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I've got to go and I thought oh I just had my last night. Let's go. We're off. Let's go. Rather good teacher why I didn't exactly know that sort of thing. You would go there I am or do not know who you are going to them. I don't regard you all forgot. Good for you. Tonight
the money down. I don't know I don't know how little I don't know how to be like oh you cannot look at the broad Now you can see not just who I need you you have to let me have the beginning of my life tackled my life toppled by like that old but ME SAD NOW YOU CAN HAVE to get it down the bank but the bank could and would need to be proud proud what I think a little
proud of you and you can go to night class. But if you are not alone. Drop in the roll tonight to learn that the man who need the subtle can the world loves her on documentary doubt canard. Can ya big guy your narrow little rattled lover and a brutal lover and there are little to none Madama go what time will you let that man go. I know on the whole I did little to mark the Mark good morning to tackle the original crime little or none killed the new Let's hold your army canard.
Poor little. No no group has a little scar no kill kill our God no I'm not going to go on no more than I thought would look very well. Can you do that. Yeah how admirable. Good luck. God no. Now I've got to kill that guy that my my but also must put the when the honey and get it was in them. They my but me me you and I can tell not me a little tonight a little
from them you and you. Then the inquiry where one could die but then the money you can go to a question who can move the loot can come out called my old human kind of old movie on my list. Cackle had gotten a little can go gotten a little too hard who got in the Luden I will not however not one of them look there are no more the woman from what now you mind. Good God cannot and don't blame I don't rule that while you might not go girl could not go higher
you go. Could not I will give you the URL or directive now you will feel when you go through rock climbing Oh my God oh yeah please please please bring the wife and I have got five more than that and I am bruised the water on me when I want to read that I live here and there you go I want it all or they are not rotten I'm talking of only one button to go boom you got that from him. There ya go I need us. Fired the little whiny why oh how I love honey. Not sure where you guys come Monday. One thing I am I'm good
the world my dear good man you've got me and you what. Nung somebody who will not now guard you drive quite cleverly No no no. Only your own little room but Iran will kill you when you die or why did I wanted you to go. What and why nuclear reactor and a woman not go I will loom one whom I owe all that money to them legal under the moon while very little money but equal money. There are no move from I did my duty got home I looked at all but got to know who you are yeah you can imagine that. Oh well got to love our new rocket out and they get a lot higher here we're so glad that you didn't have all the
big clue in the limerick digging Oh yeah that little tribe that Newman they are grabbed on the whole do I quite knew that one along the route not a grappler read that crap. Carrier going through all of the Magnum out and burying the girl would run really not only we got Yeah one of our parks. What kind of a I doubt our world can do YOU CAN KILL not bad not bad. God you are not bad and I'm not the war will not go on a little glad your world stop Colnago your God who God is too good no not with him. Good buddy you gamble your your money over the loss of life. Will it get dick.
I can taper but you get it. King came to town people. OK that would seem corny but by cute do run and going on and got a little bit by cute cute and look how well I didn't look good by to you I didn't quite know why you leave you never you know I didn't mean God who could do no one needs a hundred you know. Tonight you go 900 You know good night you could go no we're little I don't know what little room
done under God is God to unify your pride will not ask him who no longer talk to him he kept him going. Now you know who I was. None of the you know I will tell you they will go I'm the old one God but not the government no one will examine the little creature will go really big you pay the bill you know buy when I call you must not leave the real. I still got to know you know what go got to go hard got a good doc to come look no not at all that will
never work look good I don't know what the name of good doctors have almost no. Do not kill him. I can tell you my girls are still love her but the woman got pregnant. But don't we need to go back to the name and the world will not die. I know guys who are smoking and I love them not going to kill God God not God that will come. My dear are you all to shovel the money my damn my dad goes next. That's not what I call the moon right now. I don't not go or little I will die I'd rather not. Can
live a good while on the move. Conclude that denial could last all alone not alone not that you have not been on the water longer and not have a clue. None knew what my mother did not see me but I do not cling. You die you want to come back I want to know not doing that not as among the many are not from the little woman I my home on one good humor you much you cannot do with our old large garden. I only lucked out with Dad not to call human rights. We are proud of me. Now we show a woman shook back from guilt rule
properly again louder. Well no one looks incredibly sure we're going to go but I will try harder. But how good a game couldn't do now. But I found that the God alone by breeding no how do you know Lani Guinier Khan No good proper fashion you know actually how to look good God thought Boy Oh God not your mother you know I rocked him good don't look good in my government I love I'm clear on no God but do look for you to do good because they need to go to girl you will guard your little government but go Colia the wall. Oh my luminous her mother
didn't mind let alone bring now your home rather than a hot cup of coffee or mag card now for you now but you need a very good good time that you might know by not doing that. I do you know where I got my good good with a little rat may get in with their cabinet 22 demurred a little but every game will go to you know not just good enough or I will kill you you mean. Got Wagner got mad good Prim. good let the little girl go. Arden dad not going to go out and go are you. What about good the good God good luck then.
God knew the God God knew but not in a brilliant soul. Oh good not that I should go while I see who will win. Our little guy he numbered kept running no not in the clear wanted to be up where I am and I did look good in the rock not God not the Lord God God I've got a lot of good bad and I got to my course he's got to go I got to go on. I've known drug given the right lung. I don't quite
get it over who got in that mug. I'll go back to the mob to bring the bugger your little man I've got to I've got to go oh my god that god not going no good don't want to kill. God you got book are you going to go after now them with I go home look who the wrong guy was not done that. Oh my God. Who buckled down. Who got one of the new I've got all my among the camel going with all of the old guard and what. Oh
yeah. Well Mel Clark got mad. Do you not know that when Bush didn't know that not all over them and all that good luck and don't group with school did not hold back. Can I go I prepped for that class of action that you will no doubt hold cannot do without you. It's tragic when you remove the when the convert got W.. I can do no good. Doug what a good chuckle and good book. I was running out Michael. I gotta go get another lover they are bad
yes. Look Book problem our orderly book a home buyer. I feel the load will not go over all of the good guy and you know I don't really know that I've got a good look broadly. Only I know the shako money I've got in the garage and the next really got none. Yes I love all the particulars. I'm a saloon to our home. Go on do are you more go me. I'm not America not you know I'm no good. So I don't know all of the little girl who don't.
Number one I've got a lot more than a month to play out and I go I look a little that he name only I box a little red box I will bring that one of our own and not talk to women in the room. No look we're not going to move forward or will you go kill or local I don't regard I don't rock like Who never to love another group quality to run not walk the young boy and what but didn't know the woman who died you know. Go Hulu will go over the river there are a lot of you know who've done the wrong. You will
my little girl we know will not loom. He who will not go out as you go when you're on the ground are a little loopy No you are not gutless. Why are they all Clavier cadmium only look at bad name like God. Go Mark go. Perhaps at that moment quite being I am never normally one in the middle. But now you're going to God God God by law are you going. DUGAN I've got a little got a little name and I are they are past me and then side with clean needle the monthly does have not seen the book struggle though I'll tell you my are
they are good in that I have a dog you will go home where the one who knocks. Doctor little wonder drug my now out of a book. I seem to have gotten of that kind of God. Exam then you feel good god are you good. Got along with where I live you got there of the one who killed him. While you were little did try to do that and the book could you not address did you feel that. Go right back to normal. That can't be done got caught the moment I do you still go on
Waves Of Wisdom
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KYUK (Bethel, Alaska)
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'Waves of Wisdom' is a video series featuring interviews with Alaska Native Elders discussing topics ranging from historic events, traditional Yup'ik practices, subsistenceand spirituality.
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