The NET Collection


Perspectives is an anthology series that focuses on news and public affairs topics. The episodes come from many producers, and some aired as individual programs before airing on Perspectives.


  • 1962: Past and Prologue
  • The American Conservative, produced by WNDT.
  • The American Liberal, produced by WNDT.
  • Balance of Terror: Report on NATO, broadcast on 1963-05-13, produced by Talent Associates Paramount Ltd..
  • Birth Control, produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Campaign Money and Political Ethics
  • Challenge and Response
  • Comparisons: Of Sport and Men, produced by NFB.
  • Death Penalty, produced by BBC.
  • For Freedom Now, broadcast on 1963-07-22, produced by WGBH.
  • An Interview with Linus Pauling, produced by National Film Board of Canada.
  • London: Capital City. Part 1, broadcast on 1963-06-03, produced by Associated-Rediffusion.
  • London: Capital City. Part 2, broadcast on 1963-06-17, produced by Associated-Rediffusion.
  • Lost Apple, broadcast on 1963-04-15, produced by Talent Associates.
  • Mr. Secretary, broadcast on 1960-12-25, produced by Center for Mass Communications.
  • The Negro and the American Promise, produced by WGBH.
  • Of Time, Work and Leisure, produced by Tangeney.
  • Radiation: Fact and Controversy
  • Red China: Power House or Paper Giant
  • State Department Briefing: Disarmament
  • Tomorrow's Newspapers
  • Uneasy Alliance in the Americas
  • Unions: Who Needs Them?
  • Washington Deadlock