The NET Collection

Local Issue

Local Issue is an anthology series that focuses on news and public affairs topics. The episodes come from many producers, and some aired as individual programs before airing on Local Issue.


  1. A House Divided, broadcast on 1964-08-30, produced by KUED.
  2. Reading, Writing and Race, broadcast on 1964-09-06, produced by WNDT.
  3. The Wilderness Controversy, broadcast on 1964-09-13, produced by KNME.
  4. Appalachia: The Survival of a Region, broadcast on 1964-09-20, produced by WQED.
  5. The Cattle Crisis, broadcast on 1964-09-27, produced by KUON.
  6. The Chamizal Story, broadcast on 1964-10-04, produced by KUHT.
  7. The Radical Right in Southern California, broadcast on 1964-10-12, produced by KCET.
  8. The Job Corps, broadcast on 1965-08-22, produced by KOAP-TV.
  9. An Amish School House, broadcast on 1965-08-29, produced by WMSB.
  10. All of Our Aircraft are Missing, broadcast on 1965-09-05, produced by KUON.
  11. Melon in the River, broadcast on 1965-09-12, produced by WMHT.
  12. Faith Healing, broadcast on 1965-09-19, produced by KUHT.
  13. Steeltown Blues, broadcast on 1965-09-26, produced by WQED.
  14. School Caste System, broadcast in 1965, produced by WGTV.
  15. The Last Menominee, broadcast on 1966-07-10, produced by WHA-TV.
  16. The Sexual Offender: Safe to be at Large?, broadcast on 1966-09-17, produced by KWSC-TV.
  17. Whose Right to Know?, broadcast on 1966-07-24, produced by WHYY.
  18. Birth of a Union, broadcast on 1966-07-31, produced by KQED.
  19. To Save a City, broadcast on 1966-08-07, produced by WMVS.
  20. God is Dead, broadcast on 1966-08-14, produced by WGTV.
  21. And Strive to Win, broadcast on 1966-08-21, produced by WQED.
  22. Marginal Merchants: The Negro in Business, broadcast on 1966-08-28, produced by WVIZ.
  23. The Subect of Sex, broadcast on 1967-09-03, produced by KRMA.
  24. Death of a Small Farm, broadcast on 1967-09-10, produced by KUON.
  25. The Athletic Explosion, broadcast on 1967-09-17, produced by WOUB.
  26. Of Monkeys and Men, broadcast on 1967-09-24, produced by WDCN.
  27. Jet Age, Jet Problems, broadcast on 1967-10-01, produced by WTTW.
  28. When Peace Comes, broadcast on 1968-09-01, produced by KEBS.
  29. These Children/Our Children, broadcast on 1968-09-08, produced by WMVS.
  30. Integration: Two Towns in Texas, broadcast on 1968-09-15, produced by KUHT.
  31. Enough to Live On, broadcast on 1968-09-22, produced by KVIE.
  32. Population Problem, broadcast on 1968-09-29.