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OK. Yes that's right. Good morning. We're going to start our whole show. It
comes from the one you write here. How
do you know when I could not go. I got to know. Thank you where you can go. My YOU NEED TO GO BACK ON HEAT.
Are you OK. Thank you for bringing them.
I try to yeah yeah my God. Thank you.
And you've done a good job with in the UK with us. Chuck and you can do what they tell you well know plenty about the farmland we were trying to cheer for. A serial chaplain who knew what the coup you know I know the world cheap or click or charcoal or who I knew what they were really through New York walk a whole whiny to long line of local John and I are going to people I mean. We will cool with the
horn or not or go out. Whoa whoa now there were a couple of. One man that could be for good now. At Good looney. After I got back down. Clear fan of going out. I'm working. Good enough good player 20 good look good enough to cut me a goddamn minute. Mark Owen and Buckley with shift over to Richard and blue for good now and I shall hold you. Damn much going truck looking good and
I'm not Aryan also could be your bed trying to pull open the door. Thanks. My now a rare look. Not to kid not to smile. Need Laumann. That should be good not the opening you were like the man not sure if you will. I hold her in the senior one. Pin down.
That would be leaking. 7 ply your Walkman now. But I have to split it up. One will be four and yet there were and will be three. I use for my record. And warm. Not too long but I'm one with a longs until and that I do to put too long one would shift to two and do it. Clearly her late mother go to a church down leashed up after her harm. Kong can legally own the cattle
need yarn. I only know love ate them loved one would choose what their family home with. Indian IT Kong can cook books written that born I burn it down. Down bad if he done looking. Keep him and keep them warm. Will you no matter how much she'd get to work. Don't click moshing twang distrain dear. They don't like most straightening shanked from grandpa or delete and from there called aloud for him to just
keep them one with your body when you try you cannot go without it. With this kind of queer name or name make this kind a canteen you are not put their children when live or die one shudder growing out of distance from world where they were going to share their one true or shite no place know how but just protect protect them from the cold. Most of them were gay only because shared our unchecked hunting can do that. Many Newark. Really special them and who
keep them try to keep them warm while the time. You know I would wish willing to kill him somewhere. Here's a different world. There with this unknown by the time 2010 will help I read dash to watch the weather. But by their work behind the clouds or by the song. Science being scary. They actually put it expertly saying shoot their weapons can that be true. And there were English can change the point of going up through school. We trick lived with them and we cannot let them call. Like I've done survivor from that called it. People need these sheep for a night or day. How does talent grow.
Got called a dog. That's where I was wrong. We mostly we thought it was something to do with who I think the board up with a deal shifting a wing in the summertime. Good to know. You should use the older old I would from there and she's sure to get down to that new to us usually happen only to SHE CAN I think shuttle. You know how can me. I was born behind didn't. Trying to teach she or lack of time. Europe 19 through just Christian church and getting trained by kids should it
go on without one state been doing what they are. I love them. I asked. And when we are made skiing. And we will help. And you. You know this is for the bad. I mean you know when I wanted to. Yeah yeah.
There are when you're going up or the bad channel right you can romance with the here for the rest I meet much more cleanly Wharton School and all for anything. Their conduct call me making it through to me. If you lived the good part who are quite a sponge carriage and charm and carriage English which would take care of what I need for it couldn't have been nothing pretty to take care of my planet. When we take care of it to Morton I look your future cook done. Apple store anywhere in lieu of 30 looks like it's not going to be nothing
but duck girl love a good move. Good good. When a person can finally tell you you will win the Premier the old cliche I'm up with my crap and I'm an American and you're both cheerfully of the roller look look him up on the phone to book market that the boom not the books one of the girl in the article looking for the chap were trying to cut the Iranian and they're polluting
the local. I never cover you the way you will know when you watch what they're doing now. Doomed to gnaw when you coming back and I can live and she'll meet you there but didn't see a need to do nor learn document then for those who wouldn't believe that you should and will be more cheerful. When I feel cheerful. Truthfully.
But just then he lawyered up with the belief that the age of the family and we couldn't bear. What do you mean he pursue pool. The clear look we can still pull in a good size but we didn't. Well it seems he leaned in more than one world. She knew full well what I mean or tackle it will mean the world would sink in when I see you doing. He truthful
meaningful Hilton correct. What happened. Don't look so good now you can feel that. You're right but only mine. Yeah but I mean yeah keep going until my DH and I through if to see then yeah our current I feel we should get through when you're going through when you were needed I rather you than me. It's good to see you in your youth group would go through when McDuck that grand bargain our money no money got run over national You
don't work and are clear on what the mob with two looks in Baku are wearing are not going to be seen on any there were in the group. Robert can cook. So I'm going to struggle with their trademark and assume they've got a big gap because nothing at all wrong I still prefer to live with dung. She will thank you. He no longer actually measure or meet up another movement like you would have in a room with
that young man. She laughed. Fast forward movement from cuckoo. Laughing to think you might feel left out. That back porch and look through my sleeve you could fill the gap down from there Kelly. I started earning billions for you who couldn't build a clue. So for me who needs help and who or what are you. I'm not little but thank you. On through now the
fish are sour. Now who bully for you. What do want you for who you mean. You know whom I mean who in the world would own the slang. Doesn't look good for local women who were running that hill through mine. But yeah if you look over the long run. But that's only if the travelers are done for. I forgot that there were only not a quote from the balloon. Far easier to go to school. We will try to do too. Granted I
could pull you over to the trolley down pushed up a little. People who don't fly are properly forming before that. Keep your cool you can hook you up with them. Dad will work and the shaft that will not open are going to pull him from the ourself and our little regard for what could be a fish skin. Poor man too strict I don't have my fish ensure you fish. Why my part and points of view are at in here to make it go to lectures
and speak Tamar in here and more than that I think I'm not feeling sorry for to be true and Michael trying to eat my cuckoo cuckoo that morning. But who you know there was snow down here from her lips look down Barker not chook when you Dale. You don't want to hear from you. Done so. How could you keep the line and line up when you could know. When you try to correct when will you fix it and therefore speak to her. They didn't do please. He died when you were. Now you're
down there. Cry out my anger and couldn't hire I would get our own Navajo who. But Dr polluting or Naanee trial you got pardon me must be me certainly are not well in the background trying to duck and keep little me on irony. Quinine water at the market. Or shark got a look at the bit that we have done heard the Irish for each hour we have to pack our way down open the water and credit card into a strong hard damn. Charlie you got fractured going to church. I'm going when you were trying to be very hurried to put their mind that's why didn't you.
I'm sure you can go after that one of the guys who you know would smile very you know what can be the deal put down the line. Robert too much you will not to me that we have to pry do need to meet with some of them are smart and the problem I am Mohammadi unlikely will lead with your lot. What do you got that that one I like and wish to kill my power I want and I'm not credited with the market. Whew there dude. My 100 m Michael any. Billy let us do their thing faded there we're like you did. Yet there were a lot
older girls smoking why try to live don't be a dude. But they're not doing their work and bedewed really are not getting done what they thought was to be clean. He would laugh. She is perhaps best online and I'm not. Look fouling up better loonies too. Where they are taken care of are not really what good would be mine and I really don't. What does an hour with back a little bit be tricked the critter luck with don't Mark Luke Mark who group in that too. Dude why should a got a lower open now with the year for go window. I threw my who
highly to Germany but without doubt. Showing you where that clear don't go are not good enough but that I do. Good for you I doubt it. Marc Garneau couldn't believe that there are big deal bill through did you kill me. So Mark Doc you will cure like Doc or not like that. Yeah all that when you know you are clearly an Irishman I have to work on now. I thought I talked to you clicked on it
and shrunk in the shower and I'm got one with that are connected just I worked and bit where you can make it through. But look we can each time thing one with the breath of yakking about it on top of the world would be clear. Our shooter knew it was Mickey. Heiling lived in their work with the know who do what I will do with the club where the loop and normally you are deluded been through nor you going to push you because you didn't you're clearly very good. You've heard of it. You knew whom you got food in the market. Charlie Looper who you call him you can live with. She will end up and
Yup'ik Dance and Culture
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Yup'ik Dance and Culture' is a series featuring videos about Yup'ik art forms and traditional medicines, as well as demonstrations of how boats and fishing baskets were traditionally made.
Making a gut parka with Neva Rivers.
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