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i mean personally the matter is for president nixon and members of his immediatefamily for the past four years this area actually all thecontacts that i had brought relative to these matters were handled through either johnehrlichman or john being set back to discuss thebenefit from january of nineteen sixty nine to avoid typing hundred and seventytwo for certain surplus funds would have accrued mostly from the primarycampaign of the nineteenth primary period of the nineteen sixty eight campaignpalmer a state stands was the individual who might've belli disagreegrexit dispersants third eye tosolicit early pledges of financial support to the husband's nineteen seventy two campaignbegan in november of nineteen seventy eight this assignment was completed
in the spring of nineteen seventy two the original records of this activity wouldturn over to the finance committee after mr stan featherstone they also financechairman on the wife of a nineteen seventy twomy secretaryof the original files early transferred to the finance committee the section onmy part was intended to ensure the continued confidentiality of thecontact that i had had with various contributors with whom i've dealt with in the spiritoptions opennumber one or participation in the formulation of anyplanned conspiracy to cover up that incident or actual campaignsappetite or unethical activity why actions in the period immediately
following the raid in which involve the raising the funds to provide for the legal defenseof the watergate defendants and for the support of their families were planted in the belief that suchwas proper a necessary to describe what i assumed to be a moral obligationthough the reasonsthe fact that i had been directed to undertake these actions by thenumber two and number three men on the white house staff made it absolutelyincomprehensible to me that my actions in this regard could've been regarded in anyway as improper or unethical i'm here before youit is not my purpose totestify for or against an individual i wish to cooperate fully with the canadian andthat's where i'm not ready to answer your questions to the best of my abilityto come back and that when you first meet president
nixon itwas in the mid fifties but today itbecame a time that you're not going to play a role in thecampaign fundraising for the president when was that friday night thesenator campaigned in nineteen hundred and sixty eight i would associatefinance chairman of that campaign nowwhat if anything do you do with leftover from the nineteen sixty campaignmistress then sir inmid january of nineteen sixty nine i asked me to accept thetrusteeship are certain that surplus funds from the campaignas to exactly where in new york
yes sirmr harlan yuand civilian at a later time alsomr for michel and others who are clearly stand in theshoes of those people that i talked a littleyes sir it was good morningbeginning in life i think it was innineteen hundred and sixty nine and would you please describe the legalmatters in which you hear them work better well initially leave workwas had to do with the acquisition of the audience and comedy which was tobecome the western white house we've also done work on his behalfan estate planning and also lovedon't have done the political attacks work in conjunction with a cpa
you still guessinglester time now you've had a moment is the relationship the presidentof the maine campaign fund operation and also as opposedto meet with the presidentfor this search parents here today i've goneback over my records and to the best of my body myrecords that have shown that i've met women probably four or five times sincemarch of sixty nine alone or with one or two otheryes sirtherewere about eight on that relationship or telephone
relationship who in the white house you have an second sending youractivities president lee and john ehrlichman andthen after john dean came to the white house in mid nineteen seventyyear old jundi with the ferguson comeback that when he did speak to them onlegal matters that is huge and in your mind you are speaking with the presidentas for whether that is when will be when we firstmet raise money when it is the need to campaign in that nowit was in november of nineteen hundred and seventy by mr hall andwhat position the us senate fromthe beginning in nineteen seventytwo through thelong
now in nineteen seventy two did you havefun in your possession that were raised during an excuse toguess what was that day in february nineteen seventy two yesterdaywhat you do with those on and on and thenthrewin there the first few days of the war in nineteen seventy two ii closed albeit checking accounts that there may have been one wasin new york and i believe two and californiaand sent all those checks to mr sloan of the finance committee andwash them and i also close to an empty boots are allsafe deposit boxes boxes and thetransfer those funds to mr sloan so it sort of my accounts you know abouthow much money was involved in turning over the mornings long as for
a much in the first week i would say i'mwriting of fenway nineteen seventy two the total was nine hundred and fifteen thousandand of that total would include the two hundred and thirty threethousand care ash and not only six hundred and seventythousand in the checking account balances after ajournalist wanting you destroy any records yes sir i dobecause of what records and wonafter i turned over again the money's i transferredmy files of the people are sayingthe pledges that it saved the essentials of my records tomr stanton to the finance committee it was my belief than thatmy records that i still retained were wholly original
and supportive of what i consider to be a racial records and once iwas certain in my own mind that the original records were had been in fact transferred to the financecommittee and i'd record my secretary of this is harvey to destroythose parcels or the records for the reason of confidentialityrecords and that therewere there were song answerwhen he resignedas of april seventhnineteen hundred seventy two wire at the finance committee had anycontact with gordon liddy yes or would you describe the nature of a contractorandy assignments to educate women as best as i canrecall yesterday my first the acquaintance with themr libby was in the latter part of march oh i think i
have lunch with others who witnessed a libyan january when i first met him but for the firsttime that it really is work with him was the latter part of march whenhe came onboard were the finance committee as counsel to the committeein my vision is associate chairman i gave him were severalassignments asking for legal opinions in the lightand i can recall one or twotravis that i asked him to take to contact attorneys forcontributors to help in legal trouble you hadno with immigrationthe union cause thanan advancement andagain and fifty thousand dollars loan that everyone
wanted to be a while mrstanton come to me and ask me for these fundsas an advance for special expenses for theforthcoming campaign with a receipt given due for their boss sirnow are you aware of the transactions were widely andfifty thousand dollars left the committee that election presents financecommittee and win over the white house plan you tell us briefly on knowledge about thatplace about thebut wells first fewdays of maple and i'm not certain that i was called by mrhigby from the white house and was asked as to how much the pledgewould be available for transfer to the white housei've been checked with mr slow i
call it really be back and tell them that the farmers three hundred fiftythousand in cash and mr sloan say that would be availablethen mr libbey i think there were one ortwo additional calls back and forth and it's my recollection of mr higbythen call an informative mrstrong lin the mortar the finance committeethree hundred thousand dollars andagain this is within a week of april seventh or thereaboutsand then theas with us give me thefinals in time for the cup by mr strongwhich he did and then as i best remembered for mr badge the fundsor put in my office and me a finance committee mr strong team
or one thirty or two in the afternoon and uncertain and i picked up thebriefcase from my office and i left the officeless or they were you know the nomination rules of allah no sir i'm notlately and has gone above thesystems as joe lamb and that this request of allsir you know what the request why the leagueany informationi know that was my assumption and it may have been expressed to me what was myassumption that it would be used for farming producesi would think within seven days of april seventhnineteen seventy twoas you
hear itwould you repeat that others involving thewatergate which took place in june seventeen some time in that period thatyou receive a low stands on the washington one ismy my recollection is that i received a call from mr stanzaprobably on the early in the week that twentieth or thereaboutsto come to washington and to meet with mr sloan to reconcileyour reference to the watergate break inhow do you read the report rumorsmean yes i did find one at stagnes informed him that i had met with business loan and thatwe were in agreement on the records and he said fine and as far as he wasconcerned that i had i was discharged from that responsibility
and my account balance and additional a record fifty openingsas my own little better knowing thatthe original record was india in the finance office imeanother than incasual conversation i can't follow theconversation well it was rather than just thatand being a very major news item that was the extentof an urban schools with relationship toanswer mr ward you file it is clear that the committeeand senate will again today atthe un that was it the station
iknowyes i do causeas i remember being a telephone conversation that must have been called me it was in theearly afternoon mid afternoon on the twenty eighth andtold me that that was a matter for stream importance that ireturn to or come back to washington that the first availableflight to undertake a very important assignment thank youmr ivanwatson that six six fifteen to thirty that's the fall in mourningnow what to do next and i then took a
cab in the town and they are checked into the us that are held hotelyou then we either at thattime more time at the tsa check in in hispublic awareness but there's a call to being aroundas an investor call around nine o'clock in the morning setat the age in his office an executive office building and whattranspired is a quote about the senate is sayingwithdrawal since those and recalling the conversation thati tell in the washroom of the statlerand i come over iraq is right now if that's what you wishdo youhear it and
the meat in front of the hotel andi said all right that's a business than ever before butthere was a nice day and i still ride oncolorado region and then left thehotel i was the bottom linethirty i would yes and i think i saw him coming up through the barand then i cross the state and i suggested that we havecoffee and they get he said no let's just walk in the parkwhich we did a lot of the time andi recall it the finest one up on the bench and noah made some like thisis an indication to me that i should do likewise would youin an
indication that perhaps will be an uncertain i don'tunderstand but do remember that he didwelli would think sowellthe reason for this calling formy coming back to watchman was that that it was necessary to havetalked to me about a very important sign namely thatcertain use the editorial we said we would like to have youraise funds for the for thedefense of the defendants and for the support of their familiesmr gonzalez that's correct
now that they werewell i just remember that they said the watergate defendants that time that iwasn't even certain it at that point in time that i knew their namesyes many questions about thatin my conversation with himi asked whether or not it wouldn't be preferable to have a publiccommittee formed to raise funds for these people and for theseforcesit was wonderful maybe make themortgage or homes or raise funds in that way until arepublican it could be established his answer to thatwas that in that there was no time for thisthe republican committee members
might be misinterpreted and the biggest wave of the signand bess done with this request became amuch money might be able to get my recollection is that he indicatedfifty two hundred thousand dollarsmr simon yes sincethe effort might be misinterpreted me stressthat it's a secret message he made a very strongyeah audie indicating that their fears so it became known that itwould might jeopardize the campaign and win because ofmisinterpretation as to the reasons for raising these funds and for thehelpless peopleare you know how much was beginning to which defendants was a
discussion about that yes or there was a cover upi askfor distribution the sinaloa not to mayindicate that mr horowitz be the personwho wrote would be the person who would be giving thedirections in this assignment as to specific amountsand specific individuals and as i confessed recall thisconversation i was a little perplexed on this because i do you know these peopleand this well i don't knowbut as to industryi didn't then
again my best recollection is that he indicated that point thatperhaps <unk> us what's a might be the one to act as thedistributor for the foreign service hastestified before this committee before it is yes idid two or threetimes and told me in nineteen sixty nine untilluckily october first nineteen seventy one andi had three conversations are two or three conversations during thatperiod it would be useful aswell i knew that i knew that he hadbeen acting in an undertaking assignments for the white housefour that they're in and i certainly knew that he had the confidence ofwhoever it was that he was working with and when he mentioned the most
us woods is a someone to do this i said that i would certainly haveconfidence in him in youknowbut you know that it would be somebody well i know that you andmaybe it was a retired new york city a police officer washappening and i was certain that he was someone that could betrusted in thecommunityhe was using themostwell mr dean well itworked with the fact that everyone in the white house but of coursewith the mystery reported minister of england and he
also at work closer to home now you did not mention their namesin this conversation now it ever been given any other signs of thisnature in the best of thosedo you accept thisidea ms douceti supposei have no no to beingcensored mid nineteen seventy and i had complete trust in the manand knowing that he was the counsel that iaccepted this i walkback to the statler hilton and debatewithin a matter of minutes after a us back to the hotel i called mr standsi have been given a
special assignment as muchcash is that it would have been available i think i mentioned andfifty to a one hundred thousand dollars and i asked him about thepossibility of health minister simon he said that hewould see what he could do he said that he would have as i remembered thingsthat you would have to go to a safe deposit box with that he would meet me at the threeyears that i don't know in my room thank youfive thousand one hundred dollarsbills in one hundred dollar bills and the image you know thesource of that money and after that he did as to forty five thousand he said that itwas the balance i think that to be that he had earlier given me andsaid that he was given in to to me now but he did not
indicate as i remembered all that all be a source of meoh he's lyingand so we know in each other a number of years i told him it was for avery important assignment that i have been advised that it was in complete confidencethat i could not tell him the nature of this i mean that you have to trust meand they said of course i do trust you are and with it cameinto france i knowuntil the following day when ajournalist once
yesterdayit seems to me that i asked him to get in touchwith mr caulfield so that he knew well and who newjersey last week says number in new york andto ask donors to call he'll call me and to me that number and then i wouldalter your last words and that's that is what i recall that idea ireceived a call and then promised us with late in the afternoon on and meand the sea was the twenty nine and askinghim like i'm gonna wash and the next day under thirty why youknow i just said that i wanted to see him oris it to my roommr doonan
yes the purpose of this assignment was toprovide funds for these defendants fortheir legal help and also to provide support for theirfamiliesdina given to me that it must be an absolute secrecy andconfidentiality and he thoroughly understood him and then took the funds andleft and went back to new yorkyou againyes i doon friday morning at which time i callin the district i contacted nick us whats that mrwessel it's with wouldn't be heard and watched and that afternoon and that i'veraised seventy five thousand one hundred dollars
in my room and stop orcoughing or the show mr ivins nowell it could have beenbut i had my recollection is that we met in my room nowif i know that you met last week you stressed thesecrecymr wessel yes assimonwe werebut in myconversations with us in ourtalks between ourselves there was agreed that we shouldused on those talk between top on both and the
courses that later became a procedurethat in his conversations with various of these people to whom hewas he would be he would use analiasno i am i think therewere several dozen amateurs that was one of you knowreally suggested well i don't know if he did no idea but in ourconversation thatmr who would give us the actions or give me theactions i would kind of material estimates that direction he wouldn't make the contact withthe agentbusinesses
it just iswell the givers says if there is a typical anauthor's but it would i would receive a calling either formr bean four mister roomwith instructions to getx amount of funds over toone of the defendants or one of the attorneysi would then call mr yo ass words and they're soimportant reaching into your home and thenyou and i would call him or from mypaypal you would then the people maybe number of anotherpeople in thirty minutes later i would call him and he would be able
toyou've been a reporterandpeople receiveit call mrjust calling the writer and then after rivers calledthan the writer we called and this is from the writers while i don't recall that wehave any other names for anyone else youknow i only the other is agirl named the name of all and know when i was at the statlerindustrialize woods came down to receive the seventy five thousand one hundred that i'd received mrstan
we can sort it shelf in the room andrapid and along the way and so i afterthat we will fall in the laundry is as to how much money and yetavailable just aminutewhatis thatof all the players involved and the defendants in andcertain of these attorneys are representing tsarnaev the defendantsnono these activitiesyes or no
answer and it wasstated was to furnish a legal help for these people and topunish them with them as warmoneywhichmeansno i didn'tandprobably ninety percent of the time
the other ten percent was that intellectualdiscussion with him in his office or more usually and mr bean so it's now beingreceivedagain as i've tried to reconstruct this is true that thefirst instruction i receive which i passed industry was once was tootwenty five thousand dollarsmr districtattorney here in washingtonand as i call it this is probably room that'swhen july first through june july sixth orseventh there were a number of calls i would talk to you mr beamdistillery oh i would then call a few last words to internment calledcaddie he would have some response was to kathy and i would call
backup leader mr dean and the otherwas the disarmament gist of it was that the metric that you carryrefused to accept reforms and that in that manner that'sgoodagain with the same resultand then ithink then that was the mr bittman and then mr bittmanand i think this may have been when the minister the name river aswas used to that but my recollection be in this tibetanreceived probably some time in the second week ofjuly
i'm telling youyes siryes because that willreceive moneyvolatility dismissalmost of the remaining funds went tomrs cohen who in fact was the person who did itstrengthen that her and he distributed to these other attorneys andthis is not this outnow when the next twenty years is aseries of may we received this money out
twenty oneinvolved in this it's i'm just days wasthat was on july nineteen and twenty onebut that i think i wasasked to come back i think my ear mr dean of a thorough and to meetwith them as trevino mr roland mr dean's office in the executive office buildinga certain amount of thatwas some forty thousand dollars was received little wrote that time andwe're interested in the city's archivesyou see any instructions at the time i may have lifted a shot notcertain as to what you do is just one thousand dollars in cashas it was intentionally the nomination but that was primarily one hundred dollar bill i
wanted to do a business blog mom i took these funds andthey go into your late that afternoon in a state of the regencyhotel and get the funds to mr us once it came to my room and the regencyprobably around eight thirty or nine million now youvisitedbut this time after day show i was being urged to call formy testimony that the funds that were given to me by mr rumerthat's listed by me recently given to me to be given the mystery lies woodsthis time i wasyou go mr dean on the top row that to raise
additional funds and i had iti began to have a degree of concern about this asign of what the book began to question thatwasn't the nature of the covert operations of the fact that you're paying this moneyto defendants in a little description of basesand i think the primary reason for my concernwas the secrecy and the clandestine covert nature ofthis activity james bondtheir scenario answerand i was very distasteful to me andi ended it created this the degree of concernand they and concern was sufficient toat a certain moment i wanted to
do john ehrlichmanto confirm that john dean and did in fact have theauthority to directly to undertake this assignmentsecond that i wanted him to shore me as to the proprietyof this assignment in any event i requested ameeting with the john ehrlichman my records indicate that i metwith him in his office a three thirty on july twenty sixdescribe for us what i said an animal they sit youanswer me as i've stated the reason for that may wastoo was to go get the assurances toforeign ministers also that this time you wereraised some additional funds as cern this is this would be thefirst time a few days and i would be going to an
outside contributor the i know that the secrecyinvolved in this is that's a very distasteful thatwas probably the primary an item of concern feeding this concern that ihadn't other factors that would includethe eumr earl holliman <unk> win back around april sevenththat indicated to me that i had been involved in this fundraising activity for such along period thatwe wroteonce again our floor vote was interrupted the proceedingsso we'll also take a short break public television's covering to the senate watergate hearings will continueafter a pause for station identification on a bridge to coverage of these
hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs thepublic broadcasting service thepopeterry and pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on
presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehreras the senators return to the very narrow majority council sam dash is askingher the comeback about getting john erlichman was ok to raise money for the watergate defendantscome backit'sbecausebaseball teamsis thata real concernpolitical money
andwhywell iisaid nosimonand ii went through it as far as the secrecy and not howthe secrecy was swat ma
indicated to him that that this issomething that was known for intimate i wanted himto fall and the mediathe press was was given aconcern the year the whole secrecy thing the pressor this and thati'm concerned aboutand i wanted then i said that john i want totell me and i'm in and i can remember veryvividly because i looked at him and ii said i don't even yourfamily you know my room and my family you know that my familyand my reputation mean everything to me and it's just absolutely
necessary and john that you tell me the first day johnnemeth has the authority to direct me in the society that's a propersimon and that time to go forward and they continually receiveit is a itdoes have the authority or the new youarticle four i said and commenting on thesecrecy here and explained that as saying thatbut for the sake of syria this whole simonand getting these funds to these people for this purpose to get into the personbe misinterpreted and then i'm never use the various treaties that they could they wouldhave our heads in their last which again would indicate to methat it would jeopardize the campaign and he says something like this is political dynamite
i don't remember that but i remember the key events in the innerlatin their laps are remarking might've said political dynamite but theeffect of all this most of that was through theeffect actually was that it what about the concern that i inheritedthat the old upper limit of this medium and i went out of themat certain that was for me to go backto california it's this contributor this firstcan trigger that would approach in this program or even though he toldthem to maintain the secrecy and that ifit ever now they say i think of the name of the democratsare in their laps might jeopardize thecampaign that would suggest you any impropriety know if notwhy not it just and it suggested that maybe the concern was
that that this would have a vivid if it got into thepress misinterpreted without of innocents it would be misinterpreted andwhatever way that the thunder begins being given to these peopleareyouwellthe misinterpretation would be the us who has been done thesilence its people within about any other interpretation i didone interpretation if you have a wide interpretation as istated in my opening statement that i felt nothe green lighted been given that these people in some manner expressa lawyer and possibly maybe like this
just by chance or they had gone forward on thisidiotic on stupid thinginto the water in this watergate break in an illegal actand that song and i never and i couldn't i did not know and i neverknow know a coma mr bean a mystery reportedideas at the feeling that someone had given the going insome manner and that someone felt that even though these people are done in anillegal act the decent thing to do is to provide themwith the blues provide them with lawyers and provide them with family support andnot not the us or fire and about inthis plan rather than actually supportingknow background knowledge at all and
that this is just the impression that i i receive no i thought of frank wheelerthe dna of various human thing hearmorei know i have such trustin the industry being unearthed early going that i if i wasa prize by them ashore by than there was in my mindthere was no possibility there be any yeari knowyes irecall i think i picked up a possibly a thirty thousanddollars the next day that western group gave to me in his office atthe seminole one consonant and that you and
i may have on the cbs show recall i wasi had i call them after the lastwords that came down to washington and the state of the statler hilton and ii gave in those funds in his room with a stutter don'twant to answer you raisemoney i called mrthomas b jones sometime between that wasaugust first from august with an uncertain as to the dayand you i give that ilike mine sam he had earlier indicated to me that he would havefunds for me any special needelizabeth jones is the
chairman of north or corporation in californiahistory of personally i'm really neededany help thepresident's reelection campaignhis earlier statement to meand he indicated immediately that he'd be glad to see mia and no weworked out a time that was initially convenient i went to his office in thecentury city and muscle cells i think it was in the midafternoon and met with him there andwe had a fifteen minute meeting or thereabouts and he tookfrom his best day package and the head of intimate with mybriefcase left his office and went back to neworleans it was seventy five thousand dollars in cash
and you know with the nomination in one hundred dollar bills as i remember itwhy i want to know again just as withmr stanza i told him that it was for a special assignmenti did not i told it was an assignment thati could not reveal the nature of it that i've been given an assignmentby someone in authority the white housei think it would be yesnow howwithin the leg was the nextday would pass with a following that us with him on to california
at my request and i met him out in orange county in front ofthe order and an orange county near my office in newport beachand to answer it iasked him to meet me in front of the airport are integral role in my car picked him upwe grow apart and taught i gave him the fund's i think weprobably reviewed our own notes as to howmuch had been received and how much administrative and to home andthen after i think was a half are so ilet him out in front of the orange county airport and you know again this demandfor the transmission of the finals and what this article are secret that did it that'srightyes sir
presumably that that night obamadoes that was heavy operationwell my memory is that withintwo days after that i was in washington i think i saw mr erlichman atthat time and i called him out of the fact had raised seventyfive thousand from iowa mr jones without a sign that's my recollectionat the time i met mr woodman i think there are other things we discussed whetherit was just finewithout without more houses is you'redoingyou know in no way whatsoever isesther this assignment yeah absolutely
none are now into the sitesquestion that probably in mid augustand then continuing not to my recollection of mrbean initial wrote contacted me andindicating they needed additional funds and by this time in lateaugust bowl a degree of concern that come backon it come back on meat to the level that iknow that i did not want to spend any longer in this in this society wasandrew no it was notbut what was a secrecy at night that wasthe primary factor and that is that i think that mystery alaska let'smention some cautionary words the remote from aprofessional police officer with gave me some pause i think there were other
things that we had in the press but aboutwhere he is coming or more a foreign investor andi think it just all appear together was there was enough so thatby certainly by ear as i say late august toseptember i was certain that i would not continue in a society that is gaza'sno sir i did notand this isdisgusting i don'trecall yesterday should i ever discussestaliban didn't want to simply tell them that i would do no moremike
dean they're interchangeable and since we're there were instructionsto to disperse those funds radical ithink that was the instruction i received was infor in my memory palaces of seventyyes i think though that the words were in immediatethere was a direction was for me to have the fundsdisbursed immediately to him this is hot and then theimbalance of the funds whocalledwell yes i did wasabout reconciliation within my memory is that the
reconciliation is probably only twenty first of septemberand i think that was joel rose and i was inthe that's my recollection as to the date and at thattime i just went through my entire record that i had inmy notes and again in the toll funds received whole dispersedand those in that income and out realagreed with mr roose rightwhere in his office welli my recollection is that i as a new shred my notes and he
was smoking and i'm not sure who isnewsmagazines with pianos were destroyedwe will again with combat as toraise money for the defendants you would doin a more concerns expressed when ever again request have to do tosave them yes i was because when youcan recall that happening and who was there and i think i may have been approacheda once or twice naturally aseptember twenty first meeting but i read remembera meetingoccurred on the nineteenth of january and now washington mrmitchell songs was their estimate was mr mitchellmr dean little room myself and please tell us
who said why would you say i've been asked whymr bean and meeting those votersminutes before the warehouse to the master mitchellone of the same knee in his office and i recall that it was arainy afternoon and we ran through the rain a half block of seminole in pennsylvaniawent up to mr mitchell's office when we walk into his office wejoined mr mitchell who was sick as seated at his deskand that little rule who was also in the office theamenities that wastricky let the conversation immediately i could saythat the purpose of this meeting was to ask me to raise additionalfunds and immediately as soon as that became known that remainsthe name for those initial funds for lawyers and for them i
support it i knew i wanted to withdraw as soon as possible and i i wasi excused myself within ten minutes at the most ten or fifteen minutesto his presence in his office as surrealistic as discussions onvarious organized by iowa who is aware of the conversation we're allseated right around business was my recollection that the mustardbeing led the conversation i don't remember mr deythe trauma roomat a dinner conversation yes sir i did that was theend of the oar on raising forty years ago for thequestionyes it wasthe immediate reason why it came in
a phone call to save a typewriterliterally sue and afew elections is correct mr hughes they dochicken joe as a guest haveremoved the danes as a teenager in the mayflower hotel could you be mistakenno i don't think i mistakenly think mr dean may be mistaken andhe stays a few days later you met in lafayettepark he'srightit
is election is the northeast of what mr davis testified to whatwe just have a different memory on this my memory is that wemet him in the parkorensteindisneyi don't like thathe also stated that you suggested the use of joining us what's that rightnow it's just my memoryi willjoin
ustwo or three times somaybe sixty nine untiloctober first and seventy one and onlymoreover simon's we're going uprue time my understanding is that he was doing investigative work forme for the lastword on the first week of julypeople answer i remember it's a minute
call i'm not certain whether it was the midst of thenumbers tomorrow and striking me that it was to be giventhese farms oh i've been asked about the meeting on july nineteen whichmeans all correctly about their sourceso you dohe didn't move the passionate of the money in hispresence can you tell us the purpose of a milliondollars again my recollection of that meeting was thatsome forty thousand was given to me by masculine mr deansoffice and there may well and instructions given to methere's no question about the passing of a lot
of money on mondayas a three of us were together in his officeyou about it was an afghanwell i think he probably had seen all of the trailers were together in thatmeeting with a singular <unk> he knows that his bestand most euro and i were were seated togetherone mid september to do research on a phone call telling you totell us which to give world which ran for a thousand dollars i believe and theyale howard johnson national watergate lovemewhetherwistful andyesterday
mrthompson this particular conversation that wasmostly it was to get response to mrmorrow i playit isbusinessesin his writings i want to make it clear that iwas interchangeable is nervous concerned that between must remain an official wrote onthese instructions are as christians the thrill in theinstruction i recall
instructions wasan impression new to continue to raise money ahuman videos on anyone else no ithink that mr dino probably the one with themost often about the us continuing asis intimated little room i have spoken to maybe once or twice buti don'tthank you for the questionthesenate the day ended with the pressure up still a bit more to get the
documents the committee wants from the white house with a flair that would have made a playwrightproudly committee followed the generally mild testimony of richard moore without a federal aviationadministrator alexander butterfield when told how the president's office meetings andtelephone conversations were take the white house admits the truth about her fields testimonyand says the president is aware of his remarks all of us are suddenly faced with apossibility of been able to listen to a group of tape recordings that could resolveonce and for all the basic question of president nixon's possible involvement inthe knowledge of the watergate cover up or to jail and watched today's sessionwith us today and heard these revelations along with everyone else and they aren'tcottage washington attorney author of the new book the institutional imperativeand david epstein adjunct professor of law georgetown university law center in washington nowasking a very simple question velma by overstated what we learned todaywe think history of scientists is of critical importance and the water rules of law that hasn't
been mention too much by the senator's is the best evidence rule dr the point is thatto the best evidence of what went on his conversations that john dean testified today is thatthe cape fear john dean's conversations took place for the president and john deantestified or something else was sobering these conversations in these tapes will be the onesthat can lead us to an understanding what happened there it's interesting that mrbutterfield said that one of the reasons for keeping these cases for historical record now what could bemore important in these historic hearings that are taking place and the wavethey are making historical record player at this time is to make these tapes available andthat the committee in the public find out what actually happened during these various meetingswallace well i think what you saidis true that certainly it's pretty vital evidence is going to come out what fascinated mewas the way the white house staff was organized theserevelations are just fascinating to see the intricacies of the organization and you see how
everybody was running on his own little set of rails and tending to his own drumbeati believe mr butterfield said that only forpeople maybe five including his secretary knew what was going on with the tape recordingexcept that it was being recorded in the depository was with the secret servicedavid what you think of the weather executive privilege couldbe and vote realistically to withhold these tape recordingsfrom the committee well i think this point the committee is relying quite a lot ofpublic pressure time again senator vacationers a mistake to ruleof law that witness has evidence or information is peculiarly withinhis capability in his possession and he doesn't come forward that information that you can draw anadverse inference then you can presume that if the information were made public by that witnesswho has it that it would be contrary to the witnesses interests so it's not really
at this point a question of executive privilege but a question of presenting to the public thefact that the president has certain tapes a concerning conversations that he had anact at this point he has made them available mr butterfield suggested that the president was goingto base defense on him and the question then is why the president waited until nowbefore making a lonely existence of these tapes bob do you see anyrealistic way the president could withhold these tapes at thestage of the game i mean about me on the legal side above and beyond executive privilege i'm in publicpressure forcing to some way the best answer that iremember a famous statement jefferson was not said john marshall has madehis decision now let him enforce the famous for supreme courtchief justice president has an awful lot of practical portthere's an awful lot in those tapes a lot of
conversations recorded that probably for many reasons he wouldn't want usto one would be one one two conversations in your own living room recordand coming up practically can say no sure enough that alsoposes another interesting question in order to find the portions on the tape that would be relevant tothis inquiry somebody used that episode and listen to all of them and you makethat point who would that person these two guys from the committee what you guys what kind ofbalance baby under it could present some very difficult there's some court procedures that have beendeveloped for confidential information where the judge takes the informationgoes through it in indian chambers and then the judge decides whether it isrelevant and it can be released that's been attacked a numberof ordinary lawsuit is not giving thedefense lawyers played for the defendant a chance to know what can argue with thejudge about it but it has been done presumably the reason for adding
take the conversations in the president's own living room so to speak was at some point they would be madeavailable of course the president i presume thought that they would be made availableunder circumstances in a time of his own choosinghearings have changed the timing of that now i think we are quite right planning up the pressure isenormous for having real at this time and also you're quite right in pointing out thatregardless of whether we ever hear the tapes are what conditions that these tape recordings have now becomehistorically the most historically famous tape recordings of the history of united states of europe thank you both verymuch for the discovery of the presidential debates today may in the short runraise more questions unanswered especially over the committee's ability to get access to themand that's peter ted talk today with chief committee counsel sam dash about that problemmr diers do you seriously think that the white house is reluctant to turn overstaff documents is going to make cheap recordings of presidential conversations available of thiscommittee i think the issue anymore probably cause that we're not
dealing here with so called papers that the president that the fight is thesecond there was about a mile much we may differ on the issue of executive privilege here we're talking aboutspecific conversations with mr dean that even the president has indicatedis that no executive privilege where he is way the attorney client privilege and executor of the tissues hasalready given us a substantial information concerning that seemed to me is quite late mondayanybody raising withholding that information as well rummaging through isbecause we have specific dates now we've set specific information given we now can as for thespecific information on national security are no national security about thatthe disclosure of the existence of the white house tapes is not only the most dramatic thing tocome out of that hearing so far it completely alters the situation regarding what the committeesees as its most burning point of inquiry and senator baucus definition it iswhat the president knew and when he knew it until today john dean looked very
isolated as the president's accusers it was unlikely that anyone coming up in the witness list wouldhave either the motivation or the knowledge to corroborate what didn't claim presidentnixon knew of a cover up for eight months conversely even after a parade ofnixon loyalists including haldeman ehrlichman colson claiming that the presidentdid not know the nation might have remained a skeptical as the gallup and other polls currentlyshow it is the tapes can change all but decisively and completelyif the white house agrees to release them they will show that john dean is right or that mr nixon isright the decisive date maybe the conversation of march thirteenth they share whendean clancy discussed both hush money and executive clemency with the presidentif they actually being nixon conversations and not conclusive there are anynumber of other conversations colson mitchell alderman an eloquentwhich could exonerate or incriminate the president all meticulously
recorded in this passion for posterity what remains is this question wellmr nixon released the tapes it's hard to conceive of them are refusing to do sothe nation knows that john dean has accused the president of conniving in a massiveobstruction and just of justice the nation now knows the truth resides not inpeoples' hazy or bias memories but on magnetic tape not to releasethe text or to announce that they had been accidentally erased or destroyedwould leave the greater suspicions and they already skeptical public mindwell whether that tomorrow night at the same time my colleagues peter change inwhere this is robert macneil goodnight friend back from washingtonyou been watching gavel to gavel that yielded coverage of hearings by the senate select committee onpresidential campaign activities this coverage is made possible by grants for specialevents coverage from the corporation for public broadcasting and the ford foundationand has been a production of unpacked and a vision of a greater washington educational
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 4
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 21 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Richard Moore, Alexander P. Butterfield and Herbert W. Kalmbach testify.
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Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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