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my americanexpress card speaking of this or did you receive any expensesfor the us to people who went togot to california or any expenses well again and foryears to come to washington well like i said in the californiaoperation for the best of my recollection this these expensesafter we got to california and iwas sent webegin in miami this differs from other operations and ibelieve that the best of my recollection in the washington operation i hadbeen giving amount of money previously by mr hunt and i wantto slip the stomach you some agency and about tickets before buthow much were you given by a master plani remember when i
was in californiaany moneydid you buy the tickets for mr martinez and a day off and the otherpeople came in from miami and washington out of europe with your mightexpress card michael believes these casesall these expenses came out of the operational money for theaccounting which it i would do with this for fun at the time and senator alcubbage going to do that and people whowe believe that this seems strange when you are doing a great operationall for expenses are clear about whatpeople get taken care of and then they have forgotten about that you don't think
about that and you don't remember them you don't specify them exceptthat they're trying to give an accounting i remember the exact detail after twoyears which was the operation where the money was given because icannot i cannot recall a question i'm asking you is did mrhunt give you any money for yourself on eachother people prior to going to california or prior to coming towashington dc in the case of california i have that that's my recollection i was givenonly minor indignities of the tripin washington i believe that was written out of money and i cannot remember whatamount was given to me because in those particular cases when wecame to washington this is so money was a larger number of people involvedand i dont remember now it must
continue who he was working for at the timeyes at the time mr huntwas a cult horror at the white eye on oneoccasion i remembered that i had that was the second buildingand went home and you mentioned theinternal security aspects of the overpaidand it was with that motivation that you get into that outwhat that he mentioned to you about the you knowdemocratic national committee headquarters on the mcgovern headquarters otherthen that the simple objective of going in there to find out what the foreign governments havemade contributions to either the democratic national committee or to resti was an electrician well
when you mention to you that the reason that he wantedto go into the democratic national committee was to find out whether ornot that greatand that was your assignment to look atthe documents as you went in and therefore danielmartinez to follow as you give them the documents with a little apartmentthat right now us dated in response tosenator baker's question that you found no evidence in the documents that youstole how many contributions to the mcgovern campaign part of thedemocratic national committee and many foreign governments and still you pursued thephotography you know that iscorrect why did you because that back it meansthat i can cover and that i read included
names of prisoners in any one particular case there was a series oflocationsand another documentthey have a name and a foreign company knows areall connected as being something very instrumental withrespect to internal securityoh i don't understand that question the documentsthat i photograph i had photographed wereonly photograph of the reasons that i believe at that time wasthe judgment as to what i have explained i have stated that it was evidentthat kind of information we wish it was notavailable at that office so it is that the best i could of the circumstances
as a matter fact mr parkerthe general purpose of political espionageand not internal security oh he's greatin the subsequent eventswould you agree with me now that itwas in fact political espionage i wouldrespectfully disagree with that quietly in the reason becausemy motivation was that we try andwhile all that was no there's no reason not to change that motivationfor i know that is going to implementthe white house is not what led to to believe that because mr hunt was working at the
white house that this was a covert operation undercia ol blister inthe staging that i call this was a covertoperation firstly it i had never stated that this was acovert cia cia operation i have stated here that couldnot be cia operations says it was a national security matterand the reason that i'm building the world's firstmy previous associations with him as thehighest representative in the pay of the fact that hewas at this time a member of thethat had the white house i have no reason to think that anythingelse in this matter what we're told by the cia which provided atechnical way operation
up during his operation usedthe apartment that wasevident this week i used by thecia that is the documents that hehad to beand he had gotten me at the time that was obtained from ciabut there'sthree nationalsecurity it was about the act of the best of myknowledge and that is going throughwhat my thinking was two things that was thatwhen you had a meeting with them is to hunt thirty hamilton majorhotel in washington dc preliminary going over to the watergate
operation did you at any time he mentioned in the government orders and thedemocratic national committee asked him if any specific questions as to whatthe entry into these two places would have with that whatrelevance it would have with internal security no i never asked you think aboutit just speculating own mind about it atthat time in places i had no reason tospeculate on these matters and i see no reason to change his at thetime imean pleasewrite what you know and now going into a political party
offices be construed as a paramilitary operationnow by one stretch of the imagination to respect anoperation is that the procedure that was usednow it's still your opinion that what you'd beenworse in the interest of national securityi am confused by all the information but i see noreason to keep them thenature of the assignment aswhatdo
you make youready thelawi think ithinkanything beyondthis nowthere'sno place in theeu
i have to findyoui meanthank you ithas been andsoin one year
using forour purposesistrue that you have some yes sure ithink it is only fair before i leave hereto say anything away the thingimean a man of whom i am very proudto have been associated with the mainly i am speakingto them my threeassociates for miami i think i had given a
general description of mr martinez is only throughout thestate that mr frank sturgis who wasfrankly rainy is an icon asfighter well who iswas fought against dictatorship not only a rightthat he was the first person to defendagainst castro after helping him with his revolution but he is meetingtomorrow rates over cuba thathe had been captured at hungary'sgovernment by hundreds of a kind of the great cubanthat mr gonzales was a member of the only opening session of theweek with an extensive background in the underground in
cuba that all the men are devoted family manand feel very deeply and i have beenhere as a freshman but as a party andthat it would be unfair thatthese men were considered in anything but in the tribewhich of the things that they believe in that weall outside of reprimands of my in somecases of the theory need for having acted in in in these mattersfor years beforebeing with a simple traffic violations that we're notthat the words recently saidwe are the world all of those were going
to live with we rejectthe word there wasno need to we're not for saleandi'm feeling like that i don't mean thatthey were not before ofhealth effectspolice believe thatitisthat's the first round of
testimony barra bonobo a locker as usual committee reserves the right torecall the witnesses the next witness is often see baldwin a third former fbiagent from the motel across the streetwe'd like to thank those of you more than twenty five thousand have taken the trouble to write as to expressyour opinions and these kind of experimental coverage of these hearings if any of you wouldstill like to write us and that will affect our decisions on whether to do this kind of coverage in the futureyou can do so by dropping an ode to impact bach's three hundred washingtondc to oh four four our coverage of the guns willcontinue on average coverage of thesehearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs thepublic broadcasting serviceoh yes and black continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee
on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert mcneilthe hearings continue with testimony from alfred see baldwin the third hesays he hoped that doing a good job on his intelligence operations might win him apermanent job in the white housethis week allright
manyusers robertsiegel and her nine month in newjersey north haven connecticut we use email address or inconnecticut or six five one seven iunderstand that the witnesses a short statement or even that i would like to work withwantto make a part of therecord my understanding of my status as torrid affairi wish to read the following memorandum into therecord at this time
this memorandum was a memorandum prepared by my attorney robert rydelli don't know modify our conceive on the third straightnine seven six seventy two four forty amon seventh nineteen seventy two roberts singerbass player jay terms of radius where attorneys knownto the government to be representing elephants evolve together i suspect in the waragainst themcamel and see more lands are united states attorneys and arepresented to us to be an assistant united states attorney attorney general and thewatergate incident a meeting was held at the united states district court houseon the morning a seventy five seventy two by whichtime it was represented to us by the government that baldwin would not be a
defendant in the watergate matter if he cooperated the government journeystated that if they were satisfied with ballance information he would not beindicted negotiations seized a twelve thirty pm so that'llgradient i could talk of all five forty five pm we notify thegovernment the ball would cooperate you got to fight through photographs from aphotographic spread and generally told of his watergate knowledge he was againtold as we were he would not he would be a witness not adefendant he and o'grady and i relied on this representationby the government and plans were made for formal statements in the future theconference tournaments and forty pm at the last show of conferencewere camel plans or silver fbi agents land so and thekennan o'grady baldwin and two or three other person'snot known to me by name the miners soon to be
courageous for members of the staff assistant united states attorneys handling this mattersign robert zimmerman they did in the war left hand corner seven six seventy two forthirty six pm and then right below that this is an accurate count of the happenings of sevenfive seventy to united states did the courthouse running thirty sixand i'm robert siegelthatpromise today as i testified here and from the very beginning of my decisionto cooperate on june twenty fifth to now i've attempted totell truth of this incident to the government i believe that as i donow there's only one government and i have talked to flee to the united states attorneyas a religious committee i do not regret this decision although mylife was that timeshare i cannot now find employment and i have been withoutfunds my family has been squeezed i believe since i was working
attorney general and white house officialswould not question to do what i was asked to do now is now i regret only thatdecision regardless of this question not follow through with my commitment to telegram and theamerican people the truth is when the witness read the firstpart of the recordmy understanding was that is really fallinginto the river wearelosing that i am still relying on that promise today what onthe promise of united states attorneys and if i cooperate i would be awitness not a defendant you can save them isyours to witness before committee of the united states senate
has the morning give us fuel an attack have immunity from prosecutionby reason number the usthere isthere's been greatly reducedweare that'swhen you understand my position is what
your position isthat they would make you and that is thereason why lownumbersas chairmanof the wider has had an opportunity to interview with this what was onmore than one occasion from connecticut and i've recommendedi don't recall that it was during the first conversation subsequent conversation following
a burrito media and my resume from the society of ex fbi agents in new york cityandhe didn't wantto have explicit details said it was a matter of urgency that if it was possible to cometo watch and were you like interviewing he created basically informing that it would involvesecurity work for the committee to reelect the president and that particular time inspecific some services with this is martin white of the attorneygeneralon the following morningthat's right
yes i waslarrytye mr hoover had passed away that morning and was some confusioncommittee really reporters report was the fact thatthis is that you would be departing bad day for a trip to the midwestfor possibly two hours or so it was a determined whether or not she would make atrip after it was determined that she would just record then tookme to the office of mr moreau but he stayedi was determined thatthis match would make sure i was taken to the opposite of the roomwhat i was told would have the final say whether or not i wasvery pre interview with
mystery that lasts approximately three minutes was thedecisionwe need moneyfinalsnicethat's right
thecity's new rulessoyou werei didn't take a position that went through thetrip when i returned what she was another trip schedule
on thursday of the week we return to turn down anyonehe died i believe the statue was one another tripthat thursday i was told the decision had been reached yetwhen i would be going to keep their weapon in my position imean to go back to connecticut to get more clothing so it stayed with me you know backto connecticut when i returned from connecticut mr mccourt it was reallygoing on this is mitchell and it had other were forming a new and at the time hesaid it was a huge development yes we wentdownstairs of the hotel outside the barbershopthat is likehe says the rules also mean
i don't believe it was one hundredmusicians or record mr adamsi was being used mainly due to security force that waspresident headquarters are hundreds of people and mr mitchelloffices i was taken around that shows officer different people in each oneof these officersseveraltimesthat question came up originally senator and the night mustrecord telephone me because on the resume that was made with the us in societyactivist vigils for your report
i asked him about the star of the tournament because i imagine that there would be no sense in wasting yourtime my time if theincentive here is messy it would involve a matter of seventydollars a day while and witnesses mitchell and it would be a different range when i was notworking with mrs major crimesdo you have anyjulie's thenineteen seventies as an actorthat's right
what isthepresident's message forher seventy two august nineteen seventy twoyearsmaybe four cents that's what the purpose of expenditure and the
composite expenditures are what travel expenses forreimbursement for travel expenses incurred whilewitnesses mitchellregarding our expendituresms millercoinciding with the voucher which you submitted for travelexpenses attendant to sit with his visionyou'reright
philip welcomethat's righti never received any official notificationdid you return to the officergus two and was even a notification of permission ornot nowthat's
right it really doeson my return to washington i was advised that the school would be going with this asmuch on the trip to nebraska and this record wanted me to perform other functions in thewashington dc area which would cover surveillance activityall at that time i don't believeit was any specific organization but on a day to day basis he would give the instructions were to goand what type of activity to ruleon my return back i stayed at yale undersmith walker from the committee headquarters mr mccourt it wouldlikely going to move to the howard johnson's where he obtained aroom and that cut down expenses i should stay at our jobsyou're
welcomeoh yesbriefly on the activities were coming i was at a splendid conference on that friday withrene davis was doing that he wanted me to go to the news coverage to obtainany information i could oh reallybut he made it well and they're twentyeight and surveillance activities ofthese organizations and occurrences in the washingtondc area that nowanytime you sent to
the capitol inand that was a day after governor wallace was signed to go to the capitol rotundawhere there was planned sincethen we'll use themto areas outside the office ofthe visitors inthat's correctdr besser you're goingto recall theseareas where the two which you want them werejews or prisons in those areasgoing to do some great injustice to somebody represent half century were their
names i know i went to where senator kennedy's officeone particular day at the capitol largenumber of demonstrators have been receiving senate passes to thegallery area this was also the day that the three astronauts appeared and the informationcirculating amongst the different security officers up there with the houses were being issued byleaving senator kennedy's office and of the nature of modern senator reid allsorts of that time and one of my phone calls to mr mccourt i buy this itwant me to go to the senator's office to determine what groups were in the early at how theprices were being in another distributed police doing it updatingany literature that was being handed out basically try to determine what groups were in the area of thesenator's office that's not a coincidenceyou know
representatives from new york i believe it was the answer mytransition for a comment and representative chisholm anddoes my recollection i don't recallmean your ears nowthat's correct because it's mr johnson that'scorrect i believehe's a gentlemen from europe to believe that possibly as one of the other gunman from yoursurveillance you also surveillance the
demonstrationsi participated in demonstrations in the capitalrep roskam that's rightyou write millennials news conferencesurveillance on the hill and a time to leave capitol hillit was a planned demonstration at the airforce base the day that the president was leaving for moscow on saturday morning andjust record if you're seeing thoseare instructions from the summit or those twoyears of those activities were that's correct
i didn't want to just advise anybody had a rumor but certainly when iwent downstairs and asked for mayor i was told it was under the name of mccourtassociates and it the desperate my name announced an e mail was received they'reput in the record associates roomyou're not used tothesedayswell i wasn't going to getany time i would stop by any government agency or law enforcement bodyregarding the weapon regarding my presence in a particular area was to do
to things and one advisor and i work for the committee to re elect the presidentthere was insecurityi was working for the former attorney general john mitchellthen as a last resort they had missed him the court's business card that saidjames mccord director of security committee to reelect president of telephone number justgive the person the car and they would call and so on at least three or fouroccasions that process had to be followed or identify myself ouressay for fourteen can use that to the committee in some of thoseoccasions when you have to use these recordsas a means of song i have no authority to carry weapons sowhen i flew to connecticut i would declare the weapon and there i was flying over yourlines so that every time i would find i would have to declare the weapon and
they would verify the fact they would call me the ticket agent and a manager withthe office to make a call it would say they were in the gun back tome no time i was questioned by the fbi last year on the capitolhill it verified and then the day at andrews air force base i would stopit or security police and they don't call them the committee headquarters verifythings i was told everything's ok on my hands of identification returned to me and i was on myway reallyit's true yes i was i was usually yeahit was written waiting periods and evilisithere
that's rightthatwas lou reside in some electronic equipment in the roomwhen i enter the room it was actually two pm in the afternoon i believe about that arein the court was in the room anoperating one of the receiver units that time i didn't know what would explain thatthough is this is the first time you have seen electronic equipment inroom four ninety this particular piece of equipment that hewas working on it was the first time i had seen there and there was a piece ofelectronic equipment which was contained in that briefcase that had been described to me that i hadpreviously seen at the committee to re elect the president headquarters
this was calling the border and i'm wondering ifreading i have seen previous of theequipment that he was working on one end of the room i had never seen that beforehewas doing it this is a unit was operating in hue isfourteen trillion dollars but youknow it had just drivensix hours and the citizens you didn't act and relaxed all explainthis and take a shower and shave and joyother individuals would be coming
security for you in your decisionthey would be introduced under aliases to me andi would also be interviews division a quarter don't think his personal story collection and you werebecause of the nature of the work were involving i'm going to use an alias for you know using this for themnobody's the us museumsuntil just units i have used on the surveillance operationwas a juniorincertain individualsa script to an interesting tothe room when he entered the room with a quarter million at this pointinterview series about polygamy and at least have the
engine and got confused because he and using theseinterviews news and he was introducing andi don't know the senate that point and how did we can't retractmany try to reduce any of the miles they couldn't remember their firstnames asubtlyand the fbi directorseventy sixthat's correctthe prison by returning from connecticut was to work that weakens recorded
i think it that would be you know we would have to work that we can i didn't know wewere going to mcgovern headquarters and two we arrived at the scene right here we stoppeddevice batteries sitting in the right seatas we drove by headquarters he pointed to abuilding he said this is what we're interested in we gonna need some other people herethen he proceeded to explain that we have to find our individualone of my mentors here will be any young girls tighten keep your eyes openfor the volkswagen for the message i think even less a boy and as a boyin the volkswagen show we have one of our one of our peoples inside the headquartersproblem was that there was an individual standing outside of mcgovern'sheadquarters which was a second storey headquarters ofthe worst tours there was a chain across it and this individual was there aswas lady approximately one or two o'clock in the early
morning hours of this record was quite upset the fact this individual standing in front of thestore he had no business being a recording of this recordany communicationwith sweetenersstraight quartersinto a regular car individual light from the carbecame an offensive mr mccourt scott oversaw was between mr mccourt andthis individual was mr mcgeedid you succeed in getting into the governmentpours and it now around this record wasaround it was over half hour another
factor about the hourly wages into the building as they discuss the problem of lightsthere was a discussion whether or not their man was still inside the civildiscussions and finance committee said it will abort the mission was his turni wasinstructed to monitor all telephone conversations that there were being receivedover these units were in the howard johnson and to make a lot of audiencewithanythingthe conversationswe
haveeating sectionsso whatspecifically is subjectto prosecutionweinitially the first day it was on a yellow legal pad system a courttook the actual long can copy that i have made such
quality return to the real i mean it wasreally like a typewriter yes we do tramsright my notes and typed written for making up importingcopies and original and an onion skin that's rightyou knowrecording the one incident where i was a telephonefrom miami and told the liberal arts to republican headquarters the committee toreelect president and pennsylvania which i didthat's correct
during the roman monument was the toiletsall thiswe cando visual surveillance isn't anybody from democratic headquartersand also like you to give me a pretext to take a tour of the democraticheadquarters i didn't agree with hisapproach and i asked him if i could do it a different way i follow that way and iwas in an e two at the democratic headquarters that daywe speakaswe
speak well after the tour center of the mcgovern headquarters it wasobvious that mr ryan was not in the washington area and thatevent in miami and working in miamithe democratic national committee headquarters after night to hearfrom the information i've received was the fact that mr obama had not been in washington for thepast month or so longer than in miami and the court was quitepleased to hear this and itcalled for a rescheduling of the timetable because you're quite upset with the fact that i would have tomake some arrangements for me to go to miami hediscussed with the fact that i will be better and that i would be going to thedemocratic in the republican conventions but in view of thisinformation that mr ryan was in miami this seemed to change his timetable and therest of the week at several different points tom you would like to get me at my
identification sold up and get me down to miami some otherindividuals regarding lessons and it was approved i would be going to miamiyesyesit isso instructionsdr jason batterieslittle flashlight batteries in some what he called speaker wire which is where we'regoing to work subtly having unilateralwent out it had to be easy just insane
another firearm you'reso basic many enemies are also veterans together duringthe course of that time he madeyeah to thepoint where it is the difficulty was a gentleman working in thedemocratic national committeeknow not until he was on the phone at one point he said we still cango over there because it's really working and i looked across and there was somebody working in the democratic headquartershe told me you know we don't knowand some people left and the decision was made togo across the street
at ten pm none of thecontentions mccord left the room amenitiesin tempe and you need to get one point to buy some equipmentradio discussed or someplace they return and subsequent at itagain when the yeardo you have any instructionshe was just leavingbecause of ebolawhat you want to see anything anything on any activitythat was it didn't mean any type of the reviewer
called music and tommy any type of political nameextended his instructionssowe is thatanything you see anystrangersno watchesyour role and also what youobserved in the early morning hours of juneseventeen handspengler was on thebalconyseventeen that's correct
and ensure the guard was therewas a guard standing in front of the building and twenty six hundred across thewording watching this individual when a car stopped three menalive even proceeded inside headquarters i didn't really pay attention thegentleman was alot of your head of yourself you were out and aboutfollowing the general instructionsas part of mr mcwhorter observe anything unusual restaurant what hetaught me was inside the room that's correct arenow did you hear the conversations this is prior to iranand the foreign innovations did notdid you observe that you observe anything across a way that was unusualnow certain way of our lights going on now nasser are did
you see any individual i believe it was just an impulse a subsequentto work around the time of the arrival of the three gentlemen i do remember observing this region andleave the car and going to that building there werethreeof the first thing that really struck me my mind was to get a thorough orbuilding the lights when an entirely forit means more i'm an insight into the walking talkingand not knowing whether to say you have one air base wonder how to call it is going towork and i believe it was both designation john warner i might even sent headquarters and what'sthe nice one to anyone that you read it and then kind of what came outof that original have what have you got my city lights this one on anentire eighth floor so we know that that's the two o'clock or checkthere's no video surveillance
singing out on the balcony andi know as a loyal supporter i mean sixfor the democratic national headquarters to extreme right because when everything went welli went back inside the walkie talkies are standingin the doorway when i observe these individuals coming out on the balconywell there were two individualsjerry russouniversity you'rezooming across his chest your individual have a weaponout in the long linehere stock sales are the michael unitagain face one are you one are people in suits are they dressed casually
and are holding back our people and dressed in suits whyi say when it gets in trouble because there's individuals out here are dressed casually got their gunsout andit's been dannyquintana the yellow ribbon it really is beginning has come and come and hold anybody therewhen he was an army so i went out on the balcony and i just stood there and watched these individuals as theyproceed to search about a third individual also commanding officer whoturned the lights on searching and that officers were three odyssey searchingwere you able to observeanyone else on the street belowi don't work directly recalling that specific pointsenator pryor writes junior wealthy individualsthen went into the office and proceed to the left of the building as they pass through
to the quarter light was on and the pacified areas of the story that anyoneoutside i didn't see himi believe it was about this time that a voice cameover the unit saidthey got as a whisper of that they've got us and thenwhen i leave with mr mccourt voice in the distance ofsaying are you gentlemen metropolitan police are some something to that effectand then another voice came out of cities to a grocerystore it's always listening you knowi didn't know what it was i just think yes i am as well be right or subsidizeor two innovators working out between the watergatebuilding directly across one closest to the capitol building here they cannot an alleyway
one gentleman looked up at me iwas just looking and that was mr hockey he was dressed in a wind breakerwhen baker and believe god for sure you know john was dressed in suits and from myobservation he didn't look up with and i had to believe it was just really i meani think you see a lot of our judges willtell me they want to fund us forcomplex it almost directly from that one got into a car andproceed in history and certainly the car another reason i'mon my way in which was famously are strapped him into the roomand freedoms of the room everythingwell he proceeded over and i was standing
there and i was in the military he crouched under a tablejust about this time that are leading to record a huge amount ofpolice cars singing unintelligiblehe went to the bathroom and came out and he said i'm gonnacolor wonderful homelessness right there in overa number a cousin in the motel place along this is going to have to gothrough the desk so he dialed me as i would do it i doubt local numberof direct outnumber he proceeded to tell me no intention of conversation i wentback on a balcony in canada watch i get here and state i've got fivethousand dollars cash on me now for bond or vail if we needed and thensomething to the effect of you going down or so and i don't think thatthat was a human that preceded him instructions what to do with the equipment
those instructions well you remember walkingtalking and trying to pack up everythingand leave his expression was to get the hell out of here get yourself that therewere even a week ago as wind old connecticut visible goand that he says will be in touch you get further instructionsconsequently <unk> says records the record labelabout that because i said borders to you know i want me why can't you drive in some way can drive youback i got to get back he says reporters and we were driving back andwe're going to worknor was hewas partying and use it to him as youwere just as insist that i wasn't going to miami
lawthough you accidentallyyou accidentally sent memosthat aspectand i was given instructions to pack up everythingaway mr mccourt every casewas open it does what it unseemly does what he put his was alwayschange his car keys was personal effects were on the bedsince it is an insider's testseated all the logs are so
i mean are there was one hundred and one call that day i was still in theroom on the large he put that with only a yellow padit was released by the time i did i took everything it was there werevery and along with that mandate insurance will bedifferent but i haven't even for myself right foramateur into mr records briefcase and then wheni realized i'd put my own personal note book in there and the yellow canproceed to remove those and i didn't stop to separate the papers i just threw them into myattach a case that when i arrived back in connecticut soi immediately wrote a letter telling him thatgermany's
follow mehe's been inprisonwethinkit is
thank yourolling through securityat a republican conventionthere issupportersi don't know
theseduetslisten to reasonable suggestions here in des moinesthank youand he saysmacy's
you seepossessionmollyadams iswe'regoingto discriminate and heconsiders that name jesusnumber one incident may be the fact that i was not a defendant in the criminal action that
proceeded this incident there also been incidents in the paper thatsays mitchell has treated the fact that ihave stated her on different cases that i was a democrati do have democratic friends i wouldn't deny thathave been are now registered republicans inside been old enough tovote or so i don't know if that makes any difference and at thetime of the trial the criminal trial in speaking out of thedefendants during the course of theday is that we were wrong that the united states attorneysoffice the conversation was initiated on several occasions by one ortwo of the detectors that the only way i could have gotten away with the fact that i was a revelation therewasn't kidding back and forth most police officers and that partthat to the best of my knowledge it's the only indication that i have
another the fact i've heard statements made by different individuals that i was a double agenton television and in the newspapers what wasactually recorded itlizamarie are you referring to that during the course of my employment and watch and more i havea date with an individual young lady that happened to work forthe democratic party official of the democratic partyi don't believe that would've led mr mccourt to believe that was delayed asa matter of fact he wanted me to exploit that and to obtain all the information i could obtain farmer andthen i kind of refused to gothat is the
useshe was an employment attorneywho have democraticparty organization in the washington dc area and i don't mean to imply thathe was an official working at the democratic national committee also he had a loss in thewashington dc area and she worked for him she was going to the conventionfor the democratic party but we might see each other therethat's corrector is
itmany associate with absolutely noas a matter of fact i have three weeks to pay for the republican committee thati haven't been paid for eitherwestern wallit's just a really really niceas atv critic i graduated from the unfairfree university in nineteen fifty seven nine states marine corpsmemories arei entered law school in nineteen sixty upongraduation from law school and the founder investigation as a special agent i resigned fromspending federal investigation that works for you circuit
court system a state of connecticut at the same time i was also struckin police science at a local universityand as it doesfinal questionwell senator i mean organizations worriedi didn't question thelegality of rationing of several factorsi come down from connecticut to work for the committee to re
elect the president and that was the president's organizations aren't i was concernedmr mitchell with a new organization every individual that i wasused to or that was pointed out to me i was advised this as a whitehouse consultant is a white house aide says elections arenovember to go back to the white house how to do a good job here butmy soul was to obtain permanent employment andsome accordion again i knew that he was an exfbi and cia basedon the provisions of all these people are being questionednow to a questionthe legality if i'd beenasked if i had entered my mind what i thought it was illegal i realize thatthere are wiretaps are illegal but i also realize that under certain
conditions such a wiretap in the order or authorizedby a specific individuals and i felt that i was in no positionto question john mitchell or anyone else under his command including us torecord but it's also true that longer receive any direct orderso soon especially if itcame to me it was a difficult re establishing whyor for being in a certain place or the fact that theweapons to mention john williams out of thetrip to chicago in westchester county and with his vision ofthe resilient or who orders was to recordand i just to finish up on me of the time sequenceit was a howard johnson's on the morning early morning of his son
gets corrected and would you go to from howard johnson's iproceeded to connecticut diseases go to record homeoh i assume senator you're covered the fact that i had deliveredthe items of equipment to mr mccourt ms mccorkle back towashington i'm in brazil are returned to connecticutand as chairman has a question i havemore miserable richafter those people theinformation they wantsuch a pleasure
you gave this information to the information and the wireto the committee to reelect president needed to james mccord at all timesunions were stolen his briefcaseso specified every singlecopy of the laware copies of quite a few of the conversation when his briefcaseitems to this record with the exception of one time when you deliver them to theenergy given to a medication itwas a six o'clockoh
yeah you knowthe newsbeing that i recorded conversation ineedhe was twenty when he returned early typewriterinstructed me in the upper righthand corner to find her typewriteryou to the data the painting then proceed outof the bottle and in chronological order of the time and in theconfidence of the conversations are in my ear i used to be as you knowi use the exact frequency that we were monitoring and
after about two days mr mccourt came back and said change that anyway read these things but anotherfrequencywell exactlylet's try to initially you know it was very hard to establish names maybe the firstyear too but subsequent to that you seein the work of the units before and after his recordso and that the colosseum going are comingi wouldn't be in the beginning receive a little indication on theschool and i'd be into the conversations ultimately as for who was calling outeventually we onlythe nsa
leakswell yes itis a monsterrather than receive muchso i'm rather than questions about a topic for somany necessarily work for other lettersso i assume you're a reporter in that sense of pleasure andwhat were the first witness we've had in a long time and itwas my job
seventeen nine to seventysix on the second occasion andzimmerman there is someprogress and businesseswho had been talking to previously inside thednc we useas lazyrecords was i didn't recognize what i had in
my assumption that i had to make was that there were two other units beside anoperation they knew that it was turned down any other unit that was turned off because itwas very obvious that when he was notfour years agothis question imeansince i'veheard him on several occasions i was inside thecenter i didn't know any of the individuals were caught in the stomach or you want to cross the streeti don't know how many more who were across the streetfb thepope
This record is featured in ““Gavel-to-Gavel”: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television.”
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 5
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 5 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Gerald Alch, Bernard Barker, and Alfred Baldwin testify.
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Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
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