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it isrightand the senate of the united states a resolutionto establish a select committee of the senate to conduct an investigation and studyif any illegal improper or unethicalactivities were engaged in by any person's acting individually or in connection with othersin the presidential election of nineteen seventy two or a campaign campusor other activity related totraveled to gavel coverage of today's hearing of the senate select committee on presidentialcampaign activity years and that correspondent jim lehrerwelcome them back to primetime coverage of the senate watergate hearingsare blackmail is helping host emmy awards broadcast on news and public affairs programmingtonight you will be back with us for wednesday's session as you will say but
it was another banner day for watergate news only part of the only part of the majordevelopments came from the senate hearing room james mccord did finish his testimony and hewas followed and mostly corroborated by former white house aide john jay coffeecaulfield said he did in fact deliver a message from the highest levels of the white house butthen it through the president's name around while boeing so more about that in a minutewell this story was unfolding at the hearings president nixon was releasing this fourthousand words and when this statement the president denied allwrongdoing personally he reiterated his determination to remain in office but at the sametime he acknowledged that he may have inadvertently give an order for taken steps which led tosome of the illegal or improper activities on the part of his administration or campaignsthat he opened the statement that's what quoteallegations surrounding the watergate affair have so escalated and i feel a further statement from thepresident is required at this time said mr nixon a climate of
sensationalism has developed in which even second or third and hearsay charges are headlined as factand repeated his back important national security operations whichthemselves had no connection with watergate and become entangled in the case andtwelve what followed was a list of activities that has since become public and subject ofcriticism the president referred to the nineteen sixty nine wiretaps of employees at thenational security agency weird ministration was concerned about press leaks involving salttalks and other aspects of national foreign policy then the president talked about thenineteen seventy intelligence planned created in the wake of what the president turned quote a waveof bombings and explosions unquote plan for new joint domestic intelligenceoperation was vetoed by fbi director j edgar hoover then it was what thepresident calls for special investigations unit and the press on his members call theplumbers it was appropriated within the white house to probe knows like starting with thepentagon papers said the president quote there was ever a reasonable way this
was a security leak of unprecedented proportions in quote the presidentfeared national security would be compromise last month when e howard hunt was questioned abouthis participation in the burglary of the beverly hills office of daniel ellsberg's ihackers only at this point that the president finally get to the watergate caseitself although he was surprised by the watergate the president said he wondered whether there were nationalsecurity questions and bought when he learned that former cia employees and a memberand members of the special investigations unit here again the plumbers were among thosecaptured therefore the president continued he ordered aides ehrlichman andone to keep the investigation away from the activities double organization not oneword of caution here the president's statement is very long and very complexand it will probably be published in full and most morning newspapers and iwas upset to suggest that the first thing in the morning you get the paper and read all vying
for yourself now until the white house announcement this afternoon all eyeswere on the senate caucus room or convicted watergate conspirator james mccord and treasuryofficial john caulfield or testified that book told basically the samestory and cocktails comments about his motivation was the investigationstill one step forward and the correspondent peter carey was in the interimall day we'll watch we look for the upcoming testimony jim for thefirst time today we heard in the testimony of john caulfield this afternoonof direct involvement by white house counsel john dean he was a man who wassupposed to have been in charge of the investigation of a coverup today he was identified by mrcaulfield was perhaps a man who is in charge of the cover up itselfnow the trail leading directly in the office of white house counsel john dean the committee wasanxious to get been witness stand but ranking minority member howard baker of tennessee pointedout difficulties and winning immunity for being from the justice department the law applies
attend a notice and a twenty day waiting period which could hold up beans appearancewe can't get anattorney generaland areyou getting the fullcooperation you just laid out and wave the thirty days i would say nowi would say that we haven't had a reason submitted to us is that i have not waived if theyget another reason perhaps we understand that with no reason given is that you're notgetting full cooperation rice said that before and i said now soapparently john dean will not be heard by the committee until the middle of jenin unless the justice
department has a change of heart there rachel was a criminal law expert withgeorge georgetown university law school here in watchman who watched the hearings with us todayis now going to be put on the spot though from a legal standpoint is there anything thecommittee can do to force the testimony you're waiting for your age they have the legalprocedure it seems to me of the republican senators for the select committeeaffair says the desires of the expedition and your presentation of witnessesshould pressure the attorney general designate mr acheson the way that twenty datafor a period absent that i would say the possibilityexists that the committee's council should file a motionthat states district court required the attorney general or his designee probably assistantattorney general henry peterson to state his reasons on the record his requestfor the two any day deferral period hearing on the motion in open
court by jack lew's especially if the reasons for a deferral are inherentlyweak i wonder bill if archibald cox of the new specialprosecutor or will be the special prosecutor if and when elliot richardson is confirmed asattorney general when he have the authority to waive that rule us image and idon't use that are the guidelines well i am iran seems like you would have a greatdeal of influence on mr richardson or two to request the speedonly unfortunate that here is the continuity of the testimony that is nowbeing developed requires an expeditious process for thesewitnesses to come forward as they are as they are implicatedartist which testimony surrounds them and they go oh it's so importantthat we not lose sight of that fact and the weight of thirty days turkey what was i guess it's not thebest interest of the snow this current investigation and also true a great bill that
is remarkable at this stage of the game that mr dashwood still have to bemaking claims that is not getting full cooperation with just apartmentafter all this come up and come out up to this pointms basile centerpress the show's set at thattime seems to the justice department's an awful lot of timelessness than once to developthis case mccain closed and why they all the sudden have to maintain astatute or accommodate for over ignore this investigation recently appeared fight aboutms wynette and are playback of the hearings a reminder to keep thosecards and letters coming as they say in show business would like to know yourresponse to this counter programming is this what you think public television ought to be doingthat not the fellow so if so tell us so our addresses and back post officebox three hundred washington dc to ohio for four that's impact
post office box three hundred washington is that those two hundred four fouraren't an issue on a planned you're doing throughoutthe evening years an hour by our rundown of the testimony james mccord leadsoff today's round saying that he fought it tends to involve the central intelligence agency inwatergate cover up you said office were made a dr personnel records and have thecia director back up a story that watergate was a spy operation he's a bully thegovernment had kept his phone records arrest under questioning from several senators record saysin the second hour that offers of clemency in financial aid came primarily from the howardjohn caulfield you said other defendants got similar promises ago andsaid the same justice department files he monitored did have that the identification not available to thepublic that not glass of water and the third hour record says he triedprivately to spike story is that a double agent involved in the watergate break in and thenusing materials confiscated by police report gave an on camera demonstration
felt all the ruthless question of the day came in the fourth rrepublican counsel fred thompson johnson wanted to know why the watergate grew up forstate aid that was found by the night watchman and at mccormick telephone call to bugembassy phone so i could set up the place for a mass trial record again accused every campaigndirector general her of line at his trial when the court leaves the stand his friend johncaulfield takes over and the fifth and most dramatic most dramatic are confirmingthat the taliban had met several times to talk about clemency popiel says he offered his ownmassive security operation of a white house code name operation sandwichyes it spell out why he testified that it was john being left him to arrangefinancing authorizing him to speak for the very highest levels of the white house but not for the president'sparty also that applied at the us which is the man who made severalmysterious phone call from aboard and so is the new pieces are added to the puzzle here issenator sam are a
problemi thinkany questionsyou'rewelcomewe do use the proper namesand oh i'm not necessarily not use a nationality or ethnic
preferencebeing the chairman thank you very muchas important as well i appreciate youragreeing on friday to respond to a rather generaland even possibly ambiguous question but to reiterate thequestion so this in perspective for today's hearings my purposes where thesea remark that i thought your testimony had been very thorough in theirexact are grateful for several memoranda that youprovided to the committee and from which you've testified to leave it tothe element of work uncertainty elementsensitivity to exactitude which you've exhibitedit also expressed concern that notwithstanding very thorough interview
someone executive session with the committee to continue to have the feeling thatthere is still a substantial amount of information which you may not thinkis relevant to this inquiry but which in fact may be relevant in terms of other witnessesi'm turned down pattern which emerges and again therefor that i would be grateful if you would search your mind and recollectionand the boundaries and find more of a jurisdictional qualification of thiscommittee and within the scope of the general areas of inquirywhich we are rove so far as you probably know theresolution is for sixty which states senaterevived her investigation into presidential campaign activities in nineteenseventy two and ascertain whether or not there were illegalimproper or unethical activity beyond that has to courtissued an advance tour can surmise his committee is interested in our categories
members we want to know course of illegal activity or activitywhich it is not known to be a legal services to break in at thewatergate democratic national committee this overall cover up theallegations that efforts were made by saddam to concealinvolvement connections and follow the money that was involved in thecampaign activities source the accounting procedures involved intanning and the disposition of those funds and for what purpose all knowwho's involved in what the relationship work relationships are there is ageneral areas that we probed so far a reason for yourears which are i hope your other response andperspective and that one edition carrie is not only do i not knowwhat i might ask you in these respects beyond what you've just
that do not want a limit to buy the description that outlay of thecontribution that you can make this committee i believe you to be very veryimportant ones and i reiterate this is not an adversary perceivingyou're not a defendant in this forum and i'm not a prosecutor defenderso with that mr mccourt if you have a further statement like that would be grateful forthat may or may not generate for the questions about it as we proceed with the testget asmuch information as i can see a very largescope of the committee's activitiesi realize that it is also possible that the committee may have animpression from anybody as father may have more information to offer the nomineei think the best to set forth in this momenttoday that statement things that come to mind that it
would appear you would be very interested in and to respond to questions have commentedanything further that the committee may wellthe information that they want to takei think was amemorandum which may fourth nineteen seventythree the subject of pressure on the fountains ofwayne the watergate operation on cia and other matters on compared to go into thatstatement as time keeps her brutal murderyou know it's like theinterviews understand the vibe than any minute thereis no objection like us eleven exhibit like this
is thatyou're ini have been listening to the question which was applied to the sevenwatergate defendants one measure which was applied was thatof the summer of nineteen seventy two in which intense pressurewas applied on some of the defendants were falsely blamed for purposes of that theplant's going to trial in january nineteen seventy threethat the watergate operation was a cia operationthis would have had the effect of clearing the committee for the reelection of the presidentand the white house of responsibility for the operationin two separate meetings in december nineteen seventy two thatsuggested that it was is my without during the trial a false story
that the operation was a cia operation i refused to do soi was subsequently inform her just before thetrial began in january nineteen seventy three that the harbaughand other online courses in miami had intensepressure to bear against the cuban americansto remain anonymousit came to me inconversations with mr bernard marker and some of the other individualsinvolved specifically and i was referring to mr bernardomill worker mr eugenio r martin ismystifying based urges to mr
riggio arkansas'flowery state the sons i was subsequentlyinformed by bernard walker just before the trial began in januarynineteen seventy three that he hired one another and maimpersons in miami had brought intense pressure to bear against a cubanamericans who are defendants you say ensuring thatit was a cia operation at my stand takenagainst that have been a decisive factor according to mr barker causing this point to bedropped and that restaurant was very bitter about it mr hans bitterness waslater revealed really in the trial on the same individuals advisors thatsaid that i was responsible for our being in the plight we were inwere not going along with the ciaat a later time i heard from barker that he had been told that the
cuban money was suspected of being funneled into the mcgovern campaigni have no knowledge that the suspicion was ever verifyparagraph to december nineteen seventy twomeetings with me where on december twenty one nineteen seventytwo and on december twenty six nineteen seventy twoat the first meeting with me at the monocle restaurant inwashington dc where jarrett walsh and bernard shaw whenmy attorneys present at the second meeting western collegeand the meeting was at his offices in boston massachusettsin the first meeting all stated that he had just come from a meeting with williamorbit than attorney for e howard hunt and ireceive the impression and the discussion that farconveying an idea they're following a suggestion
from all that i use as my defense during the trial the story that thewatergate operation was a cia operation i heard him out on thesuggestion which included questions as to whether acted extensively have been recalled fromretirement from cia there's a point in the operationhe said that its so the personnel records of cia could be doctored toreflect such a recall he stated that question here the director ciawho's appointment had just been announced what could be subpoenaed and would go along with itand quote i had and then newspapers of the day decembertwenty first nineteen seventy that have been announced by the whitehouse that mr schlesinger had taken over as director of ciaand that it had been decided that they will be supported by the white house to be primeminister of the fbi also went on to mention
testimony to our statement made to federal authorities but garybender and metropolitan police department undercover officerwhen i had seen at the courthouse on june seventeen nineteen seventy twowhen i was who were arrested were arraigned today and whichbutton under reportedly claimed that i had told him that they in that the watergateoperation was a cia operation i advised also a buttonunder have made such a statement under oath that he appointed himself and that i had not madesuch a claim but bender can be interviewed to determine the circumstances under which he madesuch a statement and whether his statement was in fact an honestfear of impressions based on events which occurred in cork whichcould have the slogan those were that some and some of us wereidentified in the hearing in court has formally connected with the ciaalso an argument in the name of the actor mark kelly who
he was when he was considering calling to describe ciatraining in which its employees were trying to deny cia sponsorship of an operationif anything went wronghe also requested that i meet with him in boston on december twentysix nineteen seventy two which at that there he opened the discussionby showing me a written statement of an interview with the lender in which the inventorclaimed that on june seventeen nineteen seventy two i had told him that thewatergate operation was a cia operation i repeated toher ears to the under heavy the provisions of harvard medicalsegment of voters i cannot use as my defense thestory that the operation had been a cia failed cia operation because it was not truein addition knight told him that even i would not turn on the organization thathadn't while driving for nineteen years and all the deals that are damaging blow that
it would take years for him to recover from a violently of the organization of thewildfires organizations of its kind of the world will not let anyone else wrong only theoperation that the cia but no i was completelyconvinced that the white house was behind the idea in the ploy which had been presented andthat the white house is turning ruthless in my opinion andpolitically expedient at any one particular pointunivisionon friday december twenty nine nineteenseventy two i visited the large items office in washington dc and let him read astatement which i had the prayer which i proposed to read to the press on decemberthirty nineteen seventy two releasing all just not turning i believe thatalthough franklin had been present at the first meeting he was not a party to the event producerdesperate shape and suggest the idea was an opportunity to meet with
me don't explain why he had undertaken the course which he had such a meetingwas set up for tuesday january two nineteen seventy three in washingtonalso failed to appear are not delivered a letter to just make a really simple just notturning ultimately called asked to meet me on january three nineteen seventythree and has to continue to monitor it we met bernard stated thathe and conveying the request made of me on december twenty one in december twenty six nineteenseventy two was acting out of what he thought to be my own best interestsby this time i was convinced that the point to lead the operation in cia'sdoorstep have been headed off to be given a second chance and this timei was also convinced that the white house had fired homes in order to put it on my own andcontrol at cia but his world to lay the foundation for claiming that the watergateoperation was a cia operation and now to be able to claim that
quote homes have been fired for quote there had been indications as early asjuly that the committee for the reelection the president is claiming that the watergate operation was acia operation in late julynineteen seventy two i'm told howard hunt injuly but the committee to re elect the president have risen informed him that thewatergate operation was a cia operation the society said that her husbandhad been hired to write and that it was a cia operationby early december nineteen seventy two it appeared that the white house wasbeginning to make its move events of the summer twenty one in december twenty sixnineteen seventy two only confirm this in my mind furtherbased on an earlier discussion with robert martin martin in a nineteen seventy two it appeared to me that thewhite house had for some time been trying to get control over the cia assessment
some estimates they can conform to white house calls white house policyunquote one of the things that this nickname was that it couldmean that cia estimates and assessments could then be forced to record with theearly estimates a feature us weapons and hibernate this could be done at theshifting an intelligence function of the only from cia are being by gainingcontrol over at cia among other things this also smackof the situation which covers intelligence cheuse found themselves in in thenineteen thirties and the nineteen forties when they were put in the position of tellingabout our military capabilities and intentions instead of whatthey really believed which was one of the things which led to the nazi germany's downfallonly of what i saw happening to the fbi pat gray thatcontrolled the white house and appeared then the government agencies which should be ableto compare the reports and to conduct your business with complete integrity and honesty
in the national interest or no longer going to be able to do sothat the nation was in serious trouble has since been confirmed in my opinionwhat happened in the case of great leadership of the fbi e howard huntthere's additional information want to write about today but i've stated to meon more than one occasion in the latter part of nineteen seventy two that he can'tadd information in his possession which quote would be sufficient to impeach thepresident in court in addition this is e howard hunt on november thirtynineteen seventy conversation with mesteve that's a hard timewhich prompts attorney william hulbert an advantage in parkinson's the attorneyfor the committee to re elect the president in which letter purportedlyflattened quotable the white house of the war unquotethis is at this point in her conversation with may also repeat of disparate which
is she too had made before which was that e howard hunt hadinformation which could impeach the president i regret that the senate was my mom hastaken a slight support in view of the nature of information which i had furnishedhowever it appeared that there was no other way to adequately so the material for itand to do so in the context of that building material inevents being reported i should be glad to hear and answer questions underoath on the material which appears in this memorandum and it has the signaturehave a feather in addition to thatstatement agreed at this time to see the summernineteen seventy two letter to john caulfield thisletter is relevant to the may four nineteen seventy three novelsubmitted to the senate watergate committee and to the federal grand jury on thesubject of pressure to place some blame on cia operation
the letter was written to john caulfield during the week ofdecember twenty five nineteen seventy two records to this letter has appeared in thepress during the best we can speaking ofthings andto me to be a ruthless attempt by the white house to putthe blame for the watergate operation on cia where did not allowa hit it off by sending a letter to call theo katzmanstrong language because it seemed to me at the time but this was the only language that the white houseunderstood the letter read and substance as far as to the best of my memorydear jack i am sad to have writing this letter if helmsgoes in the water and operations later the cia's report does not allow thevictory in the
right now there's a message that if it weren't theright course letter wasunsigned and did not contain any message or cleaning requesting any contact with called dealmy request i just get me out of occasional caseon facts not know such contract at any time i hadwanted to talk with the cocktail it that would not have been necessary for me to go through anycomplicated arrangements and a tripling of the un's officein nineteen seventy three i mean only have made a phone call to callhome energy usage call callnow the deal brings to mind another set acommunications hotline on december six nineteen seventy twoon december fourth nineteen seventy two jets are bigger at
stake in an open court that the jury in january nineteen seventy threewould want to know who hired them in the watergate operationon december six nineteen seventy two the washington starcarried an article which appeared to me to be an administration plan storyanswering job surrogate cory stating wordsquote reliable sources state that mccourt reportedly for cubansand that they believe they were working on an extremely sensitive missionunquote business disappeared theneed to be laying the groundwork for a false claim of the trial that i was a ringleader of thewatergate pot this would draw attention away from huntley and obliquepossibly with the white house and both of them had only worked at the white house i have notthe same evening december six nineteen seventy two against
women but the attorney for hot and bernard parish residents in miamiflorida skating star story was untrue as it both new and asked forcomments by returned mail from barker also local coloron a letter stating that says he also knew the story wasn't trueyou sell copies of the programs can probably be obtained from the westnew company with political appeal in late december nineteen seventytwo i was trying to head up an effort to falsely labeling the operation caught oncia in a telegram sent letter to heart and the others in decembernineteen seventy two that i just think i was trying to have on the part ofthe cubans up on the ladder with that internshipthe focus of the top of those formally connected with the white house and in thelibyan campaign from those who in fact had actually recruited the cubans the ministryin the statements that i have her to read
at your questions and want to proceed and reading the statement says you would preferfor majornewspapers over the weekendalso referred to some calls to some local embassies job toexplain those in a statement his time injuly nineteen seventy twotwenty fiveitwas a cia operationcenter she said thatday
operationsthey're now reportingchanging immigrationlaw i'm sellingin september nineteen seventy twoalso in september the government has a better candidate thisis the toe and i do believethat in august nineteen seventyninego
to college until a courtorder forced the search for law enforcement agencies and turned theintersection of a lot of indians calls the chilean embassyi knew that the government in addition to that the government had not beentruthful in denying wife and the couple's case some years earlierand harder case subsequent years for several weeksuntil it was forced from the government in an effort to test thetruthfulness of the government andof the defendants phones and white watergate cases including the song i made twogoals in september and october nineteen seventy one this isin nineteen seventy threevictim of the government
and even talesewas and sort of different government agencies are suchrecords and believe that the government was not telling the truth in januarynineteen seventy three after caulfield that initiated contact contact withme advising of the country to give them a greater andsecondly of the two telephone calls just before two other indications tome the legal perception of my phone call andboth he came back a few days later and said that the government had found nothing on thephone call he did not say what he had found what he had done about the informationof perjury in january a journeyto renew the motion for discovery of interception michael saluted be twosuch requests on the record and i believe he did this on january seventeenjanuary sixteen nineteen seventy three
i knew that the truth in the cigars would be insufficient to overturn a case becausethat would happen if such were on the record would be for the government to take theinformation to the bench and for the judges to get informationfurthermore the government with state that the information would not be used in evidence anyway idid believe that observes disclosure would be a way of testing the truth was so the government regardingillegal interceptions and i was concerned that there had been otherconversations and those availablebeginning june seventeen nineteen seventy twootherheavily in that believed that such it's such an illegal interceptions of my phonecalls that occur kurds side to have a blank on the case i still believe that wassuch an intersection just as the elder believed that his own phone
calls had been intercepted and that is a testament to this new yorktimes of the day state title of thearticle warning against blaming cia is late to courtand continuing onthetopic of this memorandum that section of the watergate operation johnmitchell pritchett have his of his position as attorney general of the united states and johndean richard his position as counsel to the president but theirconsideration of the watergate operation in my opinion a sanction tothe watergate operation but both the white house and the attorney general's office isi had been accustomed to working in an atmosphere where state sanctioned by the white houseand the attorney general was more than enough as
with white house staffers it was not my habit to question went to such officerssanctioned activity and capable force and effect in the heat of apresidential slot section preceding thirty years i've beenworking on the questionof the matter or an activity would always be sent to have legalofficials are a legal decision on the matter or if they sanction thatthat was sufficient i collaborate on this in another wayi have plenty of other things to doat the committee to re elect the president that hewanted to how he came to be seeking their help with the word that had the approval of the attorneygeneral he said it was a privacy invasion inorder to obtain information regarding but on the political intelligence but also regardingviolence were even groups who would be planning violence against a committee in washington
and later at the august convention site there by endangering the lives and the property of the committeefor the opportunity and it's personal my missionwas a protection of such legends as property uppermost in everyone'smind at that point i'm uncertain in mind was a budget which had occurred at thenineteen sixty eight democratic national convention in chicagoand i constantly some intelligence from any source which might help foreigners and helpsupport in nineteen seventy two that danger to the lives of our peopleright to demonstrate to the right to peaceful assembly is a right guaranteed in the constitutionabsolutely no issue that it was a two to three percent of the demonstrators whofocused on balance damage to life and property that concernin nineteen sixty nine we had seen the bombing of the capitol building itself in a nineteenseventy two we had seen the bombing of the pentagon with the equivalent of eighteen sticksof dynamite in february nineteen seventy two there were four
pipe bombs in place at a police station in manchester new hampshirereportedly in placecar with him was a young woman who had in her possession or letters whichsaid quote we had just bombed the offices of the committee to re elect the president in newhampshire found in her apartment for the makings of other pipe bombsit was clear to me that they had to be to others that the intention of the two workgoing from the police station and drop are other bombs or crp offices inmanchester where there have been demonstrations in trouble a few days beforeand then action a few dayslater in oakland california another pipe bomb wasn't placed on the first floor of therepublican county headquarters and below the windows and then there's a part of the buildingluckily no one was injured or killed already there
in february there was a pattern then the bombings beginning to develop to developbecause the committee against republican caucuses subsequently in austin texas theoffices of senator tower were destroyed by fire alarm which i believe as irecall that a million dollars worth of damage and destroyed irreplaceable mouseso the concern was not a theoretical threat that a realistic threatabout one in advance notice from anywhere that i can to see that action planagainst those of the sort of advance notice of warning so it couldtake measures to protect against the need to protect our people's livescould be replaced lives could not questions were on my mindin such as who are these people who bombed in new hampshire and go on in thepentagon building the capitol building how the funding for that workingwith those a collusion with them encouraging them vietnam veteransagainst the war was one such violence korea or any group that was already saying in the
spring of nineteen seventy two that they're going to cause friction to life and propertyof us republican convention using in their own words their ownbodies and weapons and other weapons as a spirit of the attacker these are theirexact words and some of them have since been indicted in tallahassee florida withadditional evidence plans to cause damage to life andproperty of convention later in the summer of nineteen seventy two thevietnam veterans against the war did in fact have offices of the democratic national committee headquartersin washington as i understood it also received information frominternal security division of the department of justice may nineteen seventy two that someindividuals in florida college credential to getinto the republican convention site and lookup the communication centers of both parties there and cause havoc on the
convention floor that information was part of the basis for my going tomiami in june nineteen seventy two with members of the white house staff tosurvey and the strength and the security of the hotel robert the white housethat fantasy art piece that were to have both officers' quartersor july and august nineteen seventy two some thirty recommendationsremain as results of that survey of mind to help protect against suchannouncement the that most were put into effect before the convention idon't say that word from crp sources alleging that the mcgovern committee had a quotepipeline directly into the offices of an agreement the president in washington andallegedly they were beating up on a regular basis policy position papers that isplans and strategy which really important to the success of the candidates campaigningthe other side were reading your program to get new data plans we had word that
one of the volunteers at the committee for the reelection the person had in fact priorto coming aboard committee john mitchell and of other persons thiswas about the same time the governmentby an assassination an assassination attempt there werenumerous threats in writing and iphone and john mitchell and his wifeone such probe for talking to the unlisted phone of mrs nugent theirapartment that are greatly upset because it would appear itappeared that even the unlisted telephone number no longer appear to saywe certainly insufficient indications about oriented groups were up endangeredwildlife and property with some two hundred and fifty thousand demonstratorstrying to go to the convention we have heard as early as the early part of nineteen seventytwo and some of the statements that when the uk and the usthe questions were of course who were such people who are funding them who were or
encouraging whose inclusion of a planning next and where our human beingsupported and encouraged by step to reduce that members of the mcgovern committee or dnci had no indication whateverin the park just to the contrary i was completelyconvinced that it's not that i was not so sure that without their knowledgethat the numbers might not be working behind the record quietly encouraged such groups as the vabudget governor a political basewas with some of the questions were upsix ton of such an urgent if any and how hard it'll gothe bailout such confusion telephones and work in their offices areindications later nineteen seventy two that such groups actually did in californiaand the dnc in washington these were then
some of my concerns in my role as a security chief its europeanfelt at the watergate operation might produce some leads and things on these questionsand have been advised that the operation had the sites in the white house and the attorney generalattorney general in hindsight i do not believe that the operation should have beensanctioned are executed national averages harbor eventually yeah so mymotivations and what the atmosphere was at that time and those are somethings that make up the atmosphere and the motivationcomedianin the ciain late nineteen seventythree john mitchell or keymembers quote intelligence advisory committee will
announce soon that this was the intelligence evaluation committee referto i believe in the new york times a may twenty one nineteen seventy threei have previously submitted to the senate watergate committee which i believe containsmaterial which was a product of that committee which i paint on the evaluationsection of the internal security division of the department of justice a contractstatus to mr robert martin in a nineteen seventy two i had no notmuch of the sources of that committeehas a separate part of mr robert martin duringa brief conversation in june nineteen seventy two stated to me that he isgoing to be in charge of intelligence operations at miami during the conventionunquote he did not elaborate furtherthe next item is
differentin january moore in nineteen seventy two gordon liddytold me that he was going to las vegas nevada in connection with the chasingdreams editor of the las vegasthat he said that attorney general john mitchell and told him that greenspan had in hispossession blackmail type information involving a democratic candidate for the presidentbut michel wanted that material that you said that this information was insomeone like you're related indicating that the scandal became president the racketeerinternational crime syndicates would have to control or influence over him aspresident and the nation at this point i am speaking of today'sbiggest does believe the allegations against democratic candidate referred to go out and tobelieve that there was in reality some other motive for wanting to get into greenspan's aprayer let it only one day in february nineteen
seventy two that is going up to las vegas and might need my help if there was an alarm systemin the offices when an operation was mounted later toenter a safe greenspan's offices to get that informationa few days later politically that he had been to las vegas and have looked over theoffices there was no such alarm system and that my services will not be neededsubsequently in about a parlor maid nineteen seventy twopolitical me that he had again been to las vegas one of the casing a responseoptions they said that there have been plans for entryoperation into greenspan's state he went on to say that at anintriguing country team finished its workthey would go directly to an airport near las vegaswhere a howard hughes playing would be standing by to firevictim directly into central american country so that the team would be out of the
country before the break and was discovered her around the sametime that that he made this statement to me about the howard hughes playing mrhock for him in his office one day that he was in touch with the howard hughes companyand that they might mean eating my security services after the election he saidthat they had quite a while investigating security operation and has made from a businesscard and asked if i would be interested i said i would like to know more about what was in bob gave him apardon but never heard from him again on the subject how to read in thenewspapers at a july one nineteen seventy two the cup had apparently healthy howardhughes campaign donation to the committee for the reelection present sometime in nineteen seventy twogordon liddy told me in february nineteen seventy twothat he too had held a howard hughes campaign check a donation to the nineteen seventy twocampaign this is the extent of my knowledge that
questionso i think there's a greatdeal of visual information number of new questions i'm sure mycolleagues on the committee will want to pursue that are the questions i we're not gettingalong this first there are a series of questionsi think that i think thatyour father elaboration an extension of your state of mind ormotives and the several operations especially the watergate operationoutburst more clearly at least to me let me try to paraphrase the essenceof your motivation for goodness sakes themissile but i wanna know this is the general message that you're giving usone you had a long background of experience with government
agencies here yesterday it become accustomed toactivities related to sensitive matters topsecurity matters and to taking direction of accepting at face may have areputation for the orders for the reporters are very occasionally taking thejustice department but for a variety of reasons when you werecalled on to enter the democratic national headquarters inwashington's watergate complex for a variety of reasons including your general knowledge ofthreats against the crp threats against general mitchell and hisfamily threats against others by plumbing fire bombingsthreats of violence on the life coupled with your concern fornational security matters if that's the proper way to characterize that youdecided on that assumption that her authority wascomplete that you no longer need to concern yourself with legality of it that based on
this information today and based on the assurances with her forthcomingthat it seemed appropriate that you undertake that entry isthat a fair statement of your general motivation at the timeand i think still is this reportage you have anymotivation to enter the democratic national committee for political purposes asdistinguished from security purposes it's not important in terms of the law andapproved it is important in terms of your state of mindmy own motivations i have stated hereand rollerblade and a sense of an electronic
component of the team that played that role record speaking ofelectronic surveillance you know our barbecue ever investigator bugging ofrepublican headquarters the committee for the reelection of the president headquarters here ineurope or elsewhere you describe that the committeeit was a regular ongoing activity at the caucuses inwashington and that the new york farm of the committee for thereelection the president which was referred to as the november groups and offices ofcleveland park avenue in new yorkthis isthe beginning of the year we'regoing onthe sour part of the committee that
election did you discover any activity of lesser there wasone incident on june sixteenth of someconcern huckabee or offer sympathy for the re election of thoseresidents there have been earlier signs of possibly some illegalactivity at those offices are june sixteenth which i coulddescribe itonly after june sixteen nineteen seventy twoabout mid afternoon and received a call from the head of theoffice of new york city who'shebut just that had just occurredyou had to relate one of the secretaries at theoffice and received a call from a male individual in los
angeles california and that she had immediatelytold a party that you would call him back on the last linesays police line calling back on thatline and immediately but still she called and as i recall they willcheer hotel or cannot be absolutely certainthat a phone booth there and during theconversation that the two of them have been about a few minutes into theconversation there was a cook over the phone which washeard by her and by it on the other end of theline and what appeared to be a tape recording was playedover the telephone line which was as you describe it what i talkwith with her an anti nixon and an anti war
cabaret and corporate america from and understand this to be a call initiatedfrom your aunt wants climate is flatrate monthly telephone line over the country got to a number in californiacan you say whether or not the situationdescribe doesn't fly past that you're tapping or an intrusion into that circuitby someone and author gary despitehave you ever locate thesource of that day and i can relate to what we get what he saysare the only livingcolor would hurt the us to the two securityofficers also your company he had previously been contactedthe officer stated that kind of
praise the pointnumerous points of accessto the telephone line within and beyond the novemberoffices themselves that investigation was tocontinue throughout the weekend and the reports will be forthcomingas to what they had learned about itdid they know about what you were saying that they also consider theillegal interception of telephone conversation or their other incidentsstop helpfb
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 1 of 8
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Jim Lehrer anchors gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 3 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, James McCord and John J. Caulfield testify.
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