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WGBY-TV (formerly known as Channel 57) a division of WGBH Educational Foundation began its broadcasting service in Springfield, Massachusetts as the western link of the Massachusetts Public Broadcasting Network on September 26, 1971.

WGBY has a demographic of over 950,000. It is extremely proud of its award winning documentaries and story- telling skills that celebrate local heritage and individuals, its weekly WGBY produced local programming, its education and outreach programs that compliment and expand its programming through a multiple of media venues, and its numerous partnerships with organization throughout its entire viewing area. These programs are all imprinted with WGBY’s mission to connect the people of our region with ideas, events and each other. WGBY is unique in public broadcasting. While licensed to the WGBH Educational Foundation by the FCC and operated under the Foundation’s IRS status, WGBY has been programmed and managed separately since 1971. WGBY holds its own membership in the Public Broadcasting Service.

Today, WGBY-TV continues to engage, educate, explore, and entertain. As in 1971, WGBY strives to be a unique community asset worthy of being considered by the citizens as the foremost public television station for western New England.


Connecting Point - WGBY continues to present a 3-night-a-week look at news headlines and feature content. Each magazine style program features interviews, analysis, field production, and commentary focused on the communities in western New England that we serve.

Together in Song - WGBY continues to celebrate the living choral tradition in western New England with our original series Together In Song. Judges and viewers select the top 7 ensembles out of 40 who participate each year. Those 7 groups perform live on stage with a studio audience plus viewers at home who tune in for the event. This audience interactive series, hosted by Kevin Rhodes, Music Director of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, showcases the talents of over a thousand singers from throughout the WGBY viewing area each season.

As Schools Match Wits - As Schools Match Wits is a treasured western New England institution. This series is a co-production and partnership with Westfield State University. As Schools Match Wits is an academic quiz show competition open to both public and private high schools throughout western New England (including MA, CT & VT), and is one of the longest-running shows of its kind in the nation. ASMW showcases the best and brightest high school students that western NE has to offer, allowing them to shine in a venue which celebrates learning.

Latino Youth Media Institute (LYMI) - WGBY’s vision for the Latino Youth Media Institute is to give young Latinos who have an interest in pursuing a career in media an opportunity to explore their choice of media through an internship, with the hope that they will continue their education in that field. The institute’s purpose is to assist more Latinos in entering communications fields as journalists, television or radio producers, hosts, writers, etc.

Telling Our Legacies Digitally (TOLD) - WGBY’s TOLD is a community-based digital storytelling project that is designed to engage members of our communities. In this series of interactive workshops, participants learn through a fun, hands-on, team-building approach and are guided through a process that combines storytelling with modern-day technology. Participants write their own scripts, create storyboards, and record their voices. Each participant also learns how to edit photographs, add effects, and use video software to assemble all of these elements into a “digital story.” At the end of the workshop, WGBY invites peers, family, and community to a public screening of the stories where participants talk about their experience in the workshop. The screenings are remarkable, healing, and transformational. The stories give voice to the voiceless, strengthen literacy, stimulate dialogue, and build community. These digital stories preserve the history, culture, ideas, and legacies of our community.