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it'sband there's also afederal judgeship but some opposition in the administrationand return to his executive position as chairman of the spanish speakingdemocrat senators i recalldiscussions that we have that says hand this at the time we explore thepossibilities of the judges to an investigation because he was so wellknown that's american community had no time to i recall at onepromising or offering mr objection on thisposition whoever doing some time after the election there was a vacancy onthe consumer safety products commission were present wanted to appointsomeone was speaking to an extraction and his name came up and i believe it
was in interviews and offered the positioncan you then five foot two andforty four one is a memorandum john top rated of thestate eighteen nineteen seventy two film you said thejudge then that's have a lot of followers onjune eight nineteen seventy twonow the letter dated june twelve nineteen seventytwo from you don't have a mandate you'd make the authenticity of theseproperties yes sir and then inserted in directconsent may be appropriately identified an incident on thedocuments have not previously been recently that it will vigorously prevent stationmillions of sects alan weil well you know i have thevisions title eighteen section six hundred
years ago like cry from a bottleother benefits under consideration for political foil candidate apolitical ployis the inserted into itone morelike to emphasize that there was no promise or nooffer put celebrities in on this about a federal judge let letspeople and sail to buy this specificpledges he will be appropriately re mattrecommended himit's bothnow you didn't know any of the money ismade available in an ad
campaign for both what did not campaign to do notsome really really living thirty sixinnineteen seventy tworadiationcity development issuesyou then about that says no i really prodevelopment associate at that alito sanchez is awashington based consultant permanent ban funding for one to twomillion dollars about menstruationyou know on this audience forthe musical oregon list for a man with
one of those campaign called famine inject all mostrecent he was awarded a five year grant seven hundred and twentytwo thousand three hundred and eighty three dollars at the evaluatean experimental screwball and he also received aneight eight es be a contract over two hundred thousanddollars evaluate bilingual education programs and the usalso is the movie again in may thirty thousand dollar grant fromthe region i would listen an invasion isvery present on the consideration of what labor forceand this is a classic example of itnot necessarily on the regime to make acomfortable living these events that we'rewell indicates there may have been a few others recommended
not only we've got people you're welcomeyou still that waythis is anopinion of mine senator that i passed on to a member of ourresponsiveness to open they in turn contacted a small businesses which technicallyhe was he had reached the physical world could have beendoing it on his ownso explain this morning this was a group of fourfive gentleman who initially were under the leadership of that now ican later american leadership of thinking reallyresponsible to and working with various special interestgroups that an image causes operation as well as our personnel operation to make
sure that various agencies responsive torequests went to them from white house personnel matters inpublicity for the elections and doug benson contractsseven five it was the group may leaveevent of public gossip that were awarded in allthe contracts is not assistedfacility facilitate what you may nottry to get to them to continue to work my statementis correct maximize viewers than eight footballin the politically yes thank you know for the questionjimlucey first round interviews you know family
members rather the questiondoes it deserve it and if yousay no i don't think the record is clear as toexactly what took place on the meeting you had with sanchezjuly nineteen seventies younow you do it will mean thatsays yes it can you now the recollectionto make was to use gaza century was atthat meeting i recall we're the party that was solong that median time was david weiner who was and the city'ssalons paid labor heavyresponsibility on the other side of the scientists are responsible and
now you know i had lunch in the white housestaff dining and discuss jillian number of thingspertaining to pesticides says operationi believe it isyou'rejust like an orchestrationand your testimony inresponse to my question were quite forthright andthat refer to the question of whether exceeded the dollar amount i wasa boy when you were making this recommendationin illustration and you're recommending the gulf for that reason and the testimony as i
recall it was that that was the reason the usthat's not just randomly met with him wasthat was a discussion with them as to whether or not there's a possibility of getting any additional plansat that meeting there could well done sir i'm aware of the factthat i was this gospel in which hereceived information from them about whether now that i don'trecall that you and really when you are meeting with themexpect them to be getting any grant reminisces over a yearago i just really don't recall details or was there any effort at that meetingand i know that you ask the question what is solicit contributions but so my question to youwhether any effort at that meeting at least to list his cooperation or support theadministration i don't think so but by chancemeeting know it was a meeting that that leaves as a kid i initiated
want to become acquainted and become acquainted with this onei was sure that the view of this man is arelationship between this man but today's economy and the real you must've beenwhat the usual the moscow continue recall what that wasbut later it may be a mosque where i guess it wasour impression that impression that decisionthat it appeared he have fromsources outside of learning that he was not going to support administration sothis was a recommendation that women out there youwere organizationand if you engage in any discussion with an internet addressis because what's most of wisconsin lacrosse
as india active democrat who the bleep was found arizonanow has expanded into other southwestern states i would be supportive of theadministration into some discussions at some morepeople had from the campaign staff as well as our staffthere was some discussion about them supporting the presidentclinton said they were providing some federal contractsand did you discuss ibelieve there was some discus i had only one meeting with them if i recall and theothers picked up on i think what finally happenedwas empty committee for the relentless mistaken divisionrecommended the strategy and working with them that they be funded for threethousand dollars for a national conference that they wanted a halli believe they were looking for two or three
massive maybe two or three different parts and how much i'm surethe six figures i don't know the can youwrite with consideration for assistanceand a few months now of the discussion we hadguns ammo yesterday concerning this particular organization inyour statement was that at no time did you everbelieve that one again anywhere but that would create a sense engaging withthem as one of the known as a stroke in session the renewed joinsus is nine by williamgrant about discussing the possibility that there's sort of a leaseeven if they weren't one of the sports that are
we doing the same thing with another organization called arousal unioni was not involved in those discussionsyou were to do that that he wantit'sbigthemouth powerfrom therepublican party or makingthem are governors of the measure that is indicated inyesterday's meeting this was yesterday was the first time i saw thisand thatnow you just turn the page
andthe organizationand if you receivedthis andi remember that an effort should be made towork to work with them as best as possible the recognition that they may not supportthe administration both though they could be we're going to manage a lotof the facts are you aware that certain brands remainedto this organization for that purpose yesi found out about it i think just before the electionoh you were there
which isand wood says iran that you can dictate toreport makes the recommendations for social economicdevelopment projects and for publicizing the saying it suggests that exploitationof the candidate committee on opportunities in people's which is notalive until carmelo a political and public relationsquestions advocates consideration of undercover funding of iran'selite is split apart in exchange agreement that whereas in iran'spresidential candidates in california and texas you will have thisi think i've received a copy of this dishbut it's been almost two years and i don't recallthroughout california and
in texasnow it is true and i think so therecord is very clear that was tom and gascommittee director president liaison spanish speaking americans inthe campaign never played a political role the signjustpress try to explain that he he had input into what you didn't have the authorityof course to sign off but then he said this monitor that withoutthis i would be granted well he had a lot of sayin another was a gay department the gwwould not grant any one of the one of the
early twenties who are as important now residentsare necessarily in fact even if someone else's site no one at the agency didnot have to announce a picture it your understanding thatthey expected and decide on having a signon it that it wasn't that james be fair tosay that the politicalinfluence was introduced in the grant making process of the other'sexistence yes now theorganization and one another's any relationship was this was ableto get there you knowand itis
it'sconvenient that appears to be a big shot at thejar shows a lawwhich animal which is worsewhen you're a man and they were very good with peoplei just called me in the biggest rivers was over the cabinetand then i'm going to goon and that is an important and now some of those who are already in the game was thetwenty eleven and i want to playand also
so that was jawed showis the political arm of the campaign that wasworking with your spanish speakingi was just little slitsuse it against thisi have no further questions as todo i think they were ones whothese memoranda which werenot seen before and then if i got a songand that year he received a copy of our sorrow andi like to build those memoranda which is therehave also as the moral is copy whichis a copy of the virginian
but today i'd like to move the chairman to be identified as anexhibit in a record and then excluded from this these memorandaand memoranda which he has not been able to identify or not and thekidneys seem fair understandable requestto be that those memoranda which are gonna have the weapons as its ownmemoranda all of which he received copies theminister's rejectionobjectionable sortsof other questionsregulationsof the small business administration and thepolicy behind the sort of anthrax in your
hands and the statutory basis for those regulationsfor is there any objectionable atthe raw origins of the usda regulationsthere's bandswithout objectiondisorderi don'tbelieveit discussions with the person you're working withconsenting the us census report from nineteen seventy two iyes i've received via phone call from his bunkerwho was then now the school says deputy in the public relations areaand he in turn was working out with some officials at the annual census brought
some publication that was to be released to leave sometime seventy twohe in turn asked me for my advice i sent them ontoon an arsonist conboy offers egyptians and i think the way thatturned out there was some information that was held back from that reportrecommended that some of that yesyoutoothirty five which together todiscuss the census materialand the utility of thatcommittee on your own work what the problem was and why helping to be ofthat
it'sbeen thepushback and it reallyrecollect some ideas ideas that their time infamily called this particular portion of that particular studyshowed the spanish speaking not doing as well as some other minorities and topresent jump online and then speeches
and we didn't want to associatewith business division and thecensus reportthank youmissionas my understanding goes well thiswas asked people not tothat's rightyesterday in gaza stands
with you think he did say that they want to be a financial contribution a campaigncontribution so if i said that i'd like to clarifybusinessman and i felt that it was a donation he did not want tohave been associated with the campaign well this wasfor some activities if you recall one of the five areas that was responsible foror special activities related to spanish speaking we had aboutfive or six and formal restrictions or banners for spanishspeaking readers who came in washington from time to time on either honoringthe most occasions honoring our high levels most appointees orrecall two gatherings during the inaugural which were specifically justfor spanish speaking and this is a course thatthis event was is a discoveryis what was given this rivalry sudden you're easy
now eight hundred dollars to be used by thesehormone balance that we got and treasury with the president's face on anever reporters at a campaign that no sirthatclaudio reyna says the army and k si believe of houston or dallas texas and waseven contractors even grammy as we were onthe way to receive contributions nilsson of thequestions i think that's one question can they make surethat two thousand dollars or two thousand dollarsbut at every turn on the protester the return of any politicalorganization ouster helen how these dinners receptions just listento this song
fifty twomention here in three of thesememorandum to that instrument one second to admit thatrely on those amazing ray prospect of national advertisersfor his abdication know what you mean though thatsentiment worries you may know this is i believe the only nationalspanish magazine december compared to everything for thembut these people were having a difficult time and getting this off thegrounds they came to a number of us to see if we could help them iteven then they list of individuals that i knew in thecorporate advertising arena like people take you have a joyfulbusiness financing says general motors
sonyand while sales of thosepeople we're both professional and personal friendsnot true that actually met with them that they had a court rulingarticles about president nixon everyone others actually shows up to election day one of theus senator was to articulate you cheapen says venter speaking toboth in the private public sector and so as part of that program to send me to thespanish speaking people were doing with this administration well thearticles aroundpeople that i recall that senator wouldhave to have the team and so the president is an illustration first fouryears and that mineral though reject the president to in his imagebefore being national advertisers stepping with frustration
that i don't recall so i think at this point in tandem if only oneof two issues published how much did they realize the national average iget a report nelson well i guessi think of those understandings to an existence but again we didn't do therewas no follow up they thoughtit was excused and the committee willstand in recess briefly chairman julian may returnabout herein a moment a builder john priestess will take the stand to testify aboutexchanging campaign contributions for government favors the television coverageof the watergate hearings resume after potter station identificationon average coverage of the hearings is being broadcast as a public service where local
public television station this is pbs and publicbroadcasting service it'sbeenfb
terry and ride continues its
coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities itagain and our correspondent peter carey about to thehearings and witness judge a priestess is about to testthem acampaign thatyearit was to make moneyand as intended
politiciansright nowitisthis is the reasonyes sirthank
you so much and where are you engaged inthat activity by andgive us the names of the companies orbusiness as you do you are under two major differences that workerjohn preaches songs incorporated and praised his loan corporation andbasically what we're trying to build a new invasion upprimarily single family homes anfha to twenty one to thirty five homes and in the courseof your activities within a recent beer the last coupleyears the un into a difficultly of ajdid you run into difficultiesthat you're going to be suspendedyesterday and could you tell us what information received as the
base voters especially big day wellnewspapers have been running a lot of this is the refineries that is topriests what you have to pay for your own knowledge based on myown knowledge suspension was going to do it a corporationwhen in the richer green corporation which has not registered as a fictitiousname and now after afterknowing this information on the problem you have with the fhfadid you come to work and be contactedby a master then fernandez this or could you tell usbriefly the circumstances under which mr fernandez well mr fernandezthe mental one evening and told me he was from iteither a hispanic finance committee i don't recall a sector that is the committee to
reelect president and other raising funds primarily from latin speakingcontributors in the south korea how was it thatfinally are you a latin speaker spanish speaking america knows i'm notyou another bill for itbut if your customers so my guest mr lennon let's listen and get youknow your knowledge no mr fernandez to the bottomso as representing the prison or the hispanicfinance committee to get it was that the americans came came to your attentionwell i don't know that i can i can see is that ifound out that he had been to a party the night before i metseveral dollars of latin descent andrules that he wanted it then newspapers an hour they discuss the elevenmicrons or the fha but then they
discussed her with mr frantz my name is impossible contributormike can you place as close as you can the day when thatmr fernandez contacted just morei was on about february twenty six nineteen seventy two iknow it's a comedy but you really relate the conversation itself on theworld to the best of my knowledge was is the conversation that he was astatus finally presidentforwell let me say people who he possibly could help memy troubles with it occasionally you had trouble because when heindicated that the continuity of troubles i could immediately hearabout much notices over because i am that there's a telephoneconversation that you arrange a meeting yes they're well aware that meeting take
place the meeting was took place the next day because you're informed us his localmiami florida and you knowwas this does the financial recovery yes sir and then you went to thathotel guests are you going on those arebeginning with his bananas along this rugged canyon toinvest your recollection briefly tell us about that meeting the conversation with thatas the finance if you want to visit there well invited me up to hisroom and we were set to not offer me a drinkand that probably after the small nosmall talk he said that he could help me with my aunt fhaprawns beneath our economic ties that would requirecontribution exhibition on the fundraiser and
i think our troops would have to be one hundred thousand dollarsand what you say then why why no one had done before and what exactly whathe was talking about the drama he had a previous that no otherbuilding contractors that the state with a specific as tothe manner which it up look at the problems of building contractors thatno he was not well there were various and typeyour dealer's well you are dealersit has the restricted this marvelous for the fha them or is that a moreserious problem than that they spend that this is more seriousmr stewart well yes but theyspecifically say that he gave it up you be clear the suspension iguess he gets are and in return he won a competition on a thousand dollars
i caught recently reelected president thetale of a formal confirmation have been warning anyone either cash orcashier's check and out eachthat probably would be in three different claimants and thatwas the rhythm planet to be work that what was the scenario the end of the dayor the first time and he won a cashier's checkpoint five thousand dollars if i did the first time and you would thentake me to washington in as many former commerce secretary more astance and you understood it what position the johnston stands wellat the time he first spoke to me and i didn't know is that in the committee to reelect president was hadnever i had no voice there's been a former secretary of commercethe doma morris dance is now the chairman of the finance committee
for the media reelect president show me a letter from italy receivedmorris dance designating them as a representative of a commitment likefun and then what wouldyou do and quiteoften we sit and we want the same as the stands who'd picked the phone line up funding and astand and call secretary runningabout your problem yes sir and thenwe're going to make a payment of twenty five thousand dollars maybefifty thousand and then the fifty thousand to be paid my suspension wascomplete list i gather that was explained to us youagree that i disagreed with him but that now i was at theend of that meeting when used as well we had a session that was the end of theyear the mating with that or someone in
utah when he won the checkmate i think many re elect the president was going to be a kid i thoughti wanted to catch you tell me one of the cashier's check in if there was to be made tothe hispanic finance committee to reelect presidentvowed that he give you borrow just a tremendous give you a business cardthat scientists he gets there and there was a surprisefor the finance hispanic finance committee yesterday and showing his name on this arenow what reading did you do it to that meeting with regard tohave a conversation well i made a phonecall to a must win possibly fha director in miamiflorida and asked him if he could verify this i like this guy thewhole meeting in those circumstances as conflicted verify wasthis they wait like a tennisfavor he said he would not make a few phone calls until midnight did you tell
him that you were then if it was financed and yes i get it i buy certain taughtthem actually for what are about that the whole thing went recreated the whole conversationand the quarterback is the continent's they servewhat it's a utility check and there was all right that it should be a way that icould have my impending suspension i wasn't anything that you donot sir what it happen nextgovernor and mr fernandez for me youwould make me a week later i told i didn't have the cash or check i couldn't they have formike there he said that he'd be back in time one week later and memorizes themat the center's the beach oh don't do this thingand the group partof the time did you make any effort to work at because thousand make any
effort throughout the thing but is it i had madeefforts to obtain funds by the time i met mrfernandez the fall in syria had not good thing but i want two of businessassociates in it met with mr fernandez aweek later this was at the picture tell us or i could you tellus about what they did that was that was thefourth michael seventy two it tells the crowd that big belong i know i was inmiami a date with me ms rosemary came from miamiflorida and they're cute now tell us what occurred that meanwhy it was amazing and that was the meeting was the up at aformal dinner is ari cohen you had a record the inside and i hadno card but i would've adored it as soon as the fernandez may call metomorrow rosen side as if i have the check and i said no what i was
working on it i thought i could get to the drama and he wouldmemorized them at one week later in washington instead he would call meback or what hotel reservations to meet it it to readlaurie stands it now that was at the summit substance ofthat meeting basically yes and i don't want it after that meeting that you make an effort to raisethe twenty five of all yes and i can't take it outat an associate who i've purchased land fromsomeone warm for money for investment you'd win a twenty five thousanddollars with one another so well he was willing to do so i asked him that money youcould make a lot of the moment and he it hadsold the land of criticism he was involvedpersonally and from one time and i he told me he would give me a checkwhen the whole thing in what i want the money for what was done for the money to show mr
fernandez yes i did thomas de france cordova giving him the city had neverat this hispanic hispanic finance committee really the president and thathe which i got to the republican national committeeand i was an outcry by the valley fire that ismalbec you know as i hadexpected you you receive any further communication with the memos concerning a meeting in washingtonis that it is the finance had told me i would say threeabout two or three times that we can also call me two or three times a week beforebefore the meeting of the semester i use them equally one of hours going with obtaining thecash i wanna know how he was dealing with is a racist forhaving my head my troubles perry conversation orbananas that you did to get the money and religion and is one of an interview from a yes sirand those are times when your understanding that you were getting that money on a quid pro
quo to at here are fated ground there is there nowthey have finally tell you what i'll tell you where you come toi guess or he called me on the phone until he had made reservations at the hay adams hoteland i was the minimal and it was a tool an air and that hugowashington a model yes and it'sa copy of adr forman a restaurantwhere the girl or the banker gary adamshotel sixteen at northwest wasn't easy is thata record that you submit it was just just desertand is that the show it a state anthony adamsthe march twelve nineteen seventy two room seven sixteen
leaving march thirteen nineteen seventy two this ormr gemini this billand the accompanying expressominouslyyou received a tip accordingly as vanessa that timesays that is for me that when i write to the hotel i was a ring his room up and meetwith him and then was he at hotel yes he was there to strike check and idid write his room up and i pull my district and the former commanders room iknow what to do what really major discussion of that timethought well if this meetingmr fernandez at the analysis it was
in miamivictim of somalia the newspapers that they hadn't had lights but as theitt contribution two hundred thousand dollars a night all nighti said i felt that that's one the biggest corporations in nine states contribute to onethousand dollars of it was very heavy on me for that one hundred thousand dollars hole in thecenter of ithe can do it for two hundred thousandwhat i do think is unfairwhat was alsotension after one of the discussion that it was agreat it was only my god it's a fifty thousand dollarsit also mentioned that adobe it tea party she was actually four hundred thousand
out that's what they do on theirexecutive is some nervousness apartments bananas i think it doesserve a lack of the previous kaufman's it previously dormantthe lesson three times to have enough because he said thecommission secretary stands ago mr romney in my presence which is thatthing i want to see i knew new secretary stands was the news secretaryron what i've focused enough assurance that out or was anybody elsepresident and yes it was that otherthree other forcibly of cuban descent one from miami whoi think his name of minorca soyou know the other's partner site i was like you're learningand that was could
you spell who have a report of a name of a person youknow he said what was then that when you didn't i didn't know where the snow was nine butcasanova seriously in oviedo of less thanthose lessons that was first time when all yeah let's goma and although i believe right nowthat you had a range to copy it and havethe fifty thousand was a day to be a different andyes sir the pennant races to betwenty five thousand to give them a priest and still yetto be present to walk one being an immediate and another twenty five that's when mytroubles with my suspension or care and they ask you if you had themoney with you i guess we did ask me when he checked with me at the time i pulledyesterday it i guess i don't reject
it was concerned that the jet was not made up to the committee to re elect the presidentmight for months and while i couldn't get the floodwatermoney from he hadn't heard his committee re enter the republican national committeeand it went on like this and he said well we'll see what we can do isthat when you came up to washington to bring anything with you ohyes sir in miami for the time as the finance until mid twentiescouple of all my mr beasley yesfinally got press clippings that resulted in those records the prisoners rubsmajor newspapers clippings related you could have probably saidyes sir and with a self explanatory they were theyweren't quite that i would say the real self explanatory it wasn'texactly in detail well you could read through the lines and understand pretty much that there's
something wrong about that evening than the sites now ranking for fifty thousand dollar paymentand new method or of a parentwhat other conversationsmr martinezwellwe were going to bearrangements morning oh yes or would theiraims to help make the following morning i told me thatnight i had originallyand i really was changed eleven he said that he would leave that nineeleven o'clock or formerdancers i now
without a card now on the way to the best of my knowledgeit's that but basically at ita foreign language you go over to be a careernext president yes i did sir and what room to dig a year agoi don't recall the room that i wasintensely and it got to the second floor and turn to the rightmr sloan was that mr fernandezmr sloan so some on the right was different stance on a lotyes siri'm afeminist what occurred next to get into a scene as stanyes there are willing to see such that we spoke with a list this long theymeet that he was glad i was a contributor and words that effect
quality of the slum in our know what the arrangement was idon't recall that sir i don't think he'd be really no man is not merepresence will recall that what the that's what was yourunethical might just can't recall i don't think he was from early with hergeneration interested about the contribution nowwhen and then yes itis i love who was a narrow mr fernandez and distancemyself about can you tell us is there is you can see what one characterwho first ohi was in a business to stand by mr fernandez and i mr fernandospoke first he said that business of prisons tonight he isgoing to make a contribution to the committee and i had a scrapbook with me
from the press clippings my and when i do thati was afraid to serve as insured through the stands which i did and welook at the scrabble and a big it looks real yes hedid take the local seo and fifteenminutes impressions reading the well he was he wasreally knows its planes were going on that i'm aiming point to the area that is trying to explain thetrouble that i was in an earthen explain this is richard green i think the paper'samid a headline about it and i explained this was afictitious name from one corporation which was arrestedbesides yesit mr fernandez had told many previously that when ichecked the mr stan siegelman when he was just there's a beautiful open
epidemic caught running mrfernando fernandez asked to present just checked all night i get an object it didnot follow in a call center jeremy and i asked him andi said what you get at the check and i aspossible way that would always was that a phonecall heroes that promise secretary romney be called on the phoneand i did mr spencer that you don't like ornfl he couldn't tell me that they return much atypical ventilator i know you didn't like them to say who did it make the callcenter fertilized what larry reassurances numberdate for my money i mean i make a contribution sofor any other reason than that you are not seeking to make that vision reelection presidents
know so i wasn't really interested in the economyand whether the sense that you're human when you make a lot ofmoney mr stanza bird told me that he would make acall nsa what he could do and i said well there was a book likeor what the symbolism of we can't believe that they will returnabout what really make any a statement tothe act or the fact that it was not a cashier's check that was a checkmateup the idea that republican committee to services things that make anoccasional chicken to make it wrong committeeand aliveness of friends a disease that was done in there andmr fernandez mention it was like the day cashin replacement for those checkor the smaller checks from idea that was twentysurnames and my own it was a checkmate of my name and i was not
well as a reference made either in that meeting or prioryear i think that meeting when a discussion of a payment remains at eightyseven nineteen seventy two yesterday of reference april seven swampers i didn'tknow what a medical myth of the final payment would have to be made beforeapril seventh he said any paymentsafter it was so he also mentioned that the vote on the night before jetforgotten he said any <unk>also have to be reported and i say that in mysituation as a sommelier would be wise enough to have reportedabout this yesma'amso some substance that said basically that was there was about a minute left you
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1973 Watergate Hearings
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 47 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, William Marumoto and John J. Priestes testify.
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