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We are going to wear shirts and we're going to bring a Tylenol given skeeball Is that OK. What percentage of. These do you know where we are your local community using information program and one bowl of it. And with me tonight is JP Goforth coaching the show and she has our lead story tonight.
You know found me find are you not going. OK this is good. After an hour of public testimony the City Council unanimously passed the controversial budget revision at a special meeting on Thursday February 23rd. Several citizens express their disapproval of the Department of Public Safety budget cuts. Captain Lonnie Sullivan of the department stated it was not in the best interests of public safety to cut that dollar amount that dollar amount. Ninety six thousand two hundred sixty dollars represented the five positions that were dropped from the Department of Public Safety. There was also positive testimony on the budget cuts. Lives are not in any more danger today than they were back in the days when we had a lot more people and only one cop stated one resident. It was pointed out that the labor cuts were the only way to implement the revised budget. It cuts in other departments where graft out and available for the public showing the number of physicians being dropped. When asked why no administrative salaries were reduced city manager Nancy gross replied that no increases in salaries had been granted since November of 1980
and that the city planner and the harbormaster voluntarily gave up increases due them city payroll salaries are established by ordinance and can only be changed or reduced by revising that ordinance. City council person Elizabeth Manfred recommended that because the position of the Department of Public Safety Director will be drastically altered that position should be filled by taking applications instead of an automatic reshuffling within the department. Council person Ron Anderson also stated that the city council has been taking a lot of heat on the issue. The city council is not the villain in this case he said. The city manager is hired to make recommendations regarding the financial condition of the city. We're not trying to do in the Department of Public Safety or the Department of Public Works. We're doing this because we have to. We cannot spend what we don't have in other council business ordinance 84 03 was also unanimously passed changing the zoning of law to block two from multi-family residential to general commercial.
The final item on the agenda was a request by council person Ron Anderson that his bid on the city contract accept excuse me be accepted for consideration. Anderson stated that he had filed all the appropriate legal documents and that the city's attorney had ruled there was no conflict of interest. The Council unanimously approved his request. Yeah his budget means can get can a hat can't think. Sure can. I'm going to a budget meeting for the school board this week and the a.m. school board met for a budget work session on Tuesday February 21st and at the very onset of the meeting school superintendent Bob Denny stated that the meeting was only the first budget meeting of the year and the figures would be estimates only and as Bob has stated before the budget is obsolete the minute it is passed it is an at best an educated guess as the way you expect your fiscal year to go. Well the meeting was well attended with the largest group present being teachers. Originally the meeting was to address all ways in which next year's budget
might be cut. But matters dealing with the reduction in personnel were dropped on the advice of the school's attorney. These matters will be addressed on Friday February 24th at 7:00 p.m. That's tonight when the school board will meet for a special session. It is believed that there will be some changes in a reshuffling of several different departments within the school. Financially it appears that the school is in much better shape than the city school superintendent by then he estimates that next year's budget will be one point seventy five million dollars. That's about a 13 percent reduction from this year's budget of two point two million dollars. What specific areas of the school's budget will be cut are not known but the public was asked for their input via an opinion here sent out by the school administration and JP Goforth as a result of that survey for us tonight. School superintendent Bob Denny stated that it is of primary importance that we maintain a quality educational programs. However there must be a reduction in some areas.
Denny post items to be prioritized in order of importance from combining some elementary grades to reducing administrative staff. Some facts noted by Denny concerning the school included a pupil teacher ratio in grades K through six of eleven point eight to one and in grade seven through twelve seven point five to one of its student activities budget for the 1983 84 year of $50000. A lunch program that costs thirty five thousand dollars per year. Pool costs of $10000 for three months and $15000 for one year's activity for the fish hatchery busing for kindergarteners for one year was $10000. Nearly 80 people responded to the opinion air which was given to the school board for their consideration in preparing the fiscal year 84 85 budget. Which must be presented to the city council on April 1st respondents indicated that they would like to see a reduction in administrative staff above all else they would also like to see the hatchery
closed maintenance staff hired on a temporary as needed basis only and bussing for kindergartners eliminated before reducing student services like activities and increasing the student teacher ratios. Closing the pool reducing the library services or eliminating the lunch program just eliminating one top heavy administrative position would free up 60 to 75 thousand dollars annually that would keep most student services intact stated one parent. Several faculty members have the same idea. There is no validity in cutting kids programs. Those aren't the only options monitoring faculty and staff use on supplies cutting down on travel expenses and reducing administrative staff where several of their comments. Teleconference on the poor economic conditions facing coastal unmasking communities was held between those communities in the house labor and Commerce Committee. At 8:15 a.m. Thursday February 23rd the
conference specifically addressed House Resolution 52 which was sponsored by District 26 representative at Allied Hermann despite the early hour 20 Unalaska attended the meeting and when called upon to testify city manager Nancy Gross was very direct and specific about explaining the problems facing Unalaska. She explained that the city of Alaska is facing a $600000 shortfall in revenue this year and therefore had to make budget cuts reduce staff and consider the raising the sales taxes. She also mentioned that the city was in drastically of improved sewer water electrical and airport facilities. However she said the city was not going to simply dry up and blow away. She said the city had fallen and picked itself up dusted itself out and is looking for new sources of revenue. The labor and commerce board also heard from people in the communities of Mack Nick Haines sick in Cordova. There were no people in attendance in Kodiak for this teleconference which is somewhat surprising
because it is one of the communities most devastated in Alaska right now. All of the communities generally agreed with the resolution which concludes. We're resolved by the Alaska State Legislature that the governor is urgently requested to undertake a complete analysis into this economic downturn and the avenues available to the state to improve the economy of coastal communities and be it further resolved that the governors requested to utilize whatever means or resources identified in the analysis to immediately counter this economic disaster in order to ensure the long term viability of the economy of the state of Alaska. Well on Thursday night a PR N which is broadcasted at 6pm every every week day night on KGO do that's of Ask a public radio network reported on there on a teleconference and even replay the comments made by city manager Nancy gross. The report stated that I don't ask is experience some of the worst economic changes anywhere in this state. And now they do
introduce an interview that you know be go for Ted with Donna with Donna Edmonds of the umask state troopers in the wake of the tragic accident involving two Japanese vessels about a week ago. Can you tell me Donna how did you become involved in an incident that occurred beyond our three mile limit. Basically the job of the state troopers when something like this occurs is to assist the coroner in any investigation into the cause of death of the victims there at the CST. When the bodies were brought in to death harbor the coroner has authority over them or takes care of the transporting papers etc.. The troopers job is to organize the transportation of the bodies to assist the coroner in whatever he may need as far as an
investigation and do whatever we can to help out. And is your investigation completed now. Yes it is. And what what can you tell us about what exactly occurred out there based on your investigation. Well there were. They I knew Marie we had four observers on board that were going to be transferred. Well excuse me one observer was going to stay on the onion room and the three others were going to be transferred to other vessels at a later date because of rough weather they were going to transfer any at the time of the collision. They were just in the general vicinity supposedly waiting out the weather and the seas were up to about 25 feet and the visibility was very poor. Winds gusting up to 50 knots so
they couldn't transfer anybody. The collision occurred about 10:00 in the morning our time. And the humor hit the room and within about 30 minutes the killer had gone down. Basically the ships had had some contact. Within a half hour approximately of the collision However the positions were verified by the boats by the vessels that's kind of sketchy interviews revealed that the Yanyuwa had given a position and hadn't received any from the I mean excuse me I got that backwards they had given a position prior to the collision the annular hadn't though and
basically they the radar didn't pick up the other vessels so it was just a series of unfortunate circumstances in who was who was on the bridge on both vessels at the time the collision occurred. The killer had the fishing master in the bridge and the captain had a second officer and the fishing master. The fishing masters are in charge of the vessel and how it's run back and they usually just monitor the fish finding equipment on board. The second officer on the on camera would have been monitoring the radar and the captain who was last on the kill would have been monitoring the radar in spite of the radar the the weather the visibility was just too poor for them to see what kind of proximity they were to each other then is that correct. Yes. And at that time the most of the
people on each vessel were sleeping. The the communications people were off duty. Probably just they would have just started their shift right after that and so the basically only people that were up and it was going on were the people in the bridges. So there's really no negligence involved in this then according to your investigation. Well it wouldn't be up to me to determine that or not I just investigated to the basics of what happened. Like I said this is the corner and in determining what happened prior to the deaths of these people and when the vessel came to town then yeah you also assisted the coroner at that time in you know being able to transport the transport the bodies of the injured people is that correct. Yes the annular was the first one that came in and docked at the fuel dock they had to take on fuel so I did as many interviews as I could with them.
The survivors were on the on your roof plus three bodies and the coroner magistrate Gaucher who was on board the same time. Doing what he had to do. And after we completed that boat the second boat came to the dock which was the cooling room and they had five deceased on there and that was completed a couple hours later and then we went onto the road which was over at the city dock and they had that had six deceased people on board. Oh I see so there were there were three boats then all involved in the transporting of the bodies back here. Yes and there was one other vessel that picked up a body but it had transported or transferred it to the on the move before they came in. So there are quite a few vessels involved in helping and searching Donna would
like to thank the Department of Public Safety Northstar and Marilyn Bryson Rearden the people of panel Aska the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Bob Norton and the Chevron crew. The Padilla the ship's pilot and the folks at air pack for all their assistance. Ok about the plans for the nine thousand nine hundred fourteen around up are in full swing the can around a committee has been having meetings per several weeks now and Friday of activities are being planned for this year's festival. If you or your organization would like to participate in the town around the festival I'd like to have a booth or sponsor an activity. Please contact the community center at 5 8 1 1 2 9 7. This year's festival will be helped over a three day period beginning on March 15th with the First Annual and Alaska to charge for homegrown music festival starting at 7:30 p.m. The festival will include a variety of local musical talent and by the way there is still
time to participate so if you are musician or if you know one you can coax into performing. I have them sign up to perform by calling myself at 6 1 6 for the community center at 2 9 7. So mark your calendar for the music festival which will include be freshman and there will be at the community center on March 15 and on Friday night the following night. The wonderful musical trio. Boys. Return to Alaska. For one show. And. School. Finding. New. Music. Or. Just stick. To the task. This is the thing appeared. Public radio. Tickets will be $5 per adult. Are available. To. Hear is it. 6 6 6. 0 are. The center dances forces Iraqi by the Aleutian Arts Council.
And is supported in part from a grant from the Alaska State Council on the arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. A federal agency in Washington D.C.. And of course on Saturday March 17 the actual festival itself will take place in the school gym from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. there will be a cross-country ski race ski race which will be held on pyramid just like last year and at noon there will be probably the first running race of the year. Starting right out in front of the school at 12:30 they'll be a parade with prizes and best costumes and the gym will open at 1 p.m. with a variety of games merchandise and other activities going on. Sounds like a pretty busy week and we're going to have an update. Sure does sounds like a lot of fun. The incident report for the Department of Public Safety was not very eventful this week. There have been an unusual number of medal backs including Coast Guard assists for foreign fisherman. There were also at least 10 alcohol related disturbances. Three to four dog complaints and two thefts reported last week.
The winter weather has also kept the Department of Public Safety busy assisting stuck drivers and dealing with abandoned vehicles. They request that if it's necessary to abandon your vehicle that you leave your flashers on. Get as close to the side of the road as you possibly can and contact the Department of Public Safety. Right oh I'm sure they do make that jam a little easier. Then ask it to charm her fishery advisory board will meet again this Saturday February 25th at 1:00 P. M. in the unity ma conference room I have written down here 12 noon and it is not 12 noon It's 1 p.m. in the U.S. market conference room. The board is discussing fish regulations for next year and anyone with any interest in the crab fishery is encouraged to attend. The decisions of the local board will be presented to the state board of fisheries at their meeting next month and your chance to have input is tomorrow Saturday the 25th at 1:00 pm in the U.S. mall. Conference room without any doubt this week the deliveries for a given vessel average only about six thousand pounds of brown crab.
A total of one hundred and seventy thousand pounds was delivered by 28 vessels bringing the season total to six point four million pounds. And the final tally for the Dutch Harbor district which is now closed is 2.3 million pounds. The big news in crab fishing this week comes out of Kodiak where the Kodiak fleet continues to be on strike. The Kodiak canner season opened two weeks ago on the 10th of February. But the 300 or so vessels registered to fish remain tied up at the docks. Reports have reached us that the highest offer made to date has been a dollar ate a pound. This compares to last year where fishermen received about a dollar 25 for bear die crap. Luckily both Roy a NASCAR fan of Aska and East Point have already processed some 10 aircraft. It is not known if panda mascot has offered a prize or whether fishermen are taking Open tickets there. But his point on the other hand is paying a flat 90 cents a pound for buried a crab and they are getting some deliveries. There are very few vessels registered so far for this region however as a majority of it the fleet is
still either in Kodiak awaiting that opening or fishing Brown crab out in Asia. And to know that you have some news for us about our airport will. I wish I had a little more of that. But we do have is although the location of the new airport runway is uncertain at this time construction of the three point five million dollar terminal building is continuing. As you can see the basic structure has been erected and the windows are now being installed. The deadline for completion is in April and the contractors believe they will meet the deadline despite continued confrontations with Mother Nature. Unfortunately the uncertainty now surrounding the entire airport project has cast a lot of doubt as to the future financial returns on the investment in the new terminal. Some citizens are of the opinion that the city will be left with a building that is not practical and difficult to lease. OK now that building is going to be a question mark I think for some time to come. Well Karl's commercial in-basket on the news this week in Carl's commercial talk about an upset
by defeating the powerful city team Thursday night on Tuesday night for me 52 to 48 it was a close game and it was what has to be one of the most exciting game to the season so far. Carl came back from a 21 16 halftime deficit to pull off the victory the primary difference in the game was at the city Mack there big man Jim Lowe who is out of town in Carl's big man and the child was in fact present and was a high scorer for the team as he paced Carls with 18 points. The city was led by Scott Frederick's who scored of upping 26 points in the second game. You know ask a Christian Fellowship defeated the woman 84 to 25 just Jeff Nelson scored 31 points and Patty Gregory led the women's team with nine points. And on Thursday the bottom fish defeated the women 50 to 35 Mark Gustavsson was a high score for the bottom fisher 13 points and generous kickoff where the women with nine points. In the second game you have asked the question posed to play the second game of the week as they were all over the
AC thirty nine a.m. Christian Fellowship was led by Jeff Nelson again as he scored 12 points hard with 12 points and the troops remain on the undefeated team in the basket but it will be high. I've ridden with a legislative teleconference update the first teleconference sponsored by House Special Committee on loans it is a legislative public hearing the subject House bill 6 0 9 Stevan Committee. He will be Saturday February 25th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. There will be a break in beginning again from 1:30 to 3:30. House Bill 6 0 9 would establish an expanded Stevan committee designed to keep the legislature and public informed at the status of the state on a deadness. Next our conference is sponsored by the Department of Revenue. His non legislative public hearing. Subject. Permanent Fund Dividend regulation change will be February 27 on a
Monday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.. The Permanent Fund Dividend regulation teleconference is regarding our proposed regulations relating to Permanent Fund Dividend distributions for 1983 or for 1983 and subsequent years. Some of the proposed changes are as following said a program termination date within which an individual may submit eligible information extend the filing deadline through October 15 one thousand ninety three and set a deadline to provide information April 30th 1984. There are more and if you would like to be on line for this you can contact me at 5 8 1 1 7 7 9. The next teleconference is House Resources Committee. It's a public hearing. He will be the subject as House Joint Resolution fifty eight killer whales will be on Wednesday February 29 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. House Joint Resolution
58 a national marine service permit issued to service excuse me to issued to Sea World incorporated for the capture of killer whales in Alaska waters House Joint Resolution 58. Expresses the concern of the Alaska legislature with the permit the terms of Mia which was issued by the National Marine Fisheries authorizing the capture of 100 killer whales over a five year period. If you would like to be on line for this you can contact me at 5 8 1 1 7 7 9. The next teleconference scheduled is sponsored by house finance. It is a legislative public hearing the subject House bill 655 longevity bonus program will be on Thursday March the 1st from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. the next one is sponsored by Senate Labor and commerce. It is a public hearing subject House bill 246 de-regulation percentage rate cuts be scheduled for Saturday
March 3rd from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Senate laboring Commerce Committee will hold a statewide teleconference on House bill 246 an act relating to the deregulation of interest rates. If passed this bill would remove the current interest rate ceiling placed on bank loans retail store revolving charge accounts and individual credit card companies. The exact rate of interest they could be charged with EPA on each individual bank retail store or credit card companies so if you would like to be on line you can contact me at 5 8 1 1 7 7 9 and that is the latest update. Thank you. And now from the end of Ask a Department of Public Safety a poem by Lewis Carroll and nobody asked for it. It was really in the sleeve the tools to move in the way. All mimsy were the Bobo. So the more morass created you were the Jetta
was my son. The jaws that bite claws that catch you were the judge of bird and shown for responders. He took his verbal sword in hand. Long time he saw the lunchroom so rested here by the tomtom tree and stood awhile in thought. And as it were fish thought he stood the jumper walk with eyes aflame came with things to the told the wood and burbled as it came. One two one two and through and through snicker slackened the vorpal blade. He left them with its head he would give them feedback and has slain the Jabberwock come to my arms my Beamish boy. Oh frabjous day. He chortled and his tour was really in the slits e-tolls to gamble in the way the ball falls in the morass. The movie this week at the rec center is an excellent animated adventure wizard's rated P.G.
the film will play Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 8 p.m. a special matinee this Sunday at 12 noon will also feature a Dickens classic all over starring Oliver Reed. It's a musical for the whole family so bring the kids. All right with it I'm going to be good in this great game and I want her to find out where the moon is a little before my rising time entirely by the Arts Council held their annual meeting in potluck MSA and Thursday February 23rd. Another turn I was not really great with a ton of people there the food was excellent. The dinner was followed by some very special entertainment provided by your kin Peter who played classical guitar and after a brief meeting to announce new board members the film Night Journey featuring Martha Graham and Paul Taylor was shown into it was a pretty pleasant evening. The illusion Arts Council will be sponsoring three events in conjunction with the upcoming Turner festival including the homegrown music festival to be have been the 15th Barish misfortune on the 16th and the photo contests will be it will be
going on going throughout the festival on the 17th. Sounds like a pretty action packed weekend. Yeah that's going to get economic and for too nerdy. The University and University of Alaska and the answers to class offerings beginning March 14th George bond will be teaching a computer course in basic programming which will be worth three credits a locally televised course in professional communication skills begins on February 28. The class will meet once a week on Thursdays and there will be a 1 1/2 hour televised segment on Tuesdays. The classes were three credits. OK well we don't you see we're just like them here you know it was time to start the weekend. We don't usually say much about the weather on our program it's in a place like going to Alaska people seem to take the rough weather in stride and in fact it's really not too cool to bring up the weather in a social situation and if you do chances are someone can always present a situation they've been out here that's been worse. However just a little over a month ago we had virtually no snow in the north we had not even begun to blow this winter
and now the snow piles on the dresser taller most of people in the north winds are coming gusty and snaking through every crack. Even the usual warm southerly winds have been dumping snow in Alaska for the last couple weeks. However it's reassuring to know that we're now entering the last week of February. That means that March is almost here and therefore spring is just around the corner. On and I have seen snow names if you want to first show tonight. Join us again next week when unfortunately you know it will be gone. It's been nice having you on the show is us to eat so. Thank you Glenn. It's been a lot of fun. Good night good night. Carol it's like out there when you see somebody checking in this cold weather. They come out.
Why. The floor.
Thank you. Thank you. We are your local community information program and this week we have footage and information about the new air plane and will be getting highlights on the 10 around that St. Patrick's Day. Terry also has some information about a Chinese tiger came to town. And some information about some music events coming up at the end of end of this month and beginning of next month. The first air packs new jet the British
Aerospace 146 made its initial inaugural naming it a no ask airport on Saturday March 17th. The jet with next month's shooting of 76 was carrying passengers many of whom were members of the anchorage and Seattle press who were covering this historic event for our town at least travel time to Anchorage aboard the British Aerospace 146 will be between one and a half in two hours probably closer to the one of the half hour mark. A significant reduction over the current three hour or longer trip. However the new aircraft will not bring any immediate reductions in air fare or freight prices to encourage the new jet is not yet on a regularly scheduled run. An air pack sources were not certain when regular scheduled flights aboard the jet would be good. The jet was open for touring in Alaska on Saturday as their pack entertain the community with a large catered spread of food and a b y o bar the wide body jet can hold six passengers across and a trip to the cockpit revealed the deafening display of modern aerospace technology. The
jet is powered by 4 11 5 0 2 turbo fans which would allow the jet to take off and land on our short runway. It is certain that the new jet will add to the competition on the Unalaska Anchorage run. As one visitor to the new jet stated who would spend the same money to take a three hour flight to Anchorage when they could get there for the same price in half the time. However if you're flying to Seattle Rees will be introducing a new twist to the Seattle connection this made a short flight from A.M. to call Bay will be followed by a direct flight to Seattle aboard a 727 jet the flight will be cheaper than going via Anchorage and will save time as well. You know most people who saw their picture Navy are really amazed at how good it would have been with that jet needed and for taking up too. And pretty quiet to quite a point client. Yeah I was. Yeah well looks like both airlines have made a few movements. That's true competition does it. That's right it sure does doesn't it. Well the Department of Public Safety is founded this week a majority of
their incidents were coming from all the home related incidents starting with three DWI arrest this weekend a reminder that the those penalties for that are much more stringent. They also handle for detox people that were had to be put into detox. There were eight disturbance calls two of those resulted in an arrest and the majority of these were alcohol related. And two juveniles were taken into protective custody because they were under the influence. We like to remind the community that there are several associations nonprofit organizations in the community that can assist with these problems. If you have an alcohol problem or you have a child that has an alcohol problem you might want to contact the aid program. The chemical people test for us are one of the Health and Human Services groups in the community and if you like those numbers you can call the media division and we'll be glad to give you that information. There are many resource people in our community to help with these problems. We'd also like to remind you from the Department of Public Safety that I'm licensed motorcycles and
dirt bikes are not allowed on the road. We already know that three wheelers have been excluded from the roadways and this is a reminder that if your motorcycle is on license or you have a dirt bike that is not street legal it should not be allowed on the roadways. I'll spare a few minutes Ryan. Yeah it's a school board has approved a final budget and that budget will go before the city council at their March 28 work session. The budget for next year has been set at one point seven million dollars which is about $400000 less than last year. One case you haven't seen it. The first oil rig of 1984 arrived in Alaska last Sunday and is anchored up in wide bay. The lights are hard to miss if you're driving on the airport road at night to be haven't seen it yet you're bound to since it's going to be there to the middle of May at least. The brand new rig was towed in Alaska by a Chinese owned tug. The data we spent a few hours aboard the data and we as we talk toured and had tea with members of the crew this was the first time the day Dad made a trip to the United States and the
900 meter tug is one of the largest ever in our harbor according to the interpreter sun. You're wrong. The data was has twenty eight thousand eight hundred brake horsepower which makes it one of the two largest tugs in Asia and one of the largest tugs in the world. The tug was constructed in Japan and it is four years old. The forty nine The crew had a long trip to in Alaska as it took nearly three weeks to tow the rig from Sue Japan to Unalaska. The trip was not without incident as a tug made into a major storm with winds in excess of 80 knots. The crew of the day had never experienced winds of that velocity before and several days after that storm had subsided the Tobruk to the rig had snapped and it took several days to reattach a new coal mine and get back underway another first or pardon me other first for the crew the data were to see mountains covered with snow. Here in the Aleutians and the course to interact with Americans the crew of the data I was impressed by the kindness and
courtesies extended to them by the people of Alaska. They were giver given directions rides and assistance by local residents and of course some folks from town went to the boat to barter with the crew. The ship's doctor Dr. Levy had sent a letter to himself from Sue Japan to Dutch Harbor. He mailed the letter in Japan and received it here in town. DR me is a stamp collector and he showed us a portion of his collection and he was obviously delighted to get his his chopped what they call chops when the postmaster here puts their stamp on it. Letter he was really pleased to see it waiting here for him and in general get it was a real pleasure to meet with those people from a country like China. Yeah it was you know interesting. Some stamps and a couple friends of mine went on the boat and some bartering love back all kinds of wonderful stanzas I collect stamps they were for it. They were nice enough to let me have a few right. Real nice festive looking stands and speaking of festive lottery and you know how I don't
know. Let me guess. Maybe you are going to look at. Some of the highlights of the 10 around and the same topics. St. Patrick's Day Festival happened this past weekend. The. The Ok. To. The. The boy. The boy.
The boy. The big. Boobs. I am.
And. He's going to that festival. You know I had a pretty good time there I notice that he created video of the dance at night. That's OK no offense taken. Yeah if you don't get if you if you want to participate you can't film you know. That's true that's true. Do your best to darken me into next year if you don't like me in this or my real life. Yes that was fun I specially enjoyed it didn't take I thought that was really neat. Yeah I go to first to dunk on your opinion as dry as a bone. All right. They're really neat. Only one darling took me one buck. I mean we had the little bar hit the piece of wood in front of me but I hit it hard enough for a doctor and he loved her. Well data king crab season has reached seven point four million pounds of brown crab as 25 vessels delivered two hundred sixty seven thousand pounds of crab last week the
big news for the crab fishery this week comes out of Kodiak where the catches have dropped drastically. The total catch as of the 8 was eleven point five million pounds of tuna crab and the Alaska Department fishing game is seriously considering closing that season whereas it originally was supposed to been open to nearly 20 million pounds season but it looks like the stocks is not quite there locally tender crab seasons continue to move along pretty slowly. Small boat fishermen are reporting some pretty good catches a crab but one fisherman did report that the cages are already declining locally as well. Not good news in the Graham industry good news but they get to face a big vote early right here at the fish the Bering Sea. Well there's good news in Alaska because since we could not have a music festival during the 10 around are due to conflicts and schedules and other items that were beyond our control there will be one on March 30 first. That's not this Saturday but next Saturday and there's going to be lots of
music. We'd love to have more musicians so if you're interested in taking part in that festival give the media division a college 16:16 or in your Glen a call at 1 5 6 6 and let us know that United to sign up and be a part of it. I might remind you that there are a lot of music music festivals all across the country and many and in Alaska and a lot of these are quite big affairs in Juneau for instance they have one the last for four nights and three days and it started out just like this one is going to begin and Alaska which is a lot of me. Decisions in the community who want to get together enjoy their music and share it. So if you'd like to participate please do give us a call and let's make this a really special festival. And if you'd like to come see it's only going to be $2. So I think it's going to be well worth your money. Oh yeah it's going to get tied to a chair and a string of music. An early reminder to mark your calendar April 8th the
Unalaska are the Aleutian Arts Council pardon me will be bringing out Scott Crusoe and Sue and Ed at Ewood in their jazz duo. It's going to be a real spot one night of music jazz piano and percussion. April 8th will be feeling more and that as time goes by and the Aleutian Arts Council is also sponsoring the music festival coming up on the thirty first. And then ask a film society presents the film. Veronica vas a vernier Fassbender film the film is in English don't be intimidated going to be shown this coming Thursday and Friday March 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the rec center. Following the Thursday night showing of the film side we have a special meeting to discuss future films and that entire movie production going on here at the rec center every weekend. So be sure of your film study member to come to the town on Thursday night to attend the meeting because our future films
are going to depend on my going to have your input into what they're going to be. And we have some information about the recently attended workshop from the chemical people task force. It was well attended and there were a lot of interactive activities going on. Song information on decision making and this is not only was not only for people who are having problems with news that have drug and alcohol are at all related to alcohol but just basic decision making as well as some coping skills and some information on self awareness and. They provided some interactive activities where groups got together and in would discuss an item and then make some decisions on their own. So they did not only individual decision making but group decision making. It was quite beneficial and it was very enjoyable to attend I was there myself and it was we'd like to thank Josh Lewis and the
people of the Alaska provoker Island Association and specially Jack Klein cough and if he goes as well even though she was not able to be here and attend for her part in putting this together for us and making it a success. Glenn has left us from the state of excuse me Glen has left from the studio now and I have Nancy Nagel Smith with me who's going to give us some information about the women's team of the city links and then asked to participate in the All-Star games which are city leagues against city leagues. This is going to take place in Sandpoint correct and they have some fundraising that they need to have take place so that they can afford the fare to get all of the players to Sandpoint to take part in that. And I know you have several things going on for fund raising some of the donation jars that are around that dilution Mirken. Then what is it we have one at university in and then one of each of the lounges the elbow room and the UC lounge. But you also have a bake sale What is that.
Well we're having a bake sale Saturday at two o'clock at Carl's good songs. Not only will the women's team be donating stuff but also some of the wives of some of the men's team and some other women in town are going to donate some baked goods for us to raise money. How about some of the men and they're going to bake something too. So far we just saw the wives can push for everything really. But we're hoping to have a basal for the next three Saturdays and this month at Carls this Saturday as it's decided it will be a girls from K. Now you also have raffle tickets right. Right we just now finally got six items to raffle off and will be selling the tickets for $1 each. So you could probably get them from Hopefully any city league basketball player. OK that sounds really bad right now it's just the women but we're trying to get the guys because any money we raise we're going to try to split it so that everybody pays the same rate whether they're meaner women. All right that sounds really good one. Who are some of the people that are donating again surprises
for this. We have prizes from Carl's Niki's place. AC The city pool the rec center. Looks like a lot of a lot of community support. A lot of people think this is a worthy cause and obviously are donating a lot of things for this purpose so they can get their tickets from. Right now any woman's league player and possibly in the future the man's leg as well. And you have these wonderful pink T-shirts to show what team you're on. And I think they're great. I just had to mention the teachers. And who's your sponsor who sponsored paying their fee. The oval room entrance fee. Two hundred twenty five dollars to enter into the league. All right it's really nice of him to know him. OK so support the city league and who knows. Our girls may take him by surprise. And do you play against both teams in Sandpoint or just one right up against both. You will and we have the advantage because we have been playing against the men's team.
Yeah I realize that I write the letter already men have a knack I'm dead sand boy all right thanks man. Well thank you. A reminder that that drawing will take place here on Channel 8 April 6th right here on Channel 8. They'll be a couple players in to draw a little raffle tickets out and see who wins those wonderful prizes and we don't want to leave out that Stormy's donated a pizza to the efforts of this raffle so there's a lot of support for this it's a worthy cause and we have Glenn Back in the studio with us right and speaking of basketball folks are still trying to go out tonight to the tourney with the fans that really are to light Friday and they're taking place starting up right there just about this time she had done the school did not happen in the night and watched the finals of the Alaska city league basketball tournament. Sounds good. And a community calendar note that a rummage sale will take place. This is sponsored by the way D.C. and it's going to take place Sunday March 25th
and that will be from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the community center and refreshments will be served. OK the movie this weekend this is a movie that played last Sunday night it is word games are going to be shown the regular times 7:30 Saturday 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night and it's a comedy thriller about a teenager who accidently taps into the Pentagon's computer and all kinds of bizarre issues come up and people are tapping the computers in the news we lose paper every day and this movie kind of takes off on that and it's a good one that could attend its next week. Right now we're going to go to an interview that Gayle had with raising questions about the possibility of forming a ski club in Alaska perhaps combining downhill or cross-country ski. You know this year of involved perhaps like getting a helicopter ride up the mountain for when the ski this season. I have read Lynn Quest with us today and they're going to be discussing the possibilities of a ski club in Alaska and we're going to find out a little
bit about when that meeting will be and what the details will be of that meeting. When do you plan on meeting with the community to find out how much interest there is. Well hopefully we'll get the enthusiasm about sometime about 5:30 Saturday afternoon at the university I'm not sure where the receiver but probably just in the main restaurant area. OK at 5:00 on Saturday so anyone's interested in skiing they should be there and they can put in their input about how they feel about it. Right. It's going to be hopefully downhill skiing instead of cross-country and we'll be doing it with. The helicopter and taken to stop it will get out. Then he'll stay down and come pick us up at the bottom and repeat the process. Now about how many people you need to be interested so that you can make this work moneywise it's pretty cost costly so we need quite a few people to make the cost of any one individual pretty small and hopefully 15 20 people would be appreciated
15 or 20 people now understand from Chalk that I guess to that they all might be able to have some nice enough drain on Pyramid or wherever you go that they could cross country as well but of course this is an opportunity for the people who don't get downhill very much. That's all that's true. The time that I've skied there before there was definitely advanced intermediate skiing but there was a place where you'd definitely be able to do some cross-country from there on down it would have been a long long steady run but not much. I've built a lot of down down hill but not so drastic that a cross-country skier do it they could do it. Why don't we talk a little bit about the skis and what the difference is between down here on cross-country says some people who haven't had an opportunity to do both types of skiing. These here I understand are are downhill skis and we have our cross country here. And I noticed that one of them has a mechanism on the bank where this one is only got the toe hold that hold.
Well this is this is the downhill ski boot and it has these catches on both the toe and the heel. The caption here and also for the toe up front and then it's something to keep your the boot the fix to the thing unless you come in an emergency then it will pop loose or break loose or break free. Where this is across cross country boots a lot smaller and it does it has the thing catch for the toe but not so much in the rear back your way have just the wind you're on the back. That's a lot smaller and lighter a lot lighter weight lot narrower and with VS with the downhill ski. So a lot of the difference in this cross-country and downhill is that the downhill your boot is attached on the rear too. Now when you're cross-country skiing you raise your foot when you're skiing correct and that's why you don't have something attaching you right in the back. Down he was obviously a faster sporting cross-country by far yes. Do you summon the same muscles in your cross-country down healing or is I do I would think so.
I have never really don't know that much of watching a little bit. I don't think so. You don't think so but I am not sure I would I would think that probably or use more of your ankles in this sense you don't have anything holding your hand. So anyone who would lie to get my microphone here. Anyone who would like to take part in the skiing event or is interested in discussing what some capabilities or possibilities are for skiing in the future should come to the meeting Saturday at 5 o'clock. Now understandably discussing how many people are interested in getting a road roto Well we asked the military for their recreation had an old roto on Pyramid or somewhere in the area here and we were going to const.. See if there is enough enthusiasm to possibly get it renovated and put it back in the US for winners next year and so on so that you could go downhill skiing without having to use a helicopter from any of us. That sounds really good. Lot lot cheaper here is much much cheaper.
Well there's still some good snow out there and if anyone out there would like to take part in this or is interested in skiing even if you haven't skied in the past you might want to come along and see what it's all about. Country or downhill and come to the U.S. at 5 o'clock on Saturday and they're going to try to make a ski run on Sunday so. Hope to see there. Thanks a lot Ray. Thank you. That's the special presentation of banish misfortune from their concert was recorded to be shown that it can only be Sunday at 8 o'clock brothers people didn't get a chance to go see it live myself someday or cocktails misfortunate tell them it was a great concert and well worth watching and we'd like to just clarify that the meeting that is going to take place for the Film Society after the film is going to be about the future of the weekend film programs. So please come to discuss about what we can do about the future that we in film program because
it looks as though it's in some trouble right now. OK enough for you to Mark calendar for the thirty first it's next Saturday. First and last Can music festival be held here at the rec center emissions of the two towers. Should be a good time and we thought that because he's embarrassed about it I didn't care. Sounds good to me in that music fest is going to have wonderful stories like voltage and share Woodburn and all kinds of wonderful people and well-fitting and can't remember her looking at all think about that's right you get power foods you can be and will talk to you next week again and then again here it is that you will be like and I say good night good night. Woman. Why do you. Want.
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Two episodes are included in this asset of Where We Are, a weekly news report featuring information about current events in Unalaska. Topics in the first episode include City Council and school budget meetings, upcoming events, and an interview with Donna Edmonds, Alaska State Trooper, about a collision between two Japanese ships. The episode also features a poetry reading from a prison cell. The second episode features information about current events in Unalaska, including the landing of a new jet owned by AirPac, the arrival of the first oil rig of 1984 and a tour of its accompanying Chinese tug boat (the Deda), footage from the Tanner Crab Round-up and St. Patrick's Day event (coverage includes shots of the parade, crowd visiting the fair, foot race, and dunk tank), an interview with Nancy Naigle-Smith about the women's team of the City Leagues, and an interview with Ray Lindquist about a ski club in Unalaska.
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