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it'sbeen majorbuilding awarenesslefty information pleasethat belong toserve the government democratic party fornot exactly the way a review we believethat is the impression given the impressionwas the impressionthat even now in your statement you're trying to give the sameimage judy andit's my contention over this morning that you tried to give there in the
course of the campaign specifically was so they're going to beopposition party the opposition candidate or soft oncommunism so you say inyour opening statement and really really more the pranksters and it was investors would'vespecifically excluded such acts to follow a violent demonstrationsand disruption heckling of shutting down speakers berninger bombing campaign headquarters physicaldamage or crashing of coursethe national conventionindecent exposure of rock throwing assault on delegate slashingtires smashing windows setting trash fires in the gas tank of the policemen fromtheir motorcycle i know this committee and most americans would agree thatsuch activity can't be tolerated in the political campaign for parliament approved will point outa question for these activities the lack of even if you listed are clearly illegal
and not a question of whether we agree on it or not the most is there specific lawsthat are meant to be enforced against this type of activity which was horses in the hands of variouslocal state federal officials but unfortunately it deserves aplace in seventy two thousand non state by hisopponents by his opponents of you mean by that wereopponents in your statement at that point your statement the democratic partyso to that question would beanswered shouldn't the rise in anyone's mind at that point in the statement following sentencesays meredith reads some of them took place withthe clear knowledge and consent of agents of the opposing candidate in the last electionquestionanswer your question at that point in your
state where you list all these activities with the way you've writtenstatement praising against the campaign says that by his opponentsand then i immediately went on to say and i quote from the nextfollowing sentence in my statement some of them took place with the clear knowledge andconsent of agents of the opposing candidate in the last election others were acts ofpeople who were clearly i'm sympathetic to the president but may not have had directorders from the opposing view and the following year when i referred to the fact that there hadbeen no investigation little publicizing it again characterizethe two different possibilities by saying either those which were directlyattributable your opponent or those which certainly serve our opponents interest but didnot have his sanctions really recognizing senator that precise pointthat you're making here and i do recognize the precise point that i'm making is i watch aclearly tell me exactly which of these actual of an engine co mingling that too
and giving an impression i want you to tell me which of these illegal actsyou wereeducated through the committee yesterday thatthe documentation of these is available it was my understanding that thecommittee had and i find that apparently it does not and i will make sure that they geti would emphasize that this is ata such as was there are a number of other items and this is whatin general terms such as burning or bombing campaign headquarters the material thatmovie god that i thought had been furnished sites the specificheadquarters the specific dates the specific incident that took place the nature of theextent of the damage that the bomb didn'tactually true
so far there's been no investigation ofthese activities and gretel publicizing of them either of those which were directly attributable to ouropponent or those were certainly serve our opponents of interestbut that not at this age now isn't it truethat the acts which youdidn't serve your opponents' winnersbut they did on occasion serve yourcandidate's interest as youdoand white house version ran for literature home from welding to walkerand they'll have
a cot denies that this copy to youhe's at the same time at the sametime i would like to submit yours but in your inspectionin nineteen seventy threemsbee i knowthe first moment of truthadministrative a confidential whitehouse washington october fourteenthnineteen seventy one five year memorandum from ronald h walker re charlottenorth carolina demonstrations while
most recent intelligence that haven't received from the advancement building on the ussunited states is we will have demonstrators and shot themall the numbers running between a hundred and two of the advancements gut reaction is between a hundred andfifteen to one they will be violent with a pencil underlining awhile they will have extremely obscene signs underlining of stand next to that word i'm sayinghere's the thingso you're writing herwords i believe it is yes or as has beenindicated by their handles a law that will not only be directed toward the president butalso toward billy graham underlining underlining alsotoward billy graham were you write
this book and then i thought a southwestern reinforcedtheir liveslike ohi don'tknowhumancreationthe question everyoneno ideayou know
to promise to paywhere is joe very niceapostlesand the united statesand only
three votesand the police department in the city ofshrug you sign up as wider screenings of them as possible or eight thousand seats in the coliseumweeping of twenty five thousand tickets was a known fact there are demonstrators who had ticketstherefore be necessary to set up a screening system to eliminate anyone as a false way todiscipline all checkpoints using twenty five veterans of foreign wars between fifty and sixty orissues are being provided by the local republican partymr nyethe thing that bothers me is that we arerealizing the attention that wasbrought into the techniques used fear and concern that has since been expressed by ziglar warning was vehementlyby pat buchanan feeling is that the press corps especially the liberals are very much awareof how the demonstrators of being handled and although the white house has not been identified with these
processes we are very much suspect you can maintain that there will be alookout for demonstrators and how they are being mental illnesses feeling this could be extremelydamaging to the president but even if the white house is only indirectly involved billygraham people of the great help they got their own problems of citizens' organizations sponsor billy graham dayand a pretty well back off for many of the reasons are the exception and therefore wegot very little support in yemen demonstrators in the whole question should we continue a plan to preventdemonstrators from entering the coliseum and the us initialed age and the consultations lotof the local police and local volunteers going have not are peopleof my question specific here ways to exactly what the mentality is in the whitehouse that goes ahead and indicates ago when the wordwas mentioned in the senate he's mentioned which while some widgets it is tobe directed against the present united states how in any way cannot be goodsenator i can explain that i think very easily big
problem that we had during the campaign of violence ofdemonstrations of seeing signs of efforts to have poland shut down the president when he wasdelivering speeches were very great they were notrecognized as being very great and there was an attemptmade in the coverage of many of these events to presentthis as a totally ourreaction of certain people in the audience who were just there and idisagree with what the president said are expressing their disagreement in a proper exercise of theirright to do so as contrast to do a planned organizationscreating jobsand creating these things and in the way that they intelligence indicatedthis one's going to be here at the reason forreacting too the indication that there would be violence obscene and
directed toward as as good was that if in fact they weregoing to do this in this way it would be seen that they were doing so wellsometimes they wore that in effect they dida better job of disguising their troops and their true method of operationand the reaction oh thoseindications was very much in that sense but they point out that thewhole point of that memo very strongly confirms myopinion of this sort of activity was not to our benefit in showing theextremes there are steps that workerplan in order to try to avoid these people having the opportunity to carry outtheir ballots and there are also being directed toward thepresident billy graham at least in the mall we had noreal practical reason to emerge outside the hall and in fact as i recall out at
their worst demonstrations outside but they're there was reasonably good control on themarket that sharp police force so it was extremely rareand i think they didn't do a great job includingrecall that occasion some local police forces he kept the use of force inorder to restrain of the activities that were that that happened in this casebut as you can see here there were strong efforts made by our advancedthan to try to do try to avoidand that's kind of all we had the intelligence that there were going tobe this group there that they would be violent haven't seen signsthat at least the majoritywhy you oppose a very
good thing to do that it would ruin the prisoners trueperspective to be continuedand one that says let's listen to thenation's most part of meetings andallof the great complimentand this memothat was the problem with theeconomythank you
you indicated in your previous testimony that mr larry higbywas your administrative assistant so is the answeran assistantto an unknown serpas wasdeputy assistant to president wasgetting to me would've been considered senior industrynow we will report you yesthat they have forty you on important mattersthey report every time on importantmatters i get a report every time they had areas ofresponsibility senator that they carried out without the necessity of reporting to me wellwas it the requirementswith respect to their duty is there anything unusual was going on in the white house
and they were an argument that they had to report to you nosir not of the view of the other oilthat just the opposite as well as our policy and our standardprocedure at then it was that was an understanding youshould deal with all matters that came under his responsibility as best he could and shouldnot refer them a part of us plus there was a necessity for that is to havethat with them on occasion aseyewitnesses drawn also included in these competitionsyes there were several different procedures at different times and i'm not able toestablish which procedure was in effect at which time there was aperiod at which they're in which i attempted to hold a twiceweekly group that included as derivativestrading mr strahm also mr carolina
rape crisis john been and several others who weresupporting their work in somewhat the same sense that we have the senior staff meeting each morningbut this procedure because of the time of day that we try to doit didn't work out very well because i was not a loose in many of those meetings in and therefore wedrop well i noticed that there was a strong willed their presentyou with memoranda on different occasions with respect toactivities i'm going on in the white house and also a crpwas even one who were dressed man was going on until thebutterfield or did you obtain an abandoned information from themi david i work directly with mr butterfield on on matters of peopleyou'd need to be interacting with this tricky on a much more frequent basis on matters you go yeahyou acquainted with theocratic here which wasonce an white house to develop an enemies list i'm
aware of the existence of any closer opponents literature andthere would be you knowi know that that from time to time we receivedfrom within the white house and from outside the white house from supportersof the administration both in the congress and in the general publiccomplaints that peoplein and out of government treated bythe white house and in ways that people were opposed to administrationpolicies and i'm specifically more vocally expressingpublic opposition to administration policies on this would most frequently relate to the positionon the war in vietnam because that was the mostmost thoroughly under discussion but people who are
or expressing vocal opposition were at the same time being extendedextra courtesies by the white house in a formalinvitations to social events in and other functions of the white housewants to honor important divisions inclusion on the allegations donot certify alabamanot around a star that's one kind of people that i'm talkingabout complaints by friends with people who were opponents and morevocally expressing opposition were in the view of our friendstreated like friends and the sense of receiving these special courtesy from the whiteand you're compiling a list of these people and as aresult of the trends that we wereinterview unwisely extending these courtesies to thepeople who are opposing administration and in some occasions people who
after receiving an invitation to the white house and the white house use that as aplatform for getting extraordinary publicity for their marriagequestion of opposition that as a result of these complaints therewas a program about drawing up a listof those who in other positions were believed tobe expressing opposition to administration policies andtherefore should not be receiving these courtesy visits in thesame context as a list of those who were supporting suchpolicies and who should be extended such such courtesy is and the many times where i'musing exhibit victory which has been accused by mr bean and no evidence herei mean he was named one of thevietnam war excuse
me i'm doing and then you can come and mr eugene constantly mrleonard bernstein onto paper and not anactual game televised on how it'sdiane allard lowenstein morton halperin leonard woodcockas europeidon't think i would think that the public recordof the time would indicate that a number of those people were in fact quitevocally and publicly opposing administration positions on oilthank youwhat was or what certainly they did that they didn't have a right to be extended be a courtesy ofthe president's hospitality in order to express theiropposition well i are you in effect telling me that this enemies list was compiled so
that it would serve as an exclusion they asked for the white housewhy was so muchwaste in the white house whitman and communications betweenstaff members first of all i don't believe a greatdeal of time was wasted in doing so the time it was expanded inwas for the purpose that i've indicated and was in andthat they are carrying out the effort of the white house toextend ours our policies to carry out thepolicies of the ministry for expression of opposition ifyou're objective was as you have stated it why was there an effort toinvolve iran's in are getting some of these people and why why theirorders from the white house or the fbi to check on so many people
want to know what those orders weren't responding to it thenmr hinckley who was your administrative assistant as giveninformation to this committee that while he was in thegrand tetons with the president than you hewas that i knew to call mr boomer and get a completebackground on your and misbehavingand he has submitted testimony in this committee in secret to that effectnow to deny that those who did you do that i requesteda background report on mr shor arrest yesterday to request oneman in connection with the enemies list and i'm not certain what connection it was buti'm sure there was something that arose about this request was madeand i don't know when and what context that there had been as has been
indicated here in earlier testimony concern from time to time aboutstatements that were made and the reasons for them inin terms of national security questions and i don't know that this was was insuch a plan that because i simply toothere was mr shor being considered for an appointment those are he was notwhy would you take on the jet was made i don't know what the picture wasmade when it was a request for that it was in and it was somethingabout it some of the rose at that time that that generateda request for a background report and the dish or the requesti will likely emphasize senator was not a request for an investigation of mrschorr and at the time that the request was made it wasforty the background while which the fbi has on individuals that thisis a summary report on well when the investigation here
yeah going to do it get background on individuals when they go out to do it i wouldrequest was not that they go up at the request was that the fire what happenedon the white house i'm sure those are the fbithe audience you know they have a file on mostpeople are are known publicly request was for whatever violentimmediately after every american has known publicly ithink thethings that i think that you know singing thatparalyzes your is one case now the view of the ministers were you worriedfbi checks on any other individual that you do that i don't know iwant to feel it so testified that he that you didthe testimony of mr butterfield
follow they endedan interview before the committee and this is this is his testimonyalderman and occasionally ehrlichman had requested an fbi on non atpoint b to what appealed recollection this is that this is a man of histestimony butterfield recollection that may have been at such requestsamong them or frank sinatra and europenow oneday at the parkand he says has no presidential appointments in commissionsand a number of times and that's quite possible the oneloesser frank sinatra was being considered as an entertainer the white house andwas an entertainer of the white house weare in a way
to say that annieentertainer at the white house and for that matter i believe any guest at the white housethere is automatically a checkmate of his fbi file to determinewhether he poses any security threats or any potential embarrassment and in the other sense and this isnot it's unfortunate that those particular names have been raised and singled out inthis forum because i would not like it the record to imply that there was anyallegation of wrongdoing on the part of any of those three people any ofthe other five that were apparently on that list of eight that have not been made or any of the others ofhundreds of people who have been so checked and since thisquestion as i would also like to say that it has become popular
referred to tears the as the enemies list and now i would like to pleadguilty to a certain a delicacy that's what was referred to anadministration because in reading one of the books by one of the scholars whoserve in the johnson administration saw that that their timethis list was referred to as the anatomist and i must say that's a much more delicateterrible germangovernment run yesterday i was conducting the examination oniran substantially over my ten minutes but nobody else was here but today at anabbreviated this portion my question to try to make up for thatin juneof nineteen seventy two arranged directly or through jumpingor anyone else for a twenty four hours the ravens senator kennedyi don't recall making such an arrangement i know that it's been tested
by that such a request was made and was was not carried out anid i'm not familiar with the specifics of the reason for the requestthat there were times when there was a very vestedinterest in the activities of senator kennedy's some political ads on the political dramain relation to a church that he made with regard toher early release of the oath of his band that matters feeling with areason the end of the summer developers whether ornot the new authorized such surveillance observationour investigation i don't recall or reallysurveillance senator kennedy but i do want to emphasize that there were questions raised aboutsenator kennedy's activities and various reports from time to time and such aquestion would have come up you regard it in our jobany surveillance of senator kennedy relating to mr caulfield in
nineteen seventy or nineteen seventy onesurveillance of senator kennedy yes sir which most popular might've been in awe ofthe art but i was not familiar with have to propose activities yoursenator kennedy in nineteen sixty nine in which mr usso it's my advantage of our cars are you had information about mr us awaystop observation investigation or surveillance out senatorkennedy at any time so i know the material witness for us toits operations in regard to any individuals i was notfamiliar with what he was doing or what is his objectives were or what has also hearingwas composed this morning iseeany
informationso what is in your city to drag and information about theso called chappaquiddick situation was are generally involvement in thoseor you know to get closer you know whether thatstroman in thisabbreviated question you may want to think about now come back tolater there's another around and i think there will be another roundprevious examination i askedto whether or not as the ecosystem and the president's approval amongrunning a part as is cheapest therei knew or should have known that something was going on based on newspaper accountsother information that it might have gained anotherwise and you indicated i believe that you still don't know what went on
but that in retrospect you to see gross i'm sure indications thatthey you would interpret differently now and you do that is that essentially correction nation areoff i don't believe i said that i saw a road signs that over nowinterpret differently and i may have my myfeeling is that with the knowledge or at least theinformation that i have now i can probably force myselfback in and related to things that at the time the anchorappeared totally differently i would like to emphasize thatin relation to the white house which was my area in myarea of responsibilityi don't propose to door is that anything was for or was not the only
one by what's been said here but that was the area in which i was notfamiliar and was the only area that i worked a dayin the white house where there is any reason to even withthe information we find out any reason to feel that something was overlookedand i have repeated often in these hearings and i tendto save my conclusions for later not taken aside all along i'll continue not justa mystery along and restated concern that i've also heard fromtime to time what is there about the white house operation this really previousadministration which are familiar what is there about the presidency or theisolation of the presidency and i don't say that the critical way you can think of it in terms of the natureof the presidency the requirement for as you say the time to think aboutimportant things you can think of that even in terms of the safety of the presidency poses countryas long time resident and possess but
what is there about the nature of the presidency and the stamping of the presidential systemsomething was going onor interpret it in a way that it not lead in a different directionyou know and then i guess except my promise that as isaid and yesterday how can you read the newspaper shopping list of television happening herethat are literally an uproarofficial positionseven if you assume that they were treated if youstart with the assumption that the charges and allegations are without domination invasions andfive and that's the american way of doing itanother operation and still not
initiate some sort of intense inquire at theearliest possible moment but what what is there about the system what is there about yourapparition of the presidential operation was about the white house that would keep you from pickingup a telephone on june seventeenth and saying where is this fellow gordon what inthe world now that's anawful question but do you understand what i'm getting at what is there about the institutionalarrangements at the white house that would not be inevitablyleads you into a great virtue name for what in the world happened nothingelse on the basis of music senator you were inthe early stages of that question so that i might not accept thepremise and that i believe would have to start becausei don't believe i can accept the plans which is thatsuch an important was not undertaken or that the interest was not
something is not done that simply isn't the case the most intensiveinquiry conducted and certainly the proportion of that videonature of the inquiry was wasbeyond the scope of the imagination i wassuch an inquiry but i must go back in and i getthe fact that you asked the question i understand completely motivation fordoing so what distresses me because it indicates to me thatwhat i've tried to say as effectiveweapons at this pointsecondly asfar as the white house was concerned the total assurance was that nobody there had beenan odd it was clear that there were people at the canadian pop it was not clear
who they were at first at least it became where as dothey were there were still some questions that they were questions that were an answerand there were a lot of people spendinginordinate hours trying to determine the answers to those questions as i understand itand i it was not an investigator i didn't instigateinvestigations into two other things except i was ordered to in this case there wasso much under way that that anything i would've done beyond that would've beenabout them and i didn't have the capabilityyou're the time to go into that kind of a thing and asi said it might opening remarks this is itan enormously important matters in a mistrial because of that it wasn't atthat time i understand that i understand your testimony and only accept
testimony bass player you work as a moment listening interview earlierwhen youtake your judgmentasresponsibility as acommunity and maybe that will help and that is really meant to be a selfserving an analogy that's known to make that i and mycampaign united states senate in nineteen seventy two the red and a nationalnewspaper that someone on my campaign staff had done this or so and then arrested forit would've been thirty seconds and picked up the phone and say what in the world is goingon and i ask you to compare the merits of those reactorseven to comment on what i think my reaction and god knows what it we're buti'm not asking for that what i'm asking is any insight you can get me on why a
situation in nashville tennessee is the situation that she livesthere and the white house in washington is there something about the isolation aboutthe majesty of that mystique about the isolation presidency thatbecause of different reaction other than thatwhich i think you know i think it might have occurred and others are i don'tthink in the mystique or already have those kinds of characteristics that there isn't arecord but i think that that the first president to have such areaction as you would've had a near senatorial campaign ended that these things be donebut as the areas of responsibility and dansign of a man expand the necessity for delegation alsoexpanse and having been involved in someearlier campaigns or richard nixon i can tell you fromyears ago he would have been on top of this
with or portions and what it would've been pursuing recently with greatpoet stephen nineteen sixty eight no i don't think so in nineteen sixty eight because innineteen sixty eight he validated strong imaginative hiscampaign and responsibility for the management of this campaign and he hit bygreat self discipline soonly from the operations of the campaign and as president united states heexercised a greater degree of self discipline in that regard anthat required of himself this delegationand while he raised these questions you look to other people to carryout the responsibility of developing the answers to and hethought that's what was being done but not otherwise it could have at allor should you say i thought honestly i think he could have been if he had been willing togive up the vietnam negotiations and and follow up on the
domestic initiative plans that he was trying to get underway prior to the electionworkers bolder choices and even willing tosuspend libya operation of the budget for the nextfiscal year but i don't think he possibly could have done so unless you about also the only other customers say the most of the advisers to that andaccept that base pay a magnetometer that's where our combatan issue that some point own examine with a few more quiet presence heoperates its first white mayor may not be necessary to do that these are thepolitics of the nightyour previous questioni
willandbeyondthank younow president nixon had some awkwardfor ways to mitigate it in a tavernsome of now the directorof the committee to relate to his reelectiontherapyoh yeah
mm hmmwith bin ladenhe did notcall any of those people and demand that he had been told mewe reiterated a number of times he had been told by my mr mitchell isvigilancei believe mr michel said that he hadmet with the president shortly after the watergate and then add a talk with him aboutthat
back on medicationbut witness to jail and where we're dealing with two different things thereone is the fact of the watergate burglary which is a point that youcited and that as i understand it is to measure the top of the person aboutall the people i knowand yeahthe facts or as they were known at that time but i don't believe he had anything else toquestion him about other than what was typical talk with him about the key thingsthat develops from that time on because it was not developingthe president supports
the gimmick activities and noweconomically in the new noveland made them the yo manineteen seventy three except make an improv legend can be inthrough the tournamenthe sayswe refer to get on the news was the man responsible for dealing withall taken the concernabout now i meancampaign funds that is absolutely correct his job and he was the onlyman in the white house has to do that because there are hundreds of people outsidethe white house and the executive to resign
wellin theinvestigation oklahoma used thatyet resolved yet and that you see a lot of those areright now so that you know any concern aboutwell i think the report will need not to my knowledge nonow the real questionabout what was in themeeting of the thirteenth of march nineteen seventy three reviewerkenneth pollack and it is ugly now you'renew on the job on an opinion on rondaof that they even months later thepresident which girl allegedly occurred in
us i'm rachelmartin it's my understanding that theallegations by mr dean was that they took place in my presencenot in my absence will you let him and that's correcton one meetingthe tape recorder know made of the meetinganwar is you've been greatthe personisn't the best elements of the law is oneof the human body as a meditation the tape recorded
conversations and oh you alsotestified about going to rioyou'rewelcome not all alone youalways goes on all the action is set atthat meeting aswellnow physyou know and
and i went what did you have in the way of documenting evidence thatstatement about the video and depravation of low productivitylot of september eight nineteen seventy two until march when thecourt's nineteen seventy three and the documentarythankyouthe checkand you put the questionandyou come down and there's a bubble this committee as legalinterpretation of the baby and the president's role
and the cost and they'll grab all thewayand so yes the new questions andi'm not sure what the question wasnot that the presidentgave you access to these things and not understand him back totestify as to your interpretation of topof the manand the conclusionanswer yes or nohis
resignation of john mitchellin nineteen seventy twocould you tell us what youknow about it you discussed this with the president and what were the discussionshave between rituals resignation discuss thepresident discussed it with mustard agent and then i cansay that that designation thedecision by an instrumental that it would be apparent that he resign develop over aperiod of some time that he actuallyhe reluctantlybut irrevocably to the conclusion very in those daysbut there was no other course we can follow or personal reasons that
are no longer very personal ashe was very serious trouble and he'sindicated that that was the case and he still indicated to me at the time and hethought that there was no way they'd be a lot exceptby relieving himself of his responsibilities as the president's campaigndirector ang lee when he arrived at the vicepresident of this developing new commissions are during the time that he wasexpressing to me and when we met for lunchon june thirtieththink that's right iguess when we met for lunch on june thirtieth the president has to make sureit was understood by all three of us that that was
the purpose of the lodging and nine it was thepurpose was carried outjoiningusoh it was like jesusi think ms michal have been campaigningthat is making speeches and parents that drive to thewatergate break in view of office without itsen grahamyeahi was
reading about the resignationsms roberts rightyouknow and that's really why i'm asking thequestion why can only say in response to that concernthat you wrote that is in no wayas i understood that was the case that astate senator was was expressed by just a little bit thatparents will arise from the soviet dictator thatwasn't matter that he was concerned about a concernthere was nothing nothing that he can do that he was reluctant togive up his responsibility
he's a tvactorgiven thecircumstances it was not possible continueto carry the overall responsibility for the day to day operation of the campaign itcould be available at times but there are times when he simply couldn't be available and that hadbeen against the available you touched upon mynext questiontestimony before the committee was going to rebuildi can recallregular meetings withsome people
campaign director he'strying to do isit was not very muchbetween the responsibility that one feelssecure conscientious man if you are the responsibleexecutive officer of an organization i'm responsible for theoperation tobeing so available to the organization to be of whatever help thatyou can on your time available when you take on ajob as a campaign manager and i'm sure your campaign managers are phelps a responsibilityyou take on a twenty four hour seven day week job and you worked
on that basis and you that's one of the problems of a politicallife is is that he was pretty muchresponsibilities and any other demands on your timeespecially during the period of the campaign and that was the problem at thatvigil was faced as a kid total demand of the responsibility ofmanaging a campaign versus the reserve the man butstill continuing opportunity to bridges and be about whateverwe could fall it's his responsibilityto your question in hisconversations withhis resignation whether any discussion that he ought toresign because he had knowledge of the watergate break inafter that he participated in the cup absolutely
not no discussions right nowjohn dean were directly under youknow straightaway yes substantively worked underother people depending on the nature of that particular task isreally really what do you regulate thosewilling to report to you on pretty important to keep you andthought no nonsense and it matters because theyhe would report to the person responsible forisraelis that was a statement that the
president at some time during the meeting and i'm paraphrasing nowi'm impressed with your knowledge about this oneis doing and i think you ought to rethink cabinet onyou were calling i think iknow i think it was in that meeting and i do recall at the suggestion that the issueoh ok very generous things they didn'ttry that if he had a prize the president ofall the details about the johnny knew itfbfb
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 33 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, H.R. Haldeman testifies.
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