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In 1968, the "New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority Act of 1968" established the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority (“NJPBA”) in response to the perceived lack of coverage by both commercial and public broadcasters of public affairs in New Jersey. NJPBA was tasked with promoting "the intellectual, cultural and civic development of the community by providing a broad range of programs for all ages." NJPBA is the FCC licensee of four television broadcast stations and three television translators, which are operated in concert as a statewide network.

Over 40 years of broadcasting, the NJPBA, operating under the name of New Jersey Public Television and then New Jersey Network, became one of the nation’s top public broadcasting producers of local content. The network developed and produced a live nightly news program, NJN News, along with several award-winning series and specials with a focus on public affairs, covering topics ranging from politics and the New Jersey Statehouse to education, health and medical affairs, environmental issues, youth violence, urban affairs, sports, and business in New Jersey.

In July 2011, the NJPBA entered into a Programming and Services Agreement with Public Media, NJ (“PMNJ”), a New Jersey, not-for-profit corporation, to provide public television programming and services on the network under the name of NJTV and online at Today, NJPBA works to ensure that PMNJ continues to provide high-quality, non-commercial programming that serves the needs and interests of the citizens of New Jersey and furthers NJPBA’s educational objectives. NJPBA is also the steward of the historically and culturally valuable NJN program library, which contains an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 media assets that cover 40,000 to 50,000 hours of material. NJPBA is working toward the goal of cataloging, preserving, and making the 40 years’ worth of media content created by NJN available to the public.


NJN News - A 30-minute daily news program focused on the issues and events relevant to New Jersey’s citizens.

On the Record - A 30-minute weekly program featuring one-on-one interviews with New Jersey newsmakers and lawmakers.

Reporters Roundtable with Michael Aron - A 30-minute weekly program featuring reporters discussing New Jersey’s political scene.

Images/Imagenes - The longest running Latino community program in the history of PBS, this 30-minute weekly program focused on cultural events and public affairs in the Hispanic community and featured the annual special, NJN Hispanic Youth Showcase, which provided scholarships for some of New Jersey’s finest young Hispanic dancers, musicians, and singers.

State of the Arts - A 30-minute weekly program on location with creative personalities in New Jersey.

Due Process - A 30-minute weekly program addressing contemporary legal issues and featuring various legal professionals and experts.

Another View - A 30-minute monthly public affairs program focused on New Jersey’s African-American communities.

Classroom Close-up, NJ - A 30-minute weekly program featuring New Jersey’s public school success stories.