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zoo visitors to new apartment well first by winning about that trip that we made from hands kennedy helped parchment this was this weekend if we didn't keep their wits about is this could've been an emotional catastrophe for everyone in the middle of the night and hand can we were loaded onto a flat mate for a truck and it had a tarp over the truck and they kept you know there's a lot of miles on the trees in certain courses that mississippi one and they said that we were going to go to money to civic this place where emmett till was hollow and we went on a flatbed truck and a cannery row around and try to make it seem a little theory but we kept singing and we kept thinking and praying everything you then when we yet to parchment and this was in the middle of the night who would transport people in the middle of the
night from one prison to the other there was a scare tactic that they will we get the parchment i could not believe it was just so meaning bosma flow is buried and they had a spate of our shoes to go into parchment and we were worn we've been travelling for a long time and we have been in this in this county jail for a long time that we really didn't have the facilities to keep ourselves as clean as we would like and they have day we complaining so bitterly about the conditions they were deplorable and we get processed in finger printing lunch or not only you know we didn't we weren't sued go to be taking that shot all those workshops that if book that and we get in and that was really terrible and did if
those things where you know we were thirteen foot stepped away from death row and it stopped us does harm and our charge was richard keys and we were felons and just that just didn't sit right with you write today that this and sometimes the lights would be on in a negative know some i was being executed you didn't know we still don't know if they were where they were but in our time the party was really simple but when you say you can take a bad situation and carriage until only about thirty today i'm even proud of the people that i shared that cell block with it because there were people who were greek historian roman springs disciplined that you can imagine so we exchanged stories the characters that we share
things we share their activities that leading candidate in in our home states and elsewhere because he was gay hi robert i'll talk about he says why he's saying what you often does so well you'd get you we tweet share their own storage with one in which protestants catholics and jews evicted nomination you can think are angry seared those were even raped from our archive about the new testament the old testament that somebody who was catholic head the catholic books in a record lows and so if
the main focus for us was to stay together but to degrade or criticize or do anything but to embrace one another and when we found a way to do that that really set a nice tone for us we sang a lot and i remember the jailers this is dr have to sing those songs and of course we eat and we kept on thinking and you know when the stories were exchanged that of the student they asked us not to one time because some of the basic bookstores had a humorous you know we left implicit making too much noise they it was just hilarious and we were supposed to be having fun and there you know we spoke to be released there and shake in our shoes because of being that close to death row but we can start let him and they came and took our mattresses away from us they were being anyway and so we slept on steel bit and steel beer can't be called chin
and bigger than a silver dollar and so we were so called at night it was ridiculed they open up the windows and in and it turned out they in town now that they air conditioning game but it will reduce trees and just as soon as it became ended the british characterized the roots shoplifting does swelter it struck the way they're that they tend to be in that sweltering inside prison and you could see the windows were up ha but if he commands to get at her you could see people who were imprisoned maybe piece meaning and they were going out to work in the fields and it was like a bank in slavery you know people getting out there and wanting to enact were all that were supposed to do something to our psyche that we were so grateful that it was a
learning experience that we therefore prepares and we were going to have to be cheap is who i am the acting out different things and away well you know some of the stories have if you know certainly as you can you can remember annette lee it but actually you know due to the verdict for them was good and everybody that there may not have had the same experience that episode wonderful mechanisms to survive you can be creative where you are and when the time rose it were it is that was
i'm saying that people in jail if he had this to say no but that's how it seemed didn't give you much room to really do a lot of that because it was three people in a six batman scenario where i was and i'm sure that everybody was not in a six by nancy a bike that hands county you invite the crew but there was one time when i was put in a room with people who work the freedom riders and it was like an infirmary and i wasn't sick and i was there for some reason and send it in places where they kid people gave speeches acted out different planes they bore out make to their chic tomato bisque the end and especially people who work are great
majors in it's had so much hope for them in terms of roman history it can be so creative and i found out that to be educational in time our apartment and it's so that was supposed to be the worst place on there in some army intel or six years that they know even more you know engaging in to really make an inner creative vent some of us might have been able to produce but it was the time of creativity and so they no hiding place than you like sneakers spiritual home you said that was the strangest thing i've done to get to see a nasty you're very suspect he's you know mit the choir director beers you know and i and that area taking so that you don't run out of
breath to get this idea when he was a chord within that world will look that's been fifty years ago a minute what i remember when this unless it's about expanding yet died for you know does taking indicator of music oh freedom over me and i think oh and that that was a favorite so that i
like but there was a girl than primate you went to same school she'd been given a four year scholarship to use your name when times get really hard and you felt like you had to wait an undivided self when you can you know buy pray where she's saying we are our heavenly father's children and she was never just talked about free right it was tough about people and hitting up people and you hear everybody and that really got me going in to the level it mean when nothing else would do love lift me and i felt that her son was given to her so she could sing that at the right moment she did every day when it was time to sing a cheeky she out of medicaid burst into it and i know she was moved because she she didn't even look like the same person that she sang it was joyce is and her name is joy curated in a hearse
we had to live the few attempts to do it well that was harrison became manatee say that i liked oh meek i need ya me yesterday by the baby maggie gray anglo hall to milo then be free i like it whenever we removed through sometimes the science would be raised by different individuals maybe when they needed to that it was a whole host of side
and three there's just stop it well the guards or affect it in a way that they would say especially this one layout can still see her face to channel her guard uniform and she would come to the sale and she'd his video have to sing and so it gets weaved it and yes we did we get sick that's that's our that's our sustenance best that that's our meal we had to remember that's the boar ertz and it was then the melody and it was sad it made you think if you heard that and you know the people were singing you gotta think about an american writer sing a negro spiritual bit lost his word
hushed and listening in a concentrated on it's a wonderful thing to have a negro spiritual oh they were very polite nights ago and i remember on the bus how they were the policeman in mississippi sink so big to me i don't know what they feared and they're really be any you know it we had resources shares new term not get extra cup thank you or c why get messy athletes be pretty big but argues the biggest as an alloys that with as part of the intimidation tactic in britain the guards we didn't see much of acceptable and walking up and down the cell block from time to time that they were very polite
i got an apartment i remember getting out and then i got another long it's been a lot of people from oliver touch different colleges different variants that beat mitt and friends that are friends of people who are new moon to you know carts from different people forgot all over again and we received with local orange bauer attorney his name was janet yellen he was a civil rights attorney in jackson and in his wife welcomed us to the house and given we were taken to various places to eat and people were very kind to us and grateful for for the work that we've been doing and don't then we went to places where we needed to give someone on that work in mississippi in a rich nation
someone who makes some kind of a screw embed hadn't had a place that they need he's a great great great as though they are a number thing part of it the freedom rides accomplished a breakdown in segregated traveled throughout the country on all modes of transportation playing the airplanes you know that can be had promised an airplane buses trains a place that's opening of facilities as you travel by car was snowed know did not mind born activists it's just to say that they had to stop on the side road to go to the bathroom
it opened as we head i had never seen a black bus driver before i was twenty or twenty two get greyhound in charlie's heart astray or i even so the conductor and trying to do so there were just so many avenues that were open it made the economy better when you know you have people spending now and in these facilities and then you had people training it may it may charge better and it did it opened up just that word blue collar jobs or menial jobs people have an opportunity to go to all kinds of job services and the train and in people graduating had not charity matter of fact of being a tasty state the urban league were so proud of their culture steeped in a weird and reunion of all of the tutsi state
student in the early sixties to see just how many people have gotten better opportunities because my tickets so johnson what's changing the sound and chinese to change an awful lot well i think in some cases though there was still a lot to to be opened up there was an amendment and certainly that because there's a story in a southern patriot that talked about a leading who came to get on a bus to go someplace after the free rides heads have said that you know the freedom rides left from may nineteen sixty one it went on through the end of that year and then it did you know
that the sentences became longer and finds became high year and so we have to deal with our debt but all that was reversed when it was determined that we really had not breached thing hits and all of that with the levy not only that did you know that i was along with several of the students who would put out a school and then so we had to get all our wreckage checked it to be back to me you need to show exactly what happened to us letters are written to the governor and two the board of regents in that state and they did actually meant that it took them forty seven years to big apartments and be and you know get rid of all of that that we had to carry other writers that we were felons and charge would read it you know that that
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Pauline Edythe Knight-Ofuso was a Student at Tennessee State University on the Nashville, Tennessee, via Montgomery, Alabama, to Jackson, Mississippi (Trailways) ride.0x0BMay 28, 1961
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