal staffforesman this case mr bain in this fund raising effort for defendants literacy problemsof the city at that time and obviously we're going to be charged with a serious offense of thatvoice and the ripples of concern senator that night andi know that this has been given very involvingmatters involving the committee to relax and itwas probably were in a circle that's but i know that that association the committeeto relax so you'reasking me to take on the system and i didnot a question of it would've been inconceivable as i've said the senatorfor me to believe that this man asked me to do something
illegal and this is the point i really like to inquire about combat you may or maynot know that with other witnesses on occasion i askedfor their perception of the arrangement a situation or even the institution of the present seethat would cause them to act or fail to act a particular way you visualize inthat they can you visualize any other person or situation the whole wide world whichyou have done this other than a representative of a pointalmostcertainly mr dana had been asked to talk to me becausethey knew the relationship i have with this man and arelationship of trust you see what i'mstriving for once again is what is there about the nature of the white house or the presidencyor of the aura that surrounds it for that would cause you
to act without question without concern was apparently did placing greater alot although whether requests because of the georgians is thattotal ruins trucksthey sat on your reverence forthe institution of the presidency on your personal friendship with a more long rangewithin the presenter mr dean i was a composite so i make it with a compositeof all of that it ever occur to youto you know you've testified that she spoke to mr mayor verifyfor every kurd you speak with the president about itto find out whether he knew what was going on or did not know what was going on no siri've also been talking to mr vernon when iwas talking to someone who would give me the reassurance that irequire and i did not get to talk to the
pressand you werejust as you have not spoken to the press about watergate a level you did talk to on the night ofthe election no sir that was several dayslast sometime shortly after that one gestureafter the event's a vital acute mattersand after the continuing publicity and thoughtabout after thedefendants were indicted and tried convictedafter you had a greater source of information knowledge than you had at the time firstmet with us today
after looters are really before the grand jurythey never occur to you to talk to the president about this and find out what thesituation was or how this situation might relate to himno senator i get older in this periodhe's going totellmr erlichman left the white housei have the feeling they always that these men were actually beingdestroyed at the absolute trust of the presidentand all i had was this but this concern i had no certaintyat all center that there was an enterprisingthe level of concern that i had was simply it was
inviting me to the point that i would not be involved in what i did notknow that it was that it was in fact what it isand it is often disagreei just had that level of concern and here was mrmr dean continuing the white housemy concernit's not based on anything in at allbut it was sufficient for me theater at that early timeto have a visit about later time wouldyou say three months later have undertaken the same assignment and also about himwhat would have changed your mind what factor when it once again be theaccumulation of a composite bats or you describe it for middle lettergoes awry i think that my first was
approached within a matter of days after this breakingwind as it was just toadd no question the lead secrecy and allthat plus the press plus the other things the cableraised the level of concern which which was washed outactually when i spoke with mr erlichman the twenty six literallyno knowledge of thistelephone calls and does the accumulationof that and of the press and other factorywas a vision that i any longer or not that you
didn't wanna be involved any longer at that boy go theproperty you that your concern was that great that there was some obligation or atleast an opportunity to take this matter up the presidency if he was aware ofall the circumstances no certainty abouthistory being and minister a parliamentthat this was proper and go forward andfrankly my concern was based on the sickest in these proceduresfortysix cents to have gone into theperson i have not met with about the more than four five times rather than insocial going over this entire throughout this period where you still it'sa personal journey of that to ensure that such things just take care ofhis personal business affairs insurance actions what about the
preparations and contact answer we're involved was murdered dealing always drewmr irwin or mrydstie and i'm still a little perplexedhere we have a man had known the president for a long time and his first workoutyou accepted a job an effect on clay becameconcerned about concern to the point that he sought out a verificationof the authority of the survey do you do this assignment and laterbecame so concerned that you disengaged from i surelythe body the substance of your concern some point must a record a warning likethat there's trouble here at least trouble potentially trouble for youit never one for the light that there might be trouble for the prisoners but it didn'tdo that there was
no secrecythat was the primarypress the accumulation as you put itunder the composite of several factors but it never reached the point in mymind where i felt that i should go to the person i hadbeen a shorter version of his men and threeand earlier by mr bain we go forward in this and i thoughtit would be presumptuous of me to take it theun my own decision this is how bigmr cobb buti really don't think i can ask you to helpme with the inquiry that i'm trying to make because it in turnwill be answered it's ever answered by the composite of the testimony of several witnesses in my
perception of their testimony what i'd really like to find out is whatwould cause you to act in the way you get on other witnesses fact the way they did you've beenfairly explicit in your answers in that respect moreimportantly am trying to find out what their is about the presidency or thewhite house of the spec house that would cause in thecase of the testimony mr mitchell if it is accepted that they say a mana public servant i can't offer to make the catch his decision not to arrestor in your case to be concerned concerned thatpoint for many reasons that you chose to disengage from this but never told the presswhat is there about it that says you know i'm never going to loseit's not something that i and then a concern him with what what is there about thenature of the situation and that way it is not that for instance with
my conception of a long friendship for attorney client relationship what is or thatmoderate in what otherwise would expect to be a normal oreo i wasn't thenew relationship sutter easyaccess and i have not seen the president in other that again in other thanand social gatherings for instance seventy one thateasy access to quito maybe then you can ever havingeasy access to modern precedent united states to occur intemperatures what are you telling me in the fact that the question of easyaccess caused you to act in a white paper from the lie you wouldhave acted had there been easy access to the press no butagain i think at the root of those centers that i talk to theman that i knew would be not his right arm
mr altman and his left arm mr erlichmani have expressed myself in this man this man was in and thetotal confidence of the president is a man that i dealt withreally through these through the years been in legal workers the president's alterego i thought that i'd communicated through thatbass just kind of visceral feel that i had from thefamily nature's secrets in all i thought it was not something that i wouldwant would go to the president well about easy accessjust for a moment more the very pocket situation he does that create ineffect a little president created a man who was so important asyou put at least the left and the prison that you couldn't verify theauthority of another person that that would obliterate them your mind anyconcern propriety of these actions does the creation of that
relationship at some bearing on your isolation or your lackof access to the press and to the extent that you might have actually a different way ofjohn ehrlichman had not been their investors without authority to get visceralfeelings have led to than if you have easy accessfirst book and jack with these visceral feelings at like you know the presence of some people andi don't like it i'm getting that i suggest you look into it might be a benefit mrjeffbuhlproductwrapped up and
so all theseare stances that without revenue onlydon't yousay reparations for the families the powerful local peopleand i don't want it that some stolen two hundred andone thousand dollarsyes sirwe're in the money
all right allelse those members wanted toknow whendid you know that raise the us as aresident jumped on if the distribution of this monthin through the exit ago nasawants us to see you on the american peopleas mr chairman the my understanding was that i was beinggiven an assignment that those are very confidential and was actuallycarried forty well what then you know allthat great
you knowsimonif you're going totalk about itremember the reasonand theworld
germany'selection year as was the casein mid year nineteen seventy two i was the reason for thecop and it out in absolute secrecy was for that purpose in andthis interpretationno noit sends them at cuteness right to setup the distribution thisone and the advantage of the partisan redistricting and family have been apart of it is that it is longthe reason
for these individuals and for attorneysand the reason for the requirementswas expressed is that justifiednowyou have areal relationshipno sir you alone him up one thousand dollarsand then scatter well given him a check for one thousand dollars you willget your check of the securities that the real lightningseven to four hundred thousand dollars and with this artist okat the same day
that is that again whenasked me to do or it was arational and that swingwell probablydoyouask nowyou takeit's a good ifthey didn't that was not the number on
illegally or destruction of any records of their money since you know they knewthat this was the problemnineteen sixty six nineteen sixty eight electionmr chairman i have testified that i get over to thefinance committee and what i considered to be the bass original recordsfor all of my activities which included an accounting forwhat i just wordsa relationship i certainly did and the law while that noone who are makingpeople records of these transactions and i think that does it istrue the chairman of both produced here was tomaintain records which i did i know that
when the city stands revealed with him and give him aseparate cageisaidyesan example all therecords that i read which were in myview a ritual and supportive of the record that given that i felt that iwanted to destroy it again for the purpose mr chairmanthat i want to protect the confidentiality of my relationship to the people thati've talked to so you destroy the rightorder
with that one exception and you did thatyou knowright directly reply andthat the messages than the parties so they candetermine from the wreck of the retaining all the contributions hereceived that going to the people who make themwell youknownow in the morning you know thesurveillance several pages involving that gun tracing
those funds the way through the various options inthis firstissuein this economyidon'tknowit was veryspecificyou
anticipatedthank you and hereally loves herit wasand i wasyou didn't have thatyou would on anything you know electionnears her and he didn't name all suspected bin laden hadin mind when you are mr jones wellwell you know that's the
race a month of religion ialways said and the ideathat especiallywell idon'tknowwell no not then youbelieve that the time tested also debuts this packageof money that though he believed you raise in campaign funds the president'scampaign will you were raisingmoneywhat do we
knowrightnow you can see thati understand that you have to go on the impressionthat you're raising his fall campaign purposesjeffbrady reporting youwon't ya you knowman i got the amount oil
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1973 Watergate Hearings
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 22 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Herbert W. Kalmbach testifies.
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