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The thing . Presentation of this program is made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation . Nice. Mike . Tell me . What you
. Think. It . Was made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation that was restaurant and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting . The might do you guys and I'll do this just to prove . To. You that magazine I did this . I want to see.
These. People's lives Oh it's my lucky penny. That you know what I want even if you know you got it so you next month. Why. I heard that one of you can lie on the floor put a dime on the end of your nose and just by wiggling your nose off you can't move your head or use your hands. Good luck. One of those times. This time . They . Got you. I just personally and. This. Is going to be . Alright. I know. Nobody here. Now we don't let the little. Girls without. Trying to make it. I didn't. See you
bangin that guy that you wish I did. I actually I mean. You know let's. Let's. Oh yeah . Yeah. Yeah yeah. Now. I know. Why do I do. You say here now you know you. Need. Me. Oh I did. Want to. Know all this stuff if you like . He was right there for you but I'm all right. Right now I pray to God you don't use your head you move this. No use it to. As a matter of fact you know at the time it takes to snap your fingers wide Contro around the world any time.
I know. I don't know not that I know . That's easy. Yeah that's what I want to work. With for letters. It's going to spread if you can thank you. Yes . That's a that's a for you do you. Right.
Just about everything
is like . This. It's just a matter of time. And
he was brave. I do yeah . You know . OK . OK. How many you live right. Here down there . I know I get I get it.
OK. Let. Me. Let . You know. Do you. Miss . Me . OK . Yeah.
I think . You will resume at this important message. How my friends . Timings while they will all the trouble I notice. Mother mother Robbie. My bit of a seven. I would probably love that I didn't think of it . And now back to you. Oh yes . The thing
. We think . Anything . Worth . Anything. Goodness gracious. Sent in by Kathy Larson of Seattle Washington
. Two frogs are sitting on a lily pad and he says now I know what I'm talking about. Why aren't you talking. Here. Want me to have a look. Goodness gracious we better get you to a doctor. Doctor doctor. You must tell my father what's the matter with it. Take a look for yourself . Goodness gracious. We must operate immediately. It did that too much. Now I can speak the way . One man I'm wrong. I thought you.
You had a passive in your throat. Why don't you write yourself and send it to zoom. Because we might do it. I. Mean I'm. Not . Yeah yeah. That is 80 feet wide and 2 feet. Cut it. Do you think you can do it
. It does. Then open it up. Gently because a piece of paper going to be stuck
together . In. One . Yeah yeah. As a matter of fact did you know that the Great Wall of China. Which one thousand five hundred miles. That's flight from Houston to New York. First time I was too young to realize it.
The second time I mean it was just a pickup truck you know put stuff in the back of a pickup truck and I didn't have much furniture on the bike for a couple blocks from California back here for the last time we had vans for like three years each time we moved to Hue and the funniest thing was when you see the moving guys you want to make sure they're really nice and stuff but it wasn't for me to really make friends but it was hard for me to get adjusted to the new house more than the surroundings. I hated snow outside L.A. for nine years you know and I never knew it was anything. And so when I saw it I didn't like you because I didn't know what it was really.
I never really had that experience because we are sort of close there in Boston. We have never been out of Massachusetts. But like when I moved from my grandfather's house to her and now I can still see my friends at my grandfather's house every day. I can walk down. That's best friend was going to because she wanted to house. And so when I heard it I was really sad because I think you know I can see it was not moving would be worse because then friends are like You're right. And for like five kids just so much. But it's sort of not. You really
love the house you're living a life. You know half your friends are going to move like best friends. Yeah. We tried to make our bodies and
. You. You. Right . By . What. You. Film is made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants far and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
. The presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods cooperation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation a.
ZOOM, Series I
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