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thepittsburgh it isin nineteen sixty eight nixonappeal to the board and is worthamerica's in trouble today not because the people have youwere also means and whyand inthe endnow you have a terrorist group like that ultimately that time and it istrue that president nixon had cases that has found out the truth
iam andyet when i'll write a memo is white househouse became known for you knowthey're not they could buythank youin the senate of the united states a resolution to establish a selectcommittee of the senate to conduct an investigation and study extent if anyimproper or unethical activities were engaged in by any persons
acting individually or in combination with others in the presidential election of nineteenseventy two for any campaign and there's other activity related toit from washington and that brings you gavel to gavel videotape coverageof today's hearing of the senate select committee on presidential campaign activitiesyears and that senior correspondent robert might meanmeaning the puzzling political and ethical philosophy of john newtonmichel got a second national air into bed and appeared to leave the watergatecommittee skeptical and frustrated under five hours of cross examination theformer attorney general and thats an intimate elaborated on his firm conviction that there election of richard nixon transcended all other considerations last year thatwas his rationale for telling the president nothing that he knew about the watergate break in or coverup coupled with mitchell's adamant claim of his own innocence and all these matters came along list of confessions that in hindsight he should have done this or that
should have kicked it out of his office should have made his opposition to the binding plan moreobvious should've told the president at various times should have told authorities what youabout the ellsberg's psychiatrist barbara michal lusk refused to let thecommittee we're going to mount a model for it final attempt to sift through the litter ofinconsistency and in the eyes of some members in probabilities left behind by twodays of his testimony if you stay whether to literary and tonight you're going to hear and veryinteresting comment by john mitchell when she says quote a great trout areconducting appear he says that off and to his lawyer justice center of themis adjourned be they're hearing session david epstein an adjunct professor of law georgetownuniversity law center here in washington a former prosecutors with his own asking isthis in fact a tribe yes and no question the center in awesterner montoya it goes into the detail of the progression of events that'sperfectly proper trial question by senator baker goes into the spiritual about it that's
perfectly proper drop much a center of this question that has to do with matters at leastinitially not a position to testify was so nervous trying to get a message to the president that's arole that would be alive in a drought and senator wicker much of that isso questioning isn't arguing with the witness that would be allowed into the trialso the sense of questioning is the motive and details the answer's yes the questioning asto that that's irrelevant or argument the answer is no okay thank you missepstein carson the question in human terms of use the workshop you can see for yourself andmake your own decision we will be back up with mr epstein he will be joined by stephen hessfor further discussion at the close of the match brock yes today was a grueling onefor john mitchell as he answered our fended off questions from five of the committee'sseven senators as we do before each play back of their hearings hearings and thathour by hour viewing guide in the opening our mitchell was questioned about his
silence with president nixon mitchell says the president's isolation did not keep him from doing hisduties adding the president is never above the laws of the land he adds that despitethe time come to visit the president's good name would be protected by the facts as they come outin our number two mitchell concedes that if the so called white house horrors were revealed tothe american people it would have an adverse effect on nixon's reelection bidand under tough questioning from senator baker mitchell says flatly that not informing thepresident was a mistake in the third hour mitchell was asked about his meetings with gordon liddyhe maintains steadfastly he disapproved of all ladies bugging plans askedwhat he told president nixon fall in the watergate arrests mitchell says iapologized for not having better control over the campaign workers involved in the fourthr mitchell was asked why he did not inform the president wants the election was safely wonit replies it was not my responsibility others in the white house were in charged
mitchell was asked if he would like to protect the president he says no adding hedoesn't have to in the final hour mitchell says that in meetings after the bike andthere was no talk of destroying documents last about the break in the daniel ellsberg'spsychiatrist mitchell says it produced nothing about havinggangs themselves as senator levin the committee chairmanbrought the proceedings to order has more onhowthe spinach you know
because many of these witnesseshundreds of meetings meeting cell along the georgewashington parkway meetings govan hotel roomsi believe there are three meetings ofspecial significance want a meeting on january twenty seventhe other laugh ever before and thirtythirtieth there was a thirtiethalternative privately june seventeen ratingwitnesses have testified that of the first of these meetingscriminal activities we discuss to itthe kidnapping of leaders of the dissident groupsnorway mexico and the reason that we arefabian facility with special for graphic than eavesdropping
equipment and citizens yacht with the prosecution'srights leaders of the opposition and who placed them in compromisingpositions and the breaking amendment to photographdocuments and engaging in electronic surveillance and i gather that atthe first meeting you had in addition to the attorney general of the united statesmr mcgrew the deputy chairman of the committee to reelectpresident calls awful present the united states with john be understoodat the counsel to the committee to reelect presidentand as they are when asked about the place during yourresponse was all just a million dollarsbecause of that first meeting you justify that people mostly toowe think that's the far endat the second meeting on forever before this was also in the office of the
attorney general in addition to the attorney general mr mcgrew the mostlibyans to do you in attendance and at this time we have a skilledon plan costing about a half million dollarsat the close of this meeting was the last quarter have said we should not bediscussing this in the attorney general's officetranslating your statement think that's theproblem i mean get rid of thisincriminating evidencesenator evans but also to abandon any concernthat any such activities would be part of the reelection campaignthey were essentially participating
in the crime not at that time those areand i ask this because just atiny office without much publicity and greatepisode the indictment of american citizens who have allegedly discussedthe kidnapping of the caucus and there's a difference between a discussionof a kidnapping and the discussion of these criminal activities in the officeand it's not very far short in connectionwith the activities of the indictment that you refer tothere were over action connection with others well as discussionswas lending or what action in this case of three meetingscharts the cost a small fortuneovernightwhy did you not have the
advantage of the united states that was the president of these meetingsandhad every reason to believe these matters for over and donewith where through that was the end of those present unitedstates says many of the concerns that were rather than protectivefactor that were involved in these meetings and many other meansthey're persistenttwenty sevenand youconsider that this was nothing frivolous what to mymind would matter have not been approved and was not going to be a brutal that wasthe end of that there are many many things happen in connection with politicalcampaigns you do not going to advise the president expected
the obligation rest on those that are conducting a campaign or notpresident follow each and every one of the detailsyou and the election of the presidentyou did not wish to advise thepresident of the water of the white house horrors storiesbecause he modeled a little piece and thereby endanger theelection i think that is a reasonable summary of and i don't think iused the word below the level of huge a very verystrong reaction to what the eu will lower the boom on peoplethat's i think was my phrase and i'm sure that was one of them whydid you not advise the president to in november of nineteen seventy
four percent of nineteen seventy five and duringthat in my opinion was the election was over there was kind of ahousecleaning the matter would've taken care of itself at a particular timeas one was a world that fight and to think that as the president's cup butit was an obligation on you on the vice president well there are differenttypes of obligations under the moderate becausei was lookingphilnecessary tvsorientationi'm certain this measure you wrote a
famous memo that sawthe one the senator read that siri have a slight knowledgeand this memo liston was the best at thatbased on the information made available to its success its findingsthe stated in late july of nineteen seventy two the walking dead not goingto have any white house people and high ranking committed people were involved in the operationalplanning or execution of the break in was the memo goeson to note that quote fails to recall that at that moment he directed theattorney general's erroneous impression by pointing out that mitchell magruder andb but all involved in planning of operations which watergate was theobvious about strong knowledge of the fruits of this kindof operation or that all of them were supporting poetry an otherwise sleepy
and sue the factsms reichl no politicaland constitutional crisis that watergate now the mises and allso swain associate of the memos the vice presidentbecause they saw what was great for consumers but what seemed to shirinebadi proportionsit would have been embarrassing for the president of the true facts of the noteand seventy but there is the kind of embarrassment andimmensely popular president easily worklibya cause of insinuations that the white house was a part of thecover up and above all because the white house was led to say things about watergatehappened since longer than on who
no nation willdoi certainly do notlisten to ourlatest storymy reasons why motives at thenew television set the white house or elsewhere isnot wanted well mr mitchell at the reelectionof president nixon was so important to be willing toengage in activities which and welldiscuss that describe has been erected toensure his reelection the question was in manyminds of this time what lengths are you knowledgeable
receive it award for the implication of the president andthe activities on the investigation but this more specifically are youwilling to live to protect the president so there's onegreat thing about the answer that i can give to that question toyou i don't have to make that shows because the violence the presidentwas not knowledgeable certainly about the watergate were certainlyknowledgeable about anything that had to do with the cover up forareas that we're usinghe noticed more mr mitchell you suggested that it would not bethere that's the word you useat the facts relating to watergate and the wodehouse horse open brought to his attentionand the attention of the american people there an election campaign
i've never considered when it was thirty members of theopposition party or third of american peopleconspired to keep them from from foxyes i'm sure that their subject matters grossman my manymany times and i do not believe nowi did not believe that iran should be chargedwith the transgressions of other was just as simple as thatwhat was wrong withthe united states to function wellas attorney general was the chairman ofthe committee who had for the campaign director it wasfact is you know where i'm well aware of senegalese voters arepunitive approach to the highest authority regardless from where they are honest
and it was my opinion that he would be improperlyassociated with these activitieson theunited statesthis is the governmentbut if you're the president was about lossof the law president has no i was well into myknowledge is faithfully executed wasn't one theyjust think that in your execution of the laws of the land and the upholding of the constitutionyou have an obligation to advise the president of these irregularitiesand what time what time frame we're talking about sen these
twenty seven meetings of the fallwith respectthe discussions did not go tothe point where i thought it was the requisite nature that anybody beadvised government doesn't reactions of it with respect toyou know ourdiscussion with howyou set them all andspeaking of that i mean this is another blowwhat i'm saying is that i think i know the individual i know his reactionsof things and i have a very strong feeling that during the period of time in which i wasan association with them and that argument though theinformation
we knowgeneral isn't fair to say that much of your opinion that you express based onyour faith in the president and your knowledge of the man rather than anyspecific statement resonate through all that you made of questions tonight showand i do think there you know discussions in theend general area to the point where i think the general subject matter thatknowledgebased on your knowledge of a personand as a judge although men and mann'scharacter years suggesting to his committee and to the people of the unitedstates the prison was not aware ofthe cover of the fall
and your position as attorney general mike all of usin public office we'd call upon themto hire people or to get all sides involved in the process of hiringpeople itwasjob john deanfor us to model mg gordon liddy major general try to doand i know that there's one thing in common with all ofthese men have all been involved in the commission of acrimeyour jobsenator watch
overme i did not hiring was goinghe says the new journey general i would fully subscribe to thisapartment that time as being justified in thestate and the justice departmentmr levey if you have taken libertiesfor the daywith me about was theactual record with respectto general term he probably had the finest record withrespectdavid marshall thatanybody could possibly have had more citations and better known for
his activities in connection with thedemonstrations and sabotage we were the folliclessizing the marshals service there was a memo from armyrecord virus some moneymr mcgregor vs recommended from the whitehouse in perfectly acceptable to me thoughthat if you look at the backgrounds of these individuals havethe time and they came into the pictures of carlyle'sconcerntom goldman reportingprotests morning you have responded to questions by a
user who apply inside the pipeline side you may havedone otherwise what advice wouldyou give your successor sothat you would not repeat some of that era's you made whichyou cut that bywelcoming this is a senator i haven't reallygiven a great deal for a lot of the subject matter that there's one item thatkeeps coming to look for all the time and i presumeyou're talking about a political campaign here's onekeeps coming through for all time in my mind a typically relatesto what happened in the campaign for reelectionpresident the campaign is the most uniqueoperation that builds up in a very short time to a crescendo and then of course
experimented in the organization's activities are ofall ages thank youand that is that instead ofhaving one individual as a campaign director can't keep hishands on the pulse of everything that's going on that there ought to be a much clearerlines of authority and responsibility so that iscompartmentalize a point where you can keep your hands on andyou can have somebody in charge of a particular cycle of thosepeople do have a greater responsibility instead of blocking everything up to the topof their buy option mammals or whatever this because you're dealing withpeople who are doing this highly charged emotional air and to me that'sthe one thing that i can think of right off that that should be
done in connection with political campaigns of washingtonalso the united states whether terrorism and that was amandateso some of the irregularities that occurred in the nineteen seventy two presidentialelection no i didn't do that but i would like tobe a bit more thought and then a little bit morestudy on notice that one of the committees of the senators areready and election lawone of the problemsof america's that we have to consider and i just something that leaves agreat deal of thought can we express a time like thiswhen other matters are on the big delighted to
provide you with my thoughts asdirector of the campaign on themno sir and it was not only assumeresponsibilities of campaign director with people my ownthat they were you concerned about the nominationrichard nixon i think you always have tohave a concern senator regardless of the fact that you havein common say they'll have to showone on shall we say the spectrum of the lowon the spectrum of the right you have a long way togo between the nomination i think that you always have to have thatconcern one final question as a
question ofexecutive privilege aseliza skinner this deal calls on executive privilegemy position has been themust have met some really prince's before the judiciary committeechairman and the loss of three of the president hasvery wide range of tolerance in this particular for you and ibelieve there's also testimony on this record coming from the state didn't give theeffect that i was out in front are recommending that the president notlocated in connection with the hearing is that this committee has beenas undertaking i felt that the president wasbeing ill served by the thought that he would be invoked executive
privilege with respect to his committee even though you might have the constitutional powersof the most specific that have been reported in the pressmr goodman when i ask the question did youknow by the president as who want to break and hisresponse was executive privilege you think theexecutive privilege goes that far and if iunderstand mr erlichman was asking questions about the subject matterthe advice the president of the united states as to the watergate break in and hisresponse was i do not wish to discuss this matter because of executiveprivilege and senator and my understanding of executive privilegeit's not necessarily surprisingas chief oswalt united states to see a
distinction between their activities or the president of the united statesand a person running for reelection the presidency of the unitedstates and the american forest whitaker does assume that we have apapers presidential debatevegas involving the presidency of the united states and papers involvingopposed to religious person should all these papers bebunched into one category presidential papersthe nature of the contents ofpapers in it if they either presidents papers and itestified before the senate judiciary committee in my opinion withrespect the president has an absolute power grid msbaraka stands out for talking about papers thatdo not involve president on their costumes
that paper's that's an entirely different subject matter one of these papersrecommend will suggest the commission of crimeswhatit is that i'm not in the white housethat went to the president of the memosthe president of the united states they recommended in thecommissions of crimesand if they're talking about spectatorsi think it's an entirely different matter with respect to what we're talking about aspresidential executive privilegeand so that was one of the cia and domesticaffairs as being within the laws of the united statesare real questions you're welcome so
called invaders our songwritingdescribing the formation ofan extralegal intelligence organizationin which you were involvedyesterday's news that's notwhat the neighbors as we would call a big hit because the collectivealways rely on if you're talking about signs of his vegas and imsso i mean there has been a necessityin this country for a long time the fbi the ciawere really in my opinion the liaisoninformation tomorrow's agenciesit doesn't necessarily
with the cia we're not thebase within the united states without the us that's right butif we are to get the benefit out of the intelligencesurveillance and the fbi has the idea as in all the rest ofthe agencies we just have to have communication amongthose agencies and as i said yesterday or even more importantlyan evaluation of the intelligence they do provide those there's beentoo long or practice in this country for one of these agencies to haveinformation intelligence mattersthat can carry outa mission to provide that sometimes things just do not have the information and i thinkthat that example without knowing the fact is therecent assassination of a member of
the israeli embassy here inintelligenceso yeahthere certainlywas rob reich useshypothetical case specific but the papersdescribe something else beyond coronationdescribe the activities of the fbi and the cia andsurveilling citizens does elevensenators bothwith it
my recollection rhode director hoover objectedto the extent they didn't all theitems that you're talking about in my opinion is one of the reasons it was churned themand not implemented but i am saying thatthose discussions on the basis of the cia and its activitieswithin the country and there's no operational activities job in this novel isgreat for but there's no rhyme or reason worldwide intelligencethey have not been passed on particularly law enforcementor investigative agencies in this country that you have operationalresponsible mr mitchellif this commission decide to thatshows you know that the newspaperswhat do you think should be responsible
i don't knowloland certainly wasas the question would you put them as a former chiefan independent nation papers as we discussed beforeit is clear that as a presidentialor communications i think is an absoluteprivilege it's a given that follows where the president is not involve i think that's anentirely different subject andonce again you're going to gethurt join thediscussion
nasr that's absolutely incorrect if i'm arecount but i think the record showswas my recollection is that with respect to havingused in papers there were conferences heldunder the aegis of i presume that's used in the white houseagenciesin which which resulted in amemorandum provided for activities with respectto domestic service of those forces wasnational security and thesurreptitious and medical reasons aw iwas not part of that committee i had
no knowledge of it until it was brought to my attention by the director ofthe fbi it was then that matter was discussed with me wasthen shortly thereafter the concert was chairman wewere the president of the united states no sir just five yearsthat wasthe attorney general ofthe discussions that you're not welcome as aparticipant in the discussions i was not a participant in the discussions withrespect i was a participant in discussionschanging they were thereconcerns about the matter i was not a participant in discussions that led to theformulation of thingsit is my recollection and i advised mr
hall of an afterthought to my attention by muslimdevotionalswhat is your relationship with just call you know what ican't say no oh well a comeback since nineteen sixty eight and seeing theminfrequently over that period of timei knew those in connection with the nineteen sixty eight campaigncontacts between sixtyeight and seventy years seventy one ever been very infrequent probablymore social than anything else cause i knew innineteen seventy one seventy two campaign when he was a fundraiserearly in a
relationship with her orspecifically money i said yes i had a very closerelationship with most dramatic period of time becauseit was like i was talking to a motherdaily newsyou'reright as aprivate business and he has several clientsa new label is one of the class is that true thatyou were personally quite a call
asdaisyand it's trueandwith those peopleand in that meetingcoming inwith indian securitymeasures that were being established and to be established in connection with thefacility and sent to no onethat's true
the other times that i've seen as a reporter occasionalpassages when he was in the lobby of the seventeen orone and i think that one time the vicinitysusannahwhat's reasonablesecurity for youno i don't believe that to be classified as such ilearned at a later date that mr mccourt bit ofelectronics we love the art and what timeframe i do not know but therewas nobody providing security for suchwhat instructions to your person are some of the onesthat
paul oakley assistance and help of otherindividualssecurity prisonthere's beenjustonethis could conceivably happen andi don't know the facts of talkbecause when we left the justice departmentand immediately made arrangementstake care of the transportationso that if this were the case and most importantly the service for a
period of one or two or whatever days that were in this interimperiod before and these are teenagers pick upthe cast and characters and my final questionis this goes back to my first question whydid not that was the president of theseirregularities after the election and obliviousto the white house would take up ahuge white house take care of the problem really isa point that wouldn't happen againthe change in personnel in which wasannounced the reductions that people are moving out of the white houseand participants in these activities that there
was no reason why not going to get hold of thesecond term of the president's other major protests thenswapping bosco yes sirmajor developersmrmr dean in mymindmr deans the white houseto my knowledge and was not
was in protest but in the cover up of the warningmust have been was very knowledgeable subject matter andjust hate to lose that that is just differentand i didn't knowthatit waswellthe best answeryour question will be those who testified to havetestified to the iranian newspapers inaffidavits in the violent last thirty years
well discussions with respect in the end papers somany statements that the individuals have made with respect to thebearded matter whyis that one who has receivedfrom some of those over and all but i can't give you the chaptermembers who were the total number of individuals that were involved in each ofthese activities when did you first learn of the white house horrors well as itestified yesterday that the first information it gotwith respect to the briefing to briefingmr laity gaiety mr martin and the subsequent tothat time has to be in part of a great deal of knowledge and other areaswhere they have not provided martin
the prisonwhati think that's the same question that we've answered three times this morning senwe are now talking about the end of junewe're talking about the electionthat's exactly rightwell it was the issuewas the subject of this in the democratic national committee was constantly in thenewspapers why we're not outthey were not under discussion needs to have more impact onthe election in my opinion what do
you think it was the obligation on the part ofpresidents two closest aides to haveadvised president of these horrors was to all of themin your discussions with mr haldeman onmr owen there would tell you that that was the presidentof these are no sirthe president wason the coverthe president was advised to unfold andobviously he was a great and everybody was over the newspapers and on the second partof the respect of the cover up no never advise a
former participantwas president concerned about but chaseissued by a committee that found its way intothe hands of those who have broken into the watergate officeof the democratic national committee recentlylibyathese things are going on in a prestigious thingit was your obligation to fill the president and with the detailsis the retired eighty percent of the press tocover that i live and to thisday i believe that was right not involving president in any of theseas you have to as i
testified before very strong action with the greatdetriment of the campaign was being run has beenand in a while the campaign wasopen up the most important thing the presidentdoes the president was opposed in my mindbut it is your feelingthat they really should be done to protect thispresident bush version for the dowtrust in questionsnowthese worriesshould we fully identified and i think that
the appropriate action should be taken because as of this particular timethere's no rhyme or reason why thosecircumstances you try to revert back to what they wereprior to election or even prior to that time thestories came forth and whatever manner they came forth i think however thatrates here should be taken to ascertain who wasinvolved in how they were involved instead of just walking into acatchphrase of watergate or cover up or things like that i think it's timethe individual activities be properly partsuse ittaken drastic steps and you alsosuggest that you know the man very well what the president of theus notified of the watergate cover
no onewell we have i think more specific in order to discuss thingsthat are we talking about what we nowdiscuss the last two days the white out horror stories we talking aboutso the whole packageappropriategovernment officials on the investigativeside and from those who are the prosecutors in lateottoman sitting here has taken in the proper process of allyou were brought thefbi and that's the investigativestage acts on behalf of the federal government's and the
medicare is important to get thefacts and major effect before you go to thetoro aspect of any activity what will the person of the moviefollow his choice for the directorship that destroyed evidenceon charity would've done what he has done the sense ofthose major <unk> place for somebody who is not soinvolvedwe have fire just to go tosomething i work for porterand yet these men were not firedup to the election there were not fired because thepresident was not aware of the nuclear activities that they were longafter all along with respect to mr the
president was unaware his activities of that time after the electionand secondlypresident was notdirectly involved in his continuance on the inaugural committeeor whatever normal jobwith all the headlinesduring a nationallynewspapers is in a strange that the president was never concernedcall him being invested for all of the federal government toinvestigate the alleged irregularities being carried out by members of thestaff scientists are those names warningcenter at an investigative arm of the
federal government is i think the fbi has been investigating this case forhim your investigationhas continued loyaltygood jobwere thestatements made with respect to a number of investigations the man hoursand so forth i don't know what they did or didn't dogiventhat they are that most of those long thehorrible is long but it was deputydirector of the campaignspend unlimited funds does that make him very important centerwhere were changing course is here and i'm just talking about his
position the last time with respect to his activities in the campaign obviouslyyou thought of port saidas bellon the statesgiven the state of the nervous administrationhas alsoto what extent would you go to protect the name of thesenatefortunately i don't have to make that determination and the good name of the
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 18 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Mitchell testifies.
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