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mr esther wears a you know obvious that legislation is allowing status quo editors of his mother's day and only road into allison it's got a quiet and we get to the station and actually was closed and there was a small chair and it was a meaning on a buzz around her that would get all to take care is business military would like to do they would call an assault on the names canadian the gallows common is descended say come on out and integrate alabama we dare you to do this would date to do that and up and same time they were quite in the bus and the windows with chains and boulos and statesmen and pipes and
one of a head and we didn't know it at the time but they also mentor and the tires eventually only gathered there there was some police around who we're not doing anything and off to stop these people who were attacked and the bus in china get to us and as a blind lady who is right across the aisle from me land says that unease between the seats syrians use essence a slide why they doing this to lois since then sly gonna wanna diarrhea like this so i go over and try to console her a bit and explain to know what was going on and there she talked a little bit over when a name was so i could use that in my story which i
did and then the same damn as what's in the windows and what's in the doors to a nation of it was getting our and it's a zoo and we started out after a service feeling of relief because we again the way that we thought the girl and the small cancer was in front of the bus and a cat died in from sides said to keep devotion getting back and paige is a long line of cars follows behind and people hanging out windows and the islands we get to the days of the city turned those that are as cao awesome feeling because you know you are stuck there for a while and that bailout of their cars and say isn't a stutter didn't call him names and
ban on the dawes notes of the aisle coming and i get out and dug out his loyalties from beneath the bus i strapped on his personal and he stood in the doorway to keep him from actually coming on the bus i tell tim layden he said he thought those were the tightest cases he hadn't have had to stare and to him he said it was for it to us is a waste of the him also they kept banging on the lenders and colonize names and threatened us in that solo thank and eventually they punched a hole in the window there was right behind my city and the best way to get through the a moment to the ioc just behind me there goes a couple burns mandate is low heat on the back when they supplied so
i was going to give those soldiers that bomb went off it started getting dark interior document place in that bus and i decided to us as they were still trying to white people also know they were able to strike this would just take maternal love come on out is that low and i just a day or two or three people were able to get out of windows and catch rides on to roman and those are one of the or door they most though mixed tape escaped getting be there were eventually gets old dike in arizona getting very hot in that and you had to get off the bus so and there was a
sight to behold coming out that bus people were gay again crawling around on the ground there trying to get to smoke cigarettes and that sort of thing and he manages a hybrid thing to see that american who'd be treating fellow americans that way eventually police arrive of the police arrived and everybody got out and not been heard promotes i have to drive the freedom riders bit slow too slow get a load itself among the hospital is too late i saw her realize i love my camera on the bus as they got and so that scene and wanted to shoot pictures but the situation is like said to those angry mobs would usually go out to people with cameras because they wanna get that itch is
made so i thought oh that's a vegetarian to leave the camera on them last time and be uprooted their decision i guess but the answer that they milled around outside allowing them less is king amanda ellison last alert for is the role of this had to take a black people or take the freedom rides to the hospital but eventually they did i hammer out a little while he's one of us well carolyn witte yeah it was a hero the day i'm standing there with his pistol he can't blow the mob members from getting to us had not
been for him and i really don't know what would've happened to us because they were printed and drew me and nobody knew exactly what they would do in that situation but he's a ged than merely game of protection that day and well the thing about cole in the south was that also arise situations you know and you and the police are going to be what they were going to do whether they want to take you know they were going to stand by and that things happen that they had done at the bus station on whether to win join in beating you up as happen later that day in birmingham with oldies acts get involved and have been to the people so it was in the trenches on the situation and the dangers of the
situation and almost anything could happen to any us there that day he was to his own somebody threw a bomb on the bus or molotov cocktail of the solar it is and then they were trying to block the door of the strength of the mob to keep you on a bus and just mario on monday wham o's than is that they wanted us to come off the bus and they were trying to get to us to get us to come off the bus goes yule log in the doorway so they couldn't do you know they couldn't get in ferocious new attorney get on the us think they won't be alone bozell this tonnage burned arm yeah
ok how salamanders as a minister when they had a strap they're in the bus and cowling stepped out and her dad is libyans and he strapped on his pistol that's when i realized that we had some protection is all wrong you got away you think there was and follows compulsion to be that they can a speech and eventually we heard that the sickness our love tars going through at the end we was surrounded almost
immediately that people lived in trailers cells can simply and done the spirit dead data from his seat in the rear they went up says scott is levees and came aboard and he stepped on his pedestal going to winston and a doorway and that's when i realized that we were going to some protection and he actually kept people from getting on the bus and early allowed to even to get out who needed to get out of the bus i was the last person coming off the bus because i decided to do it would go out there and good deal has some of india when they first stepped off the bus as for the hack as simple mouth and nose and get down low and stayed there as long as i could
eventually became too hot to stay on the boat and lower limbs completely dark and i went out and killed an awful awful scene now certainly people get in and crawl around the grounds sit around on the grounds it and coughing trying to get these smokers says some loans and someone had been struck when they came off pitchers go around but to use is an awful awful awful scene can a thing you can imagine that americans will be doing two fifth of americans were was a mama demaio was around the bus several more around the bus and the ones
who attack in the bus i would say isn't one that they were still around the bus and they were there until they drew fire bomb in a standard bearer and he's on a bag of two but they were also trying to be people when they came off the bus you write in la protection outside the bus at the time and so's state troopers to a religious calendar and those sales and i don't know a sense of do exactly that dad remembers attention to or do you yeah was gotten into fact that some
people on the outside game and tried to know that our members who assumed that more than one frozen broad warrant stuff was turned to the atmosphere is a little girl forty year period you air above the malian know those potatoes and so when you get an iraqi hospital where are you so we're in the ammo answer to most of the route to the hospital because state to talk to some people and i got a ride in with the state trooper and in the emergency room my own way i was so perkins was going around trying to locate somebody who can have those get out of there that
gomes said no help turn joe and said no help they were told about the ticket takers to the city limits but that's all they could do for newsnight and i don't know but i want to get dropped over the city limits we have a car isn't exactly they live is using one telephone that joe perkins's using was a mausoleum of a low hanging around here so joe's going turned to gaze on the guinness that they're members of the mob was still activity here in the elements and hollande made an ultimate goal as is clear and the time i hadn't talked to my paper anybody else so as a top telephones are says i stepped out of the tango afro was thirteen editions a week can
wear a paper that went to bid on sunday nights so i called a night attitude and tone with gusto <unk> the next day as the narrative you call was in let him know that let her know that i was ok and and the cdc have all the stuff on tv and they can have the answer so it has had to hang around a wall eventually joe perkins was a luncheon meats a phrase cells work though in birmingham and roman sewers city was senate cairo to take this up he sent a caravan probably about ten cars a cable it to a guinness and some people are reluctant to get in the car as i understand that the revenue it till a moment to take in a weapons and if they were to before i get any of those cars on its advantage rather and
been eliminated to date any weapons or anything but a filters into that they approach something on driverless cars seventy desert for brady come into a situation like this an incident free riders came this for china have close and you know i would be listening and if we didn't come in here and try to get you guys out of business though as a long long ride gone on to birmingham just dark out there is a scene where we see color reliably tickets going out of the city the knife we're going to discuss this more and now we will read the hospital last summer long were and rooms third term to get serious house promotes confined to the emergency room situation
the head nurse has come in and gone through their people insisting that we get out of very soon as possible outside now we just your heroes some of them are people like de el into each other's and scream in things and it does seem like some a nightmare situation they were never going to give up and there were questions that it could so was thought we would ever get out of there but the it i had an obligation to try to come and take my newspaper to let them those agate what was going on we had a natural addition going to press on and i land eventually it get a new too absurd and download people there
so it prompted tonight initiative to mosul pianist going to call the wife and taylor of that i was ok i just heard it it felt that eventually saddam had to break in our favor and slow that happen when joe perkins finally reached their ministerial in birmingham remnant shells word and you promise that he would send some cancer with that because of and so we just sat around then waited around their anonymous student to be the bedouin of the rooms there because i remain promotes an emergency area but eventually the carrots came to be identified themselves and
aaron some of those who are low reluctant to get into those girls into if and so as to see who was there and i particularly potent traveling con that i was going to be writing in the end i was very sure that didn't come on to bigger so although i know a layer that rome still referred to on them not to take any kind of weapons and the two have been in line with the nonviolence fall but they are and eventually they get is out as aaron and simo we caught over relied on the way out of town but to her as a while we were in the dark road or on a wave and then we get to
birmingham and most of them ended up about it girl cell research the mob people were still hang in a jail outside detroit's threatening us and the menace of us you know just seem like they wouldn't go away so eventually they broke up into cheers and that they went to various holes in state and then they sought in the world we went up to the bus station to get out of their end of course there were mob people around there too we had to make our way through them to get into the bus station and now we find out that the new bus travelers willing to so we're going to still do it they were making content with robert kennedy and attorney general in which he was a collarbone or china get
some protection force and the people down there they were incorporating at all can get in buses out so eventually uses so that we will have to raise some money and fly out yes it is syed was you know this he would still call me guess more people then as well with what they want to talk about one thing the next day so now it's monday and we yell read the bus station there in birmingham and we can now that the novel dubose shows a willing to take us uses too dangerous to go any further with the freedom writers we had people in
the railway on ahead to some of the freedom riders stare those warm a couple of details where does it have gone to then a vote they were discussing things serve some wanted to continue our problem was they can continue on the buses because we now have a drivers so that was pretty much out of the question the idea that the game of where was the flat to birmingham and a different sort of float to montgomery and continue alice furlaud has wiped out because see an ally and that ally in flight that will take get canceled so an eventually at all and it's cousins they decided this standard duty to fly on to new orleans and that became a problem also we get to the airport
and you and deleted to those of our people are still there and they were following us around some of us serve the degree myself i would stand against a wall along stand against big polls in their eeg so he bet couldn't be open to some but a common bond smacking is something was that you were trying to do some was still outside some were still inside and this week david barron didn't have the situation we just walked out of the airport to tearing go right on to the play i go out and talk to get onto tv why is the blue world outside the employer is this city mayor they were yelling cursing karen saying china hit us as
we went on to do to get on a plane and as is that there we visited owner atlanta jr okay so your mom and in sales at ninety five is a plan b you know and the want to really devoid of plants new orleans we go outset and stonewall inn taught the plane which is out on the tarmac and along the edges of the bill and that we had to walk by us to try to get to the plane he was still out there and there was still fire opened there was still china white girls and there was still a columnist names and that's all thing and eventually get to plant so they are mandated by the gallery like stand then we get this call center was a bomb scare and we had
to get off the plane as a man to beat sit down but we had a wall back to these people again as he was still hanging around and end it it became so small but i don't know so some of those situation where he had this nightmare is feeling that they would never go away and that we can and then eventually you they worked out some deals so special plane was arranged and we were able to fly out as the fortune in ideas to somebody but it is a problem to to caucus on before we get into burma no additives and program and get into a new was happening they had to
be a mass meeting in new orleans they are simply ate canned one of the freedom riders who also again be no pre badly went on to a new york to talk about when it happened to is there second how you feel long line an hour on down runway at area or we finally ghana born in the study are lifted off it was a real feeling of relief into baghdad but what you're leaving behind and contemplating a
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Moses Newson is one of four journalists who accompanied the Freedom Riders on the initial ride that left Washington D.C. on May 4, 1961 headed for New Orleans.
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