Jersey City, New Jersey

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WFMU first went on the air in April 1958, then a part of Uppsala College in East Orange, New Jersey. Shortly before Uppsala's bankruptcy filing and closure on May 31, 1995, a group of station executives, personnel, and supporters formed Auricle Communications and bought the license from the college, making it a fully independent radio station. In August 1998 the station's studios and offices were relocated to a Jersey City facility purchased with listener donations. WFMU now broadcasts terrestrially and online. It has been the subject of various articles, books, and even a film.


Aircheck - An hour of radio ghosts recaptured: once in a lifetime occurrences and remembrances (some from WFMU's own archives). This is no mere nostalgia trip; Aircheck seeks out some of the more unusual and unpredictable moments and personalities in radio that probably wouldn't get attention anywhere else. (notable episode: Oct 2, 2003: Daniel Johnston & Yo La Tengo)

The Hound - James "The Hound" Marshall playing what he considers good music; mostly "Weird old records. Most of the stuff I like is just this really old R & B and Rockabilly, old instrumentals -- stuff like that." (notable episode: Mar 29, 1986: Hasil Adkins)

Radio Thrift Shop - Host Laura Cantrell scours the bargain bins, church bazaars and yard sales for those forgotten rekkids of all RPM. Often scratchy, swingy and stringy. (notable episode: Jun 12, 2004: Baby Gramps)

A Rough Mix with Steinski - A big record collection, a long memory, and a short fuse. (notable episode: Jun 20, 2014: monologues)

Greasy Kid Stuff - A show of music for children of all ages. (notable episode: May 27, 2006: Pirates, robots, tap-dancing)