Costa Mesa, California


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Over four decades, PBS SoCaL has grown into a cultural resource for all of Southern California. In 2011, when Southern California abruptly lost what had been its lead PBS station, PBS SoCaL— then known as KOCE-TV for Orange County— adapted quickly to ensure that Southern California would continue to receive free community services from the nation’s most trusted media brand. PBS SoCaL continues to grow with an expanding service area that now includes LA County and the Inland Empire. PBS SoCaL is the parent to three unique broadcast channels, PBS SoCaL HD, PBS SoCaL Plus, and PBS SoCaL World, dedicated to educating, entertaining and enlightening viewers throughout the Southland.


PBS SoCaL’s production history under its former name, KOCE-TV, included content about Orange County and California.  The archive collection includes the “Orange County History Project,” and a statewide documentary series called “California Dreams.”  Public affairs series such as “Jim Cooper’s Orange County” included many local election debates.  The assimilation of Southeast Asian immigrants following the Vietnam War was a significant content topic. The collection includes interviews with Pres. Gerald Ford, William F. Buckley, Howard Jarvis and many former Governors and US Senators.