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Ozarks Public Television is the Missouri State licensee for KOZK-TV, channel 21 in Springfield, Missouri and KOZJ-TV, channel 26 in Joplin, Missouri.

As a university licensee, KOZK's studios and offices are located on the Missouri State University campus in Springfield.

Ozarks Public Television provides PBS programming and instructional television services to 549,540 households in Southwest Missouri and the adjoining three state area. OPTV broadcasts 168 hours of programming per week with a supporting membership of about 6,500 members and over 100 corporate and institutional underwriters.

Strong local community commitment, support, and involvement provides a volunteer staff augmenting station operations in a variety of tasks. Volunteers provide support in production, administrative, and fundraising tasks, including operation of two televised auctions.

KOZJ/channel 26, a "satellite" station of KOZK/Springfield, began broadcasting in 1986. Although a Missouri State licensee, the business office is located in downtown Joplin with transmission facilities located at KODE, the Joplin ABC affiliate.

Ozarks Public Television offices and studios are located in Strong Hall on the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, Missouri.

We strive to ensure we capture the history and heritage that has made the Ozarks a great place to live. Just like everyone else we are a small staff trying to do a lot of work that informs, educates and entertains our viewers.


OzarksWatch Video Magazine – The goal of the series is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the region. The series began in 1999, and we do approximately 12 to 15 new shows a year. It airs weekly and documents, presents and preserves the unique heritage of the Ozarks. We have over 210 episodes completed over the years and they can be seen by going to our website.

Local Documentaries – We produced our first local documentary in 2003 entitled, Ozark Jubilee: A Living Legacy. After that we started doing one new one a year and now we are producing two local documentaries each year. They have a wide range of topics and have been a huge success for our station. Again, a list of these productions are on our website as well. The last two we did this year was Stately Images: The Public Art of Missouri’s State Capitol (it was a 30 minute program based on all the art work that is in our state capitol building in Jefferson City, including many painting by Thomas Hart Benton) and the second program was Links to the Past, Fairways to the Future (it was a 90 minute documentary that centered around the history of golf in the Ozarks which dates back over 100 years and went all the way through the present). We are currently sitting on 17 documentaries (ranging from 30 to 120 minutes in length with two more for 2015 in production).

Passport to China – This is a series of 12 programs that we produced to help people become better acquainted with the people, customs, traditions and language of China. MSU currently has over 800 students enrolled from China and in return we send students and faculty members to China. The programs provide insight to the culture of Chinese people, take people in the Ozarks to places they may have only read about and show them how much we are alike. It has been a very successful series and we are currently preparing to do a new series of shows about South America, Central America, Mexico and Cuba. That series will begin in January of 2016.