The NET Collection

Special of the Week

Special of the Week is an anthology series. The episodes come from many producers, and some aired as individual programs before airing on Special of the Week.


  • Jazz a la Montreaux, broadcast on 1971-12-06, produced by NET and Swiss Television.
  • Juvenille Court, broadcast on 1973-10-01, produced by Zipporah Films.
  • Much Ado About Nothing, broadcast on 1974-04-08, produced by Joseph Papp.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Eliot, broadcast on 1972-02-19, produced by WNET and BBC.
  • NET Opera Theater: La Rodine, broadcast on 1972-05-01, produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • WNET Opera Theater: Myshkin, broadcast on 1973-04-23, produced by WNET.