Perspectives is an anthology series that focuses on news and public affairs topics. The episodes come from many producers, and some aired as individual programs before airing on Perspectives.


  • 1962: Past and Prologue
  • The American Conservative, produced by WNDT.
  • The American Liberal, produced by WNDT.
  • Balance of Terror: Report on NATO, broadcast on 1963-05-13, produced by Talent Associates Paramount Ltd..
  • Birth Control, produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Campaign Money and Political Ethics
  • Challenge and Response
  • Comparisons: Of Sport and Men, produced by NFB.
  • Death Penalty, produced by BBC.
  • For Freedom Now, broadcast on 1963-07-22, produced by WGBH.
  • An Interview with Linus Pauling, produced by National Film Board of Canada.
  • London: Capital City. Part 1, broadcast on 1963-06-03, produced by Associated-Rediffusion.
  • London: Capital City. Part 2, broadcast on 1963-06-17, produced by Associated-Rediffusion.
  • Lost Apple, broadcast on 1963-04-15, produced by Talent Associates.
  • Mr. Secretary, broadcast on 1960-12-25, produced by Center for Mass Communications.
  • The Negro and the American Promise, produced by WGBH.
  • Of Time, Work and Leisure, produced by Tangeney.
  • Radiation: Fact and Controversy
  • Red China: Power House or Paper Giant
  • State Department Briefing: Disarmament
  • Tomorrow's Newspapers
  • Uneasy Alliance in the Americas
  • Unions: Who Needs Them?
  • Washington Deadlock